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Author's Notes: This fic sprouted from wondering just how did the Galaxy Rangers know how to use the Transdaggers so quickly? Everything seemed just a little too convenient for me. This was also inspired by Lady's fanfic SoulMates. Thanks go to my best friend for reading this even though she doesn't know a thing about Power Rangers. And thanks to Cynthia, WhiteZeo and Ken for beta-reading as well. And Michelle for checking my htmling. Comments, as usual are appreciated. Dream sequences and thoughts are in italics, but the thoughts are marked between the asterisks.

Timeline: This is set in PRLG, after the Rangers find out about the Lights of Orion, but before the Lights are actually found.

From the Past
by: Catherine Lee

She was backed up against a tree. Looking around, she knew that there was no way out. A sudden realization came upon her; she was going to die. All around her, the sounds of battling could be heard. She saw her attacker towering over her. His sword was in his hand, the blade glistening in the sunlight. She looked up at him defiantly; she would not let him get the better of her.

"Kill me if you dare, but you will never get to the Power!" she challenged, hoping her voice didn't betray the nervousness she felt. A low, evil chuckle sounded. She could see the sword rising.

"Then it's time to die, Princess." The blade descended. A scream was heard, and she realized it was her own.

Kendrix woke up in a cold sweat. Gasping, she fumbled around for her lamp switch. The room immediately brightened with a warm pink glow. Kendrix breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that Maya was still sleeping. She closed her eyes as she remembered the last part of her dream. She shuddered a bit as she thought of the sword coming down upon her.

*This is the third night this week that I've had that dream! What could it mean?* Kendrix's analytical mind began racing. Unfortunately, she could barely remember any of the events from her dream, only the last snippet. *I wonder if I should let the others know about this? Could they help?* As Kendrix let out a yawn, she decided that the problem would have to wait until she got more sleep.


"Ki-yah!" The battle cry sounded as the Pink Galaxy Ranger took down another Sting Winger with a side kick. Damon had called earlier on the communicator; the Green Galaxy Ranger had seen that a monster had been ripping apart one of the Terra Venture parks.

"You will never keep the Lights of Orion from me Rangers!' cried Chillinator, Scorpius' newest soldier, "I will find them!" This monster looked like he was made completely from blocks of ice. His powers were of the frozen variety as well; freeze beams kept shooting out from it's cold blue eyes. The Rangers had already had a close call when Kai had nearly been frozen by one of the beams. Now that the Blue Ranger was alright, the Rangers were looking to finish this monster off quickly.

*Lights of Orion? Why does that always sound so familiar?* Kendrix had heard of the villains talk of finding the Lights of Orion before, but she never knew just what they were. She also remembered that the Magna Defender was looking for them as well. Something always clicked inside her mind whenever she heard of the Lights. She felt that she had to find and protect them, at all costs. Kendrix just wished she knew why she always felt like that.

But she couldn't ponder it any further, as Chillinator suddenly grew giant-sized. However, before the Galaxy Rangers could summon the Galactabeasts, a large black Zord appeared. It was the Magna Defender's ToroZord.

"The Lights will never be yours!" the Magna Defender growled. He then became Mega Defender, riding along the back of ToroZord. *Why does the Magna Defender want the Lights so badly - why do I want them so badly?* Kendrix was very confused. She knew that she wanted the Lights, she just couldn't understand why. She didn't know whether they were perhaps a source of power, or if they could perhaps be another weapon for the Rangers to use.

As the Galaxy Rangers continued to watch the Mega Defender and Chillinator square off, they could see that the Mega Defender and ToroZord was not doing well. Chillinator kept getting in more and more hits. It soon became apparent that the Mega Defender would need help.

"We've got to summon the Galactabeasts!" said Maya.

Leo nodded his head in agreement, "Right!" The Rangers quickly summoned the Galactabeasts, having them immediately transform into the Galaxy MegaZord. With the power of the Rangers in the battle, Chillinator was quickly destroyed.

Back on the ground, the Magna Defender looked at the Rangers, "I did not need your help Power Rangers. I will not tolerate anyone standing in my way of getting the Lights. You have been warned." He turned his back and walked away.

"Hmph, not even a thank you," muttered Kai.

*Why Ziran?* The thought came quickly into Kendrix's mind. She knew then that she had to get some information, now. And there was only one place with the information that she needed, the Astro Megaship.


Kendrix entered the Astro Megaship's bridge with Alpha hot on her heels. Alpha was very confused and very worried; Kendrix had told him nothing of why she had suddenly barged onto the ship. She had refused to answer any of his questions, only to say that she needed information from DECA.

"DECA, I need your help," said Kendrix. The ship's small camera lit up.

"Yes Kendrix?" asked the computer.

"I need you to process the following information for me, and see if you can come up with any matches between them. The Lights of Orion, the Quasar Sabers, a princess, Power - I think that has to do with Power Rangers, and the name Ziran." instructed Kendrix. The computer began flashing as it began to process the information it had been given.

"This will take approximately thirty minutes," informed DECA.

"No problem DECA," replied Kendrix, "Call me on the communicator when you're done." Before she could leave though, Alpha grabbed her arm, "Why do you need the information Kendrix?" The little robot was programmed to detect strange behaviors from the Rangers, and in Alpha's opinion, Kendrix was acting strangely.

The Pink Ranger turned towards the robot, "Alpha, this information is really important to me. Please, just trust me on this okay?" Alpha hesitated for a moment before letting go of Kendrix's hand. She smiled. "Thanks Alpha." Kendrix then left the Megaship and headed for her living quarters. Once there she began to pace around, trying to come up with her own answers to no avail.

*What are the Lights? Why do they mean so much to me? Do they really have any connections with the dreams that I've been having?*

A half hour later, Kendrix returned to the Megaship's bridge. "What do you have for me DECA?" she asked.

"The information that you gave me all correspond to a time of three thousand years ago, on the now uninhabited planet of Tri-Lar. There was a team of Power Rangers there at that time; they were called the Defenders. The Defenders used the Quasar Sabers as their weapons. The name of Princess Kalandra appears as the leader of the Defenders. She was the princess of the kingdom of Capira." responded the computer.

"Anything else?" asked Kendrix.

"There are a few references to the Lights of Orion as a source of power. Unfortunately, none are specific as to what kind of power the Lights have. There were a few notes that the Defenders used the Lights of Orion themselves. However, the notes did not indicate as to how the Defenders may have used the Lights. As to the name Ziran, I could not find any information. Much of the information about Tri-Lar was lost when the planet was defeated by evil forces." informed DECA.

Kendrix frowned, "Do you know what evil forces attacked Tri-Lar?"

"They were referred to as the Dark Legion," answered the computer, "However, any known records of them were lost in the massacre of Tri-Lar."

