Disclaimer: All characters belong to Saban, with the exception of Masked Man and Julia Woodsworth. This story takes place after 'Good as Gold'.

The Story of Masked Man
by Thor

Adam Park looked up from the book he was reading to see Katherine Hillard walking towards him. Kat came over to him and said, "Adam, we have an emergency at the Power Chamber. The teleporters are off-line and the communications are malfunctioning. Alpha is trying to fix them, but they won't be ready until tomorrow. Alpha also has something he wants to tell us. It looks like we'll have to walk there."

"Not necessarily. We can take my motorcycle. It's right over there." Adam told her. They got on his motorcycle and sped towards the Power Chamber.

At the Power Chamber....
Once they got to the Power Chamber, Alpha V explained the situation. "Ayiyiy, Power Rangers! Zordon has retreated inside the Zeo Crystal."

"How is that possible? Won't Zordon die outside of his time warp?" Tommy Oliver asked.

"It's possible because Zordon is looking for the King." Alpha explained.

"I didn't know Zordon liked Elvis." Rocky joked.

"No, not that king, a different one. He was the king of Edenoi many millenia ago. He is the one who defeated the Machine Empire and destroyed its first king, Viper, who was Mondo's father. Zordon suspects that one of you is that king." Alpha told them. "I'll let you know when Zordon returns.

"Right." Tanya Sloan said quietly."We're outta here." And they left.

The Next Day....
Kat saw Tommy and went to say 'hi'. "Hi, Tommy, h-"

She was suddenly interrupted when Tommy said, "I don't want to see you anymore you bitch. I never thought you were a cheating slut until I saw the way you look at Adam! Get away from me you whore!!!" Tommy yelled.

"What's going on in here?!?" asked Adam. Just then Kat ran out of the Youth Center.

"Die, you S.O.B.!!!" with that, Tommy charged Adam, knocking him over a table.

"Uggghhh!!" Adam groaned.

"Hiyah!" Tommy punched Adam in the face. "Ziahhh!" Tommy kicked Adam in the ribs a couple times. "Izzahh!" Tommy takes Adam's head and bashes it against a pole. "Sui Iyahh!" Tommy's flying kick is blocked by Adam. "Wuzzah!" Tommy attempts another flying kick, but Adam dodges it. Tommy's battle cries echo through the stunned silence of the Youth Center.

Out of nowhere, Jason and Rocky appear and restrain Tommy. "Adam, I suggest you leave 'til Tommy calms down." Jason said through clenched teeth.

Adam then left to go look for Kat. "Kat, how are you feeling?" Adam asked.

"Not very well. What did I do to make Tommy hate me? Why is he doing this to me? I've been a good girlfriend, haven't I?" Kat said. "Adam, your lip is bleeding! I've been so inconsiderate! What happened?" she asked.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEP!!!!!! Their communicaters rang. "What is it Alpha?" Kat asked.

"Rangers, I'm afraid that Rita and Zedd are up to their old tricks again. They have placed a spell on Tommy, causing him to become insanely jealous of Adam. Adam, you must engage Tommy in hand-to-hand combat. Kat, you and the others must make sure Tommy doesn't escape. May the Power protect you." Zordon said.

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!" Adam yelled.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!!" Kat called.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!!" Adam blurted out.

Downtown Angel Grove....
Tommy, what are you doing?!?" Trey, the current Gold Ranger inquiered forcefully.

"Stay away from me dammit!!! You, Green Ranger stay. We have some unfinished business to attend to. I will have my revenge on you. Now, prepare to die!!" Tommy shouted as he began to attack Adam.

Every time Tommy threw a punch or a kick, it was blocked by Adam. "Enough of this." Tommy said. "Zeo 5 Power Sword!!"

"Zeo 4 Power Hatchets!!" Adam called. With one quick blow to the back of the head, Tommy fell down. "Zeo Ranger V, Power down."

Tommy's red uniform quickly disappeared and he was in his street clothes again. "What happened here?" Tommy asked innocently.

"You were under a spell." Tanya told him.

