Disclaimers: Matt/Purple Techno Ranger and Wendy/Grey Techno Ranger, Wind Rider, Ninja Star, and Road Thunder created by Aaron Thall and used with his permission (and blessing) Tommy/Red Turbo Ranger, Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger and everything else associated with Power Rangers Turbo (the other Rangers, Dimitria, Alpha 6, Divatox, etc.) Belong to Saban who whipped it up using footage from Toei's "Violent Dash Task Force Carrranger."
The Alliance of Evil as represented is as presented in Aaron Thall's well written and inspired story "Purple and Grey" which also introduced the Techno Rangers listed above.
Axle, Van, Tracula, and all other characters associated with the TV show Vanpires are property of Abrams Gentile Entertaiment, Inc.
OK, this is my first fanfic so don't be afraid to give criticism. Special thanks to Aaron Thall for all the advice he has given me in writing this fic.
And now, let the show begin:

Road Warriors
A Vanpires/Power Rangers Turbo Crossover
Part 1: Never a Ranger Around....
Act 1
By: Matthew Sicherman

{Vanpires opening theme}

"When a mysterious meteor crashes into a lonely junkyard derelict vans and cars take on humanlike life!

The Vanpires suck the gas from innocent cars, to feed their need for speed, and drain the planet of all it's fuel!

Only four teenagers, transformed by the meteor, stand between the Vanpires and a world sucked dry and running on empty!

Part teen, part car, all Hero!

The Motorvators must fight the night to save the day, so check your fear and get in gear!

The VANPIRES are here!!

Angel Grove High School, 2:22 PM

Matt and Wendy sat in the office of the school paper, anxiously awaiting the return of the senior editor. Actually, Wendy was the one who was anxious, her twin brother Matt, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber. And why not? Simple. Because Wendy was the one waiting for the news of whether or not she would get the last Reporter slot on the paper staff.

"Calm down sis." said Matt "You're sure to get that last slot. I've seen your articles and they're terrific."

"I don't know," Wendy responded "The competition's pretty fierce. Being a reporter for the Angel Grove High Investigator is a prestigious job."

"Precisely why I'M going to get it!" said the third person in the office. "You don't stand a chance Wendy. I am THE most popular girl in this school since Kimberly Hart!"

Just then, the senior editor came out of his office. He turned to face the two girls.

"Well, I've made my decision," he said "And the Investigator's newest reporter is.... Wendy."

"WHAT?!!?!" came the surprised shriek from the other girl "You're letting this mousy geek have the job that should be mine!?"

"Patricia!" the editor responded "It just so happens that Wendy's articles are clearer and more complete than yours. Maybe if you spent less time trying to be popular and more time working on your writing, you would have recieved the job." he turned to Wendy and extended his hand "Welcome aboard Wendy."

"Th-Thanks." Wendy stuttered out "I've really got the job?"

"I told ya sis," Matt said "Your articles are good, really good."

The Machine Skybase

"This is getting quite ridiculous!" fumed King Mondo of the Machine Empire. "Lord Zedd, Divatox, and most importantly myself, joined together in an Alliance of Evil surpassed only by that commanded by the Dark Specter itself and then only barely! And yet, we have been totally unable to defeat the Power Rangers!" Mondo was now quite literally blowing off steam.

"It makes absolutely no sense! The Robotengas were brilliant! But then those blasted Techno Rangers show up! The monsters we sent were first rate! We sent SEVEN monsters simultaneously, one for each Ranger so that they'd either have to split up and go one-on-one with the monsters or deal with them one or two at a time and let the others do serious damage to the city in the meantime!

And yet all seven were defeated!

"Then our forces are further decimated by Voltron while that treacherous Zarkon nearly destroys us all! And THEN that fiasco with the Power Rangers' new vehicles! All of this leaving us severely short on functional servants!"

"Begging yuir pardon yuir majesty, but ye still have Orbus and meself." Mondo's robotic majordomo Klank said.

"Like Dad said," chimed in Prince Sprocket "We're severely short on FUNCTIONAL help!" the roboboy prince laughed at his joke.

"Precisely son! What we need is servants who can actually ACCOMPLISH the functions we assign to them!"

Although both Klank and Orbus were very indignant about it being implied that they were incompetent, it wasn't their fault the Power Rangers kept destroying the monsters since the monsters had been built precisely according to the specs that King Mondo himself approved, but Klank's predecessor had abruptly ceased to function by speaking out at a juncture very similar to this, so they stayed silent.

"Easy darling," said Queen Machina, the only one immune to King Mondo's wrath. "If you don't throttle back soon you're going to blow your main processor and that would defeat the purpose of these alternate bodies that we had made."

"You're right dear." Said the Machine King and steam stopped pouring out of him as he calmed down. "I shouldn't let these pusillanimous Power Punks get to me like that. It wouldn't do any good to blow myself up-"

"Yeah pop! The Super Zeo Megazord did that for you and it didn't do any good then either!"

