A Kimberly and Tommy Saga Story
The Nomadic Attraction
Part 1
By Jennifer Garst

"Trini have you met the new boy yet?"asked Kimberly as she bounced into the Juice Bar, and pulled up a chair.

"What's his name?"asked Trini looking up from the paper she'd been reading.

"Kevin Nicholas, I heard he used to be a Gypsy, and man is he cute,"

"I can't wait to met him,"

"Hey maybe he'll be here. Then I can introduce you,"suggested Kimberly excitedly.

"That's been cool,"

"Hi Kimberly would you like anything to drink?"asked Ernie.

"No thanks Ernie,"said Kim,"I'm not thirsty."

"Okay what ever you say,"

"What are you reading?"asked Kim.

"Oh it's just a letter from my friend Margaret,"replied Trini.

"What does she have to.."Kimberly paused as there came the sound of laughter from the hall. In walked Jason, Zack, and Tommy,"See you Trini I have to go now,"said Kimberly abruptly jumping to her feet.

"Hi Kim?"said Jason.

"Ya man we came for a drink,"said Zack.

"Oh hi Jason, Zack, I have to go. I'm going out with my mom. I have to go get ready, see ya tomorrow,"

"See ya,"said Jason.

"Ya,"added Zack with a wave.

"Bye guys enjoy your drinks,"said Kimberly as she darted passed Tommy and out the door.

"What's with her?"asked Trini as the guys sat down.

"What do you mean?"asked Jason.

"She's going out with he mom tonight,"said Zack.

"No she's not, she told me yesterday that her mother wasn't going to be able to make it,"said Trini.

"Ya well maybe something happened and her mom changed her plans?"suggested Zack.

"She sure took off when she saw you guys come in?"said Trini.

"Hey Tommy what do you think?"asked Zack. He glanced over at Tommy who up until then hadn't said a word.

"Ya bro your too quiet,"added Jason.

"Is something up with you and Kim?"asked Trini bluntly.

"No,"said Tommy starring at the table.

"Come on man you can tell us?"said Jason putting a hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"We had a fight that's all,"muttered Tommy finally.

"And so now she's avoiding you, right?"asked Zack.

"And not speaking to me?"added Tommy with a down cast sigh,"She acts as if I don't even exist anymore I don't know how much more of this I can take,"

"Hey come on man she'll get over it you know,"said Zack,"She always does."

"Why don't I talk to her, girl to girl,"suggested Trini,"She might listen to me."

"No, if she wants to make up she can come to me on her own,"said Tommy,"I'm going to go for a walk I need some time to think,"and so saying Tommy pushed back his chair and walked out of the Juice Bar a dismal look on his face.

"Guys we have to do something about those two,"said Jason as soon as Tommy was out of ear shot.

"I agree,"said Zack leaning forward.

"I'll take to Kimberly,"said Trini,"Why don't I go see if she's at her house. I know her mom didn't change her plans Kim would have told me,"

"Okay Zack and I'll start thinking of something else we could do,"said Jason.

"Kimberly wait up,"

"Tommy if you don't..."then Kim stopped when she realized it wasn't Tommy, it was Kevin,"Oh Kevin I'm sorry I thought you where someone else,"cried Kim hurriedly blushing a deep red.

"That's okay,"replied Kevin with a good natured shrug, I don't mind as long as you'll consent to taking a walk with me. Maybe we could get a drink afterward,"

"I don't know,"said Kim.

"Please,"begged Kevin.

"I'd love to,"cried Kim flashing him a devious smile, and he realized she'd been kidding with him.

"Why you,"he growled indignantly.

Trini wondered through the park wondering where in the world Kim could have gotten too. She'd already checked her house, and She wasn't there. All of the sudden there was the sound of laughter from over the hill. Trini looked up just in time to see Kimberly, and Kevin crest the hill walking hand in hand.

"Trini,"called Kimberly waving,"Come on Kevin I want you to met someone,"


"Hi Trini this is Kevin, Kevin this is my best friend Trini,"

"Nice to met you,"replied Kevin shaking Trini's out stretched hand, with a smile.

