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Road Warriors
A Vanpires/Power Rangers Turbo Crossover
Part 2: Race for the Night
Act 3
By: Matthew Sicherman
Edited by Aaron Thall

Angel Grove

The monstrous form of The Destructor 3000 stood over the fallen forms of the Turbo Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and Ninja Mega Falconzord. All three were badly damaged and without power while their opponent was hardly scratched. Now it had deployed a rack of missiles, a barrage that was easily powerful enough to destroy all three Megazords. The Destructor 3000 locked the missiles on target. The rockets ignited.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, three bolts of red energy slammed into the monster's chest, knocking it back just as it launched its missiles, sending them skyward. A police siren was heard as Robo Racer, with the Blue Senturion at the controls, rolled into action.

"Robo Racer: Battle Mode." he ordered and the giant police car began to transform into its humanoid form. Meanwhile, the missiles were beginning to turn downward, still locked onto the Megazords, when a voice rang out.

"Here I come to save the day!" called Ninjor as he soared into view on his flying yellow cloud. "Never fear, Ninjor is here!"

He flew between the missiles, slashing them with his katana. They exploded harmlessly behind him. Once the last of the missiles was neutralized, Ninjor leaped to the ground and enlarged himself to giant size as Robo Racer completed its transformation into Battle Mode.

"I'll go high, you go low." suggested Ninjor.

"Affirmative." the Blue Senturion answered.

Ninjor and Robo Racer charged The Destructor 3000. Ninjor slashed high with his sword while Robo Racer punched for the gut. Ninjor's katana skittered off the Vanpire's armor while Robo Racer's fist met unyielding metal. The Destructor 3000 backhanded Ninjor and brought a knee up into Robo Racer's chest. Sparks flew from both.

"Now you've made me angry!" Ninjor announced as flames filled his visor. His head folded into his back, revealing a second head. The armor on his arms folded upwards and his leg armor moved down. "Now you face the full fury of the power of Ninja!" Ninjor brought his hands close together in front of him and a ball of energy formed between them. He threw the energy ball and it exploded against The Destructor 3000's chest. The monster just laughed.

"You call that an attack!?" it taunted "Now, THIS is an attack!" So saying, it deployed a machine gun and fired it at Ninjor. The ninja master was knocked back but he kept his feet.

Robo Racer fired a handcuff on a chain from its right arm and ensnared The Destructor 3000's wrist. The giant Vanpire grasped the chain with its other hand and wrenched the chain, throwing Robo Racer into Ninjor and knocking them both down. The Destructor 3000 then turned back to the fallen Megazords to complete their destruction. However, it had neglected to ensure that Robo Racer's weapons were offline.

"Synergizer: Blaster Mode!" Commanded the Blue Senturion and bolts of energy slammed into the monster's side. Robo Racer and Ninjor came to their feet as the sky began to brighten.

"I have made an error." The Destructor 3000 realized "I attempted to terminate primary targets while active threats still existed. I shall correct the error. Now!" Two cannons popped up from its shoulders and it fired blasts of energy at Robo Racer and Ninjor, knocking them both to the ground. "Primary targets are not currently a threat. I shall destroy you both now to ensure that you cannot prevent me from terminating primary targets." The sun peeked over the horizon and the parts of The Destructor 3000 that the sunlight fell upon began to smoke. "What? Arg. What's going on!?"

The Machine Skybase, that same time

"I'd like to know that as well!" demanded King Mondo.

"I'm sorry yuir majesty!" Klank apologized "Orbus and I did not realize the importance of a certain piece of information received in our exchange with Tracula."

"Well?! Spit it out!"

"According to the information, Vanpires are highly vulnerable to sunlight."

"You mean you made a monster that can't go out during the day!?" Divatox blurted out.

"That's even more boneheaded than Rito!" added Zedd.

"You really think so?" replied Rita's idiot brother.

"There is no time for squabbling!" Tracula shouted "It must be recalled before the sun destroys it!"

"You're right!" Mondo said "Klank! Recall it at once!"

"Immediately yuir highness!" answered the robotic majordomo.

Angel Grove

To the puzzlement of the Rangers, Ninjor, and the Blue Senturion, the monster, which was all but impervious to their weapons, was now grunting in pain as its armor was starting to combust under the sun's rays. Suddenly, it shrank and disappeared through a gear-shaped portal.

"Hmmm," Ninjor commented as he came to his feet "It appears that its evil could not withstand the light of day."

"Yeah," said Justin "But why?"

No one had an answer to that. At least, none of the good guys. The bad guys, on the other hand, were painfully aware of the answer.

The Machine Skybase

"That's what happens when you give an unknown a chance to destroy the Rangers!" sneered Goldar.

"Yeah," agreed Rygog "He somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!"

"He was not defeated!" countered Tracula "He simply was unable to complete his triumph before the sun came up."

"What's the sun got to do with it?" asked Elgar "I mean, couldn't he just have put on some sunglasses?"

"Now why didn't I ever think of that?" Wondered Automaniac. This earned Automaniac a good thump on the head from Tracula.

"Fool!" Tracula said "It is not our eyes alone that the sun hurts! It causes our paint to char, our chassis to melt. We cannot survive it for more than a few moments, and then only with great pain, as you saw on the screen."

"Well, it did manage to trash the Rangers and their Zords." mused Divatox.

"It thrashed Ninjor and the Blue Senturion too." added Prince Sprocket.

"I say," began Zedd "That we give him another chance tonight. He's come as close to destroying the Rangers as any of us have gotten, and it wasn't a last minute bailout by one of the Rangers allies that stopped him."

"With enough time," continued Rita "It can make mincemeat out of those Power brats!"

"Assuming the Rangers don't use this respite to figure out how to stop it you mean." countered Goldar "Seems like whenever we give the Rangers a rest after nearly trouncing them, they come back with a plan to stop us. The Scarlet Sentinel, Centibak, a dozen others I can remember."

"He will defeat them." said Mondo "Look at his armor, the Rangers weapons barely scratched it! And later on, once the Rangers are destroyed, I'd like you all to remember that I have taken Tracula as my vassal and, thus, all of his vassals, including The Destructor 3000, are my vassals."

"Vessels? They're all Mondo's ships?" Rito scratched his head in confusion

"No, you idiot!" Zedd berated him "Vassal is another word for servant! He's saying that The Destructor 3000 is entirely his monster so if it destroys the Rangers, he gets the credit as if he'd built it himself."

"WHEN it destroys the Rangers." Mondo said confidently.

"And once it has finished with these 'Power Rangers'" interrupted Tracula "It will have no trouble destroying the Motorvators, leaving Earth ripe for conquest."

"How dangerous are these Motorvators, anyway?" asked Divatox.

"Not very." answered Klank "The Motorvators have no energy weapons or gigantic assault vehicles as the Rangers do. They are limited to hand-to-hand combat, throwing of hubcaps, and various equipment that is an integral part of the vehicle that they use to transform. Rev, for example uses a fire engine to transform and is equipped with a fire hose that shoots streams of water. However, they do have one innate ability that the Rangers lack: Flight."

