Dear Diary Series
Started: 6/2/1999
By: Jen Garst

    Dear Diary,

Yes, I'm the White Ranger. But no one other then my best friends, and my brother know it. My real names is Thomas Oliver, but everyone calls me Tommy. I suppose you've probably heard of me, I used to be the Green Rangers. Rita put me under and evil spell. But still I don't know I rather liked being the Green Ranger. White is a little tire some to, some times I wish I still was the Green Ranger. The White Ranger it cool, be he's too much of a goodie, goodie sometimes, I think. But then again isn't that what super heroes are supposed to be?????????????????? Still when I was the Green Ranger, it wasn't really like that, I could be my self more. I wasn't the best Ranger, but that was fine with me. Those where the best day's of my life. When Kimberly was here, before she left, before................ I'm not going to get started on that, not now. Kimberly was my girl friend, until she went to Florida to train to be a gymnast. She's really good at it to, but then she sent me a horrible letter. She said she'd found someone else. I'm trying not to think about her anymore, it only hurts.................. I still love her, even thought I try not to, I can't help it. She's always on my mind, I wonder if she's really with someone else, or if....... Okay I didn't do this to write about Kimberly. Still it's true I do love her, the harder I try to forget her, the more I love her........ Still it's so different being the White Ranger, I'm not complaining or anything, I wouldn't give up being a Ranger for anything in the world. I know I'll have to someday, but I don't want to. I don't know what I'll do when it's over. It's strange being the leader to, I have to make all the decisions. Before Jason made all the decision, all I had to do was worry about myself, the team, and Kimberly. See what did I tell you, I keep coming back to her. I keep hoping some day she'll come back, and tell me it wasn't real, and that she still loves me. But I don't suppose that will ever happen will it. I know I haven't been the best leader since she went away. I've been moody, and the others would probably rather kick me off the team. But they haven't yet. they'd probably be better off without me as it is. Billy would make a great leader, though he wouldn't admit to it. We've all changed, it's amazing how much we've changed. Billy used to be a geek (No offense Dude.) and now look at him. He's the smartest kid in the school, but he doesn't look like a geek anymore. Still sometimes I think he'd rather be around Alpha or in his lab then with us. Rocky could do it do, he reminds me a little of Jason sometimes, he can be such a goof off though, and then so serious. He knows how to fight, and he's usually serious when he needs to be. I don't know what we'd do without him.................. Then there's Adam, he's so quiet and calm. He always seems to know what to do and when to do it. He's sensitive to, he's good listener if you ever have a problem, he'll always be there to listen to you, and he won't laugh either. He'll listen to what you have to say, and then he'll try and help if you want it. I know he likes Aisha, but he'll never tell her. I think she likes him to, I hope they don't let the chance go by, they would make a good couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll try talking to him sometime............ Then there's Aisha, she's like Adam to, quiet, but then again if she has something to say, she'll say it. That's what I like about both of them, they don't hold back that often if they think it's important they'll say it. Aisha likes to be by herself sometimes to, But I know we can always count on her if we need to. When she's in a crush she'll always pull through, no matter what the odds. Katherine, well what can I say, she's tall, blond, and good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's not a typical blond though, Okay that didn't sound right either. She's smart kind, and strong. She reminds me of Kimberly a little bit, except Kimberly always had a fire about her, a bounce in her step. She................ Back to Katherine, she used to live in Austral, she a good friend, she'll always be there if you need her, but she doesn't always know when to stay back. I know she likes me, the whole team does. But I can't love her, I hope she realizes that, I love Kimberly, and I always will. Even if she doesn't love me anymore. (He ran a hand through his hair, and blinked back a silent tear.) I feel sorry for Katherine though, I hope that someday she finds someone who will be good to her. I know she will, she's so nice and good looking. She'll find some and realize that he's the one, and why I could never love her the way I love one some day, Kimberly. May the Power Protect all of us, those who were, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, Jason. Those who are now, Billy, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Katherine, and myself. And those who are to come....(Tanya, Trey, Cassie, Carlos, Justin, T.J., Phantom, Andross, Ashley, Zhane, Astronoma, and all the others.)

(Carefully he closed the Diary, and turned back the covers of the bed. Silently he slipped into the bed. He lay there for a long time thinking, before sleep finally came.)