A Power Rangers
A Chimney-Sweep Named Tommy
By Jennifer Garst

"Knock, Knock,"Tommy shivered at the freezing rain beat down on him, as he stood in front of Mr. Rowan's servant door, with his brushes over his shoulder. All of the sudden the door opened and the grouchy old hang Hanna who ran Mr. Rowan's house for Mrs. Rowan.

"Oh it's you, come in Kimberly will show you which chammies need cleaning this week, and mind you do a good job of it to,"

"Yes Mama,"

"KKkkkkkiiiiiiimmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllyyyyyyy, you get in here right now young lady before I tan your hide,"screeched Hanna and Tommy wanted to cover his ears but he dare not.

"What is it?"cried Kimberly as she came running in.

"How many times have I told you not to run in the house girl?"

"I'm sorry Mama, it's just you sounded terr...."

"I don't care what I sounded like, you don't run in the house,"yelled Hanna as she slapped Kimberly across the face,"Is that clear?"

"Yes Mama,"mumbled Kimberly hanging her head, and Tommy felt angry he wanted to slap Hanna, for hurting Kimberly but he knew that would not be a wise idea.

"Now I want you to show the sweep boy which chammies he hast to do this time, and make sure you cover all the furniture this time, last week I found soot on the sofa,"

"I'm sorry,"

"Yes is seems your always sorry aren't you, you little wench, but I'll with you later, the Mrs. is haven a big party tonight, so the chammies must be done,"she paused and looked at them,"Well what are you waiting for get going, before I tan both your hides,"

"Yes Mamma,"they chorused together.

"Kim I sorry if I got you in trouble,"apologized Tommy as Kim quickly moved to cover up the sofa and other furniture in the first room.

"That's okay Tommy, she'd have found some other reason to punish me,"said Kim. She looked up to find Tommy staring at her,"You know,"he said in a soft voice,"You really lovely,"

"Thank-you, but you had better get up that chimney that is if your still small enough to do it,"teased Kim, as she glanced at Tommy who was skinner then she was and she only got what ever was left after the evening meal that is if Hanna didn't eat it all her self.

"Don't worry my sweet have no fear I won't get stuck up there on you account,"

"NO, well I wouldn't mind if you did, then Hanna would have to light a fire and smoke you out,"

"Now that wasn't a very nice thing to say,"

"Then you'd better get up that chimney before I say something worse,"

"Okay, Okay,"said Tommy putting his hands up, and she smiled, and pushed him towards the fire place.

"Why you little wretch,"screamed Hanna as waved her stirrer at Kim.

"What have I done?"cried Kim trying to shield her self from the temperamental cookies blows.

"Where is it? Where is my locket, you little thief?"roared Hanna, her face was beat red, and for the first time Kim noticed that the large egg shaped locket that Hanna always wore was missing.

"Please,"she cried,"I never touched your locket I swear,"

"The word of a simple kitchen maid is worth nothing,"sneered Hanna,"Now give it to me before I tell the Master that there is a thief in his house."

"But I didn't take it,"

"You ly,"screamed Hanna and with that she grabbed Kim's arm and through her into the coal pantry, locking it tight before she turned and stomped out of the room reader then a cooked lobster.

"Your punishment is forty lashes with the whip, and if your steal again you will be thrown out of this house and onto the street, and I personally will spread the word that you are a thief,"said Mr. Rowan in a loud voice, Kim was kneeling silently before him and the whole house staff was gathered behind, but she kept her eyes on the ground, and ignored everyone.

"Well what do you have to say for your self Kimberly?"asked Mr. Rowan in a stern voice,"If you confect I might be able to be a little more lenient on you this time,"

"I swear I didn't do it Master,"said Kim standing up and looking him straight in the face for the first time.

"So you are a liar as well as a thief, I am truly sorry for your sake that you decided not to repent,"and so saying Mr. Rowan waved his hand,"Get it over with, the rest of you get back to you work,"and with that the house staff quickly disappeared back to their separate corners of the house and grounds while Luke, and Bracken the two house gauds each grabbed one of her arms. Luke looked down at her with a sad smile and then whimpered,"Why did you do that Kim, I believe you didn't do but if you had confessed.."

"I would have been lying Luke and I won't do that,"interpreted Kim.

"But they already think your lying anyway,"said Bracken.

"But I know I'm not,"retorted Kim angrily.

"Well are you two going to stand there and dawdle all day?"demanded Hanna as she marched into the room,"Now come on let's go give this little thief a taste of her own medicine."