"The Destructor 3000 will destroy them easily, once the Rangers are defeated." Mondo declared "Just as it defeated the Rangers today."

"Sir," interrupted The Destructor 3000 "I thirst."

"Thirst? For what?"

"For gas," deduced Tracula "As all Vanpires do."

"Yes, I burned a lot of fuel battling the Rangers." confirmed The Destructor 3000 "I am also low on ammunition."

"Klank! Take The Destructor 3000 to be refueled and rearmed." ordered Mondo.

"At once, yuir majesty." Klank led The Destructor 3000 out of the throne room and down to the refueling depot.

"Looks to me that there's nothing left to do until tonight." Zedd observed "I say we adjourn until then."

"Adjourn? Why don't we just leave?" Rito asked.

"Idiot!" Rita bopped her brother on the head with her wand. "That's what adjourn means!"


The meeting soon broke up and the visiting villains returned to their respective headquarters. On Earth, the Rangers would soon have to deal with the fallout from the new alliance between the Vanpires and the Machine Empire.

Angel Grove Racetrack, 7:27 AM

Tommy walked into the garage that usually housed the racecar that he drove. The garage was largely empty now, the exterior doors smashed off their hinges. As he entered, he noticed a puddle of strange liquid.

"What's this?" he wondered "It sure doesn't look like oil. Smells sort of like gasoline but it's too shiny. Might have something to do with what changed the car. I better take a sample for Alpha, Justin, Matt, and Wendy to analyze."

Tommy retrieved a small container and scooped some of the liquid into it before closing it. He put it in his pocket and then walked to the phone. He hesitated a moment before picking up the receiver and dialed the number.

"Hello, Uncle Joe?" Tommy said once the other end was picked up. "I've got some bad news. I decided to come to the garage early today and when I got here, the car was gone. Looks like it was stolen. The garage doors are smashed open. No, I haven't talked to Security yet. I just got here. OK, I'll call the police." Tommy hung up the phone and then activated his communicator. "Alpha, this is Tommy."

"Yo, yo, yo!" Alpha responded "What's wrong?"

"I found some weird liquid on the floor of the garage where my racecar was last night. I've got a sample that I want you to teleport to the Power Chamber for analysis." Tommy took the container out of his pocket.

"Sure, but why not just bring it yourself?"

"I have to stay here. Go through the motions like I didn't know the car had been turned into a Vanpire."

"Check. Teleporting now."

The container dematerialized into specks of white light and moments later appeared in Alpha's hand in the Power Chamber. Tommy then picked up the phone again and called the police to report the racecar stolen.

Angel Grove Youth Center, 9:42 AM

The seven Power Rangers were seated at a table in hushed conversation.

"So, did you figure out what that liquid was?" asked Tommy.

"Sort of." answered Justin "It's partly gasoline but there was also some sort of enzyme mixed in. That's what gave it the shininess you noticed."

"It's pretty weird." Matt continued "It was slowly breaking down the hydrocarbons that make up the fuel. Sort of like how human digestive fluids break down the proteins that make up our food."

"A creature that uses gasoline for food?" Kat mused "Sounds to me like something cooked up by Zedd or Divatox."

"I don't think Vanpires were created by Zedd or Divatox." Wendy argued "I analyzed the Vanpire parts we brought back from Sunrise Salvage last night and couldn't find any traces of a magical signature or technological mutagenesis. What I did find was a radiation trace that matches the piece of glowing rock I found two days ago at Sunrise Salvage. The rock fragment in question seems to have been part of a larger meteorite at some point in the past"

"Hey, that reminds me of something." Adam said "Just before you guys got back to the junkyard to warn us about the bomb Mondo tried to drop on us, Axle mentioned a meteor that created the Vanpires and made the Motorvators who they are today."

"Wendy, I hope you've got that fragment in a lead box or something." Tanya commented

"Don't worry," Wendy responded "I took every precaution with it but I don't think there needs to be much worry about a piece that small. One thing about it though. The rock itself has radiation-reflective properties. A big chunk would have a number of cavities where large amounts of radiation would collect, ready to all be released at once should it be cracked open, as it might have on impact with the Earth's surface. That would have created a pulse of radiation that was much more intense than normal, possibly resulting in the creation of the Vanpires and the transformation of the Motorvators."

"Do you think there's a way to reverse the process? Either on The Destructor 3000 or my racecar?" asked Tommy.

"We might be able to reverse the process on your racecar." theorized Matt "Your Turbo Navigator got a good scan of your racecar at the track, it looks like it was still in the process of changing when you got there. That plus the baseline scan you took of your racecar months ago, as a precaution against sabotage by Divatox, should be enough to give us a handle on reversing the process."

"That won't work for The Destructor 3000 though." cautioned Justin "We have no idea what it was like before it was changed and with all its weaponry, its transformation would have been a lot different from your racecar."

"OK, so we might be able to get Tommy's racecar back but neutralizing The Destructor 3000 won't be as easy." Adam summarized.

"Something else happened before you got there." said Tanya "Something that looked sort of like a walking taxi cab came up to us and gave us a warning. The Motorvators knew her and said her name was Gypsy. She gave us a warning about 'an enemy of two worlds' that was coming."

"Obviously The Destructor 3000. Made from a Machine Empire vehicle and animated by an earthbound Vanpire." concluded Matt.

"And that it would require 'all good to join as one, a new weapon.. And a little bit of evil too.' What could that mean?"

As the Rangers were talking, four teenagers walked into the Juice Bar. Their names were Axle, Snap, Rev, and Nuke. As the Rangers and others talked, Snap listened closely, looking for familiar voices. He caught snippets of various conversations as he and his friends walked around, searching for six particular voices. As they approached the table the Ranger were at, the seven teens changed their conversation to something innocuous, such as comforting Tommy about the "theft" of his racecar.

"Bingo." Snap muttered

"You found them?" Rev asked quietly

"Yup. All six of them sitting at the same table with Wendy."

"I'd say that confirms it." said Axle "Let's go introduce ourselves."

"Hey Wendy!" Nuke called as the teens approached the Rangers' table.

"Hi guys!" Wendy greeted them.

"Mind if we join you guys?" asked Axle.

"Not at all." responded Tommy "Have a seat." The teens sat down with the Rangers as Wendy made introductions.

"They work over at Sunrise Salvage, the junkyard I'm investigating for the school paper."

"Nice to meet you guys." Rev said

"So," Snap began "How long have you guys been the Power Rangers?"

Several of the Rangers looked as though they had been struck on the head with a board while Axle and Rev were disgusted by Snap's lack of tact.

"Subtle as a car backfiring Snap." Rev sighed.

"What makes you think we're the Power Rangers?" questioned Adam

"Well, there's the fact that I recognize your voice... Green Ranger."

"Not again..." Adam held his head. This was the second time his identity had been discovered using his voice.

"I'm right as usual! You may applaud now."

"Alright," began Tanya "How'd you do it? We've never met you before. In either form!"

