Because I had time to kill, and because this lousy weather has gotten me down, I've, with some help from the ever irrepressible Phasm Ranger, compiled as many questions as I could think of about the Techno Rangers and answered them. Since Phasm Ranger helped with the questions, I warn you to proceed at your own risk.

Techno Rangers FAQ
by Aaron Thall

#1: Who or what are the Techno Rangers?

The Techno Rangers are characters created solely for use in my Power Rangers fanfics and may not be reused, rebroadcast, or retransmitted without the express written consent of me. They do not exist outside of my continuity, and any reports to the contrary will be denied.

#2: If this is a Power Rangers story then now can it have continuity?

This is Power Rangers, not Marvel Comics.

#3: Who or what are you?

I am Aaron(Tornado)Thall, thy lord and master. Bow down to me and tremble.

#4: Have you always had these delusions of grandeur?

Quiet you.

#5: Will you ever get a life?


#6: Forget I asked. Now, can you give me the "How I Became a Hero" story for the Techno Rangers?

Matt and Wendy, the Techno Rangers, got their start when the Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito Revolto. While the Rangers were getting new powers, Matt and Wendy searched through the rubble, locating two damaged Power Morphers. For nearly a year, the two worked to repair the Morphers.

When Master Vile unleashed the Orb of Doom, Matt and Wendy managed to use the combined Morpher they built to protect their minds from the time altering. They succeeded, but were too late to prevent the destruction of the Ninja power coins.

For a week, they gathered the Power Dust, until they had enough for two coins.

Once the Zeo Crystal had restored the time line, Matt and Wendy began working on compressing the dust back into coins. The work took several months, but ultimately was a success. The day they finished changed everything. The coins, now reenergized on their own, hit both teens with beams of power, insuring that the Ninja Power would live on.

Soon after they unwittingly received the Power, their tinkering with the combined Morpher they had created led to an accidental teleportation to Ninjor's Temple of Power, where they met the ninja master and began to be trained in the way of Ninja and the way of the Rangers.

They only recently completed their training and set out to locate the Rangers, not knowing that their newfound friends actually =WERE= the Turbo Rangers.

The rest is history in the making.

#7: What? No radioactive spiders or cosmic rays?

Are you dissing the Fantastic Four? Not smart, my friend. I may have to smite you.

#8: What episodes does this origin tie into?

Good question. They watched the Thunderzords be destroyed during Ninja Quest Part 1, and found the damaged Morphers during Ninja Quest Part 2.

They worked on the Morphers throughout most of the third season of Power Rangers, finishing just prior to "Rangers in Reverse". They used the combined Morpher(later called the Techno Morpher) during "Rangers in Reverse" to retain their memories. Their work to save what they could of the Ninja Coins went throughout the Alien Rangers saga.

They worked on the dust turned coins once more throughout the first two thirds of Power Rangers Zeo, and trained with Ninjor until shortly after "Cars Attack".

>From that point on, Rangers continuity diverges into my continuity.

#9: You said continuity again! You're sure this is a Power Rangers story?


#10: Is your series a "Mary Sue"?

Good heavens, no! Mary Sues are stories where the guy or girl always gets the girl or guy, where the created characters are absolutely perfect, and the rest of the characters, as far as I know since I never read Mary sues, have no personalities, or do not conform to the established personalities from the show.

The Techno Rangers have their faults. Wendy was insecure about her public image in "In Kim's Shadow". Wendy has a definite temper that can and has caused trouble in her battles.

Matt is rather aloof, and can be rather standoffish when people don't understand what he's trying to say.

#11: Does Wendy's Ranger uniform have a skirt like Kim's, or no skirt like

Trini's and Aisha's?

Yes, she has a skirt.

#12: Any gratuitous panty shots? Oh, wait...... never mind!


#13: What is their morphin' call?

The ever classic "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"

#14: What are their Zords?

Hoo boy... Where to begin...?

I should start with the Ninja and Shogun Megazords. These are their primary Zords in battle. Wendy controls the Ninja Megazord and Matt controls the Shogun Megazord.

Wendy also has control over Titanus. Matt has control over a new Dinozord:

the Stegosaurus.

While they apparently can access the Dragonzord and Falconzord, it remains to be seen if they can do more than summon them for combinations or quick attacks. Dragonzord has only been summoned once, to assist with the formations of the Ninja and Shogun Ultrazords.

#15: Stegosaurus Dinozord? What does it do?

This Zord, one of my creations, has razorsharp spikes and the ability to become both a flying disk and a shield for the Megazords. It has incredible strength.

#16: Isn't that too many Zords for just two Rangers?

When the Rangers are each as powerful as three Season 3 Rangers... not really.

#17: Is Bandai behind this massive amount of mecha or do you just have a thing for Zords?


#18: Which Ranger is which?

Matt is the Purple Ranger and Wendy is the Grey Ranger.

#19: Isn't purple a girl's color?

It depends on the shade. I see Matt's uniform as a really dark, rich purple. Kind of majestic.

#20: Doesn't having two more Rangers on the team make things a tad bit crowded around the Power Chamber?

Not much more.