"Um Hanna maybe you should go back to the kitchen, Luke and I will take care of this,"said Bracken.

"Nonsense she stole my locket and I want to see her suffer for it,"growled Hanna and nothing that the other two could say would sway her.

"I'm sorry Kim,"whispered Luke,"We tried,"

"It's okay,"muttered Kim,"Will ya just get it over wit,"

"Outa the way boys,"growled Hanna and so saying she showed them out the hut, after grabbing the whip off the wall she entered the hut and slammed the door shut, in their faces. Luke and Bracken glanced at each other with sad looks everyone except Hanna and a few others like Kim she was always bright and cheerful they all knew Kim would never steal anything from any one much less Hanna.

Kimberly sat out in the back garden picking green beans for Hanna when all of the sudden over the fence came Tommy, he was dressed in an old pare of black stained pants, and a dark green shirt. Kimberly glanced up and then continued working.

"Kim may I help?"he asked in a soft voice as he slipped across the garden to where she was working.

"Tommy you shouldn't be here,"said Kim ignoring his question,"You know what would happen if they found you here as well as I do,"

"Ya so I had to see you, now come on. Hanna's punishment couldn't have been that bad,"

"What do you know you don't have to live with her every day for the rest of your life,"retorted Kim angrily,"You get to do what ever you want, go where ever you want when ever you want, and I have to do what ever everyone else tells me to do no matter what it is, no matter how tired I am, it doesn't matter if I'm sick or I don't feel good if they tell me to do it, I have to do it,"

"It doesn't have to be that way, come with me we'll run away and buy a little farm some where way out there in the country away from everyone else, come with me Kimberly,"he pleased as he tossed a hand full of beans into her basket.

"You know I can't, they'll come looking for me and then they do something awful to you, and I wont let that happen, now will you please leave, I'm already in trouble as it is," Ignoring her Tommy reached over and pulled her into his arms, but as soon as his gentle hand touched her back, Kimberly gasped and quickly pulled away.

"What is..."started Tommy and then he nodded,"I'm sorry Kim I didn't know, but please at least think over what I said,"and with that he was gone, leaving a very bewildered Kim standing in the garden with an almost full basked of beans.

"I think she's coming round."

"Kimberly can you hear me?"

"We're losing her again!!!!!!!!!"

"Billy!!!! Isn't don something!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm trying, but it isn't working."

Kimberly sat bolt upright in her bed, she'd been having these strange dreams for weeks now, she would see a bright above her. There were always people, but she couldn't see them clear, it was all blurry. Still there was something frighteningly familiar about them all the same. It was like she'd met them some where before, only she couldn't remember where or when. It was like having something you know on the tip of your tongue, only you can't quiet think of it. She's tried before to say something to them, but she couldn't she couldn't make her mouth work. They only lasted a few minutes, at most, and then she would wake up. Then it was all gone, nothing but a distant memory at the back of her mind.

Kimberly,"called Hanna at the top of her voice, as she stormed into the kitchen. -Great- thought Kimberly -She's in a foul mood already today.- she sighed -What was she going to say I did this time?-

Tommy stood in the allay near the Rowan house, waiting for Kimberly to come out. He wanted to, no he needed to talk to her, needed just to see her again. Quickly Tommy stepped father back into the shadows as Hanna came walking by. If she caught him, it would be bloody. Still there was no sense in going there as long as it didn't happen. Tommy yawned, he'd been up most of the night, trying to get some old idiots chimneys cleaned. He'd even gotten stuck up in one of them, he was getting too old for this type of thing. -I'm going to have to fine another line of work soon.- he thought absentmindedly. Tommy hoped that he could convince Kimberly to run away from him, start a new life for themselves somewhere. But so far she hadn't seemed too keen on the idea. He'd convince her in the end though, of that he was sure, if not, well then he'd have to think of something new. He wasn't going to leave Kimberly here and that was the last of it.

"What's he up to now???????"screamed Hanna, her face inches away from Kimberly's,"What is that boy of your's doing now?"

"What are you talking about?"asked Kimberly, she had not idea, what in the world Hanna was rambling on and on about. Whatever it was it had sure gotten her quiet excited.

"Don't play studied with me girl, that boy of your's. Tommy is hanging out in the back way right now,"she took another breath,"And you tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. Don't you dare lie to me girl, now what is he doing out there. Waiting till we all leave, so he can come in here and rob us blind???????????"

