Disclaimer: This story takes place in an alternate universe in which Tommy never lost the Green Ranger powers. Also, Zack is still in control of the Lion ThunderZord, but instead of being black, it's white. The TigerZord is now black. Please don't get confused!! This story takes during the episode that would be called 'White Light.'I acknowledge that the Power Rangers belong to Saban Entertainment.

Alternate Timelines
Volume One: Black Light
by Thor

At the Command Center....
"Alpha, be careful, if there are too many particles used, we will blow up the Command Center." Zordon said.

"Oh aiyiyiyiyi, Zordon. I know, it's just that I'm worried about not telling the Rangers that we're creating three new Rangers." Alpha replied.

"I've got to tell the others about this." Billy whispered to himself.

In Billy's lab....
"Guys, I've got some major news for you! Zordon and Alpha are creating three new Rangers!" Billy exclaimed.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!! Their communicators went off.

"I guess they're finished." Jason said solemnly.

At the Command Center....
"Rangers, it is now time to meet the new additions to your team. First, meet the Orange Ranger, Aisha Campbell. Next, meet the Purple Ranger, Rocky DeSantos. Finally, meet the new leader of the Power Rangers, Adam Park, the Black Ranger." Zordon told them.

"Jason, I kinda get the feeling that your the leader here, so could you be my co-leader until I am capable of handling the job myself?" Adam asked.

"Sure. It'll be my pleasure." Jason responded.

"Aisha, look into the viewing globe. There you will see your thunder Zord, the Brontosaurus Pegasus Zord. Rocky, your Zord will be the Stegosaurus Sphinx Zord. And Adam, extend your hand and accept all that has been given to you. That is Saba. He will help you to control your Zord, the Black TigerZord. Rangers, you must go to the park. The Scarlet Sentinel has appeared again in the park. You must stop her before she goes into the city." Zordon told them.

"Right. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!" Adam yelled.

"TigerZord!" Adam said in a commanding tone.

"Brontosaurus!" Aisha cried.

"Stegosaurus!" Rocky howled.

"DragonZord!" Tommy shouted.

"Mastodon!" Zack chortled.

"Pterodactyl!" Kimberly screamed.

"Triceratops!" Billy yelled.

"Sabertooth Tiger!" Trini called.

"Tyrannosaurus!" Jason roared.

In Angel Grove Park....
"We need ThunderZord power NOW!!!" all the Rangers yelled in unison.

"Brontosaurus Pegasus ThunderZord power!" Aisha said.

"Stegosaurus Sphinx ThunderZord power!" Rocky said.

"DragonZord Chimera ThunderZord power!" Tommy said.

"Mastodon Lion ThunderZord power!" Zack said.

"Pterodactyl Firebird ThunderZord power!" Kimberly said.

"Triceratops Unicorn ThunderZord power!" Billy said.

"Sabertooth Tiger Griffin ThunderZord power!" Trini said.

"Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon ThunderZord power!" Jason said.

"Black TigerZord, power up!" Adam shouted. "Saba, let's do this together. Black TigerZord, convert to warrior mode! Saba, I want this Zord to follow my every move!"

"Guys, let's form the Thunder SuperZord!" Jason yelled.

The minute they formed the SuperZord, they began to shake because of the laser blasts that were hitting them. "Jason, let's hook up and form the Thunder UltraZord!" Adam suggested.

"Okay! Prepare for Thunder UltraZord assembly!" Jason told the others.

"Let's blast it!" Kimberly yelled.

"Right! Thunder UltraZord, fire all weapons!" Jason and Adam said in unison.

At the Youth Center a few days later....
"Hey Jason, who's the new girl?" Adam asked.

"That's Katherine Hillard. She's in my political science class. Why did you want to know. Oooohhh! You're interested in her, aren't you. Yep, you've got that look a guy gets when he's head-over-heels in love with a girl." Jason said as he burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Billy asked as he joined them at their table.

"See that girl over there, well Adam has fallen in love with her!" Jason responded.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go over there and try to talk to her. You know how shy I get around girls." Adam said as he got up and proceeded to sit down next to Katherine.

"Hi, you must be new here. My name's Adam. What's yours?" he asked. In the background, Jason and Billy snickered.

"My name's Katherine, but my friends call me Kat. I just moved here from Australia a few days ago. Could you show me around, I mean if it's not too much trouble for you." she asked, her blue eyes getting bigger.

"Sure. It'll be my pleasure." Adam replied. The two kept conversing until they both realized it was eight o'clock and if they didn't get home and finish their homework, their parents would skin them alive. "Would you like me to walk you home?" Adam asked.

"Sure. It'll be nice to have someone keeping me company on my way home." Kat replied.

At Kat's house....
"Kat, I need to ask you a question. There's a dance on Friday and I wondered if you would, um, like to go with me?" he asked.

"Of course I'd like to go with you. Pick me up at six-thirty, okay. Good night, Adam. I'll see you tomorrow." Kat said as she ran into her house.

Later that night....
"Jason, you won't believe this! Kat and I are going to the dance together!" Adam shouted.

"All right Adam! Guess who I'm going with. I finally got the courage to ask Trini out and she said yes. And Billy and Aisha are going together!" Jason exclaimed.

"Cool! I gotta go now, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." Adam said.

"Bye." Jason replied.