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The Rangers of Love Trilogy
Series #3: Flame of Desire, Part 2
by : AstroPurple

For the next three weeks, Sirena, hobbled around the Galaxy and Astral Megaship in a cast. Finally, with permission, she was able to remove it.

“Yes!” Sirena shouted. “I can finally take it off. Free. Hey Cassie, do you want to go work out?”

“Wasn’t that how you broke your ankle last time?” TJ said with mock expression. “You wouldn’t want to break it again.”

“Very funny TJ.” Si put her hands on her hips. “I finally get this weight off, and you don’t want me to move around.”

“Hey chill. I was only joking.” TJ turned and left.

“Maybe later. I have to help Andros repair the damage to the engine. You can come help.” Cassie said with a knowing smile.

“Your not going to start on me again about Andros are you.” Sirena whined. “I just got this cast off and you want me to go do work with your crazy idea of me and Andros.”

“How about this. If you and Andros get together, you owe me a shopping spree. And if you and Andros don’t get together, I owe you a shopping spree. Fair?” Cassie asked.

Cassie didn’t even wait for an answer. She left for the engine room. Sirena starred after her. She went back to the Galaxy.

* * *

“Hey Andros.” Cassie walked into the engine room. “Need a hand?”

“Sure.” Andros said without looking up. “So how’s Sirena?” He asked casually. “I heard she was getting her cast off today.”

“She’s fine. Wants to go work out though. Typical Si.” Cassie got down beside him. Do you wanna come work out with us?”

Andros shrugged. “Guess so.” If we’re alone. He added silently. “When and where?” “I don’t know. You gotta ask Si. She’s probably on the Galaxy.” Cassie looked curiously at him. “Tell me what you think of Si.”

“I told TJ and Carlos, when they asked me, that I thought she was a pain in the butt.” Andros got up and left.

“Geesh. I was just asking.” Cassie glanced at the unfinished work. “Hey, am I suppose to do the rest?”

* * *

Carlos and TJ found Andros sitting in the Galaxy Bridge. He looked unhappy. He was thinking about Sirena.

"Andros," Carlos asked. Thinking that he was alone, Andros was startled to hear his friend. "Are you okay?

"I thought... I never felt that way before." That was the only answer he could express.

"What way," Asked TJ. Then he remembered that he and Carlos were trying to allow Andros to admit that he liked Sirena more than just a friend. "Is it Sirena? Are you in love with her?"

"I don't know," Said a frustrated Andros. "I don't know. Sometimes I would think that she was in love with me, but I didn't want to believe it. Oh, guys, there were some times when we would look at each other. Oh, I could hardly breathe."

"Did you think told her how you felt," Carlos asked.

"If I did, I didn't realize it. That's what was torturing me, we’re both so different. I mean, when she got here, she just fit in. She just naturally took the role of an earthling. It took me sometime to understand your customs. To go for each her would mean that I'm denying and overestimating myself. I can't love her, I just can't."

“Maybe you should try telling Si how you feel. I’m sure she feels the same way. And what’s wrong with being different?” Carlos was always the understanding one.

“I don’t know. Do you think I should talk to her?”

“I say go for it man.” TJ cheered.

Andros headed towards the Galaxy Megaship in search of Sirena. “ACTOM, where’s Sirena?”

“Sirena is in her room on Megadeck 6.” He replied. “But she might be asleep. I haven’t heard a peep from her yet. By the way, what happened between her and Cassie? She seems mad at her

“I don’t know. Cassie seemed normal.” Andros headed for the megalift. “Did she say anything?”

“No, just stormed onto the ship and headed to her room. I decided to stay away, just in case she started a tantrum. You should do the same.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Andros stepped off and knocked on Si’s door. “Hey Si, this is Andros. May I come in?”

“Come on in, I don’t mind.” Sirena’s normally cheerful voice sounded depressed.

The door slid open and Andros stepped inside. He found Si laying on her bed. She looked awful.

“Hey, how are you doing? I heard you got your cast off today, and I just came to check up on you.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I’m doing fine.” Si hugged one of her stuffed animals. “No thanks to Cassie.” She muttered.

