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Author's Notes: This story came when I was thinking (a dangerous thing to do in my case) what had happened when the old Rangers had found out that Zordon was dead? And that wave, that destroyed the evil, did it affect the Rangers in any way? So, I came up with this little piece of peanut butter fluff. Thanks to Cynthia for the beta-read. Comments, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

Coming Home
by: Catherine Lee

While getting something to drink, Trini Kwan felt herself suddenly overcome by a wave of emotion. She could feel that it was an incredible sadness, yet inexplicable good and satisfaction. She realized that a great power had just gone though her.

"Zordon," she whispered. A sudden longing arose from within her; she knew that she had to go to Angel Grove. She burst into her living room. Her friend, Zack Taylor, who had been visiting her, turned to face Trini. The look on his face told her that he had felt something too.

"We have to go home," was all she said. He nodded.

"I know."


"Where are you going Billy?" Cestro, the Blue Aquitarian Ranger asked his friend Billy Cranston. They were running through the Aquitarian city, heading for the transport pads. A few minutes ago, they had been discussing plans for helping other planets in rebuilding, when Billy had suddenly taken off out the door. He had given Cestro no explanation as to why he abruptly had to leave.

Billy himself little knew why he had the immediate urge to leave, he only knew that he had to. But he also realized that he wasn't leaving Aquitar, he was going to a place. The moment that he had felt that wave go through him, there had been only one destination.

"I'm going home," he said, "To Angel Grove."


"Excuse me, how long until we reach Angel Grove?" Kimberly Hart asked the flight attendant.

"It should be about another hour," the flight attendant answered.

Murmuring her thanks, Kimberly went back to gazing out at the clouds that passed her in the sky. Only an hour to go. Only an hour until she reached Angel Grove. She sat back, remembering. She had been practicing a routine for an upcoming meet when she had been overcome with emotion. She then had felt this sudden urge to go to Angel Grove. No, not to just Angel Grove, but an urge to go home. So, leaving behind her bewildered coach, teammates, and boyfriend, she had taken the next flight out to Angel Grove.

"I'm going home," she whispered.


"What do you mean you're leaving?"

"I have to go. Look, I can't explain it, but I've got to leave."

"But you've got races coming up!"

"I know."

"Well, where are you going?"



He looked down at the ruins. The proud building that had once stood here, now gone. This time, there was no bringing it back. There was no magic, no new backup plan, everything would remain in ruins. He hadn't known what had happened. Hell, he didn't want to know what happened. He had always thought that this place was indestructible; no force in the galaxy could touch this place. This was the sight where he, and his friends had become superheros - legends. Where he had made a promise that he would hold for the rest of his life. Where the friendships of a lifetime had been forged. Now, all that he was left with were the memories. Sitting down upon a rock, he began to weep.


"Where is it?" she asked her companion worriedly.

"I don't know, I can't see it." he replied as they hurriedly hiked up the familiar path. When they reached their destination, what they saw shocked them both to the core. Trini choked back a sob.

"It's gone," Zack whispered, "How?" Then they both saw Jason Scott, sitting amongst the ruins. They went up to him, and each in turn gave him a hug. He looked up at them, startled, but happy to see them.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"We had to come home." replied Trini softly.

"We all had to come home," came a new voice from behind them. The three immediately turned around.

"Tommy!" exclaimed Jason.


As soon as her plane had landed, Kimberly had smiled. But something still had not felt right. She realized that she still had somewhere to go. Kimberly looked in the direction of some familiar mountains. After taking a taxi, she hiked up towards the one spot that she was meant to go.

The sight that greeted her was enough to make her cry. She soon spotted Jason, Zack, Trini and Tommy nearby. She went up to them. Kimberly saw that they all had been crying as well.

"Everything's gone?" she asked. Zack just nodded.

"Is this why," she gestured to the ruins around her, "We had to come home?"

"I believe it is," replied Billy softly as he came up behind the group. "This place, it meant a lot to all of us." The memories began to pour into their minds.

Jason remembered the day that Zordon had summoned them to the Command Center. How he had called out to the power of the Tyrannosaurus for the first time. The feeling of power and duty he felt as he had gone off to save the world. How that thrill had returned when he had been asked to take on the Gold Powers. A sense of lost both times when he had to give up being a Ranger.

