Disclaimer: This story is in no way bringing me a profit. Power Rangers and Power Rangers Turbo are all characters that belong to Saban. And the only thing I own is my idea for this story.

Author's Note: Ok, if the title isn't quite obvious some rangers are going to go to the past. I tried to do this story on the best of my knowledge of Power Rangers, and to make sure their is no confusion in determining the Turbo team from the Power Ranger team, I have color coded them.

A Mission to the Past
by Lisa L.

It was a normal day in Angle Grove, and everything was peaceful. Divatox has not attacked in weeks, so it gave the Power Rangers a chance to go about their daily lives. They all decided to hang out at the beach, for a day of fun in the sun. Three teenagers were at a picnic table waiting for their friends. Adam, Kat, and Tonya looked up when they saw Tommy.

Kat: Hey Tommy how's the racing going we haven't seen you in weeks.

Adam: Hey why the long face.

Tommy: I got a call last night. Jason's in the hospital.

Kat: What happened? Is he all right?

Tommy: Last night he was injured while fighting in a tournament. His parent told me that he will never be able to compete again, he'll be lucky if he can even walk after what happen to him. ( Tommy was feeling very depressed, and was unable to express his feeling to his friends)

Tonya: That's awful, we have to go cheer him up, let's go visit him.

Tommy: I don't know guys. He's always been there for me, now I can't do anything to help him.

Kat: (places a hand on Tommy's shoulder) Yes you can Tommy, by being there for him during this time of difficulty you can help him through it.

Justin: (Justin rides up on his bike) Hey guys why all the long faces.

Tonya: I'll tell you later Justin.(Not wanting to get further on the subject, since Tommy was having difficulty dealing with Jason injury) Why don't we all go for a swim.

All five teenagers agree, and off they went to go play on the beach. Meanwhile Divatox was getting ready to put her latest plan into play.

Divatox: (glowing with happiness, as she looks through her periscope) I am so glad I was smart enough to sent a detonator to earth a couple of years ago. If I'm right then it should be going off with a big bang in about (pauses as she thinks) 5 minutes. The Rangers will never know what hit them .

Elgar: (scratches his head) Umm Antie D, when did you sent the detonator?

Divatox: (gives him a look) Well bone head, remember when we were fighting off some Sa-warriors of the Planet of Saaur.

Elgar: Yeah, what a bunch of pussies. We threw detonators at their ships...

Divatox: (cuts him off) You know the story, but to make it short, remember we had an unidentified thing floating in space, and we decided to blow that up too.

Elgar: Yeah, but I don't get what your saying.

Divatox: DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO YOU WORD FOR WORD? At the time Lord Zed, placed Rita in a containment cell, and that's what the unidentified object was. Elgar: How come Rita's not dead, then?

Divatox: Two reason: 1. She crashed landed on earth, and the detonator flew off the container; 2. When the detonator landed, it got reprogrammed, and after figuring out it's location I was able to determine when it was going to go off. So I then decided to let the rangers enjoy there last days of happiness. (giving an evil laugh).

At the beach Adam, Tonya, and Kat were setting up lunch on a picnic table, while Tommy and Justin swam in the water. All of a sudden there was a loud booming sound coming from the direction of the park. The sky started turning dark purple, as though thousands of poisonous gases were mixing with in the atmosphere. Tommy and Justin both popped their heads out of the water. They both knew this had to be one of Divatox's plans. Just before Adam, could yell to Tommy, he dropped to the ground, as though he was choking from the poisonous atmosphere. Tonya and Kat were reacting the same way. Tommy looked at his friends, and wanted to rescue them, but him knew it wasn't possible. He pulled Justin underwater, before either of them could be affected. Both disappeared in bright light colors, as they pressed their communicators.

At the Command Center, Dimitria and Alpha 6 shook their heads in disappointment, as though they should of known that this could of happened. Just then two streaks of light appeared one in blue and the other red.

Alpha 6: You guys were lucky to escape that death trap, if you would of stayed their any long you would of suffered the same fate.

Tommy: Dimitria what happened? (hoping that Dimitria will give him a straight answer)

Dimitria: Isn't quit obvious Tommy, Divatox knew something we didn't, and our sensors didn't pick it up, the question you should be more worried about is how this could of happened.

Alpha 6: (Alpha 6 does a scan of Angle Grove, to determine the location of the problem) Well everyone in Angle Grove is effected, it's just a matter of time before the hole world gets a taste of this stuff to.

Justin: (Justin looks at the Command Center's equipment) Well I don't understand why we didn't pick this detonator up before, the only way it could of been dismissed is if, well, it's location was ignored. We never shut down the Command Center, so how could we of missed it.

Tommy: (He thinks, then he opens his eyes wide) Justin we never shut down the command center, but Zordon did once, then their was that time when Zed blew this place up, and the time (lowers his head in shame, as thought his worst nightmare has returned to him) when I destroyed the Command Center.

Justin: (He became shocked) You? How could you do such a thing.

Dimitria: Justin it is not relevant to discuss Tommy's past doings, people have reasons for their actions, even if their actions are hard to understand.

Justin: (He took that as a hint not to talk about it.) Ok then, so one of those three dates was the date the detonator was planted. Alpha, we now currently know the signature of the detonator, so we should be able to trace all daily inspection files in the log, to find a signature that matches what were looking for.

Alpha 6: Good thinking Justin.

Tommy: Dimitria what are the condition of the people of Angle Grove.

Dimitria: My censors say that they are all sleeping.

Tommy: Well are they going to be ok when they wake up.

Dimitria: Tommy you were once in deep sleep, by the same stuff, you tell me?

Tommy: ( Gives a long think) Oh man, when they wake up they'll all be slaves to Divatox.

Justin: Is their a way to reverse the effects, how were you saved Tommy?

Tommy: I was saved by my friends, there is no way we can save everyone at once.

Dimitria: Not true Tommy, their is always a way.

Alpha 6: I found the date the detonator first existed.

Tommy: What's the date.

Alpha: According to the log it was the date you became the White Ranger, the Command Center was shut down, to make the newest member to the team.

Justin: Ok we know when this thing came, now what?

Tommy: Alpha, Dimitria, twice as a ranger I was sent back in time, do you think it's possible for me and Justin to go back in time, to stop this from happening.