"Kimberly we have to talk,"said Trini giving her friend a hard stare.

"Will you excuse us for a sec. Kev?" asked Kimberly and Kevin nodded.

"What is it Trini?"she asked as soon as they where out of ear shot.

"Kimberly we have to talk about Tommy,"

"So what about him?"asked Kimberly with a shrug.

"Look Kim he's acting really weird, and he won't even talk to any of us. All he told us is, that you had a fight, and I think you should go talk to him,"

"It's his fault,"said Kimberly,"besides if he's feeling that bad he can come talk to me,"she pulled away from Trini. But Trini grabbed her arm and jerked her back around.

"Kimberly your acting like an idiot did you know that. There was a fight and Tommy got hurt he's at the Command Center right now maybe dying,"whispered Trini.

"What do you..."started Kimberly then she glanced at Trini,"Nice try but if Zedd had sent down a monster Zordon would have called me besides even if he was I wouldn't care. For all I care he go away and never come back,"

"But Kim don't you......."but Kimberly wasn't listening she had already grabbed Kevin's hand and was walking away.

"Understand,"finished Trini even though Kim couldn't hear her.

"See I told you,"said a voice above her and Trini whirled around to find Tommy sitting with a grim look on his face in the tree above her.

"Tommy you know Kimberly she doesn't mean any of that and you darn right well know it. If you'd just go talk to her,"

"She wouldn't listen to me even if I did, she doesn't even care if I'm alive or not,"growled Tommy as he glared at the backs of the retreating pare.

"And I don't believe a word she said. Kimberly love's you Tommy she's just ignoring it right now, believe me she'll come around in another day or two. I know she's my best friend after all,"said Trini placing a hand on Tommy's shoulder but he pulled away with a jerk.

"Ya well maybe I won't be here in a day or two,"muttered Tommy as he turned and walked up the hill with a set look to his shoulders. But his head hung down as though is had a great weight attached to it. Slowly Trini turned away with a sigh she hadn't gotten anywhere with Kim, or Tommy. Finally she headed back towards Ernie's hopping that Jason and Zack had come up with something good.

Kimberly sat at a table with Kevin, sipping a large chocolate milk shake, she laughed at something Kevin had said and then glanced down at the table. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't put Tommy out of her mind when Kevin laughed she kept imagining it was Tommy, she tried to pushing him into the back of her mind but she couldn't.

"Kimberly are you okay?"

"W..............Wa......What.....oh ya I'm fine Kevin I, I was just thinking,"stammered Kimberly.

"About what?"

"Nothing important,"muttered Kimberly quickly she stood up,"Thanks for the shake Kev but I gotta go now I almost forgot that my mom told me to be home but five, if I hurry I can just make it."

"Why don't I walk you home?"

"That's okay I can make it on my own,"

"No I insist,"said Kevin throwing some bills on the table. He grabbed her arm and then walked her out of the cafe. Kimberly slowly pulled her arm from his hand. She need some time alone and this wasn't working out the way she'd wanted it to.

Quickly Kimberly Hart stuffed her books into her locker, she turned and walked swiftly down the hall. She had to talk to Tommy before school started. Kim walked around the corner and then stopped stunned. There standing by his locker was Tommy. He was wearing dark sun glasses, his hair needed a brush taken to it bad. He looked like he hadn't shaved in a couple of days. He was wearing a black leather jacket, over a dark green shirt, and black jeans.

"Tommy,"she called. Walked swiftly across the hall a worried expression on her normally cheer full face. But Tommy just slammed his locker shut and brushed past as though she didn't even exist.

"Tommy I need to...."started Kim and then she turned and ran into the girls restroom, tears running down her cheeks.

"Trini go talk to Kimberly,"said Jason,"Zack and I are going to go have a little chat with Tommy.

"Good luck,"muttered Trini,"Zack where's Billy?"she asked before Zack followed Jason.

"Said he had to do something,"said Zack over his shoulder.

"Kim you know he didn't mean that,"said Trini. She walked over to her friend and put a hand on her shoulder, while handing her a hanky.

