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Author's Note: This is the first fan-fic I've posted up here, so don't kill me okay? I'm a big fan of Billy and Trini getting together, and I have read a lot of fics about them getting together. But many of them have been about Billy coming back from Aquitar. Not that I don't think that's a good idea, but I wondered what would happen if Trini went to Aquitar? After all, a girl has to have initiative right? Send flames, comments, whatever, to private_eyes_007@hotmail.com. Oh yeah, if anyone has better idea for the title (I don't like this one) e-mail me please!

Come To You
by Catherine Lee

"What?!?" cried Trini Kwan into the telephone. On the other end, her friend, Jason Scott winced at the tone of her voice.

"What do you mean that he's not on Earth anymore? What happened?" Trini asked again.

"Billy went to Aquitar Trini," replied Jason carefully, "He said that he had fallen in love with someone there. He wanted to be with her."

"No," she whispered, tears falling down her face, "It can't be true."

"I'm sorry Trini, but he is gone." said Jason sadly. Even after only two weeks, he missed his friend, Billy Cranston terribly. He regretted that he had not been a better friend to him when Billy couldn't take on the Gold Powers. He realized now how much he had taken Billy for granted.

"I'm coming to Angel Grove," Trini said suddenly, interrupting Jason's thoughts.

"What?" he asked surprised. He hadn't thought that she would go to such extremes.

"I'm coming home," she repeated, and before Jason could say anything else, she hung up.


While she was packing, Trini thought about what she was planning to do. But mostly her thoughts were on Billy. He's gone, not even on this planet anymore, she thought, I should have gone to him earlier, he needed his friends. I should have been there for him. Billy had sent letters to her all about the Zeo quest, and how he had given up his powers to Tanya. Trini would have left Switzerland right then, except that they had been especially busy at the Teen Summit. She had been continuously bogged down with meetings and seminars. Then, when Jason had left, more work had got thrown upon her and Zack. There had been no time for her to leave. She had tried to get Billy to come to Geneva, but he had always declined. 'Obligations to the team' he had told her. So they never got to see each other And now he's gone off to another planet. I never got the chance to tell him how I feel. That stupid misunderstanding with Richie. How could I not tell him? Trini suddenly knew what she had to do. I've got to go to Aquitar.


As soon as she arrived in Angel Grove, Trini rented a car and headed over to Jason's house. She soon convinced him to come with her for a ride to the park. Using, Trini's rental car, they drove away from his house. After a few minutes, Jason realized that Trini was driving nowhere near the park. In fact, they were headed on the road towards the Power Chamber. He said nothing. Jason had suspected for a long time how Trini felt about Billy ; however, he had never been completely sure of Billy's feelings towards Trini. Now, at least she would have a chance to find out.

"I need to get into the Power Chamber Jason," said Trini after they stopped a few miles out of town.

"Why?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"You know why," she replied looking at him straight in the eye, "I need to see Billy. The Power Chamber is the only place that has the equipment to get me to Aquitar. And you're the only person who can get me inside. Please, Jason, I need to know if he is truly happy there."

"And if he is Trini?" asked Jason, "What will you do then?"

"If," Trini drew in a breath, " If he is truly, truly happy on Aquitar, with her, I'll leave. I won't tell him. I will not do anything to try and break them apart. You know me better than that. I'll pretend that this is just a really long distance visit. I'll be a friend, nothing more. I want him to be happy Jason, with or without me. But I need to see for myself, otherwise, I'll always wonder. Will you help me Jason?"

"Alright Trini," agreed Jason, taking hold of her hand, "Let's go to the Power Chamber." With that, they both vanished in a stream of light.


On Aquitar, Billy Cranston, was lying on his bed thinking. Why had he said that he would be staying on Aquitar? Billy easily answered himself. Simply because there was nothing left for him on Earth. He had already graduated high school, so that wasn't anything to tie him down. He had lost his powers, so he wasn't needed as a Ranger. And he had spent practically the rest of his time in the Power Chamber. He had had pretty much no life outside of there. Hell, he had become a full fledged mechanic to the Power Rangers. He hadn't really been part of the team anymore. With his Powers stripped away, he had become an outsider. Even when Jason had come back, it hadn't helped. He had felt more excluded then ever. He had just become another Alpha really. He wished he had been telling them the truth when he said that he had fallen in love on Aquitar. But he hadn't. There had only been one woman for him, ever. Unfortunately, that woman was in love with someone else on Earth. No, there was nothing left for him on Earth. It was best to just try and make some sort of life here on Aquitar. And that's exactly what he would do.