Dimitria: (Smiles) Yes I do believe it could be possible, but we would need a huge power source.

Justin: (Starts to rub his skin) Gosh wish I would of listened to Kat when she said I should wear some suntan lotion.

Tommy: Justin you're a genius, we can use the sun as a power source, got any big mirrors Alpha.

Alpha 6: We just so happen, to have one in storage just give me an hour and well be ready, set, and go on this.

A hour pasted.

Alpha 6: Everything is set to go

Dimitria: A word of caution, rangers, do not make contact with yourselves or your friends. If you must then seek Zordon's help. (Both Tommy and Justin nod their heads)

Alpha 6: Yo yo yo! Don't think about leaving until I tell you where it is. According to the log, Rita landed on earth, at the same time, there's a good chance that, that is the reason the detonator is here in the first place.

Tommy: I should of known. All right I think were set. Justin have the backpacks ready? Justin: Yep, Let's get going.

Alpha entered the information in to the Command Center's computer. All of a sudden a blue swirling pool formed before Tommy and Justin. Dimitria said, "May the Power Protect you rangers." Then both Tommy and Justin jumped through the pool. They had no idea what could be waiting for them on the other side.

The whirlpool opened up at Angle Grove Park, just after the birth of the white ranger. Tommy and Justin were thrown out of the whirlpool, and were surrounded by nothing but calm and quiet surroundings.

Justin: The was cool! I've got to do that again. (acting very energetic)

Tommy: (with a more serious look, as he helps Justin off the ground) Later Justin when we destroy what we came for. I believe Rita Landed over there. (he points his finger to a hill not far in the distance)

Tommy and Justin start to walk in the direction of the hill. Once they reach the hill they see six teenagers, holding a canister over their heads. Tommy notices and recognizes them and hardly pulls Justin to the ground behind the bush.

Justin: (Whispering) Ouch! What did you do that for?

Tommy: Sorry I had to do that. The Power Rangers are right in front of you. And that canister they have in their hands contains Rita Repulsa.

They watched as the canister containing Rita was placed right back into space. Then the six Power Rangers pressed their communicators and disappeared in 6 different color lights.

Tommy: (Getting off the ground, and helps Justin up) That was close. Well let the search begin(Tommy took out a scanner from him backpack and starts to analyze the area for traces of the detonator.)

Tommy: That's strange I'm not picking up any readings in the area, that match the detonator.

Justin: Maybe it's possible the detonator didn't land here. It might of broke off somewhere around here.

Tommy: Your probable right, lets split up, I'll met you back here in one hour. If you find anything suspicious let me know. Oh and don't forget what Dimitria said about avoiding yourself or any other ranger.

Justin: Ok!

Tommy and Justin took off in opposite directions.

An Hour Later, Tommy and Justin met back at the hill.

Tommy: Find anything?

Justin: Nope, it seems hopeless, we've search the entire park, where else could it be.

Tommy: Justin don't give up hope yet, we have to find it our future depends on it.

Justin: Your right, but can we go get a drink it's getting hot out here with all this sun.

Tommy: I agree, but how are going to go into the Youth Center without us being notice.

Justin: Well I don't have to worry about being notice because nobody knows me out here, so I brought you a hat. Well actually Alpha picked the hat out. ( he pulls out a brown cowboy hat, from his backpack)

Tommy: Usually I would refuse to wear something like that, but what choice do I have. (he takes the hat from Justin and puts it on his head. He tilts the hat so it covers his eyes.) How do I look Justin: (Thinking he looks stupid) ok, just like a cowboy in a red T-shirt (Tommy walks ahead of him, and Justin starts to giggle).

Both Justin and Tommy stopped right in front of the Youth Center. Justin said, "Are you ready?" "Yeah", responded Tommy. He took a deep breath and started to walk towards the Youth Center's doors. When they both got inside they looked around for a table, that would give them an easy get away if their was trouble. They then agree to sit at the table in the middle of the Youth Center. They walked over to the table, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Justin: I'll go order us some water, ok.

Tommy: (Nodded in agreement. He sat down at the table and kept his head down. He looked out from the corner of his eyes, trying to identify the people who were around him. He also kept his ears wide open, in hope of hearing some gossip that might help them)

Justin walks up to Youth Center's counter. He sees Ernie and a guy in blue overalls and glasses, watching the latest battle of the Power Rangers on the news.

Ernie: (Looks at Justin) May I help you?

Justin: Yes, I would like two waters.

Ernie: Coming right up. (He takes two glasses off the shelf, and starts poring water into them.) I haven't seen you around here before.

Justin: Well I'm not from around here. Me and my friend over their were just going for a walk through the park and decided we needed some glasses of cold water to refresh us. Before we go back on the road. It's pretty hot outside.

Ernie: I'm sure it is. (Hands Justin the glasses)

Justin: (Turns his voice down, in hope that only Ernie could hear him) Have you seen or heard about anything unusual in the park. Like for instant, a device with a timer on it. My friend lost it a few hours ago and we haven't a clue where it is.

Ernie: Someone today just told me they saw a device that matches that description by the pond, but when they went to check it out it was gone. I told them it must of been the heat playing tricks on them.

Justin: Thanks for the information. How much do I owe you?

Ernie: Nothing the waters are on the house.

Justin: Thanks! (Walks away from the counter and returns to the table)

Ernie: (He takes his eyes off Justin as he leaves and went back to talking with the customer at the counter) Strange group of guys, don't you think Billy?

Billy: I agree.( He keeps his eyes on the boy as he returns to his table. He thinks to himself, and says in a tone for only him to hear.) Actually that kid was more then suspicious, I think I should keep an I on those two until the others get here.

Tommy: What took you so long Justin?

Justin: I was getting some information.

Tommy: What did you find out.

Justin: Erie said, that some guy found a similar device around the pond. But also said when the guy went to go check on it, it disappeared. Is it possible that the detonator could be alive?

Tommy: I'm sure anything is possible. That's probably why we can not track it. It might be moving away from us. We got to stop it from leaving the park.

Just then a group of teenagers entered the Youth Center.

Zack: Isn't great were all a team again.

Jason: This calls for a celebration.