"Trini, he acted as though I wasn't there. I just wanted to apologize, I just wanted to tell him it was my fault not his,"mumbled Kimberly through the hanky.

"And he's a fool not to listen to you,"said Trini,"Maybe you should just ignore him and see how he feels,"

"Trini,"cried Kimberly agasted.

"Hey......hey.....hey I was just kidding girl,"said Trini as she jumped back to get out of Kimberly's way.

"Your right,"said Kimberly suddenly,"Maybe I should give him a taste of his own medicine,"

"Whoa girl,"cried Trini,"I don't think that's such a good idea, I think we should wait till lunch then you and me will go talk some sense into that big headed boy friend of yours,"

"No,"said Kimberly,"let him be, he expects me to come after him."

"Kim let's try this my way first and if that doesn't work you can try yours okay,"said Trini quickly. After a few seconds of careful thought Kimberly nodded and Trini let out a sigh of relief.

"Take all the time you need,"said Trini,"I'll cover for you,"

"Thanks Trini your a life saver,"whispered Kimberly as Trini hurried out of the restroom, hoping she could make it before the bell rang.

When Kimberly walked into the class room she wasn't surprised to see that Tommy's seat empty. But she was a little bit surprised to see that Jason, Zack, and Billy's set's where also vacant.

"Hello Kimberly I hope your feeling a little better now,"said Miss AppleBee with a sympathetic smile,"Do you want to go to the nurses and lay down for a while?"

"No that's okay Miss AppleBee I'm fine now,"said Kimberly with a half hearted smile. She glance at Trini who shrugged as if to say sorry that's all I could come up with. Kimberly just nodded slightly and then slipped into her set with a sigh. She could tell that it was going to be a long day, and right then she wasn't sure she could make it all the way through, without breaking down again.

"Hey guys were you going?"called Billy as he ran towards Zack and Jason.

"To have a nice long talk with Tommy,"growled Jason.

"He's acting like a jerk,"said Zack.

"What about school?" asked Billy, glancing over his shoulder.

"So we'll be a little late, this is more important,"replied Jason.

"Tommy,"called Zack as he, Billy, and Jason raced after their friend.

"Leave me alone,"yelled Tommy over his shoulder, without slowing.

"Man,"muttered Jason,"How long can he keep going like this?" But Zack and Billy just ignored the comment concentrating on keeping up with Tommy.

"Enough of this?" muttered Zack. With an extra bust of speed he caught up with Tommy, and tackled him to the ground.

"Calm down man,"said Jason as he helped Zack pin Tommy to the ground.

"Get off me,"growled Tommy fighting them for all he was worth.

"Come on Tommy, it just us,"said Billy.

Finally after what seemed like forever Zack, Jason, and Billy managed to pin Tommy down.

"Look Tommy all we want to do is talk,"said Jason there was anger in his voice even though he was trying to control it. He knelt on the right holding one of Tommy's arms down, Jason was on the other side, while Billy was sitting on his legs.

"Ya it's not like your running for you life,"added Zack making no effort to hide his angry,"What's gotten into you man,"

"You really hurt Kimberly back there,"said Billy and he saw Tommy flinch,"She just wanted to talk to you,"

"She had her chance,"growled Tommy,"She chose Kevin,"There was a bitterness in his voice, that made Billy feel sorry for him. Even though he was acting like an idiot.

"Do you promise not to run away again if we let you up?"asked Zack finally.

"Ya,"muttered Tommy,"I promise,"slowly Jason let go of Tommy's shoulders, and the other two followed suit.

Kevin smiled, everything was going just as planed soon it would all fall apart even more. But he had to keep those meddling brats from talking sense into Tommy, they could ruin all of his carefully lade plans. Now was not the time however, he would have to what till they were gone, before he dealt with Tommy.

