WARNING: This story contains butt nudity so you can flame me if you want but remember this supposed to be funny. Also this is set after "Master Vile And The Metallic Armor miniseries". Look for my other fanfic's coming soon... Rated PG-13.

Part 1
By Nick Foley

Adam was having lunch with Tommy, he had ordered a tunafish sandwich which was getting all cold and clammy. He looked kind of depressed. "Adam what's wrong, what's with the long face?" asked Tommy. "Oh nothing" said Adam glumly, "I know there's something wrong" Tommy said. "Okay I admit! I'm sorta lonely". "Lonely!? What do you mean, I'm keepin' you company" "Yeah, but no girl actually pays any attention to me". "What do you mean! I hear girls in class whispering about how cute you are all the time". Adam blushed. "But they never ask me out". "Why don't you ask them" Tommy suggested "That's a good idea"Adam replied.

Bulk & Skull were listening to this conversation. "I've got an Idea!"

Bulk announced "Are you thinking what I'm thinking!". "I think so Bulk, but what does Rocky have in common with Sarah Michelle Gellar?"

Skull replied looking dumb. "No you dimwit! Adam needs a girlfriend and maybe...He's a power ranger!" "I thought we gave up on the power rangers long ago Bulky! Its time to staple your lips shut!" "What if he is a power ranger Skull!" Bulk cried. "And what gives you that idea?" "Well he where's Black"said Bulk. "And we can find out if he is a power ranger if we dress up as girls!" "That's gonna reveal that Adam is a power ranger?"Skull said. "No Dimwit! If he gets to know us than he will tell us!". "Ahh yes!"replied Skull. They slipped on their crafty woman disguise kits. Bulk dressed up in a flowery dress and a fat red wig. Skull dressed up in a lacy bra and a skirt. "Do I look sexy enough Bulky?"asked Skull. "I don't care dimwit, lets go trick Adam!".

Bulk and Skull approached Tommy and Adam. "Bulk & Skull, gimme a break!"Adam said sarcastically. "Hey sugar"said Skull "Wanna date me?". "Get a life"Adam said making shooing motions with his hands. "But honeypoo! We like you"said Bulk sadly. "May we introduce ourselves?"asked Skull "I'm Blunderina and this is my best friend Porkanna, we live just a block down from you, if you like us give us a call". "You can't trick us!"said Tommy "Why don't you just get outta here".

Rita's and Zedd's palace was sure getting loud. Master Vile was getting himself into another argument with Rita & Zedd. "Well don't blame me if Dischordia was killed by that cheap American made toy of Titanus!" Rita blamed "And it wasn't my fault that Tommy broke my plastic wand! It came back in the next episode if I recall correctly". "Silence!" yelled Master Vile "I do all the planning around here!". "Excuse me! I pay the rent here! I pay for the HBO, I do all the scrubbing around here! I feed the monsters and I even clean up Finster's mess! And all I see you doing here is sitting and farting up a storm!" Zedd had to catch his breath. "Why don't we have a little fun and put Adam under a love spell!"Rita suggested. "That is ridiculous you stupid fools!"Master Vile screamed at the top of his vile lungs. "Gimme that wand!" cried Zedd. He snatched Vile's wand and zapped the ray down to earth. "You Stupid Moron!" Screamed Vile. "You don't know where that could of landed".