Trini remembered winning their first battle, the feeling of pride. All those times working on ways to stop Rita's new evil schemes. The spirit of the Saber-Toothed Tiger within her. Defeating the Praying-Mantis monster. She recalled the day that she had given her power to Aisha. She remembered crying herself to sleep those first few weeks in Geneva.

Zack remembered how he had gotten over his fear of bugs. Being a Ranger had helped him become so much a better person. He had long since matured from being that scared, selfish teenager that had run away at the opportunity to become a superhero. He was now one of the top speakers at the Teen Summit. He had hated having to give up being a Ranger, but had realized what kind of opportunity Geneva had been giving him.

Kimberly remembered being a silly airhead before she had become the Pink Power Ranger. Before, gymnastics had seemed like the only thing in her life. Then she had met Zordon, and her life suddenly had a whole new purpose. Being a gold-medal gymnast had been nothing compared to being a Power Ranger.

Billy remembered how he had suddenly felt like he belonged somewhere. He had no longer been just a nerd that technobabbled all the time. He had become a someone, an important someone. He had now actually belonged in the world. And the best part had been that he had been with his friends.

Tommy remembered being the evil Green Ranger. How guilty he had felt when the spell placed upon him had been broken. The relief he had felt when the other Rangers had took him in as one of their own. The feeling of making five lifelong friends, ones that you would risk you're life for.

"And now we're all together again," whispered Trini.

"YES RANGERS, YOU HAVE ALL COME HOME." came a voice from above them. They all turned to see Zordon, without his tube, floating above them. Unlike his usual image of a floating head, Zordon's whole body could be seen; it was a ghostly image to behold.

"Zordon? What happened? Why did you bring us here?" asked Jason.

Zordon smiled sadly. "RANGERS, I HAVE BROUGHT YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU SIX WERE THE FIRST. THE FIRST EARTH RANGERS. YES TOMMY, I MEAN YOU AS WELL," he said as Tommy opened his mouth to speak, "I MAY NOT HAVE CHOSEN YOU, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN AN EXCELLENT RANGER. YOU SIX HAVE BEEN ESPECIALLY LIKE A FAMILY TO ME. I AM SORRY THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW OF THE EVENTS WHICH HAVE OCCURRED IN THE PAST YEAR. THUS, I WISH TO TELL YOU." The Rangers all nodded, they had known when Earth had been seized by Astronema's forces, but they had not known the true extent of that destruction. Zordon began to tell of his kidnaping by the Alliance of Evil, and the destruction of the Power Chamber. He told of the Turbo Rangers going off to space to become the Space Rangers. Then he finally told of how Andros, the Red Space Ranger had to kill him. By the time Zordon had finished, all the Rangers had tears in their eyes.

"Where will you go now Zordon?" asked Kimberly.


Lights flashed on the Rangers' wrists. When the light disappeared, communicators, similar to their old ones, appeared on their wrists. There was another flash, and a carved box appeared at their feet.

"EACH RANGER WILL NOW HAVE A WAY OF INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATION WITH EACH OTHER. THE BOX CONTAINS COMMUNICATORS FOR THE REST OF THE EARTH RANGERS. YOU ARE A FAMILY POWER RANGERS. I WISH FOR ALL OF YOU TO KEEP TOGETHER," Zordon began to fade away, "MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU ALWAYS, POWER RANGERS." There was a flash of light, and he was gone. Along with him, the ruins of the Power Chamber had vanished. Only the box remained at the Rangers' feet. They all looked at each other.

"Keep together, that's what Zordon said," said Trini.

"We all should," agreed Billy.

"And now we have the means," said Zack, reveling in the familiar weight on his wrist.

"We'll honor Zordon's wish," said Jason, "No matter how busy, or how far apart we are, we will keep together. Like Zordon said, we're a family."

"Right," agreed Tommy, "Hands together?" He stuck his hand out. All the others followed. In a familiar cry, they shouted, "Power Rangers!"

They had come home.

Author's Note: Because I didn't mention it at the beginning, the phrase "Beyond the veil...", I got from the show Babylon 5, which also doesn't belong to me.