Tommy (white): Man I never thought this day would come again.

Trini: Goes to prove dreams do come true.

Kim: (Holding Tommy's arm) Yeah!

The teens walk up to the counter.

Jason: Six drinks of soda, Ernie.

Ernie: Coming up.

Zack: Hey Billy, what's you looking at?

Billy: Those two guys over their. The kid was asking about a device with a timer on it. Says his buddy lost it.

Zack: So?

Billy: Its just suspicious.

Kim: I agree, that cowboy hat doesn't go with that red shirt.

Tommy (white): Maybe we should talk to them. See if we can help them find whatever their looking for.

Jason: That's not a bad idea, you never know who Zed might send after us.

Trini: Who's going to ask?

Jason: I will.

Kim: Count me in.

Jason and Kim start to walk over to Justin and Tommy's table. Back at the table.

Justin: Tommy, two people are walking our direction.

Tommy (red): (He takes a quick glance from under his hat.) It's Kim and Jason. I knew this was a bad idea to come here.

Justin: What are we going to do?

Tommy (red): Leave, but try to act natural. They might not be coming toward us.

Both got up from and table and slowly started to walk to the door. Neither of them looked back. Kim and Jason walked faster towards them. Then Jason tapped Tommy (red) on the shoulder, and said, "Excuse me, I was wondering if we could have a word with you guys." Tommy froze, he didn't know what to do. He couldn't turn around. All he could do was hope that Justin had a plan.

Justin turned around, and looked at the concern look on Tommy's face. He then faced the two rangers that were questioning their actions. He then decided to survey his situation. He looked to his right, their was Bulk and Skull making some whip cream pies for the bake sale. Justin started to show of a wicked grin, he knew how to get out of this situation.

Justin: No you may not have a word with us.( He picked up two pies off the cart) Tommy duck!

Tommy did as Justin told him. That pie went right into Jason's face. Justin pick up another and threw it at Kim. The pie went right on Kim's new pink shirt, and she was angry. He then yelled, "RUN!" Tommy ran for the door as fast as he could. Justin tried to do the some, but slipped due to the floor being covered with pie. He tried to get back up, but Kim grabbed onto his shirt. Tommy turned around, when he got to the door. He was about ready to go back for Justin, when Justin said, " Tommy get out of here before your seen, I'll be all right." Tommy knew this was true and said, " I'll be back for after I find it." He then quickly leaves the Youth Center. Zack, Tommy (white), and Billy then tried to go after him but lose track of him, as soon as they went outside. Trini hands Jason a towel and then helps Kimberly grab a hold of Justin.

Jason: Did you get him?

Tommy (white): No, we lost track of him.

Jason: Why did you do that kid? (Looking at Justin, while he wipes the pie off his face.)

Justin: (Who was now covered in pie from head to two said nothing, but smiled. He just hoped that Tommy would be able to complete their mission with out him.)

Ernie: (Walks over to Justin) Well whatever your reasons are for doing this, your going to clean it up, then your going to contact your parents.

Justin: (His eyes widen. He thinks, my parents, how am I going to explain to them that my parent don't even know me in this time period) I can't call my parent, their on vacation. My friend Tommy was taking care of me, until they get back.( Justin thought is that the best I can come up with.)

Jason: I have a better idea Ernie after he cleans up this mess he can help us out with some work.

Justin: I like that idea better.(He thinks, that will be the perfect time to escape.)

Tommy made it to the pond. He starts thinking," How could I of been so stupid to go there. I let Justin get caught. I should concentrate on the mission then I'll worry about Justin." Tommy decides to stop thinking and starts to scan the pond area for the detonator. The scan then starts to pick up a faint reading. Tommy said, "Even thought it's a faint reading it's a start."

On the moon.

Zed: What is Tommy up too? (As he looks at an image of Tommy by the lake)

Goldar: I thought he was wearing white?

Zed: Don't mind that, Goldar take some putties down their and find out what he's doing. (Goldar agrees, and disappears with 4 putties.)

The signal on Tommy's scanner was growing stronger. Then he saw the detonator. "So there you are", he said. Just as he was about to pick up the device, Goldar showed up with 4 putties.

Goldar: Now I've got you white ranger.

Tommy: (Looks at him, and thinks, he must think I'm the white ranger, boy is he in for a surprise.) Goldar it's been awhile.

Goldar: (He looks confuse, by what Tommy said) Putties attack!

Tommy was surrounded by putties on all four sides. But he wasn't worried. He knew that putties were a pie of cake compared to paranatrons. He then shouts to Goldar, "This is going to be a quick fight." After fooling around with the putties he decided now would be the time to stop fooling around. He first did a forward thrust, and destroyed two putties coming at him. Kicked the other two as they jumped at him.

Tommy: Is that all you got, Goldar, that wasn't even a challenge.

Goldar: You want a challenge, well your going to get it.( He starts to walk forward towards Tommy, but is interrupted by the voice of Zed)

Zed: Goldar come back to the moon, I have a plan.

Goldar: (Growled) Yes, my lord. Just wait until next time Tommy. (He then disappears back to the moon)

Tommy: I hope Zed doesn't know that their are two Tommys.

He turns around to where the detonator, was when he last looked. But it was gone. He scanned the area, but he had no trace of the detonator. He said, "Where did it go, it's like it disappeared in thin air, Zed!" Tommy was worried, Zeds possession of the detonator could alter time. The earth might be no more if he doesn't stop him. Tommy realized that he was going to need help.

On the moon.

Goldar: I wanted to fight him.(Says in a moaning voice.)

Zed: You will have your chance, so this is what Tommy's after. ( He hold's up the detonator)

Goldar: What is it?

Zed: You numskull, it a detonator. It will make the perfect monster to destroy the rangers. ( Zed shoots a red beam from his staff, and the detonator become a monster known as Demolition. He looks at Demolition.) When the time is right you will lead a full scale attack against the power rangers.

Demolition: Yes master.

Zed: (laughs) Nothing and no one can stop me now!

