Disclaimers: Matt/Purple Techno Ranger and Wendy/Grey Techno Ranger created by Aaron Thall and used with his permission(and blessing) Road Thunder, Ninja Star, and Wind Rider created by Aaron Thall Tommy/Red Turbo Ranger, Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger and everything else associated with Power Rangers Turbo(the other Rangers, Dimitria, Alpha 6, Divatox, etc.) Belong to Saban who whipped it up using footage from Toei's "Violent Dash Task Force Carrranger" The Alliance of Evil as represented is as presented in Aaron Thall's well written and inspired story "Purple and Grey" which also introduced the Techno Rangers listed above. Axle, Van, Tracula, and all other characters associated with the TV show Vanpires are property of Abrams Gentile Entertaiment, Inc. And now, let the show begin:

Road Warriors
A Vanpires/Power Rangers Turbo Crossover
Part 2: Race for the Night
Act 1
By: Matthew Sicherman
Edited by Aaron Thall

{Vanpires opening theme}

"When a mysterious meteor crashes into a lonely junkyard derelict vans and cars take on humanlike life!
The Vanpires suck the gas from innocent cars, to feed their need for speed, and drain the planet of all it's fuel!
Only four teenagers, transformed by the meteor, stand between the Vanpires and a world sucked dry and running on empty!
Part teen, part car, all Hero!
The Motorvators must fight the night to save the day, so check your fear and get in gear!
The VANPIRES are here!!

Angel Grove Race Track

Tommy looked behind him as the racecar he should be driving gained on him, Kat, and Justin. He knew it was pointless to run. So he pushed Kat and Justin to the left. They fell to the ground and rolled to safety, the racecar going right past them. A second later, Tommy performed the same manuver. As he stopped rolling he jumped to his feet. Out of the corner of his right eye, he saw the car racing back towards them.

"HERE IT COMES!" He yells. As the car races at them once more, the three Rangers begin running, barely maintaining their distance. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER, TURBO POWER!" yelled Justin as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his blue Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete. Finally, his belt buckle lit up and he grew to adult size.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" yelled Kat as energy crackled between her hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on her waist, then her clothes were replaced by her pink Turbo Ranger uniform. Her helmet locked into place around her head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" yelled Tommy as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his red Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

The transformation complete, the three Turbo Rangers turned to face the rampaging racecar. "Stand ready guys. This isn't going to be easy." As the car raced at them, Kat, Justin, and Tommy leapt upwards, performing midair flips and landing behind the speeding car.




Four powerful energy blasts strike the back of the car, tearing up the back wheels and breaking supposedly shatterproof glass. Tommy winced at the damage being done to his racer, but the Rangers came first. His experience with the Street Rippers had taught him that lesson.

As the car screeched to a full stop, it slowly began to go through a transformation of it's own. First it grew arms. Then legs came out of the back. As it stood up, it grew a face, complete with menacing fangs.

"Looks like Tracula doesn't believe in licking his wounds after a defeat." commented Kat

"No kidding!" adds Justin.

"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, RANGERS!" The newly formed Vanpire blasted into the air, propelled by the special fuel used by the racers. As soon as it reached the right height, it began to blast away with bursts of flame that melted the racetrack into tar. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Aw man! The track!" Justin fired at the Vanpire, but it was already gone from sight.

"We'd better get back to the junkyard and tell the others before we go after it." Tommy said as he, Kat, and Justin activated their teleporters. Nothing happened other than some flickering light around them. "Huh?"

Justin tried his communicator, but received only static.

"We're being jammed!" he said "Communications and telportation won't work. Good news is, I don't think Mondo can keep it up for long."

"Just long enough to spring a surprise attack on the others." Tommy said with a glum tone "We'll have to take the vehicles. TURBO VEHICLE POWER NOW!"


Almost immediately, Lightning Cruiser, Wind Rider, and Storm Blaster rolled into view. Tommy, Kat, and Justin leaped into their respective vehicles and started driving. Lightning Cruiser and Wind Rider converted to flight mode while Storm Blaster's grappling hook locked onto the back of Lightning Cruiser. The three vehicles flew across the city toward Sunrise Salvage in a desperate race against time.

Meanwhile, at the track, a miniature periscope in bucket of water had viewed the entire occurrence.

The Subcraft

"So, there's something going on in Angel Grove." mused Divatox as she gazed through the periscope "Funny," she took her eyes away from the scope "I don't remember anything planned for tonight. ELGAR!"

"Yeah Auntie D?" answered Divatox's idiot niece "What's up?" Elgar was playing with toy versions of the Turbozords, of all things.

"Get me Zedd and Mondo on the transceiver. At least I can trust you to do THAT right. It's time for a talk with my partners." After a moment she noticed the Turbozord toys. "AND GET RID OF THOSE THINGS BEFORE I TOSS THEM AND YOU OUT THE AIRLOCK!"

"Yes Auntie D..." Elgar walked out of the control room, picking up his toys on the way. "Slave driver... Never lets me have any fun." he muttered as the hatch closed behind him.

"Good help is so hard to find these days..." mutters Divatox before looking through the periscope once more. Something big was going down, and she refused to be left out.

If she could stop the Millennium Message from coming to pass, she would risk anything to succeed.

[End of Act 1]