As the day wore on Kimberly found her self unable to stop thinking about Tommy. She felt the tears stinging her eyes, and a picture appeared in her mind. Tommy stood there, his hair was ragged, and in need of a good wash(and brush). His black slacks, and green tank top were torn, and covered with dirt. There where darker spots on that looked like dried blood. He was standing on a cliffs edge, a wild desperate, and yet somehow sad look in his eyes. The clouds over his head were boiling dark and angry; there was a stiff chilling breeze blowing. Behind him stood Kevin, his eyes glowing red in the dimness. Kevin was leaning over Tommy's shoulder and whispering in his ear. Kimberly strained to hear the words then suddenly they were crystal clear.

"She's mine, She's mine, She's mine, You've lost, You've lost, You've lost,"sneered Kevin, in a voice that sent shivers down Kimberly's spin.

"You failed, You fail, and because of you they will all die, because of you they will die, because of you they will die," Tommy looked up as the clouds parted. There through the clouds you could see a blood red moon.

"KIMBERLY,"the voice knocked the vision away from her. Kimberly blinked as she stared up into the round face of Miss. Applebee,"Would you like to show the whole class you drawing?"she asked. Kimberly glanced down at the paper on her desk, on the paper a picture of the vision was draw in blood red pen.

"Did I do this?"asked Kimberly, startled.

"Yes honey you did, now will you please put that away."

"Yes Miss. AppleBee,"whispered Kimberly an almost scared look on her face,"May I please go to the restroom?"she asked quickly shoving the picture into her pocket.

"You may,"replied Ms. Applebee,"Don't be gone to long, or you'll miss the lecture on eclipses,"

"Yes Miss AppleBee,"murdered Kimberly,"Thank-you."

As soon as Kimberly disappeared out the door, Trini got up. She walked to the front of the room, whispered something in Miss. Applebee's ear, and then quickly disappeared out the door.

Once she was in the hallway Trini glanced up and down the hall then turned and raced after Kimberly's dwindling form. -Wait up Kim- though Trini grimly. Something wasn't right and she needed to find out what it was. It might give her some kind of clue as to what was going on here. She found it really hard to believe that they where all loosing it because Kimberly, and Tommy, had a fight. -Come to think of it they probably didn't even remember what they had been fighting over-

"Ironic,"muttered Trini, to herself.

Kimberly wasn't sure what to expect when she reached the cliff. She wasn't even sure where she was going. But her feet seemed to know the way even though her brain didn't. Kimberly was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she never heard Trini calling for her to slow down and wait up. She just kept going.

Kimberly Anne Hart came to an abrupt stop as she walked around the last stand of bushes, and was able to see the cliffs edge for the first time. There standing on the edge was Kevin, and Tommy just as in the picture she'd drawn.

"Tommy," screamed Kimberly. Not thinking what Kevin might do when he saw her.

"Ah Kimberly,"said Kevin turning to face her,"I wasn't expecting you here. But I suppose it will work out for the better,"

"What have you done to Tommy?" asked Kimberly warily, as Kevin moved towards her.

In the distance Tommy heard a voice calling his name. Slowly the haze began to clear, and the voice came closer and closer. -Kimberly- the name flashed through his mind -That's Kimberly- and instantly his brain cleared. Tommy whirled around.

Kimberly took a step back as Kevin stepped closer,"Get away from me,"she growled.

"But my dear,"whispered Kevin,"We were meant to be together," He hand shot out to catch hold of the back of Kimberly's neck. He step forward and stared into her eyes,"You're mine, and you remember only me,"he whispered into her ear. Kimberly went limp, and Kevin let go. Slowly Kimberly straightened up and wrapped her arms around Kevin's neck, he looked down at her with an evil smile. He leaned towards and roughly kissed her on the lips.

"Kimberly,"cried Tommy in a hoarse voice totally shocked.

"You've lost Tommy,"said Kevin. He pushed Kimberly roughly away from him and turned to face Tommy.

"She's mine now and there's nothing you can do about it,"there was an infuriating smile on his face.

"Fight him Kimberly,"begged Tommy, turning to her, hoping for some small sign of recognition. But there was none.

"You see, she is totally under my control,"sneered Kevin. He punched Tommy in the stomach,"Give it up me boy, your no match for me."

"I'll make a deal with you,"growled Tommy. He taking a step back to avoid the next blow.