"Oh yes we have, Yellow Ranger." Snap grinned "You see, I've got this talent for sounds. I hear a sound once, I always recognize it again."

"It's how he manages to almost always win at Make-the-Make." said Nuke

"Make-the-Make?" questioned Justin

"We try to identify the make and model of an approaching car by just listening to the sound from the motor." answered Axle

"Alright, but where have we met you before?" asked Tommy

"Sunrise Salvage." answered Rev "Course, you wouldn't recognize us cuz we were a bit more 'Motorvated' then."

"Of course!" exclaimed Adam "I thought those names were familiar."

"But you figured out our identities just from our voices?" asked Kat.

"That, and there's the fact that there are six of you sitting with Wendy." said Rev.

"Eh?" Justin was bewildered.

"Umm," Wendy cleared her throat "I forgot to mention something last night. When the Photon-Neutrino bomb went off we were outside the range of the radiation pulse, but the explosion itself threw up a lot of turbulence. We hit the ground hard and I was dazed. Moments later, my morph gave out and they saw the whole thing."

"I hope we can trust you guys." Matt said

"Don't worry," began Axle "Before we found out her secret, we trusted Wendy with ours and from what you guys said, she kept it. We'll keep yours."

"We were just trying to figure out what your friend Gypsy said last night." Tanya said "We've figured out the part about the 'enemy of two worlds' that was coming. We fought it early this morning."

"Yeah, Van showed us a news report about your fight when we got to the Pitstop this morning." Nuke mentioned.

"But the second part is giving us some trouble." finished Adam.

"An enemy, that will require all good to join as one to defeat it, a new weapon... And a teeny bit of evil too." mused Axle "Maybe that first part means all of us? The Motorvators and the Power Rangers."

"Could be." Tommy answered as the Rangers' communicators beeped a familiar 6 note tune. "One sec." Tommy pressed a button on his communicator. "This is Tommy, go ahead."

"Yo, yo, yo." came the voice of Alpha 6 "Tommy, I could use some help up here fixing the Zords. That monster really did a number on them."

"OK, we'll be right up." Tommy closed the channel "Let's go." Tommy and the other Rangers got up and began to walk away but Tommy stopped suddenly. "Well?" he said to the Motorvators "You guys want to come or not?"

The Motorvators stood with smiles on their faces and followed the Rangers out of the Youth Center. They exited and headed towards the park. Near the park entrance, they saw Bulk & Skull working on a woman's engine. Actually, they were trying to work on the engine. The woman who owned the car was looking somewhat impatient.

"I tell you Bulk, it's the fan belt!" Skull declared

"No Skull, it's gotta be a bad distributor cap!" countered Bulk

"Uh, which one is the distributor cap?"

"Excuse me for a minute guys." Rev said to the others as she walked over to the car. "May I?" She asked Bulk & Skull. At their nod she reached in and secured a loose wire to a contact. "Try it now ma'am." The woman turned the key and the engine started right up. Rev returned to the group and they proceeded into the park. Soon, they were in an isolated section. Perfect for teleportation to and from.

"So, are we headed for your secret base?" asked Snap

"You could say that." Tommy answered "Matt, Wendy, Justin, Adam. You go first. We've never tried teleporting 11 people at once before and I don't want to take any chances. The rest of us will be along in a minute."

Matt, Wendy, Justin, and Adam pressed a button on their communicators and disappeared in flashes of different colored light. The Rangers moved close to the Motorvators and were about to teleport when the ground exploded around them. The air suddenly filled with armored humanoid birds which landed all around the teens.

"RoboTengas!" exclaimed Tommy as the Rangers went into fighting stances

"Let's mangle these birdbrains!" Nuke shouted

"Watch yourselves," warned Kat "They're dangerous!"

"We took out those bucket heads yesterday," Nuke declared "We'll take out these feathered freaks too!"

The RoboTengas charged and the Rangers and Motorvators began trading blows with the feathered cyborgs. It soon became apparent, however, that the humans were overmatched.

"It's no good!" Tanya exclaimed "There are too many of them! We need to morph!"

"SHIFT INTO TURBO!" Tommy shouted

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" yelled Tanya as energy crackled between her hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on her waist, then her clothes were replaced by her yellow Turbo Ranger uniform. Her helmet locked into place around her head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" yelled Kat as energy crackled between her hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on her waist, then her clothes were replaced by her pink Turbo Ranger uniform. Her helmet locked into place around her head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" yelled Tommy as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his red Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

The Turbo Rangers tore into the RoboTengas but saw that the Motorvators were still in human form and losing ground fast.

"What are you waiting for?" questioned Kat "Change already!"

"We can't!" answered Axle "Our carfins are back at Sunrise Salvage and even if they were here, the sun's still up!"

"Alpha," Tommy spoke into his communicator between attacks. "Teleport the Motorvators to the Power Chamber now!"

The four Motorvators were surrounded in white light and moments later, they found themselves in a futuristic control center occupied by Matt, Wendy, Justin, Adam, and a red and gold robot. The robot was working a console as the humans watched the battle through the circular screen on the wall. In a large tube beyond the console was a woman dressed all in white with a veil.

"Motorvators," Dimitria said "May I welcome you to the Power Chamber?"

"Yo, yo, yo. Try not to touch anything, alright?" the robot said

"Looks like the guys need a little help." Matt observed

"Then let's give them some!" responded Wendy "We'll be right back guys." she said to the Motorvators as she and Matt stepped away from the console.

"NINJA RANGER POWER NOW!" The two siblings shouted as they swung their right arms around, trailing purple and grey energy. Then they thrust both arms forward. Their Ninja Ranger uniforms appeared around them and they teleported out to appear moments later on the screen.

The Motorvators watched in awe as Matt and Wendy teamed with the other Rangers to send the RoboTengas packing. Once the last of the RoboTengas were dispatched, the Rangers teleported back to the Power Chamber.

"That was awesome!" Nuke declared

"All in a day's work." answered Matt

Yo, yo, yo. I don't think we've been formally introduced." Alpha said as he walked over to the Motorvators "I'm Alpha 6 and the lady over there," He motioned towards Dimitria's Plasma Tube. "Is Dimitria."

"Good to meet you both." Rev said "I'm Rev, and that's Nuke, Axle, and Snap." She indicated each Motorvator in turn.

"May I say that I am honored to meet you?" Dimitria responded "Could we now direct our attention to what is known about Vanpires?"

"Uh, sure." Axle hesitated as he realized that he and the others were in the presence of Earth's greatest heroes and their mentor. "I'm not sure where to start."

"Begin at the beginning, Ax." suggested Snap

"OK. As far as we can figure, Vanpires came into being when a glowing meteor crashed into Sunrise Salvage. The meteor's radiation brought several junked cars to life and gave us the ability to change into the Motorvators. Us and the fang-gang have the same strengths and weaknesses. We can both fly, we both need gas. They get it by sucking it from other cars' gas tanks, we just gas up in the usual way. And most importantly, rain and sunlight burn us, though water in a river or something like that won't even faze us. Prolonged exposure to rain can melt Vanpires and the same's probably true for sunlight.