“So what did Cassie do?” Andros sat down next to her on the bed. He reached over and brushed a strand of hair from her face.

“Nothing. At least nothing that I want to discuss.” Sirena glanced over at Andros expecting a reaction.

“I’m sure whatever it was, you two will make-up and be friends again.” He didn’t think whatever was between them would last long.

“I’ll believe it when it happens.” Sirena sat up. “We didn’t exactly have a fight, but she said something that made me so mad. Besides, you don’t want to know the details.”

“So we won’t talk about it. But I need to tell you something.” Andros had decided to come clean to Sirena about his feelings.

“Okay, go ahead.” Sirena lay back down.

“Sirena I,” He paused for a second to gather his thoughts. “Why don’t I show you.” Andros bent down and kissed Si deeply.

“Way to go Andros!” A voice called out.

They immediately parted.

“ACTOM, you were spying.” Sirena yelled. “How dare you.”

“I got bored alone. And Cassie sorta mentioned your bet, so I decided to check in on you. I swear I didn’t hear anything. I just saw the kiss.” ACTOM said innocently.

“You won’t tell her won’t you?” Sirena said. “You should see the way she shops.”

“I don’t know.” ACTOM said, slowly. “Should I tell or not? Hey Andros, what do you think?”

“Think what?” Andros was still in the dark. “And what’s a bet?”

“Would you care to explain that Sirena?” ACTOM’s voice was all sweet and syrupy.

“Fine. A bet is when you wager a deal, and whoever wins gets something. Like with me and Cassie. She said that me and you would get together. But I didn’t exactly think so. So she bet me that if we get together, I owe her a shopping spree. And if we don’t, she owes me a shopping spree.” Sirena said.

“So are we together or not?” Andros asked.

“It depends on her. Her idea of getting together is like talking or doing something together. And my idea of it, is dating or kissing.” Si looked away.

“So in your mind, we are together.” Andros pulled her into his arms. “So are we going to tell Cass or not?”

“Yeah, she’s gonna find out anyway.” Si turned around and kissed him gently again.

“So when are you gonna let the others know?” ACTOM broke in. “But it doesn’t have to be right away, cause I could always watch.”

Si was about to start yelling at him when the alarms started blaring. Grumbling, Sirena and Andros left for the bridge.

“This had better be good!” Si couldn’t help yelling when she got there.

The other rangers looked up as she and Andros arrived. Cassie smiled with a knowing look. Si glared at her. Ashley caught the exchange. Andros grinned at TJ and Carlos.

“Sensors detect Quantrons attacking the Youth Center.” DECA’s none expression voice said.

* * *

Half hour later, the rangers returned to the ship from battle Quantrons and a monster. Everyone immediately bombarded Si and Andros with questions.

“So what happened up there?” Ashley demanded. “ACTOM said you two were alone.”

“Oh, nothing much. We were just talking.” Sirena glanced at her lilac nails. “And we kissed.” She added casually.

The others caught it fast. “I knew it!” Cassie shouted. “This Saturday at 9:30 at Angel Grove Valley Mall. Oh, and bring a lot of money.”

“You bet Sirena on this?” TJ asked. “Cassie, did they bet on our relationship? I mean we weren’t like Si and Andros, but still, you shouldn’t have done that.”

“Well I couldn’t help it.” Cassie whined. “Here was a golden opportunity to get something out of it. Who wouldn’t take the chance?”

“Si, you don’t owe Cass anything, the bet is off.” Carlos said much to the delight of Sirena. “Why don’t you guys go see a movie? I heard Ever After is playing in the theaters.”

“Sure, come on Andros.” Sirena grabbed Andros’s hand and dragged him towards the jump tubes.

“Hope you can keep up with her.” Ashley whispered.

DECA sighed. Seemed Sirena and Andros were really getting together. God damn it, ACTOM! Here are six rangers, and three couples. Just like he said. Looks like he won.

Will Andros and Sirena be able to keep their love? I would love to hear your answers. Find out in Love Never Dies.

The End... for now