"But Hanna......."

"Don't you ever but Hanna me,"she yelled swinging at Kimberly with the nearest thing which just so happened to be a rolling pin,"Are you helping him, you are aren't you?????"

"Luke get over here,"whispered Keith, from the kitchen door,"We've got some trouble, go check the back alleyway and tell that kid to get out of here, or there's going to be some major trouble,"he glanced over his shoulder,"I'll see what I can do to break up the situation in here,"he jerked his thumb towards the kitchen door.

"Good luck,"muttered Keith sarcastically as he turned, heading quickly across the yard.

"Hey Kid, you back there?"called Like in a low voice. He slipped quietly down the back way.

"Luke that you?"asked Tommy stepping out of the shadows.

"You gotta get outa here, now Kid. That Witch Hanna saw ya here, when she came back,"Luke said.

"She saw me!!!!!"gasped Tommy,"Great." He glanced back up the ally then said,"Tell Kim, I'm sorry,"with that he was gone. Luke sighed -That kid's going to get himself killed one of these days, and if that happens. I hope it don't break Kimmie's heart.- thought Luke, shaking his head. She was a nice gall, who'd fallen into the wrong place. Luke and Keith did what they could for her, as for Tommy he was a good kid to. Still he took too many risks, coming here to talk with Kim, Luke liked him. He'd talked to him now and then, when he happened to catch him around.

A few days latter, that which Luke and Keith feared most came to pace, and this is how it happened........

"Kimberly,"called Tommy, as he slipped silently into the kitchen.

"Tommy,"Kimberly gasped in shock,"What are you doing here?"she glanced around scared that any minute Hanna would come bursting in.

"I made sure no one was around, the old Witch Hanna left for Market a few minutes ago,"replied Tommy, flashing her a daring smile.

"But you still shouldn't be here,"protested Kim, nervously,"it's too dangerous."

"I had to talk to you,"Tommy said, kissing her gently on the forehead,"I have to know what you're answer is,"he paused,"Will you come with me? Please Beautiful. We'll buy ourselves a little place somewhere, and live happily ever after, just like they do in ferry tales."

"I....I......I...,"Kimberly stammered,"I don't know Tommy, I want to go with you, but...but.."

"But what?"he asked, taking the pot from her trembling hands, and laying it on the stove,"Come with me, leave this life behind, you deserve something better. I love you Kimberly, I love you will all my heart, mind, body and soul."

"She won't be going anywhere and neither will you young man,"growled an angry voice from behind them. They whirled around to find Hanna standing in the doorway with the Constable, peering over her shoulder, and not so nice grin on his face.

"Tommy, the back door,"cried Kimberly, grabbing his arm. As they raced across the kitchen, only to have the door opened for them, but another officer. Tommy and Kimberly came to a halting stop, slowly turning back to face Hanna and the Constable.

"I hear by announce that Tomas Oliver has been found guilty of grand theft, and other petty crimes. He has been sentence to death and will be hung with in the hour,"announced the judge in a solemn voice,"And also Kimberly Ann Hart has been found guilty of assisting this criminal, she has been sentenced to two hears of hard labor."

"Please you're Honor,"cried Tommy,"She didn't nothing, let her go..." he started forward, but the gaurd grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him back.

"Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Kimberly as the gauds pulled her towards the other door. Tommy opened his mouth to say something, but the door closed with a deafening back cutting off his words. Kimberly fell to her knees, letting them drag her, to where she didn't care any more. For the first time she realized just how much she loved Tommy, she loved him it was as simple as that.

Kimberly had been aloud to attend the hanging on the condition that Luke and Keith accompanied her. Mr. Rowan had paid for her freedom, and that had not made Hanna very happy. When she got back Mr. and Mrs. Rowan had sat her down and given her a very serious talk. The whole time all she could think about was Tommy, and what was going to happen to him.

