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A Kimberly and Tommy Saga Story
Make Up Your Mind About Me Tonight, Kimberly
by Jennifer Garst

Tommy sat at an empty table at the back of Ernie's Juice Bar, he was thinking about Kim again, it seemed that she was all he could think about lately. He couldn't understand it, why in the world had she dumped him again, it was the third time in two weeks and he hadn't done anything to deserve any of this. It was almost at though she was playing with him and yet he could never imagine that Kim would do something so cruel to anyone much less him. All of the sudden there was a commotion at the door and Tommy looked up see his friend's Jason, Zakk, Trini, and Billy walk into the Juice Bar. Jason glanced around, he saw Tommy, turned back and said something to the others, then they all turned and started toward him.

"Hay Tommy mind if we join you?"asked Jason as he and the others all pulled up sets.

"No at all Jasa," muttered Tommy taking his feet off the top of the table.

"Hay man what's eaten you?"asked Zakk giving his friend a hard stare.

"Nothing,"mumbled Tommy not daring to met him friends eyes.

"Its Kimberly isn't it?"said Trini, in a soft voice, slowly Tommy nodded and then said in a low voice,"Ya she dumped me again and believe me I didn't do anything that would make her mad at me,"he looked up at them and they could all clearly see the pain and confusion on his face.

"Oh man some then's defiantly gotten into that girl,"muttered Zakk, as he glanced around the table.

"Well maybe you should do something to show her how you feel Bro,"said Jason in a quiet voice.

"Like what?"asked Tommy sarcastically.

"I don't know something that'll convince her that you're really serious..."said Billy.

"Something that comes from the heart, something..."added Jason.

"Like a song,"finished Trini.

"You guys are right but I don't know if I can write a song, and what if she still doesn't believe me?"asked Tommy.

"Come on man it'll work,"encouraged Zack.

"And we can help you with the song,"added Trini, as she pulled Tommy out of his chair,"Let's go over to my house, my parents won't be back till tomorrow so we'll have plenty of space to work,"

"Ya man let's go,"cried Zakk pushing his chair in as he and Jason handed a couple of bill's to Ernie and headed after Trini, Tommy, and Billy.

"Oh hello Trini what are you doing here? I though you were going with your parents for super to celebrate their return,"said Kimberly as she opened the door to find Trini standing on the front porch, a large grin on her face.

"No my parents called and they can't make it back till tomorrow,"replied Trini.

"Then why are you looking so cheerful, I though you couldn't wait for your parents to get back,"

"I can't but, oh come on..."said Trini as she pulled Kimberly back into the house,"There is no way you can wear that, um let's see, oh yes I know, you must wear that soft pink evening gown you wore to the valentines dance last year you know that one with the sparkly green trim,"

"Trini what is going on,"cried Kimberly,"What is going on? And I'm not wearing that dress! ! ! ! !"

"Nonsense it's perfect, oh and by the way we're going to Ernie's. He's throwing a party,"replied Trini her grin broadening even more as she pulled Kimberly into her room and pulled the door closed behind her.

"Trini what is going on?"demanded Kimberly pulled away from Trini with a sharp jerk as she stared at her friend angrily.

"Come on Kim I promised not to tell now, please but the dress on,"pleaded Trini holding out the dress,"And I'll put your hair up,"

"But..."started Kim and then abruptly she sat down, it was obvious that Trini wasn't going to tell her what was going, besides she thought with a faint smile she did want to know what had gotten Trini so excited.

"You guys I can't do this,"cried Tommy throwing his hands up in the air, as he walked away from Jason, Zakk, and Billy with a sigh.

"Sure you can man, just remember Bro,"said Jason walking over to his friend as he placed a hand on his shoulder,"Just think of Kim, she perfect for you, you can tell just by looking at the two of you together,"

"Ya come on Tommy, it can't be any worse then facing Zedd and Rita's monsters,"said Zakk and both boys turned at stared at him,"What,"cried Zakk indignantly,"What did I say?"

"You can do it Tommy, you just have to have faith in your self,"said Billy.

"Okay, Okay I'll do it but I guarantee I'll just make a fool of my self,"muttered Tommy.

"Just calm down and relax man,"said Jason as he gave his friend a look over,"And if I do say so my self any girl that would let you go would be a fool,"he said with a smile,"Go get'm,"

"Are you sure I can do this?"asked Tommy as he glanced at him self in the mirror and brushed a piece of hair off the front of his loose fitting green shirt, straitened his hair and wide legged black slacks.