"Thanks DECA, this information helped." said Kendrix as she left the bridge. Her head was swimming with the information that DECA had just given her. She didn't know what to do, so she decided to tackle the problem the next day.

That night, Kendrix dreamed again....

"By giving the Lights to Ziran, you are cutting down our power by a third!" said a young man. He had long brown hair, tied back in a ponytail and gray eyes. He wore a black outfit with red highlights. He had a white belt with a small sword hung at one side. His face was full of anger and frustration. She was trying to reason with him.

"I realize that Ralis, but we have no choice. It must be done. We cannot allow the Lights to fall into Farian's hands! Ziran is leaving to take care of his son; there is no better person to take the Lights then a Defender!" she replied, her tone even.

"I agree with Kalandra, the Lights must be protected," this time, a young man with short black hair and green eyes spoke. His white suit bore blue highlights. Like Ralis, he wore a short sword on a white belt. The young man in red turned to face him.

" Always duty with you first huh Kani?" he sneered. He turned to face Kalandra again, "You do realize that with Ziran gone, our numbers as well as our power decrease as well! By giving him the Lights, you might as well have signed our deaths Kalandra! We need the Black Defender, as well as the Lights of Orion!" A young woman came up behind Ralis, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I agree with Ralis. Kalandra, you may be my best friend, but I think that you're being stupid. I realize that Ziran must take care of his son, but the rest of us have families as well!" said the young woman. Her long brown hair pulled away from her face by a jeweled headband. Her brown eyes revealed her frustration. She wore a short dress, in a soft shade of yellow. Her belt was also white, with a short sword hanging at one side.

"Melina, I don't want it to seem like I'm playing favorites, but Ziran's son isn't even on Tri-Lar. His family is right now on Miranoi. If they were here, then yes, I would have him with us right now. But since he must leave the planet, he's the best one to safeguard the Lights." responded Kalandra.

"But what about the Sabers and the Daggers?" a young man in a black suit with green highlights spoke. His sword hung from his side as well. He had dark skin and dark eyes. His head was clean shaven. He looked at her, waiting for an answer.

"I promise you Dalit, I will not allow the Power to fall into the hands of evil," she answered, her voice full of determination. "I have already asked Zor..." They were suddenly interrupted as a the door flung open and a guard entered the room. He looked very worried.

"Princess! Farian's forces are penetrating through the Tanak Forest!" his voice was full of panic.

"We've got to go. Everybody ready?" she looked at the others. Their faces showed no fear. They were all ready to go down with a fight. She looked at her teammates proudly; Farian would take their home away easily. "Let's do it!"

"Go Galactic!" The transformation devices appeared upon their wrists. They each held their left wrist up, while touching their appropriate colors with their right hands. Then they each gave their transformation call.

"Power of Air!"

"Power of Light!"

"Power of Water!"

"Power of Fire!"

"Power of Earth!"

In a blaze of colored lights, the transformation took place. The Defenders immediately teleported into the forest.

The Defenders teleported into the forest together, only to be soon separated. Kalandra couldn't see where any of her teammates were. Suddenly, her saber was knocked out of her hand. She looked around to see one of Farian's generals, grinning; he was holding her saber. He had a dark face, the color of night. His eyes pierced red from beneath the darkness. If it hadn't been twisted into such an ugly smirk, his face would might have been handsome. His silver hair was tied back into a slick ponytail. His armor was relatively simple, all black with the standard shoulder and chest protection, along with high boots that ended in sharp points over his knees. He wore long black gloves, and large silver gauntlets. His name was Braeden

Kalandra quickly withdrew her Transdagger, forming it immediately into her Beta Bow. After she fired off a few shots at Braeden, he dropped the saber. Somersaulting around him, Kalandra quickly retrieved it. "You'll never get these as long as I live Braeden!" she said, standing up. The two warriors circled each other.

"We will get the Power! You Defenders cannot stop us!" he retorted as he began attacking her again. Braeden tried to take a swipe down, but Kalandra was too quick for him and dodged, delivering a roundhouse kick to his mid-section. He doubled over, and she delivered a crescent kick at his back, sending him sprawling to the ground. Kalandra was about to give the fatal blow when all of the sudden, she was attacked from the behind. Turning around, she saw a Blacken. The dark foot soldier was easily taken care of with a blow from her saber.

Unfortunately, the distraction had left Braeden with the opportunity to attack her. Kalandra could do nothing but fend off his oncoming blows. But he had the advantage, and was too much for her alone. He managed to eventually overpower her. Her dagger and sword were knocked away from her hands. Kalandra could feel herself powering down. She realized that she didn't have enough power without her weapons and the Lights to keep up her transformation. She was backed up against a tree. Looking around, she realized that there was no way out. Braeden's sword was in his hand. She looked up at him defiantly.

"Kill me if you dare, but you will never get to the Power!" Braeden just chuckled; it was a low, evil sound. The sword was rising.

"Then it's time to die, Princess." The blade descended, and she heard a scream. She then realized it was her own. *Goodbye my friends.*

Kendrix woke up this time screaming. She could remember every detail of the dream vividly. Realizing now that this had some connection to her Ranger powers, she decided that a talk with the others would be necessary.


"A distant memory? Are you sure Kendrix?" asked Kai a bit skeptically. The Rangers were all gathered in her quarters. Kendrix's screams had woken up Maya, who had summoned the other Rangers to their room. Kendrix had just told them about her recurring nightmares and the information that DECA had given her.

"I don't know Kai," she replied with a sigh, "I really don't know what to make of it. The dreams, sometimes they're a whole bunch of images jumbled together. Other times, it comes together as one big scene. This is the first time that I've actually remembered so much of it. I don't know if I would call it a memory though. But I do know that it is connected to our Ranger powers somehow. After all, the Quasar Sabers, the Transdaggers, and the Lights of Orion are in it. At times, it does feel like a memory though. But I don't see how it could be mine."

"We will get to the bottom of this, somehow." said Leo, laying a hand upon Kendrix's shoulder. She looked up at him and smiled gratefully, laying her own hand on his. She then looked to the others. Kendrix wished that she could tell them more about her dreams, but she understood very little of it herself.

"I don't know how Leo," she said, "These are my dreams, memories, whatever you want to call them. And they don't make any sense to me. All I know is that it's connected with our powers somehow. I mean, the Sabers, the Transdaggers and the Lights of Orion? That's got to be more than a coincidence! What I don't understand is how they come into play. I wish that DECA could have told me more." Damon suddenly looked at Maya.

"Hey, Maya. Do you know anything about the Quasar Sabers? Maybe there are some legends are about them? Like why they were imbedded into that stone in the first place? Do you know if there were any Power Rangers are Miranoi before?" he asked. Maya's face took on a look of intense concentration. She shook her head.