At the Youth Center, Justin is mopping the floor. He thinks, as he mops up the pie mess, "I hope Tommy has found that detonator by now, this mopping is making my back hurt. I should be helping him not mopping the floor." He looks at the floor, it looks shiny and completely clean. He thinks, "Done, now's my chance to sneak out before anybody notices." He places the mop down and starts to head towards the door. Then all of a sudden, Jason walked in wearing clean clothes and headed over to Justin. "Rats," Justin thinks.

Jason: (Looks at the floor, then to Justin) I see your done cleaning up are you ready to do some more work.

Justin: (Lets out a huff) What kind of work?

Jason: Well me and my friends are picking up the park for charity, and we could use another person on the team.

Justin: (Thinks to himself, "Didn't I just do that last week!") all right, it's not like I have a choice, it's either that or call my parents.

Jason: All right, then lets get going. Umm wouldn't you like to change first?

Justin: (He looks at himself covered in pie) Your right, give me a minute to change.( He grabs his bag and heads to the locker room, and change his clothes with the spare he brought with him. Then he comes back out and joins Jason.) Ok, I'm ready to go.

Jason: All right, the group is waiting for us.

Both left the Youth Center together and walk towards the park.

Jason: (Wanting to start a conversion) Let me introduce myself, I'm Jason. (Offering his hand for a shake.)

Justin: (He shakes Jason's hand) Justin.

Jason: Please to meet you, even if you threw a pie in my face. So if you don't mind me asking, this fella, Tommy, is suppose to be taking care of you. Why did he run off, and better yet why did you start a pie fight?

Justin: (Thinks, "Oh boy what to say.") Tommy is not a people person, he thinks someone is always out to get him, since he has problems with the law. So when you tapped him on the shoulder he freaked out, so I decided to give him a clean or in other terms a sloppy get away. Jason: (Thinks, "Some how I don't think he is telling me the truth.") Well your friend has nothing to worry about, me and my friends are nice people. Any ways your friend is very strange.

Justin: Yes he is, he has always been like that, it must me a sickness.

Jason and Justin finally reach the park, and joined the rest of Jason's friends.

Zack: Jas my man, you missed an great speech from the mayor and I see you've brought a friend.

Jason: Guys I want you to meet Justin our notorious pie thrower (Gesturing towards Justin) This is Zack, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy (white).

Justin: (Nods his head to everyone and starts to stare at Tommy, Gosh Tommy what on earth did you do to your hair.) Please to meet you all, I'm sorry about the pie fight, no hard feeling.

Kimberly: (Smiles) No hard feels.

The seven of them, then headed on their quest for garbage by the pond in the park. At the same time Tommy (Red) is trying to figure out where the detonator had gone, and what to tell Zordon. He then noticed the seven teenagers coming over the hill. He ducks behind a bush. Justin starts to pick up trash, he then heads over to the area when Tommy was hiding.

Tommy (Red) then grabbed Justin.

Justin: (Looks to Tommy (Red)) Did you find it?

Tommy (Red): I did, but now it's missing again. I think Lord Zed might have it. I've scan the area twice, I'm quite positive that Lord Zed has it.

Justin: What should we do?

Tommy (Red): We aren't going to do anything. You have to say with the Power Rangers and look out for the detonator. Me I'm going to seek Zordon's help.

Justin: All right.

Jason: Hey Justin where did you go?(Looking around for Justin)

Justin: I'm over here, just picking up some trash over here by the bush.

Tommy (Red): Talk to you later.

Justin: (Glances at Tommy, and walks back over to the group)

Jason: (Looks to Justin) For a second their I thought you took off.

Justin: Don't worry, I'm not planning of going anywhere.

All of a sudden Demolition appeared in front of the Rangers with seven putties by his side.

Zack: What the heck is that?

Trini: Another one of Zeds monsters, it looks like a time bomb.

Justin: (Talking to himself in a low tone) It's the detonator, I hope Tommy (red) hasn't left for Zordon yet.

Demolition: You have met you doom. Putties attack!

Jason: Justin get out of here!

Justin: I can't just leave you guys! Tommy (White): Justin go! Now!

Justin: (Thinks maybe I should go get Tommy, but he told me not to leave them. I have no idea what this monster is capable of.) NO!

Billy: Don't forget to hit the 'Z'.

Justin refused to leave no matter how many times everyone kept shouting at him to leave. He just went a head and fought a putty. He figured they must be a piece of cake compared to Paranatrons if you only have to hit the 'Z'. As the other rangers finished off fighting the Putties, they all watched in amazement as Justin defeats a putty all by himself.

Tommy (White): Where did you learn those moves?

Justin: My dad taught me. (At the same time he was proud of those words, and disappointed that his father wasn't with him.)

Demolition: Well you destroyed those putties, but you can't defeat me!

Jason: (Telling Tommy (White) quietly) We can't morph if Justin is here.

Red Turbo: (All of a sudden the red turbo ranger appear.)Hey clock boy, leave these people alone!

Kim: Who is this guy?

Billy: Or better yet where did he come from?

Justin: All right, get him. (Thinks, thank goodness Tommy (red) got here.)

Demolition: Maybe another time. (He starts to leave.)

Red Turbo: (He notices this and runs toward Demolition, but he is too late. Demolition returned to the moon. He then looks down and notices that Demolition left a detonator.) Get Back Everyone! (He pick of the detonator, throws it in the air, pulls out his pistol and shoots it. The detonator explodes in mid-air.)

Jason: (Walks up to the Red Turbo Ranger) Who are you?

Red Turbo: A friend. (Before Jason could say anything more he took off.)

Tommy (White): I sure hope he stays on our side.

Justin: Don't worry! I'm sure he will. (Shows a bright smile)

On the moon.

Zed: Where did that Ranger come from? He ruined my plans!

Finister: My Lord I believe I may have a solution to your problems. Put this potion in the rangers' drinks and they will face their worst fears, making them delusional.

Zed: Sounds evil, I like it. Goldar!

Goldar: Yes my Lord.

Zed: I want you to put this formula Finister made up in the ranger's drinks.

Finister: (Hands Goldar the blue glowing bottle) Make sure you put it in all their drinks and only one drop is needed in each.

Goldar: Yah, yah, yah, how hard will it be for me to do this, I could do it with my hands tied behind my backs.

Zed: Stop bickering and get to it.

Goldar: Yes. (Takes the bottle and leaves.)