Billy's communication monitor suddenly beeped. He turned on the monitor to reveal the face of Cestro, the Aquitarian Blue Ranger.

"Yes Cestro?" asked Billy, sitting up on his bed.

"Billy, there's someone here to see you." the Aquitarian replied.

"Why didn't you just send them to my room?" asked Billy, confused. That had always been the procedure before. If someone had wanted to see him, and he was in his room, that's where they would find him. Cestro shook his head, indicating that Billy had misunderstood.

"This person is a visitor from Earth," said Cestro. Billy's looked at him in surprise.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"She says that she knows you from a while ago," answered Cestro, "Her name is Trini Kwan."

"Trini's here?" Billy jumped to his feet, "Where?'

"She is right now in the Main Hall of the Opal Dome." replied Cestro with a smile. He saw Billy run out the door. As Billy raced down the tubes of the Aquitarian city, he had only one thought on his mind, Trini is here.


Trini had never been more nervous in her life. She couldn't believe that she was finally here, on Aquitar. But here she was, about to face Billy, the only man she had ever loved.

Once she and Jason had arrived in the Power Chamber, it had taken some doing to convince Dimitria to let Trini use a deep space shuttlecraft. She had had to thoroughly explain her purpose and reasons. After listening to Trini's heartfelt explanation, Dimitria had agreed to let Trini use the spacecraft. She had packed up many things for the trip, while Alpha 6 had converted the controls for her. The robot had explained that the controls were now similar to the ones she had used in the Saber-tooth Tiger Zord of her Ranger days. Her trip through space to Aquitar had actually gone without incident.

However, after arriving at Aquitar, it hadn't been smooth sailing. She had had to repeat over and over again who she was and where she was from. Then references had been checked. Then came a long interrogation. All part of their security she had been told. When she had finally landed, she had been taken to a Aquitarian official. This Aquitarian had dark skin and wore blue clothing. He had reminded her a lot of Billy. The Aquitarian had said his name was Cestro. Trini then had to hell her story to Cestro. After listening, he took her to this lounge area.

So now here she was waiting. She began to pace around the room, anxiously awaiting Billy's arrival. "Hello Trini," came a soft voice from the door. She turned around.

"Billy," she whispered.


She looked as beautiful as ever to him. Her hairstyle and style of clothing had changed since he had last seen her. Her hair was now cut into a sophisticated bob ; her clothes were no longer always yellow. Right now she was wearing an oversized lavender sweater and blue jeans. On her feet she wore black hiking boots. Yes, she was still the woman he loved.

With the whisper of his name she threw herself into his awaiting arms. They hugged each other for what seemed like forever before they broke apart.

"I've missed you so much," she said, looking at him. He ran a hand down her cheek.

"I've missed you too," he replied, his expression then turned curious, "But what are you doing here Trini? I thought you were still at that Teen Summit." She turned away. He has to know the truth.

"Well," she started hesitatingly, "We weren't doing any good there anymore. All we ever did was talk and talk. Nothing ever really got done. Zack and I, we both missed Angel Grove. Especially being with our friends."

"You haven't answered my question though," Billy said, "Why are you here?"

"I wanted to know if you were happy here," she answered, her voice shaking, "Are you?"

Billy couldn't believe what she was asking. He realized that there was a deeper meaning to the question. But was the meaning what he thought it was, or was he guessing all wrong? Did he dare to hope? He took the plunge.

"Not without you. How could I be truly happy without you?" he said, his voice shaking. Trini whirled around, and looked into his eyes.

"You mean that, don't you?" she asked. Billy nodded. Without another word, Trini walked into his arms and placed her lips upon his. Billy was surprised at first, but soon gave himself to the kiss.

When they finally broke apart, they both looked into each other's eyes and said simply,

"I love you."