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Author's Notes: Thanks to everyone who lent a hand in this, Cynthia, KJ, and Ben. ^_^ This story is set at least 5 years after 'Countdown to Destruction'. Warning, there is character death in this. As usual, comments and criticisms please! After all, how else would I know what to do next?

by: Catherine Lee

"Alright Cassie, look over this way please. Now, you remember what to do right?"

Cassie raised an eyebrow but nodded, "I wrote this scene remember?" Wearing a dark pink, silk nightgown, she was stretched out on a poster bed with white satin sheets. Her long hair was done up, with a few tendrils falling upon her face. Light pink shadow was swept across her eyes, matching the pink gloss on her lips. The only jewelry she wore were tiny diamond earrings that sparkled in the silver light of the moon.

The director nodded, smiling "Yes, but, Cassie, darling, we have to make sure that the camera makes you look good. You want to look good right?"

"Whatever," she replied with a sigh, "Frankly, I just want to finish this shoot and go home."

"Ready?" the director asked her. Cassie nodded in response. "This will be your best music video!" He raised his hand, "Cue the music. Action!"

A slow melodic introduction began to play through the surrounding speakers. Cassie always liked to sing during the shoots, even though she knew the voice-over would eventually be added in. She turned her face towards the large window, moonlight spilling through it's curtains, giving her face an ethereal glow. Closing her eyes lightly, she began to sing. "I dream of someone someday....."


It was a few weeks later that the video came out. Everyone in the music industry was abuzz about Cassie Chan's latest single. She may have only been in the music industry for a couple years, but she had already manage to capture the attention of many of the big music companies. Her first two songs had already gone gold. As well, she was getting galactic coverage through the Earth's new connections with other planets of the universe, such as KO-35. Of course, the fact that she had been a former Ranger hadn't hurt either.

A party was given in honor of the new video, titled "Dream". Many thought it to be a poignant song; telling the story of the beauty who's heart had been swept away, never to be returned. Everyone who was anyone attended the party; they all gave their congratulations to the former Pink Ranger. Cassie smiled and laughed with all the guests, trying to be the life of the party. She easily accomplished this goal, giving everyone the impression that she was happy. How wrong they all were.

Cassie arrived home late that night. The party had gone on well into the night. And, as she was the guest of honor, she couldn't leave until the last person had left. With a sigh, she removed her black jacket, throwing it onto the nearby chair. Gratefully, she sank into her couch.

"Dream, how very true," she murmured to herself, staring out the large windows, "That's all it ever was, a dream." No one, except the other Rangers, had known what the song really meant to her. Or, who she had really meant it to be for. Grabbing the remote, she turned on her radio, and closed her eyes as she heard the first chords of her song play.

I dream of someone someday,
Someone who will take my heart away.
dark and handsome stranger maybe,

Someone who can sweep me off my feet.

Once ago, I thought I found him,
But then he went away.

Had the love been just a dream,
Merely a fantasy?

On the other side of the galaxy, "Dream" was being played on one of the holo-vid channels in a bar. No one seemed to take much notice to the song, except for one person. Running a hand through his short black hair, he stared up at the vid with his green eyes. The face on the screen held an utter fascination for him. She looks so beautiful up there; the moonlight sparkling on her face. He knew what this song meant to her.... and him. And he understood the message all too well. Closing his eyes, he let Cassie's voice play through his mind.

It was a haunting melody, one that exuded pain and sadness. It also portrayed loneliness. He shook his head, reaching for his glass filled with a dark liquid. He drank it down in one gulp. Coffee, it was an interesting drink, decidedly bitter, yet not entirely unpleasant. It would at least help to keep him awake while he waited. This would be a difficult mission; he had to be alert for it.

The young man looked at the vid again. His thoughts turned back to the singer. I'm sorry Cassie......

I dream of someone for me,
Someday perhaps somewhere.

Followed my heart once to where it led,
Only to be hurt instead.

How much longer do I go on,
Without my dream come true?

But maybe it had only been a dream?
It hadn't been what it seemed?

Setting a glass down onto the counter top, Cassie poured herself a drink. Thoughts, unbidden, came into her mind as she watched the red liquid fill the glass. The song was bringing back many memories. All the times that she had thought about Phantom, dreamed about him, wished that she knew where he was. She didn't understand why she was in love with him still, only that she was. It was as if some magnetic force was drawing her to him forever.

She had believed long ago that this feeling would go away; that she would finally throw away this childish fantasy and settle down. Cassie had even dated other guys, hoping to feel something for them. But it never happened, she always ended up breaking things off. No one could compare to him. Even now, Cassie dreamed about him. They were fantastical dreams; always about her and him, living together somewhere in the galaxy. A happy ever after.... She slammed her glass down; the red wine spilled onto the counter. Tears of frustration came to her eyes; she barely noticed them as they ran down her face. Where was he? Did he even think about her at all? The questions constantly plagued her mind. Sometimes, she just wanted to scream out loud. Five years is long enough! I won't go on waiting..... I won't! If only she could believe it.

Was that someone I found just a lie?
Did this love wither and die?
Will I ever see my dream standing there?
Did he ever really care?

He had never deserved her love; he hadn't expected to fall for her either. After all, she was a human; an alien from some little backwater planet. But, there had been something undeniable when he had first saw her, something, magical. He knew that he had been forever drawn to her. Unfortunately, circumstances had prevented them from being together for more than mere seconds.