Back at the park, the gang was all talking about the fight. At the time, Justin was thinking about how he and Tommy (Red) were going to stop Demolition. While all the rangers were trying to figure out who that mysterious ranger could be.

Justin: That was an awesome fight. Don't you guys think?

Zack: Yeah, but Justin we wanted you to leave the fighting to us.

Trini: You could of gotten hurt.

Tommy (White): Justin we are older then you when we tell you to go, for your safety. We mean it.

Jason: Tommy is right, you should leave the fighting to us. We know what were doing.

Justin: (Thinks yeah right, you don't have a clue what your up against.) I can take care of myself, I maybe 13 but I have a black belt. And I also know what I'm doing, so don't jump to conclusions.

Kim: (Realizes that everyone is getting tensed up because of Justin) How about I go get us something to drink, it will help cool everyone off.

All: Yeah!

Kim: I'll be right back.

Over by the refreshments stand. Goldar see seven glasses set up for the rangers. He thinks, "Better hurry up before Kim comes back." He opens the bottle. "How much did Finister say to put in them? Oh well," he said. He empties the bottle completely into one cup. "What their isn't any more left? Oh no, if Zed finds out. I should of paid more attention, maybe I can ask Finister to make another batch real quick," he thinks. He then notices Kim coming back with a tray to take the refreshments. He disappears, and hopes that everything will work out fine, even if he screwed up. Kim picks up the cups and places them on the tray and heads towards the group. "Here you go guys," she said. Each ranger grabbed a cup. Justin took a sip of his water. He started to fell funny, but he decided it must of been the heat and fight which worn him down.

At the Power Chamber, signals were going off like crazy, as soon as a flash of red entered the building. The red light ended up being the Red Turbo Ranger.

Alpha 5: Zordon we have an intruder.

Red Turbo: Don't be alarm, I come here to ask for your help Zordon.

Zordon: Who are you, and how may I be an assistance?

The red turbo ranger removed his helmet. He knew Dimitria told him not to reveal his identity, but if he was to destroy Demolition he was going to have to show Zordon that he could trust him. He reveals that he is Tommy Oliver. Zordon was shocked and so was Alpha 5, although they had no facile expression to show it Tommy knew.

Alpha 5: Tommy what are you doing here, your suppose to be in the park. Where did you get the new suit?

Tommy (Red): Let me explain, I am Tommy Oliver, but from the future. Are you familiar with Divatox?

Zordon: Yes, she is a space pirate.

Tommy (Red): Well she sent a detonator to the past, and if I don't disarm it their will not be any future for earth. Zed has made the detonator into a monster call Demolition. He is extremely dangerous, and could alter history.

Zordon: I agree with you. Alpha scan for this monster and alert the Power Rangers as soon as you find it.

Alpha: Will do Zordon.

Back at the park, the seven power rangers just got done with drinking their waters. They then continued to pick up trash. Just then Justin started to experience a head ache so bad that he couldn't stand straight. "Man I don't think I feel so good," he says. He looked around to see if Tommy (red) was still watching him. He then felt another streak of pain throughout his head, he holds it tight and keeps his eyes close. The other started to notice Justin, they walked over to him. Justin started to hallucinate, he was giving a blank start out in the distance. Jason waved his hands in front of Justin, "You all right?" Justin then saw his father and mother at his father's Karate school. His mother said, "Justin, will you settle down, before you hurt yourself." His father said, "Justin, do what your mother says." He then saw the image of his mother's death in the hospital. Then he saw his father over his mother's coffin crying. Justin didn't know how to react it was a painful memory, he started to cry. He heard his father's voice, the same words his father mentioned to him a year ago. Justin father said, " Justin I can't do it anymore. The karate school reminds me too much of your mother, if you don't mind I think I will look for a better line of work. I know a great place with lots of kids your age, and you'll get better care, then I could ever offer you. Don't worry this is only temporarily, we'll be a family again real soon." More tears started to come out of Justin's eyes, those very words of his father, had killed his innocents. Jason didn't know what to do, "Justin can you hear me?" The next image Justin saw was his friends Tommy, Rocky, Kat, Adam, and Tonya dead in front of his eyes. Divatox killed them with her forces, and laughed at their life less body. Justin started to shout, "I killed them, I wasn't there when they needed me."

Billy: What are you talking about Justin? (He leans closer to Justin.)

Justin: (His eyes were filled with tears of sadness and anger) It's not my fault! ( He pushed Billy to the ground in an awful rage. Both Jason and Tommy (White) grabbed Justin's arms and pinned him to the ground. Zack grabbed Justin's feet and pinned them to the ground.)

Trini: (Walks over to Billy, and helps him up.) Are you all right.

Billy: Yeah.

Kim: What to you think is wrong with him?

Billy: I don't' know, maybe he is having a panic attack. We should probable get him to a hospital.

Back at the Power Chamber.

Tommy (Red): Alpha do you think you could get the rangers on the viewing globe. I need to know how my companion is doing.

Alpha 5: Sure thing, Tommy.

Alpha 5 pressed a button on the control panel, to turn on the viewing globe. The image of the rangers pinning Justin to the ground. Tommy (Red) watched as Justin was struggling to get free.

Tommy (Red): What are they doing to him?

Zordon: Alpha scan the boy.

Alpha 5: Yes Zordon. They sensors say the boy is infected with one of Finister's potions.

Tommy (Red): Zordon I must go help my friend. If he morphs, the rangers will not be able to stop him.

Zordon: Very well Tommy go help your friend.

Tommy (Red) morphed back into the red turbo ranger, and teleported to the park, in hope of helping Justin.

Angle Grove Park.

Billy: Ok guys, lift him gently and try to get him to the car.

Justin: Let go of me, you paranatrons!

Kim: Boy does he pick good names.

Red Turbo: (He appeared in a flash of red in front of the Rangers.) What is wrong with him?

Tommy (White): He's gone out of control, we can't calm him down.

Red Turbo: Let me try. (The guys put Justin down on the ground still pinning him. Red Turbo moved over Justin.) Make sure you have his arms down secure.

Jason: Ok, whatever you say.

Red Turbo: Justin can you hear me?

Justin: There all dead, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tonya, and Kat.

Red Turbo: No, Justin their not dead their going to be all right.