"We should get you back to the Power Chamber to see if there are any side affects of the spell." Rocky put in.

"Right." Tommy said.

At The Power Chamber....
"Zordon, is the spell over Tommy really gone?" Kat asked.

"Yes, Kat, it is. Adam, you used quick-thinking and handled the situation correctly." Zordon told them.

"No problem." Adam responded. Then, the others left. "Zordon, I've made a big descision. I've been thinking about it for a long time. I'm turning in my Zeonizer. Please give it to Jason. Thanks for everything, Zordon, Alpha. Goodbye." Adam finished just before he left.

"The prophecy is being fulfilled!" Zordon gasped.

At the Youth Center the next day....
"You did what?!?" Tommy Oliver, the leader of the Power Rangers yelled.

"I turned in my Zeonizer. I don't mean to be cowardly, but I can't continue to be a Power Ranger. Frankly, I've thought about leaving the team ever since Billy left. It just doesn't feel right anymore. Say, how is your relationship with Kat going?" Adam asked.

"We've both decided to see other people because 'I can't seem to get over Kimberly.'" Tommy responded.

"There's Tanya. I better tell her how I feel before she expects me to ask her out to the Prom tonight. Catch you later, Tommy." Adam said. "Hi, Tanya,"

Adam began. "Adam," Tanya said, "I don't have any feelings other than friendship towards you."

"You feel the same way?" Adam asked.

"Yep." Tanya responded.

"Bye, Tanya." Adam said as he left for the Power Chamber.

At the Power Chamber....
"Jason," Zordon's voice boomed, "will you accept the Green Ranger powers?"

"Zordon, are you sure Adam doesn't want them back?" Jason asked.

A voice behind him said, "My decision is final. I don't want the Power anymore. Take it. It belongs to you now. May the Power strengthen you my friend."

"All right." Jason said, and the illusion of being in the Green Ranger's uniform appeared on him."I can feel the Power running through me!! I've never felt so powerful in my life!!" Jason raved. All of a sudden the illusion disappeared and the alarm went off.

Jason looked around him. Where did Adam go off to? Jason thought to himself.

"Jason, you must face the monster alone until the other Rangers get there." Zordon told him.

"No problem. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!!!! Zeo Ranger IV, Green!!" Jason called out.

When Jason got there, he found three people battling the monster. Trey (The current Gold Ranger), a White Zeo Ranger with a crescent moon on his/her helmet, and a guy in a tux, cape, mask, and top hat. "Hey you bucket of bolts, over here!!" Jason yelled.

"Oooh, another Ranger to freeze!" Icebolt the monster called out happily as it threw an ice blast at Jason.

"Arrrggghhh!!" Jason groaned as he started to freeze. Immediately after that, Trey and the White Ranger were frozen. Zordon quickly teleported them out before Icebolt got a chance to kill them.

At the Power Chamber....
"Rangers, as you have seen, Icebolt has the ability to freeze people with his ice blast. If you can destroy his right arm, you will eliminate the ice blaster. Go, and may the Power protect you." Zordon said.

"We will. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!!" Tommy shouted.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!!" Kat yelled.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!!" Tanya screamed.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!!" Rocky said confidently.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!!" Tommy roared.

Downtown Angel Grove......
As soon as the Rangers arrived, Tommy, Rocky, and Tanya were all struck by an ice blast that was meant for that strange guy. Zordon got them out of there a.s.a.p.

"Pink Power Shield!!" Kat shouted. She went through the motions as fast as she could and threw the ball at Icebolt's right arm. It hit Icebolt on target, but did little damage. Oh no!! If that didn't work against it, what will? Kat thought to herself.

"Call me Masked Man!" the stranger shouted as he dodged an ice blast. "Sword of Justice!!" Masked Man called. "Iyahh!!" he cried as he hacked Icebolts right arm to bits. "Now it's time to finish the job!! HIYAH!!!!!" Masked Man shouted as he beheaded Icebolt.