"I must have words with you later son about when to remind your father of what he has done wrong and when to let the past remain in the archives." Mondo turned to Klank and Orbus, whose joints were shaking uncontrollably. "Do you two have anything to say for yourselves or should I have you begin constructing your replacements?"

"Ummm.. Well, you see yuir highness..." Klank's desperate stall was interrupted as Orbus' eyes glowed and the little bot spoke up.

"Your highness! Sensors focused on Angel Grove have just picked up something very strange. And it isn't anything us, our allies, or the Rangers are doing!"

Klank was thankful that his partner's original function, which he still fulfilled when not enlarging monsters, was as a mobile terminal to that great accumulation of microcircuits in the heart of the main Skybase that contained all data deemed relevant by the loyal TechCogs that spent 100% of their time hardwired into the computer.

"Well!? Analyze it!" Ordered the impatient Machine King.

"I can do better than that your highness! Displaying visual on primary watch screen now."

A circular section of the wall which a moment before displayed the symbol of the Machine Empire now displayed events taking place now in Angel Grove.

Downtown Angel Grove, 4:49 AM

"Have some peanut butter crunch, Motorvators!" Screamed the demented ice cream truck named Automaniac with a mad grin on its clownlike face as it tossed what at first appeared to be ice cream cones.

The ice cream cones struck the ground in front of one of the Motorvators and splattered in a puddle. He couldn't stop in time and his wheels got stuck in the muck like glue.

"Aw man!" yelled the Motorvator whose body-type was apparently a purple van, although his head looked somewhat humanlike except that it had a metallic sheen. "I've heard of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth but to the bottom of your wheels!?"

"Hold on Snap!" Shouted a Motorvator whose body-type was a green tow-truck as he pulled out a hook with a rope attached to a winch on his back. He tossed the hook to Snap, who grabbed hold as his compatriot pulled him free of the muck.

"Thanks Nuke!" Said Snap "That was a real sticky situation!"

"No prob pal. Now, let's show the Bad Humor man it's not nice to leave things in the street!"

The two friends advanced on Automaniac while a fire-engine-based female Motorvator with long copper hair in a braid took on a six-armed ambulance and a red and yellow hotrod-based Motorvator with a flame design on his hood took on a hearse.

"Hey Ambula," Began the female Motorvator. "You look a little thirsty. Have some nice cold water on me!" The female Motorvator extended her arm and a fire-hose attached to it discharged a high pressure stream of water that forced the white and red Vanpire back.

"Oh Cardaver!" shrieked Ambula "I've got a Code Blue here!"

"I am rather busy myself!" said the short Hearse as he dodged a punch from the hotrod Motorvator "Fortunately, Lord Tracula planned for this eventuality. VANPIRES, ARISE AND AID YOUR MASTERS!"

Suddenly, all four cars that had been sitting along the curb got up on their rear wheels and grew faces and arms. They were Vanpires.

"Axle!" The female Motorvator shouted as one of the cars rolled towards the hotrod Motorvator at high speed and rammed him, sending him sprawling.

"Rev! Watch out!" Shouted Nuke as another came up behind the female Motorvator.

She turned to face the Vanpire just in time to be belted across the face and sent sprawling like Axle. The remaining two sprung on Nuke and Snap, knocking them to the ground too. A fierce battle ensued, and this time, the heroes were the ones outnumbered. For several minutes they battled, neither side able to get the upper hand as the outnumbered Motorvators were experienced at wheel-to-wheel fighting. However, the tide was turning to favor the Vanpires and everyone knew it.

Snap threw some hubcaps while Rev unleashed a torrent of water from her hose. Much as Axle hated to admit it, it looked like the Motorvators would have to make a run for it. They'd started tonight's sweep an hour after sunset and had been going all night without gassing up while the fang-gang had probably started the fight with full tanks. Just as Axle was about to give the order to retreat, an explosion high in the sky drew everyone's attention.

"You all remember the Master's orders!" Cardaver shouted "Vanpires! Withdraw!"

The seven undead cars took to the air as Snap sent a few parting shots in the form of hubcaps.

"Yeah!" he shouted "Run you flying four-wheelers!"

"Throttle back Snap." Axle said "They had us cold. That explosion in the air had to mean something. Some sort of signal. But what did it mean?"

"I don't know," began Rev "But I seriously need a few gallons of gas."

"This lap's done Motorvators." said Axle "Let's get back to the Pitstop."

The Motorvators blazed down the road back towards Sunrise Salvage, although not as fast as usual due to the damage they'd sustained.

Unseen by either side, two jet black Quadrafighters which had arrived toward the end of the battle split up, each to follow one side back to their bases.

[Time lapse footage of driving down a road is the background as numerous street signs flash across the screen]

End of Act 1