Justin: Get away from me you lier.

Red Turbo: Justin, it's me Tommy. (He takes off his helmet.) Justin see I'm not dead, I'm here with you. ( The other rangers all jumped away, especially Tommy (White). They were so confuse, they let go of Justin.)

Justin: I don't believe you ( He gets up off the ground before Tommy could stop him. He pulls out his morpher) Shift into Turbo! Mountain Blaster!

Billy: (Was struck with confusion) This is fascinating a kid, a power ranger.

Tommy (Red): Justin, I'm the real Tommy, remember your birthday party when you got that bike, I saved you from being blown to bits. (Talks to Jason) All will be explain later, I could use your help in capturing him.

Jason: Ok, It's Morphin Time. (All the Rangers were morphed.)

Tommy (Red): What about your dad, Justin, you want to see him again don't' you?

Justin: Dad never loved me, he left me when I needed him.

Tommy (Red): Don't say that Justin your dad loves you dearly.

Jason: Guys I have a plan Zack, Trini you sneak up behind him and grab him.

Zack & Trini: Right!

Tommy (Red): So does the team, we all need you. Without you who would be their to watch my back.

Justin: You mean it?

Tommy (Red): Yes I do.

Justin de-morphs and starts to run towards Tommy. Zack and Trini, then grabbed Justin. All eight of them were teleported to the Command Center. Justin was sent into a cage without his turbo morpher.

Justin: You tricked me.

Alpha 5: Don't worry Tommy your friend will be all right soon, I'll give him the antidote. (Alpha brings a shot over to Justin and gives him an injection with the antidote.

Justin: (He returns to normal, remembering everything that happened.) What happened? I haven't felt this bad, since I don't remember when.

Tommy (Red): You were under one of Zed's potions. Well it's great to have you back.

Kim: Ok, happy ending. What the heck is going on? Why are their two Tommys, and where did the kid ranger come from?

Billy: Yes, an informative explanation is necessary.

Tommy (White): This is just weird it's like seeing a mirror image of myself.

Zordon: Please Rangers let Tommy and Justin explain their situation

An hour went by Tommy and Justin went over all the details about their mission and Divatox's detonator. They tried to avoid any information that would lead the rangers clues to the future.

Tommy (White): So Zed has a powerful monster on his hands.

Justin: The way I see it, if we work together we should be able to defeat Demolition.

Billy: Agreed, we have to lure the monster out of hiding, and I'm sure I qualify in disarming the detonator as soon as he returns to his actual form.

Justin: No offense Billy, but do you even know how to disarm one.

Tommy (Red): Justin, Billy can do it, your not the only genius on the team.

Justin: All right.

Trini: The question is how do we set the trap.

Tommy (White): We need some sort of bait.

Justin: How about me.

Jason: That sounds good. Zed doesn't know we changed you back, but take extreme caution.

Justin: I know, I've had the speech.

Kim: Ok we have a plan, now we have to hope it works.

Justin teleports to Angle Grove Park and starts to call for Demolition. The other Rangers all stationed themselves in the area ready to appear, when he showed. Just then Demotion showed up. "What do you want," he demanded. "I want to join you, I have nothing left, I've lost everything," Justin tells him. "You mean it, we would be unstoppable," he said back. Justin walks closer to Demolition, pulls out his hand blasters and starts to shoot Demolition. Demolition falls to the ground the other rangers appeared around Demolition and started to shoot him with their pistols. Demolition was then destroy and then returned to his original form as a detonator. Billy picked it up and disarmed it. "Well that takes care of that, we should return to the Power Chamber," he says and he destroys the detonator. Tommy (Red), "You guys go ahead I have something I have to do." They agree and Tommy (Red) de-morphed.

Tommy (Red) heads to the post office. "I'm going to get in trouble for this, but whose going to know, Zordon said he was going to have to erase everyone's memory," he say as he writes a letter to Jason. He gives it to the postal worker, and told him to deliver the letter, to the address in three years. He then leaves and teleports to the Command Center.

At the Command Center, everyone was waiting for Tommy (Red).

Tommy (Red): Ok I'm here, Justin did you explain to them how were going to get home.

Justin: Yeah, I think I shocked them with all my knowledge of quantum physics.

Tommy: Well that wouldn't be the first.

Billy: Everything is set, the only thing is we can't send you back here at the Command Center. We have to send you back at the same spot you arrived at.

All the rangers went to the spot Tommy and Justin first came from. Alpha communicated to the rangers to let him know when they were ready to send Tommy and Justin back into the future. At the same time, Zed notice the rangers were up to something so, he listen in on their conversation. "So Tommy and the kid are from another time, well I'll just have to give them an exciting ride back", he says as he gets ready to point his staff to earth.

Tommy (Red) says, "Hey thanks for your help you guys! We couldn't of done this with out you." Justin, " You can say that again Tommy, Thanks guys." Tommy (White), "Were just doing our jobs. It's ashamed, that after you leave were not going to remember you guys." Tommy (Red), "Hey you haven't seen any of us yet, so you have something to look forward to." Billy, "Alpha is ready, you two ready?" Justin, "Oh yeah can't wait to go time traveling again!" Billy presses his communicator, "Alpha their ready." "Ok!" said Alpha as he executed the commands into the panel. All of a sudden a blue whirlpool appeared in front of them. "I guess this is so long for now," Jason said. "Yeah, Bye, good luck rangers," Tommy (Red) said. "You too, "Jason answered back. Just as Tommy (Red) and Justin entered the whirlpool, Zed shot a red bolt of lighting at the whirlpool.

Tommy and Justin realized something was wrong. The whirlpool was no longer the color blue it was red. When they reached the end of the tunnel they went flying out and hit a wall. They both got off the ground, and looked at their surroundings. Justin says, "Umm, Tommy did we just enter the Star Ship Enterprise?" "I have no idea," Tommy says. Tommy turns around and looks throughout the window. "Justin I have a feeling were not on earth anymore," Tommy said. "Why do you say that?" Justin responded. Justin Gets off the floor and looks out the window. They both saw earth in the distance, and they knew they didn't return to their time. Justin looks at the earth with amazement, then looks at a sign that is on the opposite wall. "Astro Mega Ship, wonder what that means?" Justin says. "Don't know Justin, but were going to find out soon enough," Tommy replied.