Bulk & Skull were still doing their act. Adam shut his ears. Tommy went back to reading his John Grisham novel. Suddenly a ray hit Adam. He all of a sudden went blank and his dark eyes turned Scarlet. His eyes were the shapes of Hearts! "Are you finally interested pooie?" asked Skull sweetly. The first person Adam saw was Bulk, he was interested. The heart shapes in his eyes bounced out as he stared at Bulk. "Well as I said"said Bulk "Give me a call" He slipped Adam a piece of paper with Bulk's phone number. It read "631 8891". Bulk & Skull walked outside. "Sure" said Adam. "Oh Tommy I feel so good!" "Why?"asked Tommy. "I'm in love!" cried Adam "With Porkanna". Tommy's mouth dropped straight open, than he broke out in a high-pitched laugh which sent his coke coming out of his nose. "What's so funny"said Adam in a hurt tone of voice "I love her, she's so sweet, beautiful ,she has this body which you just want to jump on". Tommy was laughing so much tears were forming up. He finally stopped laughing. He took a spoonful of his Macaroni and shoved in his mouth. "Why were you laughing?" Adam asked softly "I don't say mean things like that to you and Kimberly, she is my love interest". Tommy couldn't hold it, he exploded with laughter. "That was so funny I could of peed in my pants!". Rocky, Aisha, Billy and Kimberly walked in to the juice bar. "What's the joke?" Kimberly asked Tommy. "Adam here says he's in love with Bulk, he should go perform at the comedy club! He could be the next Jim Carrey! Tell the guys your joke". "Its not a joke" Adam said "I really truly love Porkanna!". All five of the rangers were laughing so hard by now their stomachs were hurting. Rocky peed in his pants. Kimberly's soda was coming straight out of her nose. Aisha collapsed on the floor holding her stomach and laughing. Billy was laughing so hard his contacts fell right out. "Adam, Tommy's right" Kimberly said while laughing "Go try out for the comedy club!". The rangers laughed for five more minutes. Adam walked out sadly. Than he saw Bulk walking down the street with Skull. "Come back here!" Adam cried excitedly. He ran full speed toward Bulk "He's gaining on us!" Skull shouted. Bulk ran as fast as his short pudgy legs would take him. Skull followed and tripped up. Adam ran right past Skull! Bulk had leaped onto his Police bike. "Wait up Porkanna!" cried Skull. Bulk had already started the bike and off he went. Adam was catching up on him, the bike was low on gas! "Come back here my love" shouted Adam over the roar of the bike engine. Bulk made a U-turn and drove right into the mall. "Great!" Bulk said happily "Adam won't find me here, he's carried his joke far enough!". Adam rushed into the crazy mall tripping people up. "Excuse me have you seen a fat lady here?" asked Adam to one of the mall employees "Yeah, there's one in the store" said the employee. he pointed over to a blonde fat lady. It was the wrong one.

Meanwhile Bulk had gone down the elevator and went into one of the clothes stores. He hid under a rack of clothes. Adam had gone down the elevator. He searched various stores and finally found Bulk (To him Porkanna). "Come here my love!" shouted Adam. Bulk ran but than slipped on some water. He quickly got back and pulled out his "Junior Police Patrol Handbook". "Okay" said Bulk "Chapter 24: How to deal with crazy people who are in love". Bulk didn't have time to read because Adam had already jumped right on him and tore his police jacket off. "Get off me!" yelled Bulk. He kicked Adam off and ran. Bulk was exhausted and he had a pain in his side. He jogged to the coke machine and quickly got a coke. The cool liquid cooled him off. But all of a sudden two arms came out from the Coke machine and grabbed his shoulders. "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaH" screamed Bulk. It was just an illusion. His breath had gone back to normal. He ran and finally found the exit to the mall. Luckily a whole group of school kids ran in front of Adam. Now Bulk could escape. He got out the mall. "Whew!" sighed Bulk "That was close!"

Rita Repulsa woke up and yawned. It was a particularly hard day the night before having to deal with Squatt & Baboo after they drank Milk of Magnesia rather than their soft drink. Finster had somehow slipped it in. "Zeddy!!!" Rita screeched "Make me a monster!". Finster walked into Rita's room. "Isn't that my line?" said Finster. "I don't care who's line it is, just make me a monster!". Finster pulled out his monster handbook "What about the Soda Can Extravaganza? It shoots cold soda and burps!". "Gimme a better monster!!!!!!!" screamed Rita still in bed. "How bout' the Disco-Dancing Dingo-head". "FINSTER!!!!!! MAKE ME A &*#%! MONSTER!" screamed Rita at the top of her lungs. "We could try and grow one of those Chia-Pet monsters which Master Vile gave you when you were only 7,000 years old" said Finster nervously. "Nooo!!!! You ^#!@)(***!!! I want a truly evil, totally destructive killing machine!!!". "Does it have to be humanoid?" croaked Finster. "Um...Well, YES!!!!!!" Rita screeched. Finster thought of an idea "I'll summon Kombat Kenny!" "Excellent! Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Rita laughed in pride. "Rita is that you?".