"Your in no position to make deals,"pointed out Kevin,"However since I'm in a good mood I'll listen to your suggestion."

"A fight,"said Tommy,"If I win you let Kimberly go...."

"And if I win I get both of you, no tricks,"finished Kevin, "Not that you have any chance,"

"Don't do it Tommy,"called a voice from behind them. Tommy and Kevin turned to find the other Rangers standing there,"Don't fight him Tommy there's no way you can win,"said Red Ranger.

"Ya man let us take this guy,"added Black Ranger, ready for a good fight.

"Come on Tommy don't do anything stupid,"said Yellow Ranger.

"So do we have deal? or not?"asked Kevin,"You know your friends are right though. There is no possible way you can deft me,"

"We'll see about that,"snarled Tommy,"I except your terms,"

"Since I'm not in the mood to fight right now,"said Kevin,"I will met you here tomorrow at sun down," Kevin pulled Kimberly to him and disappeared just as Tommy reached the spot where he'd been standing.

"Tommy what in the world do you think your doing,"demanded Billy as he and the other Rangers powered down and ran forward. Slowly Tommy turned to face them, there was a look of determination on his face. Suddenly his knees gave way and Tommy fell into Jason, and Zack's arms.

"Come on guys lets get him to the Command Center,"ordered Billy.

"Tommy you can't do this,"protested Zack,"It's.....It's.... It's just plan crazy,"

"Ya man we might be able to defeat him all together. But there's no way you can do it all on your own,"said Jason.

"Kim would never forgive me if I let you do this,"put in Trini.

"Face it Tommy, your in no condition to fight Kevin,"said Billy in a low voice,"I understand you want to help Kim. But how is it going to help if you just get your self killed?"

"Look,"said Tommy as they all fell silent,"You all right, there's probably no way I'm going to deft him, and I feel like I just got sat on by an elephant. But I really will lose this battle if I think like that. I have to fight Kevin, if I don't he'll kill Kim or worse he clenched his fists thinking about the kiss. I won't let that happen, I promise Kim, I promise. I can beat Kevin if I think I can,"he paused,"Now if you don't mind I'm going to get some rest before the fight,"his glance lingered on the faces of each of his friends,"Guys please try to understand, I have to do this."he stood up,"Zordon will you please wake me up at noon?"he asked.

"As you wish Tommy,"said Zordon.

"Zordon you can't mean to let him do this, it's foolish, it's stupid, it's...."

"Zack this is Tommy's decision,"said Zordon, as he watched Tommy disappeared in a blaze of green light,"Tommy blames himself for Kimberly's predicament,"explained Zordon,"And now he feels that he must prove that he is better them Kevin,"

"But Kevin will kill him,"protested Jason.

"We won't let him,"said Zack, in a low voice.

"That's right,"said Trini,"We're going to be there, and we won't let anything happen to Tommy,"

"That is the other reason I trust you to look after Tommy, and break in you if things look bad,"said Zordon with a smile.

"Well, well, well I was wondering if you'd have the courage to face your doom,"said Kevin as Tommy, Zack, Jason, Trini, and Billy appeared in the clearing.

"What made you think we wouldn't?"asked Tommy in a low emotionless voice.

"I heard a rumor that the Green Ranger was a cowered, and worthless fighter,"said Kevin, with a infuriating smile.

"Tommy,"said Jason as Tommy tensed up,"Save if for the fight,"

"Ya man your going to need it,"said Zack, glancing over at Kevin who as watching them intensely.

"Where's Kimberly?"asked Trini. While the boys gave Tommy a few last extra hints, not that he was listening to any of them.

"She's safe and sound for now."sneered Kevin,"But I doubt she will be for long,"

"We want to see her first,"said Tommy finally turning away from his friends to face Kevin again.

"I see no point to it,"said Kevin,"If you don't fight I'll just kill her, but since I'm feeling exceptionally good today..."he left the rest of it unsaid. With a wave of his hand. Kimberly appeared behind him, she had a look of pure hatred on her face, as she stepped forward and began massaging Kevin's shoulders. Jason saw Tommy flinched slightly, and then turn away. Jason put a comforting hand on Tommy's shoulder and said in a low voice,"Hang in there bro, and remember that's not Kimberly, that is Kevin controlling Kimberly,"

"Thanks man,"whispered Tommy giving Jason's hand a squeeze as he finished his warm ups.