Part 2: A Future of Confusion

Justin and Tommy were still confuse of their surroundings. Why, how, and where ran throughout their minds. "Well the warp pool was red, that obviously is the reason we are here, but how could that happen?" Tommy question Justin hoping for an answer. "Well a large energy source, like lighting might of throw the time warp off, but it was clear skies when we left Angle Grove. According to Alpha 6 before we left, we should of returned back to our time period with no memory of what we did, " Justin figured. "So where ever we are it's not our time," Justin explained to Tommy.

Just then they heard a female voice, she sound like a robot. DECA spoke with alarming intentions as she watch through her video cameras, "Intruders identify yourself, you do not have access to the Astro Mega Ship. Enter access code." Justin and Tommy were completely alert, they weren't alone they realized. "Justin any minute someone is going to come looking for us, and we don't want to be here when they arrive," Tommy stated as he try to turn his face away from the view of the camera. Justin only nodded at Tommy, "Come on maybe we can find something, that will take us back to earth. From there we can reach the command center." Both started to run into hiding, their fear of being caught kept them going. "In here Justin," Tommy yanked Justin into a room containing a reactor. "Maybe we could use that power source to get us back to earth," Justin examined it. "Do you think so, it might be too much power for us to handle," Tommy stated back. "Piece of cake, all I have to do is hook this baby up to our communicators, and we should have no problem going anywhere," Justin smiled, he loved showing off his super intelligence. Sometimes he felt it was he own unique skill that made him important to the team. "All right Justin, but be careful, you don't know what that reactor is capable of doing to you," Tommy told Justin. Justin nods, then starts to check out the reactor. He tries to figure out how he is going to hook up the communicator to the reactor. While Justin works on getting to earth, Tommy keeps a close look out for trouble heading their way.

Meanwhile the Power Rangers just destroyed Astronema's latest monster, Mega Bite. Cassie says to the team, " Well that was a quick fight, do you think Astronema is losing her touch." "No doubt that, she probable keeping us occupy while Dark Specter is busy hiding Zordon from us." Andros answered. "Shouldn't we try to figure what their up to," T.J. suggested. "I agree," Carlos stated has he places a hand on TJ's shoulder. " I know Rangers, but we can't leave your planet defenseless. We have to think of a way to go after Zordon and protect your planet at the same time," Andros told them. "Lets go back to the Astro Mega Ship, maybe we can work out a plan of our own," Andros said to get their hopes back up. All of them nodded their heads and called for their Galaxy Gliders. They then head towards the Astro Mega Ship.

Back on the Astro Mega Ship. "Justin you almost done yet," Tommy wondered. "Yeah got it!" he responded. "The communicator is improved and it should be able to take us anywhere we please," Justin said. Just then they heard DECA's voice again, "Andros we have intruders they are in the Engine Room." "Come on Justin lets get out of here," Tommy said, " take us to the Command Center." Justin and Tommy pressed their communicators and teleported off the Astro Mega Ship. Their destination the rubble of the command center.

DECA's voice states as Andros and the other Rangers enter abroad the ship, "Andros we have intruders, they are in the Engine Room." All the rangers were worried. They ran towards the engine room, but when they got their all they saw was two streaks of light, one blue the other red, leaving the ship. "DECA any idea who they were," Andros asked. "No, but if you come to the control room I will display the video surveillance," DECA responded. "DECA, where was Alpha during this," Carlos worried. "Alpha has been shut down for repairs and is being uploaded with information from the ship he is inactive at the time," DECA answer. "Well that's a relief," Ashley said. They walked to the control room. "Ok DECA scan for any damage aboard the ship", Andros stated. "Scan complete, .02% of the reactor was drained," DECA announced. "Why would they want such low amount of power from the reactor?" T.J. questions. "Hey guys I got the video surveillance ready to play," Cassie states. They all starred at the video monitor, waiting for the answers to all their questions. Just as they saw the two figures, four of rangers went into complete shock. "Who are they?" Andros wanted to know. "Oh my!" was all Ashley could say. " How is this possible?" Cassie said. "I can't believe my eyes, is this for real?" T.J. said. "Can it really be Tommy and Justin?" Carlos was more shocked then anyone. He was fond of Justin, but to see his best bud, here was a greater shock. "Who are they?" Andros asked again wanting his team to answer. "Their former power rangers, Andros, but I don't' understand how they got here." T.J. told him.

At the left over rubble pile of the Command Center, Justin and Tommy were speechless. "I don't believe this," Justin yelled," how on earth did this happen." He was practically in tears, Tommy tried to comfort his young friend, "I don't know but who ever did this is going to pay, dearly. Lets get out of here, we have to find the others. We need to know what is going on." Justin nodded, "Lets go to the Youth Center, I'm sure will find someone their who can tell us what is going on." They pressed their communicators to take them to the location of the Youth Center.

Back on the ship, "Ok everyone calm down, I realized this is shocking, but we need to know why they were here, for all we know they could be working with the enemy," Andros said to get their attention. "What?" Carlos says in disbelief, " They are our fiends they would never side with Astronema." "Carlos is right Andros, Tommy and Justin as loyal members to the team," TJ speaks on their behalf. "I know you feel that way, but how else could they of gotten on the ship," Andros states. "The only reason anyone would want any energy from the Astro Mega Ship is if they wish to fine it's weakness." Andros took charged, "DECA trace their signal and locate them." DECA replied, " They went to the surface on earth, their last location was the command center, their current location is the Surf Spot." Ashley said, "Well then we have to go to the Surf Spot, lets get going." "Someone should stay here", Andros said," just in case someone else decides to get aboard." " How about me, T.J. and Cassie, go talk to them, you guys guard the ship," Carlos suggested. "The sounds like a good idea," Ashley states. Gosh she thinks some more time to spend with Andros. "Ok! let us know if their is any problems," Andros tells them. "Carlos, one more thing I know their your friends, but Astronema is capable of forcing people to help her. So don't' believe everything they tell you," Andros tells Carlos before he takes off. Carlos nods, he disagrees with the way Andros is thinking, but he understands the importance security. Cassie, Carlos, and T.J. head for earth.