"I don't know that much. The legend of the Sabers said that they could only be pulled out by the chosen ones of the planet. They, the chosen ones, would become great warriors, specifically, Power Rangers. Many of the strongest men and women of my planet tried to pull the swords from the stone, but nothing ever happened. Only the elders knew why the Sabers had been put into the stone in the first place. And, as far as I know, there had never been Power Rangers for Miranoi before. We had seen Power Rangers before, yes, but there had never been a need for a team on Miranoi. We tended to be overlooked by the Alliance of Evil." explained Maya.

"Well, unfortunately that doesn't help us much then," said Kai. He then looked at Kendrix, "Why don't you tell us what you do remember from your dreams. Then, maybe we could help piece some things together." Kendrix nodded.

"Well, this time my dream begins with me talking to some others...." Kendrix began to tell them about the dream.


"So, what do you guys think?" asked Leo. He, Kai and Damon were heading back to their quarters. After Kendrix had told them about her dream, the Rangers had decided that it would be better to finish their discussion in the morning.

Kai shook his head, "I don't know, it seems kind of incredible. Kendrix really seems to think that these dreams mean something."

"Well, what if they do?" asked Damon, "She could be right. After all, all those things connected with the Rangers have been part of her dream."

"Yeah, but think about it," replied Leo as they entered into the room, "She is a Ranger. All these things that have happened to her lately, it could just be her experience as a Ranger coming through."

"Leo's right," agreed Kai, "Past life? Distant memories? That just doesn't seem, plausible."

"And unfortunately," added Leo, "We don't know for sure. There really is no way to find out if what Kendrix is saying is right. DECA doesn't have that much information."

"We certainly can't make much headway in helping Kendrix then," sighed Damon.


"I don't think the guys believed me Maya," said Kendrix with a sigh as she sat down on her bunk. Maya came over and sat down beside her. She looked at her friend.

"Maybe not, but hey, I do," said Maya, "On Miranoi, we believe that dreams contain the keys to our lives. They help to sort out what we can't understand now. They give us inspiration, so to allow for creativity. Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something Kendrix."

"Well, what do my dreams have to do with being a Power Ranger then?" asked Kendrix, "In my dream, the team were called the Defenders. But I didn't even remember that part of the dream until after DECA gave me that information!" A sudden thought occurred to her. Kendrix looked over at Maya, "Have you ever wondered just how the knowledge of our powers came so easily to us? I mean, we knew how to use everything so quickly! And we knew so much about what was in our arsenal. Like, the Quasar Launchers for instance. We didn't even have to be told about those! And how did we know how to use the Transdaggers so quickly? They weren't even part of our arsenal in the first place!"

"Wasn't that always the ability of the Power Rangers?" asked Maya softly, "We were always told that they knew of their powers instinctively. Zords, weapons, all of the arsenal knowledge came by instinct."

"Well, if that's true, then the Transdaggers must have been part of our powers in the first place right?" answered Kendrix, her eyes lighting up. "Otherwise, we should've had no knowledge on how to use them! We shouldn't have been able to call upon the Galactabeasts and have them transform into the GalactaZords right?" Maya nodded slowly.

"I suppose so," she agreed.

"Then my dream might make perfect sense!" exclaimed Kendrix. Maya still looked unsure.

"But how does the dream fit in with you?" she asked, "Your dream has explained the Transdaggers sure, but you still don't really know what it means."

"I know, but at least it makes a bit more sense to me now," said Kendrix, refusing to let the idea go. *Could it really be true? Have I been remembering another life?*


"Kendrix!" She looked around, but saw nothing. The entire ground was covered in white fog; the space around her was black. It reminded Kendrix of some cheesy scene in a t.v. show. She then heard the voice again, calling her name.

"Where are you?" she cried out. There was no answer. "Where am I?" She then felt a presence nearby. Turning around, Kendrix took notice of a ghost shaped figured. It was floating in the air. "Who are you?"

"Past meets present, Pink Ranger," the ghostly figure replied.

"What are you talking about?" asked Kendrix, "What do you mean, 'past meets present'?"

"What are dreams, but the gateway to the future? Or perhaps, a gateway to your past?" asked the ghost, "Your dreams come from a time that you have yet to understand. I come to you now with a warning Pink Ranger; an old evil is coming, and you must be prepared."

"Old evil?" asked Kendrix, "Who? When? How do I become prepared?"

"Search your heart, and you will find the answer." The ghost then vanished.

Kendrix looked around her again. She saw no signs of any other activity. Deciding that standing around wasn't doing her any good, she chose a direction and began to walk. The fog covered ground stretched on forever; she couldn't find a way out. A flash of golden light suddenly appeared, momentarily blinding Kendrix. When the light died down, she saw there was a large mirror. It was a freestanding mirror, framed in gold. It had an intricate design mold at the top. She looked into the mirror; the reflection was not her. Although the image resembled her, Kendrix could see that it was not herself; the hair was too dark and the eyes were the wrong colour. She put a hand up to the mirror.

Kendrix then heard a whisper, "Past meets present...." Kendrix then realized who the reflection was.

Kendrix woke up, the dream etched firmly in her mind. "Oh my gosh," she whispered to herself, "I was Kalandra." The realization hit upon her with the force of a speeding train. It didn't leave the Pink Ranger in a much better condition either. She decided that a walk around the colony might do her some good. Kendrix knew that she had to clear some things out in her mind. Careful not to wake up her roommate, she donned on her uniform, and headed out the door.

While Kendrix was taking her walk, on the bridge of Terra Venture, scanners were detecting an upcoming planet.

"Sir," called one of the bridge officers, "We've coming upon a planet." Commander Stanton turned towards the officer.

"Readings?" he asked. The officer checked his scanners again.

"Looks like there used to be life on this planet sir," reported the officer, "There are signs that there was a civilization here once. But that looks like it was a long time ago."

"Name?" The officer consulted the star charts, given to the humans by the people from KO-35.



She looked around her. The once-devastated planet had been growing again. The past three thousand years had allowed Tri-Lar to revive itself from the destruction Farian's forces had caused. The forests had come back strong, the air was clean, and Kendrix could see that the planet was once again habitable.

She had been still walking around the station when she had heard the news that a new planet had been reached. When she had learned that the planet was Tri-lar, Kendrix knew that she had to come down here. She had managed to convince DECA and Alpha into using her Jet Jammer to fly down to the planet. Kendrix was now in a small clearing in a forest.

