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Okay, I'm back. Just wanted to say that when I wrote this, it was based on foggy memories of episodes from Power Rangers: Turbo, and Power Rangers In Space. So, as far as I can recall, Cassie never told Phantom "I love you" straight out. She just always had some faraway look in her eyes when she thought about him. So, because of that, I have taken a look at the Cassie/Phantom relationship at a new angle. (Maybe it was just not enough sleep. =) But, if she did say it, then think of this as an alternate universe thing or something.

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Setting the Record Straight
by: Catherine Lee

Alright, I know what my friends thinks of me. I mean, I'm not stupid. I can see the looks they give me when I mention his name, especially T.J. ; looks he gives me hurt most of all. The other Rangers think that I, Cassie Chan, former Pink Turbo Ranger, current Pink Space Ranger, am in love with the Phantom Ranger. How wrong everybody is. If they only knew the truth.

Now don't get me wrong, I certainly did feel a connection with him from the moment I met him. But it was not a 'fallen head-over-heels in love' type thing. It was more of a sense of familiarity. It was like I had known him from somewhere before. You know, kinda like deja vu. It was certainly a strange sensation. After all, I knew that I had never met the Phantom Ranger before.

I found out the reason for this when we next met him. Two words, "Hello Cassie" were spoken in my mind. Now, I only know of one person in the world who can mind-speak with me like that. I had only one answer, "Robbie?". It had to be my big brother Robert, who had been missing from my life for the past five years. You can probably imagine my mental reaction when I heard him say yes. I was dumbfounded, amazed and definitely shocked. I began to spill question after question at him. He couldn't answer them all at once. So, he told me that he would explain everything when we met again. I certainly hoped he would.

Robbie had ran away from home five years ago. Not that I could blame him. Our home was hell. Our parents were never around, always away at parties. They never noticed that we were around. Robbie and I were practically raised up by babysitters, until we were pretty much old enough to take care of ourselves. Our parents never even noticed when Robbie ran away. Guess who was the one to file a missing person report? Me. I was angry at Robbie at first, I wished that he had brought me with him. But I guess he thought that I wasn't old enough or something. But I also thought of this as an opportunity, maybe my parents would start to notice that they actually had children. Wishful thinking. So, two years ago, I ran away. That's when I headed out for Angel Grove. I don't think my parents even noticed.

In our next few encounters, Robbie explained how he got the Phantom powers. First, he hadn't really meant to run away from home without me. Those five years ago, he saved a man from some thugs. The man was very grateful and said that he would reward Robbie. Robbie declined the offer, telling the man that it wasn't necessary. Suddenly, there was this bright glow and Robbie was on a space ship. It turned out that the man was a scout for another planet in the galaxy. He had been looking for someone to take on the Ranger Powers of the Phantom Ruby. This Ranger would be the one to protect his planet. It seemed that no one from that planet was willing, or could take on the Powers. Robbie accepted the Ruby and became the Phantom Ranger. While he was on the other planet, he monitored my progress on Earth. Once he found out that I had become a Power Ranger, he decided that he had to come and see me. After getting permission, he flew for Earth.

Robbie later got recalled back to his planet, there was some sort of emergency. Soon after, the Power Chamber was destroyed and I went off into space with my friends. There are two reasons I came into space. One, to search for Zordon. Second, to search for Robbie. I know he is looking for Zordon as well. You know, for awhile I began to lose hope that I would ever see my brother again. But after seeing the message he left me, I know that I will see him again.

So, that's the truth. Once and for all, I am not in love with the Phantom Ranger! I love him, sure, because he is my brother. He's fighting, like me, along the side of Good. And one day, I know we'll meet again.