The rangers tried to think of something else besides the funny joke. Every time the thought even went by any of their heads they started laughing. "Gosh, I've got to go change my pants!" Rocky said embarrassed. All of a sudden Tommy's communicator beeped. "Yes Zordon?" Tommy answered. "Tommy, there's another monster attacking Angel Grove park!!! Get their on the double" Zordon said in a serious fashion. "Guys! I can't come with you! Look at my pants!" Rocky complained. ''Alright, you can catch up to us later! Its Morphin Time!"

"White Ranger Power!"
"Pink Ranger Power!"
"Blue Ranger Power!"
"Yellow Ranger Power!"

The rangers teleported into the park. There they faced Kombat Kenny. His head looked like a big joystick and on his chest he had colored buttons and two slots. On each of his arms he had the two letters "MK" written all over him. "This buffoon doesn't look so tough! Lets get him!!!" Tommy yelled.

Meanwhile Adam had to continue the chase. "Juliet, sweet Juliet! Come to me!" Adam said softly. Skull walked by Adam. "Oh, Blunderina! Where is my sweet Porkana". Skull had wiped off most of his makeup so he faced Adam. ''Excuse me?". "Oh sorry, I must of gotten the wrong person". Adam sighed.

Part 2

WARNING: This story contains butt nudity and blood. So you can flame me if you want but remember this supposed to be funny. Also this is set after "Master Vile And The Metallic Armor miniseries" Some parts still may seem like 1998. Look for my other fanfic's coming soon... Rated PG-13 . . . (Guest starring Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Johnny Cage)

Last Time: Bulk & Skull decide to give one last try on finding out who the power rangers are, so they dress up as girls and try to trick Adam, which of course doesn't work. Lord Zedd however casts a spell on Adam which makes him attracted to Bulk. Adam goes gaga, and makes the other rangers laugh their heads off! Bulk and Skull get freaked and run away, but Adam runs after them. Meanwhile Finster unleashes the evil Kombat Kenny! Will the rangers save the day? Will Rocky find some clean jeans?

Can Adam find his love?

Adam asked everyone around Angel Grove if they'd seen Porkana, only getting answers like "Pork, a whatta?" and "HA HA HA!!!". Adam didn't understand why people didn't take his love seriously, he was hurt, truly hurt. He saw Rocky at the left side of the mall going into a Nordstroms.

Adam felt like hurting him. Rocky turned and saw Adam. "Hi Adam, what's...OWW!!!". Adam had thrown a rock right at Rocky's nose causing it to bleed all over. "Adam!!! That hurt like hell! I'm sorry for laughing okay ?!?" Rocky said madly. Adam just stomped off, and Rocky grabbed his nose and went to buy some new pants.

The rangers were not having a hard time with Kenny. Kenny shot two laser blasts out of his hands. Little explosions set off around the park. "Is that the best you can do?" Kimberly cried. "Light Blasters! Engage!" all the rangers yelled. All four of them pulled out their swords and converted them to gun mode, than shot the monster right down. The monster held his wounds and slowly got up, than he pressed a yellow button on his chest. He immediately turned into a yellow ninja. The ninja had white glowing eyes and a black hood, most of his costume was yellow. "Hey...that guy...he looks familiar..." Aisha said suspiciously.

"Hey! He's Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat games!" Tommy cried in surprise. Scorpion rushed forward with blades in his hands slicing by all four of the rangers. As soon as the rangers got up Scorpion ran through them again with his handblades. There was a big tear in each of the rangers suits. Than Scorpion disappeared. "Where did he go?" said Kim worried. All of a sudden Scorpion re-appeared and punched Kim straight in the face. "KIM!!!!" Tommy cried "Take this!". Tommy pulled out his talking saber Saba and zapped Scorpion. It barely phased him. Kim was unconscious. Scorpion opened his hand, and slowly a weird sharp blade came right out of his palm. "Ohhh Gross!" said Aisha. the blade suddenly shot out revealing that it was connected to a steal rope. "GET OVER HERE!!!" Scorpion yelled. The blade clung on to Tommy and the rope slowly went back into Scorpion's hand. Tommy was right next to Scorpion now. Scorpion picked Tommy right up and threw him to the ground. Tommy was unconscious too. He had a big hole in his uniform and a gaping wound which was spurting blood. Billy, and Aisha were too afraid to go forward.

Bulk had caught up with Skull and they were chatting about how stupid Adam had been acting. "Can you imagine that guy! He should really go into comedy!". "Lets go see a movie Bulk!" Skull cried. "Okay, lets go see Titanic!". "No Way! That movie is for crybabies!" Bulk complained.

