One Long Day
by Kim Hamilton
Based on an idea by April Richards

Rocky laid his head back, staring at the back of the classroom. If Appleby would just assign the homework, and get it over with, he wouldn't be so bored. Thanks to Billy, who had decided one day, to teach him everything in his book, until he knew it by heart, he wouldn't be so bored.

'No more Jolt for him ever again, or the next time I'll end up knowing the entire periodic table,'Rocky tried balancing his pencil on his nose. The last time he tired it, he'd ended up being poked in the eye by the point, but he'd managed a sympathy date with Kathy 'Kittie' Leant.

Steadying himself, he laid the pencil across the bridge of his nose, when a noise caught his attention. It was a soft wheeze that was steadily getting loudly by degree's. A smirk creasing Rocky's full mouth, he sat back up, spying out the classroom.

'Somebodies sleeping,'he started at the back. With him were Brian and Fritz, new transfers from the Edgar Allen Poe high school. Weird guys, and Brian took strange to new heights, but for freshman they were pretty cool. They were both passing notes, Brian blushing red as he tossed Fitz his reply.

'Girls again,'Rocky shook his head. It had been years since he'd been such a geek when it came to women. Ignoring the endless possibilities of harassing Brian about girls, Rocky resumed his hunt for the sleeping student. It wasn't Tommy or Jason, who were talking about the tournament coming up, pretending to be working on their class project. Not unless they were planning to do a study on the social ramifications on a side sweep and a round house kick. And it wasn't Suzie Sherrent. Rocky smiled to himself, watching the brunette slid down into her seat to read her new book. Her skirt didn't follow with her, and he was treated to a show of firm thigh until she shifted, tugging her skirt down.

'Who else?'Rocky frowned. No one else in the class were serious slackers. Oh there were the wannbe's, but they were taking the class for extra credit's, not really screwing around. Everyone else was paying attention to Bee. With sigh, Rocky slid down in his seat, when he noticed a flash of green that was laying across his desk. The blonde head was tucked behind a wall of books and folders, pencil slack in his hand. Eyes closed in sleep, his mouth parted slightly, Billy's head was propped against the softness of his arms.

Clapping a hand over his mouth to hold down his laughter and surprise, Rocky watched Billy sleep. his blonde hair was every where, sticking to his book and folder, crumpled papers framing his head like a wadded crown.

'Boy, he looks like he hasn't slept in a while.'Rocky frowned, keeping one eye on their rotound teacher. Even if Billy was a favorite, he wouldn't escape the wraith and punishment of being caught sleeping in class.

The class was winding down, and bee was going to start making her rounds down the isles to make sure that every was was getting the help they needed. Sometimes people where embarrassed to ask for help, and this way they got it without drawing attention to themselves. Only Billy was going to get caught. His snoring was starting to get louder, and the Bee's eyes had narrowed. She was getting very suspicious. Any second and Billy would be busted.

Bitting his lower lip, Rocky took in a deep breath and bit the bullet. one hand shot in the air, and he stood up.

"Yes, Rocky?"Bee questioned, noting his usual mischievous glint. It was Friday after all, the in about ten minutes the bell would ring and the weekend would start.

"I was going to ask if Suzie was interested in going to the dance at the youth center with me tonight,"He blurted as the entire class froze. Eyes almost popping out of his head, Tommy was shaking his head at him, as Rocky pointed to the sleeping Billy with his pinky. Jason and Tommy both noticed Billy at the same time, sliding their desks closer. Poking him in the back with their pencil and pen, Billy sat up with a muffled snort, lost in the laughter of Rocky proving once again he was a clown. Suzie sank in her chair, as her friends hooted and laughing at the blush climbing her face.

"This couldn't wait until after Class?!?"Bee knew she should be angry, but it was too bold and too funny.

"No, cause then someone else might ask her, and i couldn't wait,"Rocky took a deep breath digging himself in deeper."and it's not allowed to pass notes in class."

"That's true, now sit down,"Bee could barely hold in her laughter."you can wait for your answer after class."

"Okay,"Rocky put on a sad face, as Suzie watched him out of the corner of her eye. The entire class was caught up in talk, whispering and laughing, as Rocky retook his seat. Looking over at Brian and Fritz, he winked.

"That's how you ask out a girl when you want her attention."Rocky folded his arms over his chest, cocking back in his chair, the epiphany of confidence. Tommy and Jason shook their heads, Jason laughing into his cupped hand.


At the dance, Billy took Rocky aside, waiting until his last dance with Suzie was finished. Rocky watched her head for the punch bowl, tearing his attention back to Billy.

"What's up?"He asked, rocking back and forth o the balls of his feet.

"Thanks for the save. I don't care for having to sing the alphabet until the bell rings if I'd been caught."Billy smiled, embarrassed at the trouble his friend had put himself through to save him.

"What save?"Rocky grinned, allowing Billy the chance to save face, and to hide the fact that he really did care about his friends. That there was more to him than a quick laugh."I just wanted to ask Suzie out before Craig Metks did."

"oh."Billy nodded, his face lighting up."have fun with Suzie."

"I will,"Rocky winked, then laughed."Hey, want to go see that new movie tomorrow morning?"

"Volcano?"Billy asked.

"Yeah, You can tell me how stupid and unrealistic it is, and where they made all the goofs."Rocky nodded, reaching a hand out to the approaching Suzie.

"I'd love to, see you in the morning."Billy waved as the two walk back to the dance floor. Watching them for a moment, Billy smiled to himself.

"A penny for your thoughts,"Kat whispered behind him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Just how lucky I am to have friends like him."Billy grinned, taking her hand, as they headed for the dance floor together.

The End