At Mondo's Palace....
"Klank, Orbus, get down to Earth immediately and make Icebolt grow. I want to kill Masked Man once and for ALL!!! King Mondo shouted so loud and forcefully, Klank and Orbus went down to Earth and made Icebolt grow.

At the Battle Site......
"Around and around and away we go!!" Klank screeched as he threw Orbus at the ruined Icebolt to repair him and make him grow.


"Hold my hand. I will be able to increase our size and strength," Masked Man told her as they began to grow as big as Icebolt.

"PINK POWER SHIELD!!!!" Kat called.

"SWORD OF JUSTICE, FULL POWER!!!!" MASKED MAN SHOUTED. "TOGETHER!!!!" he yelled, and the Power Ball and the Sword of Justice hit Icebolt at the same time, destroying it entirely.

At the Power Chamber......
"Zordon, the ice is melting off the Rangers. Here comes Kat, Zordon." Alpha said.

"Uuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm free!!!" exclaimed the White Ranger. "Zordon, give the Crystal Power Coins to the other Rangers. To activate the coin's power, they will have to say, ' We need Crystal Coin Power now.'"

Then the White Ranger left.

"Rangers, come here and receive your newfound powers. Tommy, step forward. You will receive the Red coin. It will give you super-speed. Jason, step forward. To you will go the Green coin. It will give you the magic ability of a sorcerer. Use it wisely, because if it falls into the wrong hands, you will all die. Rocky, step forward. The Blue coin belongs to you. It will give you the power of invisibility. Tanya, step forward. The Yellow coin is yours to keep. It will give you the ability of telekinesis. Katherine, step forward. The Pink coin shall enable you to fly. And Trey, step forward. You will control the Gold coin. It will give you the ability to stretch out your limbs farther than anyone in the Universe. Use these powers wisely, for they increase your Zeo Powers. But be warned; Don't use them unless you have no other choice." Zordon told them as the superheroes and heroines felt the essences of the Crystal coins deep within themselves.

Yet again, the alarm went off and the Rangers looked into the Viewing Globe to see a disturbing sight...

At the Power Chamber....
"Rangers, this is most unfortunate indeed. That is Gorlik the Undefeatable. He has conquered Master Buuckumindu, the only person besides the King who had a chance of defeating him, or the Machine Empire. His presence here means he must also be looking for the King. I believe he he intends to find him before he can remember anything." Zordon said.

"What do you mean by that, Zordon?" Rocky asked.

"Rangers, read this document on the Prophecy. All will be revealed once you read it."

It said:
There will be a stranger in a strange land who will protect it from harm for three years. After that, he will be visited by the White Zeo Ranger, asking him to become the Purple Zeo Ranger, the most powerful Ranger in the Universe. He will remember his true identity and destroy all of the evil permeating Edenoi, Earth, Aquitar, Trifora, and Hoth. He will take a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman for his wife. She was his wife before the reversal of the Universe by Gorlik. He will vanquish Gorlik in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, he will tell the people of the land that he is the king of Edenoi and the Purple Ranger. Upon telling the people this, he will begin one hundred thousand years of peace in the Universe. Many shall come to him and be welcomed as brothers and sisters and friends. During his reign, he will encounter some difficulties and emerge stronger each time, with more Knowledge Experience, and Justice. Near the end of his life, he will create the Horn Of Calling. Ii will rise the Power/Zeo Rangers all through existence from the dead , restore their life and powers to them, and they shall become forever young and immortal. All these events will occur after the Green Zeo Ranger gives his powers to another. This will happen before Gorlik kills his master Buuckumindu and tried to find and kill the king. This will be the cause of his destruction.

"Rangers, Gorlik has sent down Sentai Ninjas. You might have to use your Crystal coins. May the Power protect you." Zordon said.

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!" Tommy yelled.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!!" Kat shouted.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!!" Tanya screamed.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!!" Rocky blurted out.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!!" Jason called.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!!" Tommy roared.

"Gold Ranger Power!!" Trey yelled.

"Green Punching Storm!!" Jason said. Green-tinted fists appear in front of the Sentai Ninja and it was destroyed.