"We can change back and forth using our carfins, the cars we jumped into for cover when the meteor hit. The only problem with it is that they're way too big to carry around with us or into action so we have to go to the Pitstop before we can Shapeshift."

"The Pitstop?" inquired Tommy

"It's like our version of the Batcave." Snap answered "Van lives there and it's got the garage for working on cars. We do a bit of auto work too. Helps Van make ends meet. Our carfins are kept in the basement."

"The cars we were working on two days ago!"

"Yup." confirmed Nuke "If we take damage in Motorvator form, when we change back in our carfins, the damage shows on them."

"I was just wondering," interjected Adam "Just how did you escape from us 2 nights ago?"

"Well," Rev began "You guys were looking for the Motorvators, not four teenagers, so we Shapeshifted to human form and got back to the Pitstop the old-fashioned way."

"But you just said that you need your carfins to change." observed Justin "If they're too big to carry around, how did you change to get away from us?"

"Well, when we're in Motorvator form, we CAN change to our human forms and from there Shapeshift back into Motorvators but, when we do that, we're still vulnerable to sunlight and rain so we still need to get back to our carfins before sunrise."

"OK, now that we know a bit more about Vanpires, we can better understand what happened this morning." Tommy said

"The Destructor 3000 started to burn as soon as the sun hit it and was recalled immediately afterwards." Kat commented

"But Mondo won't make the same mistake twice." Tanya spoke with the voice of experience

"Neither will Tracula." agreed Axle.

Just then the console beeped. Justin checked the display.

"The computer's finished with that analysis on the scans of The Destructor 3000. We've got a structure model of it." he said

"Alpha, will you please display the model on the holo-projector so that all may see it?" asked Dimitria

"No problem Dimitria." answered Alpha as he touched the appropriate control. A holographic image of The Destructor 3000 appeared in midair .

"Boy, that thing is UGLY!" Snap declared

"But deadly." said Adam "It gave us a trashing and then it trashed the Zords."

"Let's have a look at what makes this thing tick." remarked Alpha as he touched another control. The outer skin disappeared to reveal the interior of the Vanpire.

"Hmmm," Wendy scrutinized the hologram. "Its frame is like a skeleton, but the only internal organ I can see looks like it might be a stomach."

"Probably for the gas it guzzles." commented Justin "But where are its other organs?"

"Doesn't look like it has any others, unless you count its weapons systems." observed Tommy

"There's no onboard computer either." said Matt "Nothing to control its actions except for the mass of solid metal that's where a human would have their brain."

"Hey, what's this thing?" asked Nuke "The red thing right next to the fuel tank."

"Hmmm. Looks to me like Mondo's insurance policy." declared Kat

"Insurance policy?" questioned Snap

"She's right." Tanya said "Mondo would never create a powerful weapon without making sure it couldn't be used against him."

"And this looks about right to be a powerful incendiary device just where it would do the most good." Wendy declared.

"No." Axle began "Not good. I think this is the 'teeny bit of evil' Gypsy was talking about."

"What do you mean?" asked Tommy

"Gypsy's prediction: 'An enemy, that will require all good to join as one to defeat it, a new weapon... And a teeny bit of evil too.' This has got to be it. If we can make this thing go off, we can blow The Destructor 3000 into teeny Vanpire bits!"

"What do you think Alpha?" Justin asked "Will we be able to duplicate the activation signal?

"I dunno." Alpha replied "However, Machine Empire encryption keys can be as long as 200 characters. That's a whole lot of number crunching to do and we won't even be able to start working on it until the thing shows up again."

"Who needs to crack a code?" questioned Nuke "We just drop a flare down its throat, blow the gas tank, and the fang-face is history!"

"Nuke, we've tried that before." Rev pointed out "Remember that humvee last month? You stuffed a lit flare down its throat and instead of exploding, it breathed fire at us!"

"Man, we had a HOT time that night!" Snap joked, eliciting a laugh from all.

"OK, we'll put the idea of triggering the self-destruct on the back-burner for now." Tommy decided "Alpha, when The Destructor 3000 shows up, you'll start trying to crack the codes on the destruct unit but we won't depend on you finding it in time."

"So how do we get through its armor?" Adam wondered "Our best shots just bounced off it."

"How can one clad in armor move if the armor is one solid piece?" Dimitria asked

Most of the Rangers and Motorvators were confused but Matt understood what Dimitria meant.

"They can't." he declared "Unless you want to be a statue, armor has to have gaps in it to allow movement. That has to be the answer! We target the chinks in its armor at the joints!"

"We've got a plan." Tommy smiled "Now we need to get to work on the Zords. All three Megazords were badly damaged in the battle this morning and we're going to need them at full strength tonight. We can best make use of the time we have by splitting up and working on all three Megazords at once. Tanya, Justin and I will work on the Turbo Megazord. Kat and Matt will work on the Shogun Megazord. And Wendy and Adam will work on the Ninja Megazord."

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Axle asked

"You could help Alpha run the systems tests from here." Justin suggested "With three Megazords worth of system checks to run, it'll go faster with more people working the consoles."

"Uh, I'm not sure if Nuke'll be much help with the computers." Rev teased

"Hey!" Nuke was indignant "I know I'm not a genius but I'm not dumb either!"

"Yo yo yo! Don't worry about it." Alpha said "It'll be pretty simple. You just bring up the command for the test, pick the Zord to do it on, then check the results."

Wendy pulled a disk out of her pocket and handed it to Alpha.

"Alpha," she began "This has the scans of Tommy's racecar pre, during, and post transformation. It's also got some possible approaches I cooked up for changing it back to normal. Between tests, could you run some simulations on these for me?"

"Sure." the robot answered "With four assistants helping me run the tests, there should be enough time to run those simulations."

Wendy smiled at Alpha as the Rangers teleported to their respective assignments to start repairs on the Zords. Alpha then showed the Motorvators how to operate the consoles to run the tests on the Zords.

"OK, you'll start with an overall check of each Megazord and then run systems scans on each individual Zord." Alpha instructed "Then you'll tell the Rangers which systems are worst off, and how badly. Then..."

As Alpha instructed the Motorvators in the finer points of Zord diagnostics and repair, Klank and Orbus were explaining to Tracula and his Vanpires the finer points of world conquest.

The Machine Skybase

"I still don't understand why, with all the firepower you have available, the Machine Empire has not simply staged a full scale invasion of Earth." Cardaver stated

"You must remember that King Mondo is not the only evil monarch and conqueror in the universe." Klank answered "With the firepower available, it would be easy for the Machine Empire to conquer this planet."

"Then why...?" asked Ambula

"Because Earth has protectors," answered Orbus "In the form of the Power Rangers."

"It is a matter of prestige, actually." clarified Klank "World conquest is considered simple compared to defeating a planet's protectors. Defeating them with one or two monsters plus some foot soldiers carries much more prestige than wiping them out with a weapon of mass destruction. In fact, the latter course of action can result in negative prestige."