"Well here we are the Youth Center," Justin said. "Well no were not at the Youth Center, were at the Surf Spot," Tommy said. "This is weird I know I set the location for the Youth Center," Justin tells him honestly. "I believe you, Justin, well lets go inside and hopefully we'll find out what is going on," Tommy tell him. They walk into the Surf Spot. "Man look at this place, its better then the Youth Center," Tommy says. "You got that right," Justin says. They go to a table and order some lunch. Just then Cassie, Carlos, and T.J. walk in the door of the Surf Sport. They notice Tommy and Justin at a table. They head in their direction. "Hey Tommy, Justin, I didn't realize you guys were back in town," T.J. said to get their attention." "Umm do we know you?" Tommy said in confusion. "Yeah of course you do. Is this some kind of joke?" Cassie says as she pulled up a chair. "Justin how your dad?" Carlos said has he put his hand on his shoulder. " Umm he's fine, who are you guys. No offense or anything but we haven't seen you in our entire life," Justin said. T.J. pondered this, "What are you talking about?" He lowered his voice, "You guys were power rangers weren't you?" Tommy and Justin got scared. How did they know. "How do you know, who else knows?" Tommy said. Carlos wonders if what Andros said about them siding with the enemy could be true, they have no memory of us. "Come on lets go outside and talk about this," Carlos suggested. Tommy and Justin shared eye contact. "Fine," Tommy agreed. They headed outside of the Surf Spot, and they went to the alley next to the Surf Spot. "Ok now, will you guys stop with the act, your scaring us," Cassie says. "What act I really don't have any clue who you guys are, neither does Tommy. Now you better tell us how you know about us being Rangers, and what you know about what happen to the command center," Justin replies. "I can't believe you don't remember you were their, Justin," Carlos told him. "Tommy don't you remember you gave me your turbo powers?" T.J. told him as he shakes his head. "I did, then how come I still have them," Tommy pulls out his turbo morpher. "Something is seriously wrong here," T.J. said, "the turbo powers were destroyed with the command center." "Ok then I have a question for you," T.J. said. "Ok," Tommy said realizing he would have no choice to answer. "Why were you aboard or better how did you arrive aboard the Astro Mega Ship," T.J. ask. Well both Tommy and Justin told them their very long story about Divatox's detonator, their trip to the past, and their ending up in the future instead of the present. "That's one wild story, you guys up to another visit to the ship?" Carlos asked. "If we have too," Justin said. "Don't worry Justin, DECA is really nice, you guys are going to like Andros and Ashley. Even Alpha 6 is up their," Carlos said.

T.J. press the communicator button," Andros, come in!" "Yeah T.J. Andros here," Andros responds. T.J. asks, "We have Tommy and Justin here, were going to bring them to the ship." Andros wonders if it's the right choice," You sure it's ok?" "Yeah," responded T.J, "Don't worry Andros they have an interesting story I think you should hear, any ways will scan them to make sure their tell the truth." Andros says still unsatisfied, "Very well bring them aboard." "All right everything is Go," T.J. said with approval. "What about Demitria?" Tommy said before the three of them touched their communicators. " We have had no word from her, since Zordon's capture," T.J. said. "Let us go aboard the ship everything will be explained," Carlos said. Both Tommy and Justin shared concern, Zordon was captured?

On the Astro Mega Ship. The Space Rangers and the Turbo Rangers were getting acquainted, they swapped stories of their adventures. "I don't believe this, how could this happen," Tommy said after hearing the story of the destruction of the Command Center, Zordon's kidnappers, and Astronema. "Many factors have contributed to it, some say it was destine to happen," Andros said. Alpha 6 says, "Yi yi yi yi rangers this is weird, I don't have any memory of what Tommy and Justin said." Justin say," That's because you not suppose to Alpha, we changed the past, so anything that happened in our current time is erased." Andros ponders what Alpha says about having no memory of their story, "Scan them DECA." "What scan us for what? Justin says worried. A green beam goes over Justin and Tommy and scans them up and down. DECA then replies, "Scan complete they are telling the truth Andros." "What you don't trust us?" Tommy look to Andros. "I don't trust anyone else, until I know they are telling the truth. I wanted to make sure Astronema didn't send you. It's only a precaution," Andros told Tommy. "Very well, so do you think it is possible to send us home?" Tommy asked Andros. "Well this is a very complicated, but I'm sure if we all work together we might be able to figure out what to do," Andros suggested. The rangers began working on the control panels for possible answers to send Tommy and Justin back to their original time. As time pasted Justin couldn't keep his eyes off Andros. He couldn't believe that Andros was from another planet. Plus he was fascinated with the technology of the ship. He thought it's a shame that he would not remember all this cool stuff. Just then Andros stated," I've got the answer to you problem rangers." They all look to him with eager eyes and opened their ears for Andros's suggestion. Andros started to speak with all eyes on him," Well I figure if we take a large amount of energy from the reactor we might be able to create the whirl pool and send you guys home. I have the exact amount of energy to cancel out the effects of the last slide should put you back in the right time, hopefully. But it is dangerous. Also we will not have enoght power to operate the Mega Zord it Astronema attacks." T.J. says, "We have no choice, if we don't send them back. I have a feeling something is going to go wrong." "We have to try, if we don't return, history could be altered for good," Tommy said. "Well how come it's not altered now then," Ashley wanted to know. "It could be either they did return to their normal time or the effects of it haven't taken placed yet," Alpha said. Just then DECA reported a mysterious change in the earth surface reading, "Ranger something is happening to earth it is changing formation." "What?" they all said at the same time. They look at the viewing monitor. " This can't be right according to this Astronema has her forces all over earth," Cassie said. Alpha then stated, "It is happening rangers history is being altered. I guess according to earth records, Tommy and Justin disappeared, and so did the Red and Blue Turbo Rangers. Without them, Divatox took over the globe, then Astronema over took her." "How come the ship hasn't altered then?" Ashley asked. "The shields of the Astro Mega Ship must of created a electric field around the ship protecting us from it," Alpha said. "Well then lets not waste anytime trying to get them home, we better hurry. If Astronema knows were up here, she's going to send a full force," Andros said.

To be continued.....