He was part of the Elite Rangers, a group that did covert missions, unlike the coloured Rangers of Earth or Aquitar. Those teams specialized in fighting the monsters out in the open. He was what the humans called a spy. He had been on a reconnaissance mission on Earth when he had first seen her. Then, violating his own code, he had made contact and helped in their battles, giving himself the name, 'Phantom'. It had been appropriate. He couldn't explain it, why he had helped her. He just..... had to.

When he had been asked to explain to his superiors his actions, he didn't. What was he going to tell them? That he had fallen in love with someone from Earth and that was why he had helped? Laughable. And that was why, at this moment, he was sitting in a inter-galactic bar, working on a outer-planet assignment. A lowly assignment it was, but a dangerous one as well. And, if all went well, it would be his last. Then, finally, he would be able to go to Earth.

It was then that the agent spotted his contact. With the data disk in his pouch, he slowly made his way towards the alien. Hopefully, all would go well.

There is the dream of someone someday,
Someone to steal my heart away.

Now the past, a memory,
Was it just a fantasy?

It was the first day of her concert tour. Cassie would be traveling all around Earth, then to other planets, promoting her new album. Her first stop was going to be Angel Grove. Stepping out onto the stage, blue light shone upon her. The ex-Ranger looked stunning in her black catsuit. With all her stage makeup, no one could see the dark-circles that were under eyes, which were also puffy from crying the night before.

She had been dreaming again, about him. The memories of this town had brought them back again. The wanting, the waiting..... she had stood in a field of perfect green grass, running. It had been as if she was running towards someone, but she never reached him. Cassie had been forever running; searching for the one who held her heart.


The bar was in shambles when the medical crew arrived. Signs of a fight were seen everywhere. Glass, furniture and bodies were strewn all over the floor. Blood of all imaginable colors decorated the dirty walls. Those who were still alive were barely conscious. Only a soft moan prevented them from being sent to the morgues. One of the crew came across one body. He had been a humanoid, oxygen breathing, as the red blood that oozed from his head indicated. The black hair was matted with dried blood; the dead eyes still blazed green.

"Kalren," whispered the medical examiner. She knew that he had been stupid to accept this assignment, knowing how dangerous it was. Her friend had paid the price. With gentle movements, she closed his eyes. She then noticed something reflect the light off his chest. Reaching down, she realized that it was a holo-crystal, hanging from a golden chain.

Holding it steady, she activated it. To her surprise, a hologram of a female human appeared. She was very beautiful, with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a pink dress with butterfly embroidery, dropping down to just above her knees. The examiner didn't know who she was, but knew that young woman must have been very special to Kalren. It was then that she was determined to find whoever this girl was, and give her the crystal. It was the least that she could do for both of them.

Thus, it was one night, a few weeks later that Cassie found herself talking to Ayle, the medical examiner. Both had been in tears when Ayle had explained her reason for coming to see the famous singer. They talked well into the night, about Kalren; his life, and his loves. Finally, Ayle had to leave. But she said one last thing before she left.

"I really do believe that he loved you," Ayle whispered, handing the holo-crystal over to Cassie. "Otherwise, he would never have had this."

The ex-Pink Ranger took it with trembling hands. She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face, "I...I waited for so long.... This is just like some terrible nightmare." Cassie continued to stare down at the crystal. "No......"

Ayle could only look at her sympathetically, "I am sorry Cassie." Then, she slipped out the door, leaving the ex-Ranger by herself.

Cassie looked at the crystal that was still in her hands. Holding it up, she activated it. A hologram appeared of herself, standing in one of her favorite pink dresses. She had never known that he had carried a picture of her. And now, she would never know anything else about him. The unrelenting tears threatened to spill over once more, but she held them back. "Oh Phantom," she whispered, "If only I had known......." So many years wasted. And now, we'll never have them back.

Suddenly, there was a sharp glow from the crystal. Cassie turned away. When the light died down, she looked back to see a hologram of Kalren. He was standing, in his Phant... Elite uniform, but without the helmet. She never knew that he had black hair. It was cut short, slightly spiked, with the bangs flopping forward on his face. Kalren's eyes, they were so green; they seemed like shining emeralds to her. And right now, those eyes looked at her, sadness filling them. Cassie knew then, that he had been just as lonely as she had been. The hologram began to speak.

"Cassie, I know that you are seeing this message. This crystal was designed specifically for your DNA. But, if you are seeing this message, it means that I am not coming back to you. I had planned to, one day, come to Earth, come to you. But, my own mission prevented that from happening. I am sorry. I'm sorry that I couldn't come to you and tell you how much you mean to me...... how much I love you. I wish that there could have been another way." He fell silent, turning pleading eyes towards her. "I wanted to be with you..... so much. Now, I suppose that I won't be able to. Please, be happy, and.... don't forget me." There was another flash of light, and the hologram vanished.

"Forget?" Cassie whispered in wonder, running a finger down the delicate crystal, "How could I ever forget? You were my dream come true Kalren...... I'll never forget you."

And, till her death, Cassie Chan wore that crystal around her neck. Few people ever knew what that crystal represented. And those who did, said that the crystal was the bridge that allowed them to be together, if not in the physical, at least, in spirit.

Second Author's Notes: Okay, I never meant for this to become so... well, sad. Frankly, when I first wrote this, I thought it would be light-hearted. But, oddly enough, that's the way this came out.