#21: Why so many allies for the Rangers?

Blue Senturion was already there for the Turbo Rangers. Ninjor is psionically linked to the Techno Rangers because of the Ninja Power. Gold Ranger made a promise to always be there when needed. I'm keeping him to his word.

#22: What are their personal weapons?

Matt's weapon is the Hook Launcher. It is useful for rescue missions and for restraining monsters. In a pinch, the Hook Launcher can release a powerful barrage of energy to disable it's target.

Wendy possesses a powerful Energy Whip. She can use this to melt or shatter armor and to restrain enemies. She can attune it to work as an energy sword for close quarters combat.

They have access to the old Power Weapons, but only use them as needed (For example, Wendy was forced to utilize the Power Bow to defeat the Terror Toad).

#23: A whip that changes to a blade? Are you sure you've never seen Star Wars or She-Ra?

Yes, I am positive.

#24: Do they have any other personal gear that I might be interested in?

Matt possesses a Hook Launcher and Wendy possesses an energy whip. They can combine to form the Techno Blaster, and combine with the Power Blaster for the Ultra Techno Blaster.

#25: The Techno Rangers are inventors. Why?

I've always felt that many of the Ranger weapons and Zords needed more of an explanation for origins. Who created the Super Zeo Zords? Pyramidas?

The Dinozords?

By having Matt and Wendy be inventors, I can eliminate those questions for things that appear in the stories.

#26: Things? What things?

So far...

Turbine Laser (Purple and Grey, Part 5) Lightning Cruiser(Attack of the Turbo Vehicles) Storm Blaster(Attack of the Turbo Vehicles) Artillitron(Operation: Rescue Zords)

The Rescue Zords(Operation: Rescue Zords) Turbo Navigator: Defender Mode(Road Warriors, Parts 1 and 2)

And more on the way.

#27: O.K., so they're Power Rangers and inventors. Do they have any other


Wendy is a reporter for the High School newspaper.

#28: O.K., I think I'm starting to get comfortable with this continuity thing. So, is Road Warriors a part of the continuity?


#29: Is Crossroads of Time a part of continuity?


#30: Are the Techno Rangers' adventures with that delightful Phasm Ranger character a part of continuity? (Just kidding on this one, Aaron!)

Not as such.

#31: Why didn't you write these ya lazy bum?

I co-wrote Crossroads of Time with Benjamin Church. I was out of touch with Voltron.

Road Warriors was entirely Matthew Sicherman's idea, so I told him to go for it. I just assisted by being a sounding board and a few ideas on the story itself. It was my idea to have the Defender mode of the Turbo Navigators introduced during the story.

#32: Why make the Tengas RoboTengas?

I wanted to make sure that the Tengas would be a challenge for the Techno

Rangers, so it made sense to upgrade them. Besides, it sticks with that technology theme.

#33: What are the stories in the Techno Rangers fanfic series?

Purple and Grey, Part 1: When Comes the Catbot Purple and Grey, Part 2: Return of the Ninja Rangers Purple and Grey, Part 3: Turbo Rangers Revealed!

Purple and Grey, Part 4: Rangers Unite!

Purple and Grey, Conclusion: The Origin of the Techno Rangers Crossroads of Time

In Kim's Shadow

Attack of the Turbo Vehicles

Road Warriors, Part 1: Never a Ranger Around...

Road Warriors, Part 2: Race for the Night Operation: Rescue Zords

Identity Secret No more, Part 1

'Twas the Morph Before Christmas

#34: What are the original creations?

In addition to Matt and Wendy's personal weapons and the Stegosaurus Dinozord, there are Road Thunder, Wind Rider, and Ninja Star.

Road Thunder is a green Pickup Truck with a sonic cannon that doubles as a sky spy. Ninja Star is a yellow all-terrain jeep that fires spiked wheels. Wind Rider is a white and pink Ferrari that changes into a hovercraft and fires razorsharp fan blades.

#35: Why create three new Turbo Vehicles?

I thought that it was unfair for only Red and Blue Turbo Rangers to get new wheels, so I just decided to even the odds.

#36: Why have an Alliance of Evil?

Why not? I needed a threat that would explain the Millennium Message and provide a threat that the Techno Rangers would be needed for. I've always felt that the villains of Power Rangers made the same mistake of not working together. While they are working as one for these stories, each is also trying to backstab the others. It is that interaction that provides

insight into those characters.


So far, there have been some new and some old ones. The old ones are...

Prince Gasket(Purple and Grey, Part 5 and Crossroads of Time) Archerina (Purple and Grey, Part 5 and Crossroads of time) Terror Toad(In Kim's Shadow)

Goldar(Purple and Grey, Parts 3 and 5 and Crossroads of Time) Rito Revolto(Purple and Grey Parts 3 and 5) Elgar(Purple and Grey, Part 5)

Rygog(Purple and Grey, part 5)

Prince Lotor(Crossroads of Time)

Cogs, Pirannatron (Various)

And the new ones are...