Home, she thought as she took in the scenery. The familiarity of the place was eerie. Kendrix felt as if this really had been home. She closed her eyes and let the sensations envelop her. It had been so long since she had felt this soil beneath her feet. So long since she had breathed this air. Kendrix let out a sigh as the reality of the situation fell upon her. She knew that it hadn't been her on this planet; it had been someone else. "I'm not Kalandra," she said to herself.

"Yes you are. You are a part of me, as I am a part of you." Kendrix gasped as an image appeared before her. She immediately recognized who it was.

"Kalandra," she whispered. The princess smiled.

"Yes Kendrix," she answered. The Pink Galaxy Ranger studied her closely. She could see that they looked the same, yet very different. Kendrix's hair was a light blonde; she usually had it pulled back into a ponytail. Kalandra had her honey-colored hair halfway done up, the rest of it falling just past her shoulders. While Kendrix's eyes were blue, Kalandra's were more violet. Kendrix could also see that Kalandra's nose was just a bit wider, and her mouth a touch smaller. The princess was wearing a light pink dress. It had long tight sleeves, ending in a point. Her skirt was long in the back, almost reaching her ankles, while the front was just above her knees. A white belt was cinched around her waist, with a sheath at the left side. Her white boots were laced up just below her knees.

"Why... w-wait, how are you here?" asked Kendrix.

"I'm sort of a projection from your mind," answered the princess slowly, unsure of the reason herself, "It's being back home I suppose. The planet can feel that I'm back, and that you need to speak to me, so, here I am." Kendrix shook her head and sighed.

"Alright then, I want to know something. Are you really me, and am I really you? If so, then what kind of identity do I have? Was I supposed to just pick up where you left off when I took the Quasar Saber from the stone? You know, ever since I found out that I was your reincarnation, I have felt like I have no life, that I'm not me anymore." said Kendrix, her voice slowly rising in a mixture of panic and anger.

"You are still you Kendrix," replied Kalandra calmly, "Search the memories, and you'll find that I was never a scientist. You know that science never interested me; I preferred magic. And unlike you, I was the leader of the Defender team. You remember that Ralis was second-in-command? Kendrix, you have your own life, separate from mine. Yes, it was your destiny to find the Quasar Saber; this spirit was bound to find it again. Kendrix, you being a reincarnation of me does not make you me. You have my memories, but that is all. You are how you make yourself, not how my memories make you. The saber allowed these memories to resurface because they're the ones attached to the Defender powers. You do notice that no other incarnation's memories have surfaced on you." Kendrix had to grin at that.

"You're right Kalandra. Thank you," she smiled, "I was just afraid that.... I wasn't really me. That, perhaps it was just all the memories doing this. I suppose I just wanted my own separate identity."

"I can understand that," answered Kalandra, "What shall you tell the others? I know that you haven't told them yet what you've discovered. Although, I am surprised that their memories haven't yet re-surfaced."

"I don't know, maybe they will soon." Little did Kendrix know just how right she was.


They had her surrounded. She looked around but saw that no help would come. The team had managed to become separated. I'm not afraid to die, she thought to herself. The Blackens began their attack. One leaped at her, but she side-kicked it away, managing to avoid a blow by another. Her saber slashed through them, as she hit every single one that she could.

"Melina!" she looked up in time to see a flash of red. Under her helmet, she smiled in relief as she continued to fight.

"Ralis!" He leaped over the Blackens and landed beside her. He turned to look at her.

"Are you alright?" he ducked as a Blacken tried to punch him. He quickly countered with a low-sweep kick.

"Oh just fine," she answered sarcastically, "But I'll be even better when we finish these things off!" She countered a kick from a Blacken with a roundhouse kick of her own, followed by a back kick to its chest. She suddenly heard a scream. Turning towards the direction of the sound, she saw a Dark Warrior, holding a blade in the stomach of a young woman in pink. Her eyes were glazed over in pain, blood coming out from her mouth. She had her hands clutched around the blade, bloody from the wound.

"Oh Gods!" Melina cried out, clasping a hand over her mouth, "Kalandra!" Her inattention became her downfall, as one of the Blackens kicked her from behind. She was slammed into one of the large rocks, groaning as pain shot throughout her entire body. A group of Blackens descended over her, and began beating up the Yellow Defender's body. Shutting her eyes, she cried out from the pain. She couldn't concentrate enough to summon her light powers.

She then heard a shout, "Magna Talon!" Suddenly, the beating stop. Her eyes flew open to catch sight of the Red Defender standing over her. A few feet away from her lay the beaten and burnt Blackens.

"Ralis," she whispered. He kneeled down beside her, cradling her head in his arms.

"Love, are you alright?" he asked. She smiled, hearing the concern in his voice. Raising a hand weakly to his face, she said, "I will be. Braeden got Kalandra. She's dead my

love, she's.... dead."

"What?" he asked, surprised. She pointed to where Kalandra's body lay. He turned and gasped. "Then all is lost," he muttered, his voice grim. Melina pulled his head back towards her.

"No," she said, her own voice weak, but full of determination, "We must not surrender, we must not give up. I will fight until I die." Her lover looked at her and nodded.

"Very well, we shall fight.... together." She took his hand into hers.

"Together." They then heard a sudden explosion.

Maya quickly awoke from her dream. Unlike Kendrix, this dream for her had not been a nightmare. But, it had seemed to be more real than fantasy. She narrowed her eyes as she began to knit pieces of the dream together in her mind. She realized then what she had called the Red Defender. *My love? What was that all about?*

In another room on Terra Venture the same thoughts were running through someone's head.


Kani couldn't believe how callous Ralis was being. Didn't he realize how difficult a decision this was for the princess?

"I agree with Kalandra, the Lights must be protected," he heard himself saying. He knew his duty, the Defender Powers had to come first.

"Always duty with you first, huh Kani?" sneered Ralis, echoing his own thoughts. Kani couldn't deny Ralis' statement, so he remained silent. A few more words were spoken, but Kalandra wouldn't change her mind. Then the guard suddenly came in, informing them about the invasion through the Tanak forest. He and his friends immediately transformed and teleported into the forest.

He became separated from the rest of the team and began to fight off Farian's soldiers. A group of Blackens soon had him surrounded. Calling upon his water power, Kani sent a out a circle of blue energy that sent the foot soldiers flying away. He smiled as he heard each fall back to the ground with a satisfying thump. His use of energy left him temporarily drained, as he did not have the powers from the Lights of Orion to boost him. Groaning slightly, he leaned against a nearby tree.

"Tired already? And we haven't even begun," the Blue Defender turned at the sound of the mocking voice. Behind his helmet, his eyes narrowed in anger and recognition.

"Braeden," he said quietly, his voice soft in contained anger. The Dark Warrior chuckled, holding up a bloodied blade. Kani's attention was immediately upon it, wondering whose blood had been shed. His attention was noticed by Braeden.