"Sounds like a big waste of time when you could just conquer the planet, stat." said Ambula

"Maybe they should put me in charge of conquering Earth," joked Automaniac "I'm great at wasting time!" This earned Automaniac another in a long line of bonks on the head from Tracula

"I'm not sure," Tracula began "This prestige idea has some merit. It seems to be a good way to see what monarch is the best at conquering worlds as well as having the best shock troops to deal with forces such as these Power Rangers."

"Aye," Klank responded "That is one use for it."

"Just one thing." Cardaver said "According to the information I saw, you tried for a whole year to defeat the Power Rangers."

"Aye, and Zedd and Rita tried for much longer."

"Is that typical of these operations? Invasions held up for years before the planet's protectors are dealt with?"

"Not typically. Not all planets have Rangers and their like. Also, when they do, it typically only takes a month or two before they are driven into the ground and defeated. For some reason it's different here. Humans seem to be a more resilient lot than most species."

"Yes,I have noticed that myself in battling with the Motorvators but I'd always assumed it was from their car halves." Tracula commented

Orbus' eyes glowed briefly as he began to speak.

"Tracula," he began "You and your retainers are being summoned to the throne room. Planetary sunset over Angel Grove will occur 20 minutes from mark. Mark."

"Who's Mark?" asked Automaniac who earned another bonk on the head

"Och." Klank muttered "First Elgar and Rito, now him. I really need to put in for an overhaul."

Shortly thereafter, Zedd, Rita, Divatox, Mondo, and Tracula were assembled in Mondo's vast throne room, along with their various entourages. The Destructor 3000 stood off to one side.

"In only a few minutes, the sun will set over Angel Grove, opening way for The Destructor 3000 to destroy the Power Rangers!" Mondo announced

"And to insure the victory, I and my loyal cadre will accompany it down." Tracula said "Including the newest addition to my Vanpire army: Racer!"

A racecar Vanpire entered the room. Divatox immediately recognized it as having once been Tommy's racecar.

"Are you sure we can trust it?" questioned Divatox "It did used to be Tommy's racecar."

"I'm tired of that human driving me around!" declared Racer "Now I'm in the driver's seat! No, I AM the Driver's seat!" the Vanpire laughed at the pun.

"Take some RoboTengas with you." ordered Mondo "Since it appears that the Rangers and Motorvators have joined forces, you may need the backup."

"Angel Grove now within full planetary night." reported Orbus "Operations may commence at your order, your highness."

"Then the order is given! Go and destroy the Power Rangers and their newfound allies! For the glory of the Machine Empire and all that is evil!"

A gear shaped portal appeared and the Vanpires and RoboTengas piled through to arrive on Earth in downtown Angel Grove.

The Power Chamber

"Turbo Megazord overall check in the green!" Snap announced

"That's the last of them." declared Alpha "And with minutes to spare before sunset, too."

Seven sets of different colored sparkles appeared and coalesced into the seven Power Rangers who approached the consoles.

"Three badly damaged Megazords fully repaired in less than seven hours." Kat announced "I didn't think we could do it but we did."

"Just goes to show what teamwork can do." responded Axle

"Alpha," Wendy began "Did any of the simulations pan out?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." the quirky robot responded "A specific frequency of energy harmonics should do the trick." Alpha handed a circuit board to Wendy "Just plug this circuit card into the Turbine Laser and the beam should change Tommy's racecar back to normal."

"Do you think it'll work on The Destructor 3000 too?" Adam asked

"No way to tell. Sorry."

"Well," Tommy began "Let's make sure everything is..."

Tommy was interrupted by the blaring of alarms. Alpha checked the scanner board.

"Yo, yo, yo!" he said "We've got five Vanpires plus The Destructor 3000 and a bunch of RoboTengas to boot! All in the same place in downtown Angel Grove!"

"Vanpires are what we slam best!" Nuke declared

"We gotta give you some backup." Axle said "Vanpires are our responsibility."

"We're going to have our hands full with just The Destructor 3000 and the RoboTengas. It'll be good to have some help." Tommy answered

"Here," Wendy said as she handed a small device to Rev. "Give this transceiver to Van. He can function as a relay between our comm system and yours."

"Thanks." Rev responded as she accepted the device.

"Alpha, teleport the Motorvators back to Sunrise Salvage so they can change."

"We can't wait for you, you know," Tommy began "Every minute we delay means another minute for those things to cause damage. SHIFT INTO TURBO!"

"MOUNTAIN BLASTER, TURBO POWER!" yelled Justin as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his blue Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete. Finally, his belt buckle lit up and he grew to adult size.

"DUNE STAR TURBO POWER!" yelled Tanya as energy crackled between her hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on her waist, then her clothes were replaced by her yellow Turbo Ranger uniform. Her helmet locked into place around her head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"WIND CHASER TURBO POWER!" yelled Kat as energy crackled between her hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on her waist, then her clothes were replaced by her pink Turbo Ranger uniform. Her helmet locked into place around her head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" yelled Adam as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his green Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"RED LIGHTNING TURBO POWER!" yelled Tommy as energy crackled between his hands. A Turbo Ranger gun belt appeared on his waist, then his clothes were replaced by his red Turbo Ranger uniform. His helmet locked into place around his head, the opaque visor closing once the helmet was complete.

"IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Matt shouted. Matt and Wendy joined hands above their heads and in a flash of light they were holding the Techno Morpher.

"TECHNO MORPHER ONLINE!" they shouted in unison

The Techno Morpher split down the middle and each took a half as the two halves reconfigured into two complete morphers and the two power coin halves in each came together to form a complete power coin in each. Matt and Wendy held their morphers out in front of them as the original Rangers had.


The morphers left their hands and attached to their belts which became Power Ranger gunbelts complete with bladeblasters. Next, their clothes became Ranger uniforms. Matt's was purple while Wendy's was grey but both were variants of the original Power Ranger uniforms. Finally, their helmets locked into place with the opaque visors closing once the helmets were complete. The design on Matt's helmet resembled the head of a stegosaurus while the one on Wendy's helmet resembled the head of a brachiosaurus.


In a flurry of colored sparkles, the Power Rangers immediately teleported to the battle site as the Motorvators were teleported to Sunrise Salvage.

Sunrise Salvage

The four Motorvators appeared in flashes of light, much to the astonishment of Van.

"Amazing entrance, amigos!" he said "How'd you manage it?"

"We'll explain once we're in the air." Axle responded on the run. "It's Shapeshiftin time!"

The four teens dashed downstairs. As she ran past him, Rev tossed Van the transceiver Wendy gave her. In moments, the teens were in the garage. Axle jumped into the hot rod, Rev into the fire-truck, Nuke into the tow-truck, and Snap into the van. The right index finger of each teen turned into a silvery key which they inserted into the ignition of their car.

"Mission: Ignition!" Axle shouted and light erupted from the car, enveloping both it and him. "MISSION: IGNITION!" the other three shouted and they too were enveloped in the light. When the light faded, the four teens had disappeared. Then, the hood of each car was pushed open from within and a strange melding of man and car emerged from each. They were out of the garage almost before the hidden door had finished opening.