"Yeah, but there's a ship which sinks Bulky!" said Skull. "Okay, lets go..." Bulk said. They headed for the theater than ran into Adam. "Hi Bulk, have you seen Porkanna? The new girl in town?" Adam asked. Bulk didn't know what to say "Um...Did she give you her number?". "Bulky!" Skull whispered madly. "Oh...I didn't think of that". Adam ran toward a pay phone but than his communicator went off. "Yes Zordon?" "Adam, Kombat Kenny is attacking Angel Grove, you've got to go help the other rangers!" Zordon said "This is URGENT!!!". "Oh No!" Adam thought "I've got to rescue Porkanna!". He called up the number which Bulk (Porkanna) had given to him earlier. The phone kept ringing and ringing and than the message machine came on. "Hello, you have reached the residence of Pharkas Bulkmeir, when you hear the beep start talking" the message said. Adam was surprised, but he left a message anyway. "Um...Hello? Ahhh...Porkanna this is Adam...Um...Are you okay?". Adam hanged the phone up than he thought. "Hmmm...Porkanna says she lives one block down from me! I've got to go". Adam exited the mall, and Bulk and Skull left shortly after.

Scorpion had morphed back into Kenny. Than Kenny pressed a green button on his chest. He than morphed into a human who was wearing no shirt, wore sunglasses, and had slicked back brown hair. "You can call me Johnny Cage!" said the monster. "This guy doesn't look so tough! Lets get him!" yelled Aisha. Right than Rocky teleported to the park, and morphed.

"Red Ranger Power!"

Rocky kicked Cage right over, than Cage got up and gave Rocky a spinning crescent kick. Rocky summoned his power sword and gave Cage a good slice. Blood splashed everywhere. "You're not taking down me that easily!" Cage yelled. He gave Rocky a powerful kick, so powerful and fast that it left shadows behind him. Rocky couldn't breath for a second. Billy summoned his power lances and cut off both of Johnny's arms. Cage was dead, but Kenny wasn't.

Bulk brought Skull home with him and than checked his messages. He heard Adam's message.

"Oh great!" Bulk said just as the doorbell rung.

"QUICK!" yelled Skull. The two ran to the bathroom and flung all their makeup and clothes on.

"Hello? Is anyone there?". "Hold on a second honeypoo!" Bulk said sweetly. Bulk put his wig on and slabbed a bunch of lipstick on than opened the door. "Hi, there handsome..." Bulk said "You wanna dance?". "I'd love too!" Adam said. All of his dreams had come true.

Kenny punched a blue button on his chest and morphed into a blue ninja.

The ninja looked similar to Scorpion but not as threatening. The ninja sled across the ground with his foot out tripping up the three rangers.

Aisha kicked the ninja right in the chest. "No one does that to Sub-Zero!" cried the ninja. Sub-Zero was angry and was about to get even with the rangers...

***Gold Lightstar Ranger Signing off...***

Part 3

WARNING: This story contains butt nudity and blood. So you can flame me if you want but remember this supposed to be funny. Also this is set after "Master Vile And The Metallic Armor miniseries" Some parts still may seem like 1998. Look for my other fanfic's coming soon... (Guest starring Raiden, Sub-Zero and Goro)

Last Time: Adam still continues his search for Porkanna (Bulk) and finds her! Is Bulk doomed? Meanwhile the other rangers are severely injured by Kombat Kenny (who can morph into characters from "Mortal Kombat") leaving Tommy and Kimberly knocked out cold. Will they make it? (of course they can, their the power rangers!) find out next in "A Fake To Protect Part III".

Tommy got up slowly holding his gory wound. ''Huetseet Iya!". Tommy leaped in the air landing on Sub-Zero with a corkscrew kick. Sub-Zero flew back crashing into a tree. A blind man walked by with dog. Sub-Zero grabbed the man from behind and threatened the rangers. "Surrender or this man will die!!!". Tommy yelled stupidly "Oh yeah! We're the power rangers!". "Tommy!!!" Billy murmured. "Oops, I guess saying that is habit" Tommy said embarrassed. Sub-Zero's hands grew very cold, so cold the man couldn't feel his shoulders. His shoulders turned to ice and slowly every part of his body froze up, than the dogchain began to freeze slowly moving down to the dog. Now the dog and his owner was nothing but an ice. Sub-Zero pushed over the frozen man and his dog.