"Iyah!" A twelve-year-old girl plants a foot on a startled ninja, and quickly takes a few more out. "I can't handle the situation like this. It's time to even up the odds. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!! Zeo Ranger VII, White!!

"Yo ninjas! Yo mama so fat, I ran around her twice and got lost. Yo mama so ugly, I took her to the zoo and the manager said,'Thanks for bringing her back! Yo mama is like McDonald's... billions and billions served! Yo mama is like a race car... she burns a lot of rubber!" She said this while she was destroying the ninjas, trying to keep the morale with the other Rangers up. Pretty soon, all of the ninjas were gone.

"Who are you?" Tanya asked.

The stranger replied, "My name is Julia Woodsworth. But my friends call me Jewel. Can we go to the Power Chamber? I don't like to be out here like this."

"How do you know what we call our base?!?" Rocky asked.

"I was in there before. Duh!" Jewel said.

"Oh." Rocky said, and they teleported away.

At the Power Chamber....
"It is good to see you again, Princess Julia of Edenoi. How have the years treated you since the Reversal?" Zordon asked. "Not so good. I've been hanged, burned, drowned, shot, bit by a shark, swallowed whole by a whale, stabbed, tortured, and anything else you can name. But other than that, I'm fine." Jewel told them.

"Time out! What's this reversal I keep hearing about?" Rocky asked.

"Listen carefully, young Rangers. What I'm about to tell you might be a little hard to understand, so I will start at the beginning. I remember it like yesterday. My cousin, the King, was making some crystals. There were ten crystals, all having different colors. They were these colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, red, gold, white, orange, sliver, and the most powerful of them all, purple. He told me that once this crystal was ready, he would infuse it with the powers of the Universe, making it indestructible, and the most powerful object known to civilization. As soon as the Crystal was completed and infused with the Power, he decided that he would give it to the best warriors in the universe. There was a big contest, and only ten of us remained: the King, Iolaus, Panacles, Thesa, Vera, Jiber, Kaclo, Acheas, Lokbar, and me. We were given the color that we represented the most. To Thesa, Pink. Vera, Yellow. Lokbar, Blue. Kaclo, Green. Panacles, Red. Iolaus, who was from Triforia, Gold. Jiber, Orange. Acheas, Silver. The King, Purple, and the leadership of the team. And as you can see, I got White." She paused for a moment, then continued.

"At first, all we had to do was keep the peace, which we did sucessfully. At least until Gorlik came. He wanted to know why we didn't tell him about the contest. We told him that only a warrior of Light could be a Zeo Power Ranger. He left immediately, going back to his evil master, Lokar, to be further instructed in the ways of darkness. Not long after that, the Machine Empire came into the picture, and started to attack Earth. Since we all were based there with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, we decided to band together and try to stop King Viper and his evil empire from destroying Earth. He started to attack immediately, sending down his Cogs to 'soften us up.' It didn't work, and we destroyed Cogs by the thousands. Not long after his first attack, he sent down a monster. We didn't have a hard time destroying it on the ground. Klank and Orbus showed up and made the Printer People Hater grow. The Power Rangers called on their Shogun Zords, and we called on our Super Zeo Zords. It didn't take us long to finish off the monster, because we were using teamwork." Jewel explained. As soon as she finished saying that, the alarm started to ring.

"This can't be! I destroyed King Hagen a few years ago! I am not seeing this!" Jewel exclaimed as she started to fall to the floor.

"Rangers, I am afraid that Jewel might not be able to help you because a long time ago, King Hagen tortured her for one year. There was nothing we could do. He had her in a dimension where we could not contact her or teleport her out from. Eventually, she found a way to escape on her own." Zordon explained as Jewel crumpled into a ball on the floor. "You must go and defeat him. May the Power protect you."

"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!" Tommy screamed.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" Kat yelled.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!" Tanya shouted.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!" Rocky called.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!" Jason roared.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!" Tommy blurted out.

"Gold Ranger Power!" Trey said loudly.