"Are you ready yet looser?"asked Kevin with a sneer.

"Don't let him get to you,"said Jason, patting his friend on the back.

"Good luck Tommy,"whispered Trini, giving him a quick hug.

"You can do it man,"said Zack,"If anyone can do it you can," Tommy turned to Billy, who stepped forward and said in a low voice,"I don't care what you say but if this goes too far I'm going to put a stop to it,"

"Billy..."started Tommy. But Billy just shook his head and stepped back to stand with the others. Tommy stared at them for a second and then turned and walked into the middle of the clearing.

Slowly they started to circle each other, silhouetted in red by the sun as it drifted lower and lower on the horizon, closer and closer to the glassy smoothness of the sea.

The fight dragged on as the sun set lower and lower on the horizon. Jason could tell that Tommy was tiring, even though he was doing a good job of hiding it. -They're both too evenly matched- he thought dismally -And Tommy's hurt, otherwise it would have been over long ago- he glanced at Kimberly. But she was watching the fight, with a blank expression on her face.-It's like her bodies here, and her minds not- thought Billy as he watched Kimberly, hoping for some sign of emotion no matter how small. But there was nothing.-Come on Tommy- encouraged Trini silently -You can do it, you can beat him- she shuddered slightly as Kevin landed a nice solid punch right in Tommy's stomach and he stumbled back, with a grimace.-I'll ripe you to shreds myself when this is done- thought Zack angrily, as Kevin knocked Tommy to the ground. He was on top of him before anyone knew what was happening. Tommy lay on the edge of the cliff, with Kevin's hands around his throat. He tried vainly to throw him off. His fingers pulled at Kevin's hands. Kevin sat there pressing him over the edge with a calm cool collected look on his face, that infuriated Tommy, as he gasped for air.

Kimberly's mind was screaming no. She fought it, she fought Kevin's control over her. She fought it with all her might, she fought it with all her strength. She fought it for Tommy, she fought it for the earth, for her mother, for her friends, for Zordon, and for herself. Then finally she broke through the haze in into the sunshine, with a cry of triumph.

"NNNNnnnnnooooooooooo,"Kimberly's scream caught everyone off guard and in the one second Kevin was distracted Tommy heaved him over his head and out into space. His piercing scream echoed off the rocks as he fell, then all of the sudden it was gone leaving behind dead silence. Finally broken as Kimberly darted to Tommy's side. She dropped to her knees sobbing, with relief.

Zack started forward by Jason, and Trini grabbed his arms and pulled him back.

"Let them be alone for a minute,"said Jason quietly.

"Ya,"agreed Trini.


"Come on man," and Jason dragged Zack away.

"Tommy I'm so sorry," whispered Kimberly, he head in her hands.

"Kim,"gasped Tommy, grasping her hand,"It's not your fault. You hear me," she nodded,"It's not your fault,"

"Are you okay?"she asked with a sniff.

"Your bleeding,"she cried, and Tommy started to laugh,"What's so funny?"demanded Kimberly angrily as she glared down at him, but he just laughed even harder.

"Your adorable,"he whispered smiling up at her.

"Thanks,"muttered Kimberly,"Now hold still,"and she ripped the towel and tied it tightly around his shoulder,"Can you stand up?"she asked.

"For you I can Beautiful,"

"Your awfully,"said Kimberly, and she started to laugh.

Finally Tommy pushed himself up on one elbow and asked,"Would you like to go on a moon light picnic with me, sometime?"

"Thomas Oliver your timing is impeccable,"cried Kimberly, "I'd love to,"

"Good cause other wise I'd have to kidnap you, and make you go with me,"he replied, leaning against her shoulder as he stood up.

"That might be fun," whispered Kimberly, still laughing,"But right now we'd better get Alpha to take a look at you,"