They shattered into pieces. Tommy felt this was all his fault, but their was no time to feel bad now. "Power Cannon!!!" All the rangers yelled.

The cannon appeared in their hands, as the rangers quickly put their power charges in. Sub-Zero's hands were above him forming icy cold blue rays turning into a ball in his hands. "Fire!!!" the rangers cried. The power cannon blasted just as Sub-Zero shot his ice-ball. The ice-ball was stronger hitting the power cannon which froze up and shattered on the ground.

Adam and Bulk were dancing. "Hey! We can't dance without music!" Bulk said softly "Skull...Um...I mean Blunderina, put some music on!". Skull put on some romantic music, as the couple began dancing. "Porkanna, I love you so much". "Um...yeah I love you too" Bulk mumbled. They continued dancing than Adam reached behind Bulk and tried to take off his bra. Skull felt awkward and ran to the bathroom. Bulk's big bra fell off. "My! You have a hairy chest!" Adam said. That didn't stop him though. Adam leaned forward and tried to kiss him. Bulk turned away.

"Hey honey...what do you do for a living?" Bulk asked. Without thinking Adam responded "I'm the black ranger!". "Cool!" said Bulk trying to hide his excitement. Adam removed all his clothes and jumped on Bulk. "Aaaaaaaaah!!!! Get off me!" Bulk screamed in his normal voice. "I'm BULK! And Blunderina is SKULL!!! ARE YOU SATISFIED!". Adam was in shock he got up giving Bulk a clear view of his naked body. "UGH! Get out of the house and don't point that "thing" at me!". The spell was broken and Adam was MAD. "Run! Skull Run!!!" Bulk screamed. Adam picked up a baseball bat which was lying around the house and tried to hit Bulk and Skull. "Bulky! The window!!!". Skull busted out of the window with no problem, but when Bulk jumped out he got stuck. "Owwwwww!!!" yelped Bulk. He had received a good whack to the butt. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Skull giggled. Skull than ran up to Bulk and pulled him through the window. Than they ran off. "See ya, you mentally demented #@!hole!" Bulk cursed "We're off to tell the world that your a power ranger!!!". Than Adam's communicator beeped. "ADAM!!! THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! GET TO ANGEL GROVE PARK!!!...ON THE DOUBLE!" Zordon roared. "Its morphin time!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

The rangers were now facing Raiden, the thunder god who wore a Chinese hat and had glowing eyes. Raiden's fingers crackled with electricity and shot at the four rangers. "Sayonara Kimberly!!!" Raiden snapped. Tommy dragged Kimberly's body to safety. "I'll be right back!". Raiden shot at Tommy sending electric explosions all around the park, luckily not hitting Tommy or Kimberly. Raiden set his arms out and zoomed forward flying like a torpedo into Rocky, Aisha and Billy. Raiden than set his hands in the air and controlled the clouds. All of a sudden the sky got dark and thunder and lightning filled the sky. Some lightning hit the three rangers burning their suits. They rolled on the ground for a whole minute to get the fire out. Raiden murmured something in Japanese. He than charged up both hands and shot eight blasts of electricity into each of the rangers. The rangers were in shock. Raiden walked forward and picked up Rocky with both hands. Than Raiden began to electrocute him. Rocky fell to the ground lifeless. Raiden was about to pick up Aisha when he felt a violent pain in his back. Raiden hit the ground, standing behind him was Adam with a blood-stained axe. Raiden morphed back into Kenny. Than Kenny pressed a brown button morphing into Goro, a hideous four-armed muscular mutant. Goro smacked Adam till he hit the ground. Goro was really strong. He picked up Billy and Aisha and threw them hard into a tree. So hard the tree fell over. Tommy returned and gave Goro a flying kick to the back, but Tommy just bounced off. Goro than picked up with two hands and pounded him relentlessly with the other two hands. The final hit put a big crack in his helmet. It was still dark, really dark. Tommy pulled out his light blaster and shot at Goro barely phasing him. Goro turned around and hit Tommy hard, so hard you could hear a deafening "CRACK!!!". Goro than stomped on Tommy six times breaking his ribs one by one. Adam switched his axe into shotgun mode and fired at Goro right in between the eyes. Goro fell right down.