"Axle, there's no way we can get there in time to help the Rangers!" Rev said

"Waitasec," Snap interrupted "Van's got the transceiver, he can ask Alpha to teleport us right to the battle site!"

"Snap, you're brilliant!" Nuke cheered

"Van, did you hear that?" Axle asked into his comlink

{Heard every word. Now how's this thing work? Ah! I just talk into it. Hello? This Alpha? Look, I need you to teleport the Motorvators to where the action is right now.}

Suddenly, the Motorvators were seized by a white light and disappeared.

Downtown Angel Grove

The seven Power Rangers materialized in front of a fearsome force indeed. Tracula, Cardaver, Automaniac, Ambula, Racer, and The Destructor 3000 were accompanied by a platoon of RoboTengas.

"I'm back, Rangers! And this time the sun won't save you!" taunted The Destructor 3000

"RoboTengas, attack!" Tracula ordered and the cyborg birds charged the Rangers. There seemed to be an argument among the other Vanpires as to who got which Ranger. The argument was suddenly cut short as the four Motorvators appeared in a flash of light. "What? How did you do that!?"

"Being friends with the Power Rangers has its perks, Trac." Axle answered "Now it's our turn to go on the attack."

Rev immediately hit the Vanpires with a high-pressure stream of water from her firehose, knocking them back as the Motorvators charged. Rev tackled Ambula, Nuke chased a fleeing Automaniac, Snap threw a hubcap at Cardaver, and Axle grappled with Tracula. This left Racer, The Destructor 3000, and the RoboTengas for the Rangers.

"Wendy and I will take the racecar." Matt anounced

"The rest of us will take The Destructor 3000." Tommy confirmed

The Rangers flipped through the air to land in front of their selected opponents. The Turbo Rangers drew their Turbo Blades and advanced on The Destructor 3000 as the Techno Rangers performed simultaneous jump kicks on Racer, knocking it back. The Turbo Rangers slashed at The Destructor 3000's joints, eliciting a few sparks here and there but the monstrous Vanpire barely noticed.

"That tickles!" it laughed

Matt and Wendy got in a few more hits on Racer before the it let off a blast of flame, knocking Matt and Wendy back while The Destructor 3000 fired a machine gun at the Turbo Rangers, causing sparks to fly as the blasts knocked them down momentarily. Then the Rangers were swarmed by RoboTengas and the Rangers were in a fight to survive as the cyborg birds and Vanpires attacked from all sides. The Rangers fought valiantly but were losing when suddenly, the Blue Senturion rode in on his motorcycle, knocking down a whole row of RoboTengas. He brought his motorcycle to a halt and dismounted.

"Rangers, it would appear you require assistance." he stated

"Looks that way to me too!" came Ninjor's voice as the blue-armored Ninja Master somersaulted into view. Ninjor cleared out some of the RoboTengas around the Techno Rangers but there were still a great many of them. It seemed that for every one knocked out of the fight, two more appeared and Racer and The Destructor 3000 weren't making it any easier, spraying fire and energy blasts all over.

"It's time for a Gold Rush!" came a shout as golden globes of energy came out of nowhere and slammed into a number of RobotTengas, followed by a black and gold blur that attacked most of the remaining cyborg birds. The blur came to a halt as it spin kicked another RoboTenga and came to a halt to reveal that it was the Gold Ranger, the Golden Power Staff in his hand.

"We'll keep these birdbrains off your back while you trash the monsters!" Ninjor announced

Matt and Wendy charged Racer, kicking and punching. The Vanpire knocked them away, sparks flying from their bodies.

"TECHNO RANGER TWO POWER WHIP!" Wendy yelled as she brought out her whip. She snapped it out and it wrapped around Racer's body. "Care to go for a spin?" Wendy punned as she gave her whip a good heave, causing Racer to spin as the whip unwound. It continued to spin uncontrollably thanks to the fact that its "feet" were wheels.

"Time to finish this." Matt decided "TURBINE LASER NOW!"

The glossy black shape of the Turbine Laser soared into view over the Techno Rangers. The wings folded down to form a stand and the barrel extended slightly. It dropped down between the two Techno Rangers as they stood side by side. Wendy opened a panel on the side and reached behind her to pull out the circuit card Alpha had given her. She plugged it into a slot inside and closed the panel.

"Circuit card in position!" she announced

The Turbine Laser's twin Turbines started spinning, building up energy until it reached the critical level.

"FIRE!" Matt and Wendy shouted in unison and a bolt of energy erupted from the Turbine Laser's barrel, striking Racer as he finally stopped spinning. Instead of exploding as was usual, blue energy rippled along Racer's body. It screamed as its arms folded back into its body and it went back down on four wheels. When the energy dissipated, the Vanpire was gone, reverted back to the form of an ordinary racecar.

While the Techno Rangers battled Racer, the Turbo Rangers battled The Destructor 3000.

"This isn't working!" Adam observed as he and the other Turbo Rangers battled The Destructor 3000 with their Turbo Blades. "He's barely feeling our hits!"

"Try the Autoblasters," Tommy ordered "Maximum power!"

"AUTOBLASTERS! TURBO MODE!" shouted all 5 Turbo Rangers as they drew their sidearms and pulled back on the ends, revealing a turbine that started spinning.

They fired their weapons at the monster, each aiming for a different joint, but most of the blasts missed their target area striking armor plates instead of the gaps between same.

"You call THAT maximum power?" The Destructor 3000 laughed "Now try my brand!"

A pair of energy cannons popped up from the monster's shoulders and fired. The ground exploded around the Rangers as they were knocked to the ground.

"Let's try our Power Weapons." Kat said "Tubo RAM! Rev Up!"

Moments later, what looked like a kid's radio controlled car with multi-colored parts drove onto the battle site. Each Turbo Ranger grabbed a different part and it came away at their pull.

"TURBO THUNDER CANNON!" said Adam as he held his weapon
"TURBO HAND BLASTERS!" said Justin as he held his twin blasters
"TURBO WINDFIRE!" said Kat as she held her bow-like weapon
"TURBO STAR CHARGERS!" said Tanya as she held her pair of weapons
"TURBO LIGHTNING SWORD!" said Tommy as he held his sword "Go!"

On Tommy's order, Kat, Adam, and Justin fired a series of blasts at The Destructor 3000. Though the shots merely bounced off its armor, the barrage was a distraction. Tommy and Tanya somersaulted through the air moments as soon as the shots ceased. They landed on either side of the monster and struck. Tommy slashed low at the knee joint while Tanya slammed one Star Charger into the armpit and the other into the hip where it met the leg. The Destructor 3000 threw both its arms back, striking both Rangers at once. Sparks flew from both their chests as they were knocked to the ground. Suddenly, Justin got an idea.

"A new weapon." he muttered, remembering Gypsy's prediction "Of course! Guys! Get out your Turbo Navigators!"