Kimberly stood near the back of the square between Like and Keith. They'd only been there a few minutes when the door of the jail opened, out came Tommy lead by two gauds followed by two more. Kimberly's heart leapt into her throat when she saw the bruises on his face, his shirt was ripped and stained with blood, his long hair free of it's normally neat pony tail hung dirty and matted around his face, as he stumbled proudly forward. The guard jerked on his chain, Tommy stumbled to his knees, and the guard gave a hard jerk screaming something that Kimberly couldn't hear about he jeers and laughter of the crowd. Tommy struggled to get to his feet, and again Kimberly marveled at his composure, he was so strong. He waited a second then just as the guard puled he leaped forward using the gauds help to pull himself back to his feet. He was man handled up onto the platform, Kimberly felt tears stinting her eyes as she realized that she would never see him again after this. He would be gone forever. They're eyes met over the heads of the crowd, and in the depths of his deep brown eyes Kimberly could see nothing but love, love for her. His eyes watched her, as the leaver was pulled she could see his lips moving,"Forgive me Kimberly, forgive........." In that instant something inside of her broke loose opening a flood gate of emotions.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo,"Kimberly screamed as Tommy fell, the noose pulling tight around his neck. Suddenly the whole world devolved into a white mist, and Kimberly found herself floating in a voice of nothingness, as the tears flowed silently down her cheeks. Finally she fell into a restless sleep, as she floated in the emptiness.

"She's coming around,"Called a voice out of the darkness.

"Did we get them this time?"asked another voice.

"The reading's are steady,"said someone,"I think we got them."

"Kimberly can you hear me?"a familiar voice asked softly. Above her Kimberly saw figure dressed in yellow, she had long black hair.

"I think she can see us,"cried the figure excitedly, glancing at someone else who was leaning over her shoulder.

"We have Tommy."

"Kimberly's readings are starting to fluctuate again,"cried a voice from somewhere to the right.

"Billy you have to do something,"yelled the girl in yellow, there was a worried look on her face,"Hang in there Kim, we're going to get you back."

"Ya,"whispered someone else,"No matter what it takes." Things were starting to go dime again, the girl was fading away.

"She's slipping,"Kimberly heard someone else scream as the girl disappeared.

Suddenly she found herself laying on cold hard rock with Luke and Keith kneeling over her.

"Kimberly are you okay?"asked Luke in a gentle voice, as he carefully helped her sit up.

"Ya gal, you just sorta fainted on us all the sudden,"Keith said, giving her a quick hug,"Don't ever do that to me again, ya 'ear?"

I'm fine,"whispered Kimberly, letting them pull her to her feet. She glanced towards the front of the square, there she saw Tommy's limp lifeless form swinging slowly back and forth in the wind. Suddenly in all came back to her, she pulled away from Luke and Keith, running through the crowd, as the guard cut his body free. Throwing it into the back of a nearby cart. Kimberly finally broke free of the crowds, racing after the cart, as it disappeared down another street. Kimberly fell to her knees, with a strangled cry, she threw back her head and screamed in anguish. No one paid any attention besides a few side ways glances people went about they're business no one cared, about anything except what happened the them selves. Kimberly willed herself back in the warm emptiness that had been there before. Then suddenly the dirty street, Keith and Luke, the people, everything disappeared.

"She's coming back."

"Do we have her this time Billy?"

"We can't loose her again,"warned a deep voice, that seemed so familiar to Kimberly as she rose farther and farther up through the darkness.

"I know Zordon,"replied someone to her right.

"Kimberly can you hear me?"asked a voice, and Kimberly looked up to find Tommy leaning over her, there were tears in his brown eyes.

"Tommy,"she gasped, fighting with all her might to break free of the mist, to get away from the mist, from the nightmare, righting to be with him again. Suddenly it was as if everything snapped and the space between them disappeared.

"Kimberly,"cried Tommy gathering her in his arms,"I thought I'd lost you."

"It's good to have you back with us Kimberly,"said Zordon in his deep booming voice.

"It's good to be back Zordon,"she replied from the depths of Tommy's embrace,"I love you Tommy,"she whispered in his ear, then asked,"What happened?"

"You were fighting a monster called Dream Maker, he managed to use his magic to send you and Tommy in a magical dream sleep,"said Zordon.

"Then how come we both shared the same dream?"asked Tommy.

"I don't know Tommy."

"I'm just glad you're back,"said Trini giving Kimberly a hug.

"Ya me to man,"added Zach.

"It's nice to see you again Bro,"Jason said clapping Tommy on the back, with a happy smile.

"I can feel my circuits popping,"muttered Alpha with a sniff.

"Thanks Billy,"said Kimberly, walking over to wear her friend was leaning wearily against the console, to give him a hug.

"Come on guys, let's go celebrate at Ernie's,"suggested Jason.

"I home you don't mind if I take a rain check on that,"said Billy in a tired voice,"I'm beat."

"Sure,"Kimberly gave his shoulder a squeeze,"See you tomorrow Billy,"she said, giving his a quick smile before joining the others.

The End