"Wondering whose this is?" he laughed, indicating the sword, "Why, I believe it's the blood of the young Pink Defender. The blood that came from her when I plunged this sword into her stomach!"

If his helmet had been off, anyone would have seen that the Blue Defender's had turned grey. Kani's fist clutched his saber tightly. He suddenly charged at the Dark Warrior, swing his Quaser Saber at Braeden with all his might. The surprise attack momentarily caught Braeden off guard, but he was soon able to retaliate the Defender's blows. A thousand years experience soon overcame Kani's own five. A blow at the back of his neck had Kani sprawling on the ground. The Dark Warrior stood over him, shaking his head.

"I don't believe it," he said mockingly, "You Defenders are so weak!! Both overcome so easily! It will be so quick to finish all of you off. Then, my master will have the Power!"

It was then that Kani realized something. "You may have killed her, but you don't have her power do you?" the Blue Defender observed, looking up at his attacker. For a moment, Braeden's stance faltered. He growled slightly.

"No, but I will find it," he said. He looked down at the Defender and smirked, "But, of course, you won't have to worry about that. You'll be dead." He raised his sword, quickly swinging it down. It never struck Kani; he had raised his Saber just in time to counter the move.

"You won't be killing me so easily!!" And with that, the Blue Defender struck.

Kai woke up from his dream with a start. Great, now I'm starting to have the dreams too, he thought with a sigh. He didn't know what to think. Were the dreams really some sort of memory that they all shared? To him, it had seemed so real. Kai knew that he wasn't going to be getting back to sleep that night. He didn't notice that his roommates were having a sleepless night as well.


Being a Defender was certainly not easy, sighed Dalit as he looked at the trees around him. The team had already managed to become separated, and he could hear sounds of fighting elsewhere in the forest. He steadily moved through the trees; eyes and ears open for whatever danger might come his way.

Dalit really wished that Kalandra hadn't sent the Lights off with Ziran. While he agreed with the princess that they had to be kept safe, he still wanted the safety of having the extra power. Farian's forces were already overwhelming Tri-Lar, having the Lights would help the balance of power a bit. He sighed again. He doubted that anyone was going to listen to him. After all, he was just the Green Defender, not second-in-command, not really anyone's best friend. The sorcerer's apprentice had become part of the team accidently; the power of the sword had somehow gone to him. He had never been a noble, nor a fighter of any kind. He had just been good in magic. While he supposed that he did make a good Defender, he couldn't help but wonder sometimes what the team really thought of him.

His thoughts were interrupted by a rustling noise to the left of him. He turned, and saw that they were coming from behind a rather large bush. He quickly pulled out his Transdagger, forming it into his Trans-Blaster. Slowly approaching the bush, he peered through the green growth. His eyes spied upon a small circular object imbedded into the forest floor. It was metallic, yet strangely smooth, with no seams upon at all. There was a small piece sticking out from the object, almost like a button, waiting to be pushed.

Without warning, the object suddenly began to pulse with a sinister purple glow. Wary of the danger that the object could present, Dalit began to utter a shielding spell to place around the device. He never got to finish. Before the Green Defender could even utter three words, the bomb blew. It took away a large portion of the surrounding greenery, leaving a severely injured Defender in the wake of the blast.

Damon woke up from his dream with a start. He began to check his body for any signs of burns before realizing that his experience had only been a dream. He closed his eyes as he remembered the events that had occurred. It had all seemed so real to him. He realized then that Kendrix had been right. *Were these the kind of dreams that Kendrix had?*


On the planet Tri-Lar, Kendrix and Kalandra were still talking. The princess had been explaining to Kendrix about the Pink Galaxy powers and about her life.

"Your element is earth," explained Kalandra, "Technically, it's the stable one. The power of earth is the root for all the other powers."

"Well, that would explain the flowers when I morph," said Kendrix with a laugh, "But I was wondering, why were you the leader? In almost all of the teams on Earth, the Red Ranger was the leader. Only two teams had a different color as leader, and that was the White Ranger. I've never seen a Pink Ra-Defender as leader before."

Kalandra laughed, "Pink as leader was rare, even three thousand years ago. Yes, for many of the teams it was Red as leader. Sometimes it was Black. Tri-Lar had five kingdoms, one Defender for each kingdom. The Black Defender was a separate power. So, our team consisted of two princes, a knight, a Lady of the First House, a sorcerer's apprentice, and a princess, me. Since the kingdom of Londor had the Red and Black Defenders, I was chosen as the 'official leader'. Our royal family hadn't had a Defender in many generations. I had shocked a lot of people."

Kendrix decided to pose another question, "What are the Lights of Orion?"

"They're a source of power," replied the princess, "The Defender Powers came in three. The Transdaggers, the Lights, and the Sabers. The Daggers are the Zord power, the Lights are the Element Power and Sabers are the Transformation power. Three weapons, to represent the three Gods. I can't tell you anymore than that; you need to discover it for yourself."

Kendrix nodded her head, "What about this old evil that's coming back? This ghost told me about it in this dream I had. It was the one that revealed that I was your incarnation. All it told me was that I had to be prepared." said Kendrix, "Do you know anything about that?"

The princess visibly blanched, "Old evil? That could only mean one thing... Farian is coming. He is a dark, menacing, evil creature that puts your Scorpius to shame. Kendrix, you must find the Lights of Orion before he comes to TerraVenture. They will boost your powers so you'll have a fighting chance against the Dark Legion. Otherwise, you'll have no chance against Farian's forces." Kalandra lowered her eyes, "I learned that the hard way."

"It wasn't your fault that Tri-Lar fell Kalandra," said Kendrix, "You couldn't have known what would happen. You did what you had to do. But you're right, the Lights will need to be found, and soon."

"Unfortunately," said Kalandra, "I don't know where Ziran might have put them. He always was good at keeping things hidden."

Kendrix looked at her in confusion, "From what I can determine, you left the Lights with Ziran, right?" The princess nodded her head. "Then why is he looking for them? The Magna Defender seems to be very determined to get those Lights."

Kalandra considered what Kendrix said, "I don't know. I don't even see how he could be living. Tri-Larans may be long-lived, but not for three thousand years. He didn't even seem to recognize the suits you wore as Defender suits. I know that we had armor instead of the skin-tight fabric, but still.... And this anger, that's new too. I just don't understand how he could have changed so much."

"Well, three thousand years can do a lot to a person," said Kendrix.


A lone figured walked through the mountain dome of Terra Venture. All around him, there showed the beauty of nature. He didn't take notice of this beauty; his only thoughts were of grief and sorrow.