Rita and Zedd were dancing they were so happy. "Um...Ed...The monster fell down and he's hurt bad!" Rito said. "IT's ZEDD! LORD ZEDD!" Zedd growled. He than merged wands with Rita sending the growing ray down to earth.

Goro grew and grew and grew till he was over ninety feet tall. Tommy got up slowly and picked up Rocky "We need Shogun Megazord power now!!!".

The five shogunzords combined to form Shogun Megazord. Tommy positioned Rocky in his chair. "Whoops! Adam you drive, I've got to go get Kimberly". Tommy jumped out and found Kimberly in the shelter he had set her in.

Adam piloted the megazord to go forward and than punch Goro. Goro caught the megazords arm and swung it off. He than shot a fireball out of his hand blowing up on the Shogun Megazord. Tommy jumped back in and put Kimberly's body in the seat. "I'm off to pilot Falconzord!!!" Tommy cried. He jumped out again. "He's always on the move" Aisha said sarcastically just as Goro punched the megazord. Everything shook everywhere. Rocky and Kimberly fell out of their seats. Billy got motion sick. "Oh god! I haven't been this sick since the Matterhorn! Goro picked the megazord up over its shoulders and slammed it to the ground on top of a building crushing hundreds of people. Falconzord swooshed by so fast Goro fell over. "Fire Away!" Tommy yelled. Falconzord's missiles shot out its wings and exploded over Goro. Goro growled and shot a fireball at falconzord missing. Shogun Megazord got up and kneed Goro in the back."ROAAAARRRRR!!!!!" growled Goro at the top of his lungs. Falconzord shot a second batch of missiles while the megazord held Goro. Goro was injured now. "Fire Saber! Power up!" commanded Adam. The megazord's saber went up in flames and sliced Goro splashing blood everywhere. Goro was hurt, really hurt.

Goro fell down and died and morphed back into Kombat Kenny. As soon as he was morphing into the next person, Shogun Megazord kicked him in the crotch and than punched him the face. "Shogun power punch!!!" yelled Adam. The megazord smacked Kenny right in the stomach. Kenny stuttered around holding his stomach. "Shogun Ultrazord Activate!!!" all the rangers yelled. Titanus (not to be confused with Titanic) drove in and the Shogun Megafalconzord jumped in. "Fire All Weapons!!!" Tommy yelled.

"Go Go Power Rangers!!!"

All the blasts hit Kenny destroying him instantly.

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!"

All the rangers were happy. "Um...guys...I have something I have to admit" Adam said. "I revealed my identity to Bulk and he's about to tell everyone in Angel Grove. "YOU WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tommy screamed. "No time to talk, gotta go!!!". Adam ran to the juice bar.

Bulk and Skull were up on a stage in front of hundreds of people in the juice bar. "This video shows all! Proof of who the black ranger really is!" Bulk said. He was about to put the video into the VCR when Adam (still in his costume) grabbed Bulk and threw him to the ground. Bulk hit his head and got up the next second. Adam picked up a rock and threw it at Skull's head. Adam picked up the video smashed it up. The crowd was shocked but one man asked a question. "So now that the tapes..um...destroyed, could you just tell us?". Bulk tried to remember but coudn't. "I...Forgot!" Bulk said "Skull...Do you remember?". Skull was speechless too. The whole crowd laughed at Bulk and Skull. "Never again Bulky, never again, will we try to find the power rangers!". Bulk and Skull walked off.

Adam knew this was all his fault. Rocky, Billy, Aisha, Kimberly and Tommy were now in critical condition in the hospital. He was depressed.

He got a call on his cellphone. "Hello?" Adam said. "Your five friends are doing well!!!" the doctor announced. Adam was so happy he hanged up, he than jumped and skipped all over the park and than bumped into someone. It was a girl. He had knocked over all her homework. "Oh Shit!" Adam thought to himself "Not again!". Adam helped the girl pick up her homework. Adam looked up at her. She was beautiful. It was love at first sight. "Oh sorry about the papers!" Adam said. ''Don't worry about it...I'm Brittany". Adam shaked hands with her and in no time they went on their first date.

Two Weeks Later...

Adam had broken up with her. All his relationships never worked out.