"Power Rangers Turbo/Techno Rangers"
Attack of the Turbo Vehicles, ACT 4
by Aaron Thall

Power Chamber...

"Excellent work, Rangers." says Dimitria as the Rangers teleport in. "You have overcome your greatest challenge yet."

"We couldn't have done it without the Turbo Vehicles." says Tanya.

"Yeah," says Kat. "They sent the Rippers packing!"

Tommy turns to face the other Rangers. "Guys, I want to apologize for the way I was acting earlier, letting the race get to my head. If it weren't for me..."

"The Turbo Carts still would have been demolished." says Matt. "It was unavoidable."

"At least we stopped Zedd." adds Adam. "That's cause for celebration."

"ALRIGHT!" exclaims Justin.

"Hey!" exclaims Adam. "Where's Alpha?"


Turbo Zord Garage...

"YOYOYO! BACK OFF!" Alpha backs away from Storm Blaster and Wind Rider. "I'm just tryin' ta check yer fuel supply! Ya don't need ta get on my case!"

Then Alpha literally jumps up in suprise, the result of a laser blast from Lightning Cruiser hitting his butt.



"Think we should help him?" asks Justin.

"Nope." says Matt. "They need to learn to get along." He stifles a laugh.

"Guys, I'm going to have to pass on that party." The Rangers turn back towards Wendy.

"How come, sis?" asks Matt.

"I've got to get going if I'm going to land that reporter job at the school paper." She teleports out.

The Rangers turn back to the viewing globe, just in time to see Alpha bolt out of the Garage, Road Thunder's cannon following closely behind.


Machine Empire Skybase...

Orbus shivered when he heard King Mondo reenter the base. He was obviously not happy. Orbus could tell that the Street Rippers had failed. Until King Mondo was in a better mood, the small robot would keep out of his way.

Suddenly, his sensors go off. He barely manages to keep the volume down enough to not attract Mondo's attention.

"How strange..." he says aloud. "Where could this radiation be coming from?" He sets his scanners on Angel Grove. They focus on a junkyard. "King Mondo will want to see this..."

As Orbus scoots off to tell Klank, his scanners pick up the name of the junkyard.

The name was Sunrise Salvage...


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It all begins when an unholy alliance is formed between the Machine Empire and Tracula, leading to the first ever meeting of the Power Rangers and the Motorvators! But with these two dastardly villains manipulating them from behind the scenes, one team of wheeled heroes might not make it out racing!

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Red Ripper leaps from his vehicle just before it explodes.


The small dog comes into camera view.

"Yo quiero Taco Bell."


As the Rippers race by, Kat drops the cake, which totally ruins her shoes.

"I've heard of food for thought, but never food for foot!"



The Turbo Vehicles race down the mound and keep going.

Cameraman: LOOK OUT!

As the Vehicles reach the camera, the picture suddenly stops.