Callous Catbot(Purple and Grey Parts 1,3, and 4) Spearhead(Purple and Grey, part 4)

Bolabot(Purple and Grey, part 5)

Sphere Robeast(Crossroads of Time)

Invisible Robeast(Crossroads of Time)

Bomb Brain(Crossroads of Time)

Street Rippers(Attack of the Turbo Vehicles) Demolition Dan(Road Warriors, Part 1)

Shogun of Mitsubishi(Road Warriors, Part 1) Bashnsmash(Operation: Rescue Zords)


Phasor (Identity Secret No more, Part 1)

#38: What are the new combos for the zords?

In addition to the Stegosaurus's shield and disk modes, the Ninja Zords can form the Ninja Tank.

The Ninja and Shogun Zords can combine with Pyramidas to form the Golden Ninja and Shogun Ultrazords.

The Stegosaurus can combine with the Ninja and Shogun Ultrazords, doubling the power.

#39: What are their finishing moves?

They're Ultrazords. Just blast the hell out of the monster.

#40: Will Tommy and the rest be leaving like on the show?

They'll be sticking around for a while at least. Eventually, they will leave, but it will be part of a major storyline I've already planned out.

Don't worry. I'm nowhere near writing that one yet.

#41: Can you please have Tommy die a horribly painful death? Please, please, pretty please?


#42: I hate it when people only do things halfway, so why start Operation: Rescue Zords halfway in?

I wanted to get right to the action. There wasn't any point in building up the story in two parts when all the important stuff happens in what would be part 2. I figured "to heck with it!" and skipped it, depending on the bits of backstory provided in the text to bring everyone up to date.

#43: Will Phantom Ranger be appearing or will he just stay invisible?


#44: Will it be the one from the Turbo and Space series, or what?

I'm not telling. I also don't know... yet... but I'm thinking about it.

#45: How can I contact you?

E-Mail me at I'm always glad to hear from my readers. I love hearing story ideas and suggestions.

#46: Where are your stories archived?

They are archived officially on Paladar's fanfiction section Room B. The address is

#47: What is Tornado and Jubilee?

My first, and rather abysmal, attempt at writing a fanfic series.

Thankfully, it has vanished from the internet, and I refuse to ever bring it back.

#48: Any chance of Tornado and the rest of the characters created there coming back?

Tornado, Hurricane, Deathsparkle, and a few others make appearances regularly on the X-Wars mailing list. E-Mail me privately for more info on


#49: Do you have any more comic book-style characters in the works?

Just the Dreamer and the Sphere of Infinity on RPX.

#50: What was the Power Rangers Anti Flame?

A grouping of Alt.Fan.power-rangers that waged war on trolls. The idea didn't last long, unfortunately, but it gave me plenty of ideas for Zords.

#51: Will any of those zords be appearing in your series?

I'm not telling.

#52: Will any of the members of the Power Rangers Anti Flame be appearing in your series?

No. Sorry, Phasm.

#53: What is Purple and Grey: the Song?

That is a song I wrote especially for Matt and Wendy. Sadly, I have not the resources to put it to music. If anyone can help me with that, please contact me.

#54: Why are there bloopers at the end of each story?

I do this to stress the point that my stories are as close to an actual episode of Power Rangers as I can get. To that end, I leave breaks for commercials, the opening credits, and the bloopers. I include the next time blurb to keep the readers hooked.

#55: Will you ever replace the bloopers with promos like those scumwads at Fox Kids?

I did, once. Just for fun.

#56: How can I write a Techno Rangers story?

Just contact me and ask for permission. If I like the idea, it's a go. However, you must realize that all Techno Rangers stories are a part of my continuity, no matter what. To that end, I work closely with the writer whenever this happens. After all, they are my Rangers.

#57: Are you a control freak?


#58: What was Ninjor Quest?

A fanfic newsletter baised on an apocalyptic future that only Ninjor could save. I was one of the head writers, but it died down quickly. However, I am planning to revive the story, albeit altered, in the far off future.

#59: Besides writing, what are your hobbies?

I am an avid collector of the Fantastic Four comic book. If it's FF, I either have it or want it. I currently, as of this writing, am missing only 52 issues from what would otherwise be a completed collection.

In addition to that, I collect the Marvel Comics and Godzilla novels. I also have a gigantic Power Rangers shrine at home. A square for each color Ranger. Sad, isn't it?

#60: What comics do you collect other than Fantastic Four?

Anything Power Rangers.


Captain America

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Godzilla(any series)

Generation X

Marvel 2-in-1

The Thing

War Machine

Green Goblin

Black Panther

#61: Are you a fanboy?

Oh, God, yes...

#62: Am I a fanboy?

How the hell should I know? READ A BOOK!

#63: I heard that you have dabbled with writing Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanfics. Is it true?

Yes. To further alienate myself from society, I have been known to do the riffing treatment on spams and two stories(one was a lousy X-Men story that was never released and the other is a JAG fanfic in the works). I am also preparing to MST a thesis about how the Smurfs are Communists, and a rapefic called Savage Vengeance that you don't want to know about.

#64: What do you hope that people gain from reading all this stuff?

World domination, and recognition for delivering quality entertainment lightstars ahead of Power Rangers Turbo.