"What are you going to do?" asked The Destructor 3000 "Scan me to death?" it laughed

"Not exactly." Justin manipulated his Turbo Navigator until it looked like a gun with a screen. "Turbo Navigator, Defender Mode!" Justin aimed and fired. The beam literally curved in midair and struck the monster right in a joint and sparks flew.

"ARG!" The Destructor 3000 knew pain for the first time, but it was tolerable.

All five Turbo Rangers reconfigured their Turbo Navigators to Defender Mode, took aim, and began firing. Sparks flew from The Destructor 3000's joints as the beams struck at precisely the right place to do damage, but it was only minor damage so the Vanpire gritted its metal teeth and pulled out a weapon. It fired a flurry of energy blasts that struck the Turbo Rangers, eliciting sparks from their uniforms and knocking them to the ground. Just then, an inhuman scream was heard as the Techno Rangers blasted Racer with a modified Turbine Laser blast. Under his helmet, Tommy smiled as he saw the Vanpire reverting back into his racecar.

Matt and Wendy immediately turned the Turbine Laser around to face The Destructor 3000, which was momentarily bewildered at the sight of its comrade being changed back to normal. The Turbine Laser fired again and the bolt struck The Destructor 3000. Blue energy coruscated through the Vanpire's superstructure but soon faded.

"HA! That tingled!" The Destructor 3000 laughed and fired at the Techno Rangers, knocking them down. "Now to-"

The rest of the sentence was cut off as Automaniac crashed into The Destructor 3000, having been flung by Nuke. The Destructor 3000 threw the ice cream truck Vanpire off with a roar, but the distraction gave the Rangers just enough time to get back to their feet.

"We're not doing enough damage. We need to get more firepower on the weakspots!" declared an exasperated Tommy

"There's a third mode on the Turbo Navigators now." Matt said "Combine them with your Autoblasters and you might just get enough energy directed at the weak points to take it out."

"Of course!" Justin exclaimed, embarrassed over having forgotten about a modification he himself had helped make. He immediately linked his Turbo Navigator and Autoblaster. "AUTOBLAST DEFENDER, FIRE!"

A powerful beam of energy shot out and curved just enough to hit The Destructor 3000 in a vulnerable spot. Sparks flew and the monster roared in pain. The other four Turbo Rangers followed suit and started laying down a constant stream of fire. They were immediately joined by shots from the Techno Rangers' Bladeblasters.

"Synergizer: Blaster Mode!" The Blue Senturion commanded as he too opened fire.

"IT'S TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!" The Gold Ranger shouted and golden energy spheres flashed out to strike the monster as well.

Having dealt with the last of the RoboTengas, the Rangers' allies were free to join the fight on the main monster.The combined blasts caused explosions all along The Destructor 3000's armor. When the smoke cleared, it was barely still on its feet and its chest plate was cracked.

"You... Can't... Defeat... Me... I... Am... Unstoppable!" it grunted

"You don't look that way to me. Looks to me like you're finished." Tommy declared as the Turbo Rangers assembled the Turbo RAM into Cannon Mode for the coup the de gras.

"TURBO RAM CANNON MODE!" The Turbo Rangers shouted as soon as they took their positions. "FIRE!"

A bolt of pure destructive force poured forth from the barrel of the TURBO RAM and struck The Destructor 3000. With a rusty snarl, it fell to the ground.

The Machine Skybase

"I told you this would happen!" Goldar gloated "You have to wipe them out with the first strike or they figure out a way to win!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut up Goldar." Divatox grumbled

"Yes, your battle savvy is the reason I keep you around." Zedd said "But for now, we must act fast or we'll lose the monster. Maybe it can still beat the Zords." Rita and Zedd strode to the balcony and crossed their wands, energy crackling from them.

"MAKE THE MONSTER GROW!" they intoned and lightning flashed down to Earth, striking The Destructor 3000, revitalizing it and making it grow to mammoth proportions.

Angel Grove

The Vanpires had fled as soon as The Destructor 3000 fell and the Motorvators were standing with the Rangers as the monster grew.

"Whoa. I think we're outta our league guys." Rev remarked

"We'll take it from here." Wendy said "Alpha, teleport the Motorvators back to the Power Chamber." As the Motorvators were teleported out, the Rangers called for their Zords.

"WE NEED TURBO MEGAZORD POWER NOW!" the Turbo Rangers shouted

Deep beneath the ground, five sets of headlights lit up. Five giant cars all but flew from their slots one at a time. Red, blue, green, yellow, and pink, they blazed down the tunnel single- file. Above ground, a roadway opened up and the five Zords blazed into action. Wind Chaser split into two halves and each half linked to one side of Mountain Blaster. Desert Thunder and Dune Star linked together and then locked on the front of Mountain Blaster. Finally, Red Lightning flew off a rock ramp and landed on the back of Mountain Blaster. In moments, all five Rangers were in the Megazord command bridge.

"INITIATE TURBO MEGAZORD!" All five called out as they inserted their keys in the consoles before them.

"Turbo Up!" Tommy ordered as he turned his key

"TURBO UP!" called out the remaining Rangers as they too turned their keys.

At a silent signal all five simultaneously pressed their feet on the brake pedals. The wheels on the Zords locked and the assemblage tipped forward. Red Lightning split apart to reveal the Megazord's head. The Turbo Megazord now stood on its feet, ready for battle.

Matt held out his hand in front of him, his fingers spread out. "I call on the power of all those combined!" As he called out the colors, his fingers began to glow those very colors. "WHITE! BLUE! BLACK! YELLOW! RED! SHOGUN MEGAZORD POWER NOW!"


The five main Ninjazords and the five Shogunzords appeared and began to combine. The Crane folded into the Ninja Megazord's head while the Frog slowly changed into the waist and legs. The Bear folded in on itself as well, forming the chest. Wolf and Ape flew up with Crane and Bear, and changed into arms before combining with the two other Ninjazords. Metallic gloves covered their heads, and then the four combined zords flew down and attached to the Frog, completing the transformation into the Ninja Megazord.

At the same time, the five Shogunzords blazed forward, changing into light for a second before joining together, instantly changing into the Shogun Megazord. Wendy took her place in the Ninja Megazord and Matt took his place in the Shogun Megazord.

"I CALL UPON THE POWER OF PYRAMIDAS!" Gold Ranger called as he held his Golden Power Staff aloft. A beam of energy struck a lone pyramid, energy washing down, removing the grey of stone and replacing it with golden metal. In moments, Gold Ranger was within the cockpit and, under his control, it surged forward.

"Robo Racer: Online!" The Blue Senturion was soon in his giant police car. "Robo Racer: Battle Mode!" he commanded and the mammoth assault vehicle transformed into its humanoid form.

Ninjor, lacking a giant vehicle, merely grew to giant size, ready for battle.

"I trashed you once," The Destructor 3000 taunted "I'll do it again!" So saying, it unleashed a flurry of missiles at the heroes.

"STEGOSAURUS DINOZORD POWER!" Matt called and the Stegosaurus Dinozord appeared in shield mode, grasped in the Shogun Megazord's hand.