"Zika, my son." His voice carried through the trees. "I will avenge your death. Scorpius will not win. I shall find the Lights of Orion and destroy him." The memories of the deaths of his friends and family continued to haunt the lone warrior.


He had watched as the planet was ravaged by Scorpius' forces. Scorpius may not have been as bad as Farian, but he was wicked in his own way. Ziran had done as much he could to help the planet of Miranoi, unfortunately to no avail. He had known that there was nothing more that he could do. The Lights were hidden in a safe place; he had doubted anyone would find them. Then, Zika was killed. Killed, trying to be a hero like his father. Ziran vowed revenge for his fallen son with the power of the Lights of Orion. He had known that the princess would not approve, but he was going to exact his revenge, one way or another.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden flash of light. Ziran saw a hologram appear in the sky.

"Zordon!" Ziran looked at the projection in surprise.

"Prince Ziran, Black Defender of Tri-Lar," greeted the Eltaran wizard, "I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad tidings." There was another flash of light and the five Quasar Sabers appeared. Ziran immediately knew what that signified.

"My friends," he said in a low voice, "They have been defeated. My planet is gone."

"Yes." Zordon could not say otherwise.

"Then I am alone." He turned his head away from Zordon. Ziran could see the faces of his friends and family in his mind's eye. They were now all gone, destroyed by the forces of evil. He gripped his sword tightly.

Zordon spoke again, "You will need to tell me where the Lights of Orion are, Black Defender."


"Ziran, the Lights...." said Zordon.

"No," repeated Ziran, his voice firm. "My friends are dead. My brother is dead. And, my son is dead, killed by the forces of Scorpius. I am alone; I am the last Defender. I will use the Lights to exact my revenge on Scorpius' forces! Then I shall take down Farian! Take their Sabers, take their Daggers Zordon, but the Lights are mine!"

"Black Defender, I must insist....."

"I am no longer the Black Defender!" cut in Ziran. "Revenge burns in my heart now," Ziran remembered the name that Scorpius' forces had called him, "From this day forward, I am not Prince Ziran, nor am I the Black Defender. I shall be now known as the Magna Defender. I have no ties to you anymore." With that, he turned his back on the ancient wizard and walked away.

The warrior now known as the Magna Defender headed towards the Northern mountains of Miranoi. It was within these mountains that he had hidden a small wooden box, containing the Lights of Orion. He had known that rarely anyone came to this place, as it was very dangerous to get to. However, a Defender could make the journey easily.

Digging into the earth, he soon found what he was looking for. He quickly pulled out the wooden box. Just as he was about to open the it, laser fire came upon him. Looking around him, he saw a troop of Sting Wingers, Scorpius' lackeys. He pulled the box close to him.

"I do not have time for this!" he said as a Sting Winger charged at him. He neatly side-stepped the attack, whacking it in the back with his sword. Another tried a roundhouse kick at him, which he countered with a roundhouse kick of his own. The Magna Defender continued to slash his way through the mass of foot soldiers, until the last of them was gone. Breathing hard, he kneeled down, ready to open the box once again. He lifted the lid, and the Lights of Orion were released.

"Defender!" a voice cried out. As the Magna Defender turned towards the voice, the Lights flew away. He tried to reach for them, but they were already too far away.

"Treacheron," growled Magna Defender, seething in the knowledge that the Lights had escaped his grasp.

"How nice to see you alive, Magna Defender," sneered Treacheron. The two enemies began to circle each other.

"It will take more than a few parlor tricks of yours to defeat me!" the warrior retorted, anger coloring his voice. The evil warrior merely laughed as the battle began.


"Alpha, can you locate Kendrix?" asked Maya into her communicator. When she had woken up, she had found that Kendrix had left. Worried about her friend, she had decided to see if the little robot could help.

"Oh, um, Kendrix has taken one of the Jet Jammers Maya," answered Alpha nervously.

"She's taken one of the Jet Jammers? Why? Where is she?" asked Maya.

"She went down to the planet Tri-Lar to..."

"Wait, did you just say, Tri-Lar?" cut in Maya.

"Yes. Why Maya?"

The Yellow Ranger didn't answer; she only looked out of her window. *Could the dreams really have been true?*


The Magna Defender remembered the fight that he had with Treacheron. It was to be his last battle for three thousand years. He had already been weakened by the fight with the Sting Wingers, and was unable to hold back the attack by Scorpius' general. He had been put on the defensive, continually having to step back to avoid Treacheron's attacks. Then, he had taken one step too many, and had fallen deep into the earth.


Ziran groaned as he slowly awoke. Looking around, he saw that he had fallen into a large cavern. The cavern was huge, and several meters high. A small river of lava flowed nearby.

"What happened to me?" he groaned, trying to get up. A green glow suddenly surrounded him, "Who's there?" He then saw a beautiful woman, dressed in a green bikini, holding a wooden staff. He noticed an ethereal glow surrounding her, and realized that she was another projection.

"I am Dulcea," she said, "Ninja Master of Phaedos. You are Ziran, the Black Defender of Tri-Lar."

"Not Ziran, not the Black Defender," he spat out, "I am the Magna Defender." Dulceaa tilted her head as she looked upon the fallen warrior, "That's what you may have called yourself, but you still have a Defender spirit nonetheless. It is a shame that you have used your powers for personal vengeance. You do know that nothing will be gained by doing so, and your spirit will deteriorate. I ask you a question Defender, will you continue on your personal vendetta?"

"I must avenge my friends...... and my son." Magna Defender gasped out. Dulcea looked at him sadly.

"Very well then, if that is your decision," she said, holding out her hand. A soft glow began to surround the Magna Defender. It grew in intensity, becoming brighter, until it left and began to float on its own. With a wave of her hand, Dulcea sent the glowing ball of light out of the cavern.

The Magna Defender looked at her, "What have you done?" He groaned slightly, "I... I feel weak."

"I have split your spirits Ziran." answered the Ninja Master.

"What?" asked Magna Defender incredulously.

"I have allowed the spirit that became the Black Defender to be free. It has now gone to the river of souls, where it will be reborn one day. I have already done the same with the souls of the other Defenders. They shall all be reborn again." said Dulcea.

"What about the Quasar Sabers?" The Magna Defender tried to get up, but Dulcea had him lie back down.

"The Quasar Sabers have been set into stone on Miranoi. When the spirits of the Defenders find their way back to the Sabers, the weapons will be released."

"And the Transdaggers?"

"They will be placed in a safe place." said Dulcea.

"Why?" The Magna Defender looked up at her.

"This part of you that is craving vengeance, you know that it is not a part of your Defender side. I have merely allowed it to have a chance to renew itself. If you ever rejoin with your spirit, I hope you will learn something from it."

"Are you going to just leave me here then?" asked the Magna Defender, fearing the worse.