"She's here,"said a voice at the door and the boys all looked up to find Trini standing in the door,"I must say you look dashing tonight Tommy,"she added with a smile,"Ernie said that he's going to start the dancing now, you have five minutes to finish getting ready,"

"Okay come on Trini, let's go keep Kim company,"said Billy and so the two left leaving the other three to finish getting ready.

"Oh hi Billy,"said Kim as he and Trini sat down.

"Wow Kimberly I must say you look absolutely stunning,"commented Ernie as he brought over a couple of drinks.

"Yes Kim you look quite, quite incredible,"mumbled Billy as he blushed and looked away from Kim, and out over the dance floor.

"So Trini will you please tell me why we are here and why in the world I let you talk me into wearing this stupid dress,"demanded Kimberly leaning forward to giver her friend a hard stair.

"You'll find out in a few minutes,"said Trini with a secretive smile as she sat back in her seat and sipped her drink watch the dancers sweep crossed the dance floor swaying to the music,"You'll see,"

Finally the song ended and the dancers slowly made their way off the floor, suddenly all the lights went out except for the spot light, Ernie came out holding a microphone in his hand,"Ladies and Gent's please stay in you seats we now have a special dedication to Kimberly Anne Hart, Kimberly I hope your listening,"and with that Ernie quickly put the microphone back on its stand and slipped off the stage.

"What is going on?"asked Kimberly in a low voice as she turned in the darkness to look at her friends. But they refused to answer her, all of the sudden there was a sound from the stage and Kimberly turned to watch as Jason and Zakk slipped out from behind the curtain. Jason was carrying a guitar, she smiled thinking of how she'd taught him to play a couple of summers ago, and Zakk was setting up his drums. -What was going on- wondered Kimberly Hart to her self, and yet it was kinda exciting waiting to see what would happen next. Then all of the lights went out but you could still hear the sounds of feet on the stage, and then Kim heard Jason's voice saying,"Now Ernie," and instantly the spot light came on eliminating Tommy standing in the middle of the stage with the microphone in his hands, he looked nervous and yet somehow calm all at the same time,"Um hello everyone I suppose you're all wondering what I'm doing here? Well I'm here to dedicate a song to the one and only Kimberly Hart, and here is the song it called, Make up Your Mind Tonight,"and with that Tommy turned away from the crowed. Quietly Zakk and Jason started to play, slowly getting louder, then all of the sudden Tommy whirled around and started singing in a voice like none you've ever heard before, and here is the song he sung.

Say you will,
Say you won't,
Be mine....

All through the day,

And all through the night,
You're the only thing,
On my mind....

Say you will,
Say you don't,
Wana be mine....

No matter how hard I try
I can't seem to put you outa my mind,

(Tommy paused for a second as he stepped down off the stage and looked straight at Kimberly, his eye's gleaming in the darkness)

Say you will,
Say you won't,
Be my guiding light tonight....

I've given you four chances already,
But this is your last one,
I can't take this anymore,

(Tommy fell to his knees his head down and then slowly he stood up again and the light glinted off the tears falling down his cheeks)

I can't go on like this forever,
Say you will Kim,
Say you don't Kim,
Make up your mind
Before I go....

And with that the lights went off again and when they came back on the stage was clear of all it's occupants,"And now we continue with the normal selection of music,"said Ernie as the normal music stared again as slowly the dance floor began to fill again. Slowly Kimberly stood up there was a dazed looked on her face as she turned and stared toward the door. As soon as Kimberly had left Trini jumped to her feet slipped quickly crossed the dance floor and through the curtain,"Come on guys,"she called quietly,"Time to leave,"

"Good luck Bro."said Jason as he slipped through the curtain.

"Ya man,"said Zakk giving Tommy a thumbs up sign.

"Tommy you were great,"said Trini quickly before slipping out after the other two with a silent prayer that everything would work out for Tommy, and Kim.

"Tommy,"called Kim softly as she quietly closed the door to the back stage area. Slowly he turned to face her and she could see the tear's glistening on hie cheeks in the dim light "Oh Tommy, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,"whispered Kim as she throw her self into his arms,"I've been such a fool,"she pulled away and stared up at him,"Can...can you ever...."

"Sssshhhh,"he whispered and held a finger to her lips and then leaned down and kissed her.

"Look,"said Trini in a quiet voice as she gestured toward the curtain vaguely with her hand Jason, Zakk, and Billy turn just in time to see Tommy and Kim slipped through the curtain hand in hand and take their place on the dance floor as they slowly began to sway to the music.

The End

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