Robo Racer pulled out its riot shield as the Turbo Megazord brought its own tire-shaped shield into place. The Ninja Megazord stood behind the Shogun Megazord as Ninjor got behind the Turbo Megazord. The missiles exploded against the shields and against Pyramidas' armor, they were ineffective against both.

"Synergizer: Blaster mode!" the Blue Senturion ordered

"Artillery Fire!" Tommy commanded

"Pyramidas: Fire!" came the voice of the Gold Ranger

Three sets of energy blasts streaked towards The Destructor 3000. One from Robo Racer's gun, one from the center chest light on the Turbo Megazord's chest, and one from the top of Pyramidas. Sparks flew around the monster but it merely lost a little ground. Next, the Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and Ninjor charged, swords raised. They slashed at The Destructor 3000, but their swords failed to penetrate its armor. The Destructor 3000 slammed each in turn with its fists, sending sparks from their armor as the Zords and Ninja Master were knocked to the ground.

You've got to do better than that!" it taunted

"Ask and you shall receive." quipped Wendy "TITANUS DINOZORD POWER!"

The carrier Zord rumbled into view, firing energy blasts as it came, each was merely laughed off by The Destructor 3000. As Titanus fired, Ninjor got to his feet, flames filling his visor.

"Now I'm angry!" he declared "NINJOR BATTLE MODE!"

The blue armor on Ninjor's arms and legs shifted, the arm armor forming epaulets and the leg armor moving down. His head flipped backwards as it was replaced by a samurai head. He threw an energy blast at The Destructor 3000 but it did no damage.

The Power Chamber

Within the Power Chamber, The Motorvators watched the battle through the Viewing Globe.

"Why aren't their zaps doing anything!?" Nuke demanded

"Yo, yo, yo! The enlargement regenerated its armor." Alpha answered "And there's no way to target the Zords' weapons accurately enough to hit the weakspots."

"There's gotta be something we can do!" Snap said

Axle's attention was drawn to the holographic model of The Destructor 3000, she noticed the red shape next to the fuel tank.

"Maybe there is. The Self-Destruct Gizmo!" he said

"Forget it, the chances of the computer hitting the right activation code in time are too small to compute."

"That's not what I was thinking of. Alpha, how wide is that thing's throat? Is it say, wide enough for one of us to fly through into the fuel tank?"

"Maybe, though it might be kinda tight..." Suddenly, Alpha realized what Axle was saying "Yo, yo, yo! Are you nuts!? What could you do in the fuel tank?"

"I could punch a hole in the side and trigger that thing from the inside. It is supposed to be a Self-Destruct gizmo, right?"

{Axle, that is a crazy plan!} came Van's voice over the commlink {If you blow that thing up from the inside, you'll get blown up too, man!}

"No choice. The Rangers Zords aren't doing zilch against that thing and there's a chance I could get out ahead of the explosion."

"Hmmm, that could be the answer." Alpha admitted "If the destruct goes at the same time that the Ninja and Golden Shogun Ultrazords blast it, the internal and external pressures will crack its armor like an egg!"

Alpha transmitted the plan to the Rangers as the Motorvators began to argue over who would make the suicide run.

"I'll do it." declared Rev

"No way! I'm the one who's going to trash that Vanpire from the inside!" countered Nuke

"Uh, uh. Have any of you guys ever been inside a Vanpire's stomach?" questioned Snap "I'M going in."

"You've never been inside one either." Axle warned "I'm the leader, I'm the most maneuverable, I'm going in."

Meanwhile, the Rangers too questioned the sanity of the plan.

"That's insane! It's a suicide mission!" Wendy exclaimed "There's got to be another way!"

"It doesn't look like there is any other way Wendy." countered Tommy "Alpha, whoever's going on the run, get them on their way while Matt, Wendy, Trey and Ninjor get set up for the double Ultrizord shot. The rest of us will cover them."

The scene of the battle

The plan began as Axle materialized in mid-air and activated his flight gear. He flew towards the giant monster as it unleashed a flurry of laser blasts at the Rangers' Zords, Ninjor, and Robo Racer. As the monster opened its mouth to cackle, Axle flew down its throat.

"NINJA MEGA FALCONZORD!" Wendy ordered and the Ninja Megazord leaped into the air and the Falconzord latched onto its back. "NINJA ULTRAZORD!" Titanus' back opened up as a cannon deployed on either side. The Ninja Mega Falconzord dropped down to land in the opened bay, the feet locking in position.

As the Ninja Ultrazord formed, Axle maneuvered down the narrow channel and emerged into the stomach of The Destructor 3000.

"OK Van," he said into his commlink "Tell Alpha I'm in the stomach, but I'm not sure which wall has the Destruct gizmo."

"OK, Alpha says the wall on your right. You should be able to punch through both the stomach and the casing of the gizmo and find some wires and such."

Outside, Pyramidas converted to carrier mode with five distinct platforms on it. The Shogun Megazord separates and each Shogunzord takes a platform. White and Blue in front. Black and Yellow behind them, Red behind them all. Ninjor, still in samurai mode, stood where the Red Battlezord would stand. The Stegosaurus Dinozord lowers into his hands. Now both the Ninja Ultrazord and the Golden Shogun Ultrazord were ready, all that remained was for Axle to trigger the monster's destruct device.

Within the body of The Destructor 3000, Axle had ripped open part of the wall and was fiddling with some wires under relayed instructions.

{OK amigo, Alpha says touch the wires ya got now to the central contact and then get the heck outta there. You'll only have a second or 2 before it blows.}

"OK Van," Axle answered "Tell Alpha to tell the Rangers to get ready to fire."

{They're all set. Go for it amigo!}

Sparks flew as Axle touched the wires to the contact. He immediately let go of the wires and flew as fast as he could back up the way he came. Moments later, the bomb detonated and a wave of flame came up the passage behind Axle. It was a race between Axle and the flame, and the flame was gaining fast.

Outside, The Destructor 3000 screamed as its insides caught fire. A stream of flame came out of its mouth. Axle soared out of the flames, his body somewhat blackened, but still under power.

"FIRE!" came the simultaneous commands from Wendy and Matt as both the Ninja Ultrazord and the Golden Shogun Ultrazord released powerful blasts of energy. Sparks exploded from its chest as the armor ruptured. After the smoke cleared, amazingly enough, The Destructor 3000 still stood, though there was a large hole in its chest.

"I'm... Not... Finished... Yet." came its gravelly voice

"I think you are." Tommy answered.

In the hand of the Turbo Megazord was the hilt of a sword, a column of steam came out and when it cleared, the sword now had a blade. The hilt lit up and the Turbo Megazord's thrusters kicked in, catapulting it forward. It flew towards the monster at high speed.

"Turbo Megazord Spinout!" Tommy commanded and the Turbo Megazord started spinning like a whirling dervish. The sword slashed across The Destructor 3000's already damaged chest leaving a trail of energy. The Turbo Megazord came to a rest on one knee while The Destructor 3000 fell to the ground and exploded.

End of Act 3