"No, you are to be put to sleep, for however long it shall take for your spirit to rejoin you." said Dulcea. She then lifted her hand again, and a wash of white light fell upon the Magna Defender. He felt himself growing tired, and he was unable to stay awake. He was soon asleep under the spell. The Ninja Master looked down at him, her face full of sympathy, "Sleep well, Prince Ziran." With that, her projection vanished.


Elsewhere in the galaxy, a force of darkness edged it's way toward Terra Venture. A large ship, it's entire body black, sailed through space. The darkness of the ship, blocked out the stars, showing only a faint outline of where it was. Inside, a great evil was stirring.

"Master Farian, we are drawing nearer to the Power."

The Dark Emperor nodded, "Yes, I can feel it Braeden. After all these millennia, the Power will finally be mine! No one shall oppose the Dark Legion again! Where is the source of the Power now?"

"It has traveled to a moving colony. The colony contains humans, from the planet of Earth. The Lights of Orion have been hidden there." answered the Dark Warrior.

"The Lights?" asked Farian, "What about the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers? I thought the Sabers were on Miranoi, still stuck in that stupid stone." He was still seething over the fact that none of his warriors had ever been able to get the Sabers out of the stone.

"Not anymore, my lord," said Braeden, "There are Power Rangers on the colony sire. They are in possession of the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers."

"Rangers?" asked Farian, an eyebrow raised, "Then which evil being is attacking there? There must be one if Ranger twerps have been spotted there."

"The forces of Scorpius have been seeking the Lights on the colony as well, Master Farian."

"Hmm, perhaps it's time we introduced ourselves then?" said Farian, a slow smile creeping up his lips.


"Gone? What do you mean, gone?" asked Kai, looking at Maya. The Yellow Ranger had called in the others as soon as Alpha had told her where Kendrix had gone. They were now all meeting on the bridge of the Astro Megaship.

"You heard what Maya said Kai," said Damon, "Kendrix's gone down to Tri-Lar, and we all know why." Damon could see it plain on the other's faces that they had been dreaming as well.

They all now realized that Kendrix had been right; that the dreams had been some sort of memory. They also knew that their dreams connected them with each other, in a way that they had never imagined.

Maya and Leo remained silent, and looked at each other uncertainly. They both had remembered their dreams very well, along with the conversation that had been at the end. Neither of them knew what to think. But both knew that they would have to talk later on.

"Well, what can we do then?" asked Kai, "Go after her? We'd be leaving Terra Venture defenseless; up for grabs by Scorpius. And, Commander Stanton will wonder where we are if we don't show up for our shifts."

"Why not have Maya and Leo go?" asked Alpha, coming up to the group. "Neither of them have duties to perform on Terra Venture; they would be free to go to Tri-Lar to find Kendrix." Leo's eyes widened slightly at the suggestion, "Why don't we wait for Kendrix to come back? She must know what she is doing, or else she would not have gone down there."

Kai shook his head, "No, I agree with Alpha. You two are in the perfect position to go. Kendrix may have known what she was doing, but she could be in trouble now."

"But shouldn't we just trust her judgement?" asked Maya.

Damon looked at the two suspiciously, "Why don't you want to go find Kendrix?"

"It's not that I don't want to," said Leo, putting up his hands in defense, "I just don't want her to be mad at me, thinking that we didn't trust her or something."

"She won't think that," said Kai, also wondering what was up with Leo and Maya. "Just go, and find out where she is, and see if she is alright that's all."

Leo sighed, "Alright, we'll go." He then turned to Maya, "We'll morph and take the Jet Jammers, okay?"

"Fine," said Maya softly, nodding. Together, they morphed and boarded their respective Jet Jammers.

Leo looked to the other two Rangers, "We'll report in over the communicators if we find something, okay?" Kai nodded in agreement.

"Fine, see you guys later." With that, the Red and Yellow Rangers started their Jet Jammers and headed towards the planet down below.


"Scorpius, we are receiving a transmission," reported Treacheron.

"Who is it from?" asked Scorpius.

"The Dark Legion."

"Farian?" murmured Scorpius, "He has not been heard from in a long time. If I remember correctly, he was looking for the Lights of Orion at one point, wasn't he?"

"I believe so sire," answered Treacheron.

Trakeena stepped out from the shadows and smiled smugly at the general, "Daddy, why don't you take the transmission, and see what cards Farian is playing with? Then, you'll know whether or not to trust him. He may not be after the Lights now you know."

The large alien nodded, "Very well daughter, I shall take your advice. Send the transmission to this monitor Treacheron." The general bowed and began to work. The monitor by Scorpius lit up, revealing the face of the leader of the Dark Legion. His face was dark, almost black, with the skin sunk in. His hair was a deep red, akin to blood, flowing down around his face. His eyes matched the color of his hair, glowing red as he viewed the scene before him. He wore a black tunic, with a high collar surrounding the neck, lined with silver.

"Farian," greeted Scorpius.

The Dark Lord bowed his head, "Scorpius. I'll get straight to the point, you and I are both looking for the Lights of Orion, correct?"

"Yes," agreed Scorpius.

"An alliance between our two forces would be most beneficial to us then," smiled Farian,

"You just want the Lights, I want the Power that the Lights lead to."

"You'd need to get to the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers to do that!" interrupted Treacheron.

Farian's eyes narrowed briefly, but then he smiled, "My, what smart henchmen you have Scorpius! To figure all that out all by yourself! You are right though, I do need all three of the key pieces to get to the Power. But I'll be able to retrieve those; it shall not be a problem."

"You didn't get them when you defeated the Defenders!" retorted Treacheron.

"Well, Zordon isn't here this time to put hide the weapons away from me!"said Farian, raising his voice. Realizing what he was doing, he took a breath, and calmed himself down, "An alliance between the Dark Legion and you, Scorpius. Think about it, the kind of power I possess. You would be able to defeat your little Ranger problem, quite easily."

"What makes you so sure?" sneered Treacheron, "The Rangers are resourceful, we have been defeated many times already."

"Shut up Treacheron," commanded Scorpius.

"No Scorpius, let me answer that." said Farian, holding up his hand. He then turned to Treacheron. "It's quite simple, Treacheron. You were fighting without me," answered the Dark Lord smugly.

Treacheron's eyes narrowed, "You think it shall be so simple?"

"But of course!" replied Farian, "I managed to kill the Defenders of Tri-Lar did I not? And they had the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers at their disposal. What shall be so different this time? These..... Rangers are mere humans! They pulled the Sabers from a stone, hardly worthy of being called, superheros. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time." Farian smiled, he knew that he was getting to the General. All the information that he had had Braeden pull on the new Rangers was becoming very helpful.

"Very well Farian, I will consider your proposal," answered Scorpius.

"That is all I ask," replied Farian, shutting off his communications. As he turned away from his monitor, he saw his general looking at him in confusion.

"Master Farian," said Braeden, "Why would you want an alliance with these.... low class weaklings? Scorpius' forces had barely done any damage before the wave of Zordon came to pass. They've barely done anything now!"

"I know that Braeden. This alliance would be more beneficial to them then to us. But, I don't need another pest trying to stop me from getting the Lights. Working with Scorpius would be better than having to fight him. If I fought him, then the Rangers would see us both as weak. It would give them an opportunity to attack. I do not need them hampering my plans." explained the Dark Lord.


"What do you plan to do Scorpius?" asked Treacheron. His face did not show what he really thought; he did not trust the leader of the Dark Legion. All of the insults made towards him had just been a sample of the kind of treachery that Farian could bring. As well, Treacheron believed him to be too egotistical. While evil beings had a tendency to gloat, Farian's gloating was more than the usual.

"Daddy, why don't you take Farian up on his offer?" said Trakeena, "The Dark Legion is an incredible force! With them on our side, we'd be unstoppable!"

"Hmmm, what do you think Treacheron?" asked Scorpius, turning towards the general.

"I do not trust him." replied Treacheron, "There is something about him.... something that I do not like. I recommend not forming an alliance with him." Scorpius closed his eyes in thought, "I have made my decision. Open communications with him Treacheron."


Leo and Maya had landed their Jet Jammers near the edge of one of the many forests of Tri-Lar. They had demorphed, and using the tracking device Alpha had given them, they followed the signal from Kendrix's morpher. Both were uneasy around each other. Every physical contact that they made with each other, no matter how slight, had them both jumping. They refused to look at each other, and made their search in silence.

They came upon a small clearing in the forest. The tracking device indicated that they were very near Kendrix. The sound of voices also told them that they had found her. The two Rangers peered through the trees to see Kendrix, and someone else who looked a lot like her. However, the stranger's features were slightly different from Kendrix, and she was translucent; almost like a ghost. Leo and Maya were soon within earshot.

"One last question Kalandra," Kendrix said, looking at the ghostly girl, "It actually concerns me and Leo. Perhaps Maya as well. When I first saw Leo on board Terra Venture, I thought for certain there were sparks between us. Like some sort of connection. I know he felt it too. And we have become closer, I think over the last while. But now, I don't know. Ralis and Melina were in love weren't they?"

The ghost girl nodded, a sad smile playing upon her face. "Ralis and Melina were in love, engaged actually. Ralis and I had been friends since practically childhood. We were both about the same age, and at royal conferences and stuff we played together. I don't know, I guess over the years, I fell in love with him. I think he fell for me too, maybe just not as strongly. He did court me for awhile. Many people thought that we would make a match. But it didn't work out. I suppose that it wasn't meant to be. Then, Melina came along. She and I became best friends. She saw that Ralis and I were good friends as well. One day, she asked if, as far as I was concerned, Ralis was fair game. I told her yes. What I never told her was that I still had feelings for him then. I'll admit, I had been jealous at first, but when I saw how happy she was making him, and how happy she was.... I couldn't be jealous anymore. I was truly happy for them. Ralis and I have always had a connection and always will I suppose. Perhaps the connection between you and Leo is different from the one Ralis and I had?"

Kendrix shook her head, "No, I don't think so. Besides, I've seen the way Maya and Leo are together. Sometimes, it seems like they're a match." The Pink Ranger sighed, "You know what? I actually don't know. This is all a little confusing. Past lives, memories, feelings, it's all so jumbled up."

They hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but had heard the little conversation anyway. Leo and Maya looked at each other, unsure of what to make of what they had just heard. Memories were tumbling into their minds; memories of Ralis' and Melina's relationship. They backed away from the clearing, certain that Kendrix would be alright. They had something else to do.

"We need to talk," said Leo quietly. Maya nodded in response. They walked over to a spot far enough away so that Kendrix wouldn't see them. Maya sat down on a large root of a nearby tree, while Leo paced around in a small circle.

The Yellow Ranger looked over at Leo, "If you want to talk, then talk."

Leo sighed and stopped his pacing, "These memories....."

"Are nothing more than that, just memories." cut in Maya, "Yes, they are part of our past lives; but that does not mean that anything is going to come from them!"

"You really think so?" asked Leo in disbelief. Maya stood up to face him.

"Yes, I do." she replied softly.

He looked into her eyes, "What did you feel for me when we first met?"

"A connection, something that I couldn't explain with words." she answered slowly.

"You felt like you had known me before..." added Leo softly. Maya nodded, pulling her eyes away from his, "But I've seen the way you are with Kendrix. You care about her don't you?" Leo turned away from her, looking into the sky.

"Yes, there was an immediate attraction I'll admit. Something...... intangible." he recalled,

"But, after I met you, it wasn't so much there anymore. It became more of a sense of deja vu I suppose. I care for you both, I'm just not sure how I care about each of you I guess."

"Then let's find out."

Suddenly, Leo felt a hand on his shoulder, turning him around. He felt gentle hands cupping his face, and warm lips pressed against his. The back of his mind identified the girl to be Maya, while his instincts took control. He closed his eyes and let one hand go to the back of her neck. The other tangled itself in her long hair. His own lips responded in gentle pressure to hers. Maya's own hands traveled from his face, clasping themselves at the back of his neck. Neither one of them noticed two translucent figures nearby, smiling. One was a young woman, dressed in yellow. The other a young man dressed in red.

"What do you think will become of this?" asked the young woman, looking at the Red and Yellow Rangers. The young man looked down at her, taking her hand.

"I don't know Melina," he responded, "Perhaps it is a test, to see if their attraction is real, and not something of the past?"

"Perhaps Ralis," smiled Melina, "I do wish both of them happiness though, wherever fate takes them."


"I have to go," said Kendrix, "The others are probably wondering where I am right now." Kalandra nodded, then suddenly smiled, "Yes, I believe that they ar...would be." Kendrix looked at the princess curiously, "I guess, this is sort of, goodbye. We won't be seeing each other again I suppose."

"Maybe in your dreams," said Kalandra, unwilling to explain her sudden amusement.

Kendrix nodded and held up her left hand, "Go Galactic!" Pressing the pink section on her morpher, she transformed into the Pink Galaxy Ranger. She looked at Kalandra once more.

"Thank you.... for everything." She then climbed into her Jet Jammer and took off. Kalandra watched the pink vehicle fly high into the sky. Two other translucent figures came through the woods to join her. She looked over at them and smiled.

"Hello my old friends," she said.

To be continued....