Downtown Angel Grove....
"King Hagen, we order you to stop! Leave this planet at once or face the wrath of the Zeo Rangers!" Tommy shouted.

"Like you're gonna stop me! I destroyed the first team of Zeo Rangers, save two of them, and you think YOU'RE gonna take me out. Let's get it ON, then!" King Hagen shouted.

"Hiyah!" Tommy throws a punch at Hagen, but Hagen catches Tommy's fist and sends electric shots up his body.

"Iyah!" Trey attempts to kick Hagen to make him release his grip on Tommy, but Hagen blocks it and kicks Trey in the face as he lets go of a weakened Tommy.

"Ziahh!" Rocky tries to tornado kick Hagen, and is caught in mid-air and is thrown through a brick wall.

"Hiyah!" Jason charges Hagen, jumps up and throws his Zeo dagger at Hagen and misses.

"Wuzzah!" Masked Man arrives and punches Hagen in the face twice, and tries to follow it up with a snap kick to the head, but he is blocked, grabbed by the neck, and thrown all the way through a house.

"Iyah!" Tanya kicks at Hagen, but he catches her leg and breaks it with a sickening crack. After this happens, she is teleported to the Power Chamber where Alpha tries to heal her leg.

"Now Pink Ranger, it is time for you to die!" Hagen yelled. He attempts to stab her with his sword, but he stabs Masked Man, who takes the blow for Kat. "Are you o... okay?" he asks just before his blood starts to come out of his mouth, because the stab wound punctured his lungs.

"I'm fine." Kat tells him, her voice laced with concern, before they are all teleported back to the Power Chamber.

At the Power Chamber....
"This is not good. Rangers, you must stay here until you are fully healed. You are not ready to take on Hagen a second time." Zordon paused for a moment, then continued: "I have discovered a weakness in Hagen. The only way for him to be destroyed is to use the White Power lance. Jewel y-. Where did she go?"

Downtown Angel Grove....
"I'm back, Hagen. You're not gonna beat me this time. I'm gonna destroy you once and for all." Jewel said.

"Oh, so you think you can destroy me? Did you forget about what happened to you last time? Or must I refresh your memory?" Hagen asked her.

"I remember. I never forgot about the torture, and when I'm through with you, you'll never forget either, if you survive. WHITE POWER LANCE!!" she yelled. "Goodbye, Hagen!! HIYAH!!" With one swipe of the power lance, Hagen's body fell to the ground, headless

At the Power Chamber....
"Jewel, what you did was incredibly brave, considering what he had done to you. Rangers, I have come to a decision. Tommy, you are not fit to be leader anymore. In your place, I am appointing Jewel as the temporary leader of the team until we can find the King." Zordon said.

"Why do you keep calling this guy the King? I mean doesn't he have a name?" Rocky asked.

"He does have a name, but Zordon, Alpha, and I swore that we wouldn't reveal his name to anyone." Jewel told them.

"Hey Kat, how is Masked Man doing?" Jason asked.

"H... he's dying! We need Billy here to help us!" Kat said guiltily as she held Masked Man's hand.

"Someone say they needed me?" asked a familiar voice.

"Billy! You're back!" Tanya exclaimed.

"Cestria informed me of the situation here and I came as soon as I could. The Aquitian Rangers told me to tell you that they'll be ready to help you if you need it. Who's that on the table?" Billy asked.

"That's Masked Man. He is dying." Tommy told him.

"There might be a solution to this problem. I need to get him into a chemical bath. Please take off his clothes except for his boxers. Now take off that mask." Billy ordered.

"I think we should respect his right to privacy, Billy." Jason said softly.

"Fine. Now put him in the chemical bath." Billy told them.

One hour later......
"His life signs are stablizing! I think he's gonna make it!!" Billy shouted joyfully.

"Where am I?" Masked Man asked.

"You are in the Power Rangers' state-of-the-are Power Chamber. I am Zordon and this is my assistant, Alpha Five." Zordon explained.

"I'm Billy."




"Lord Trey of Triforia."



One by one the Rangers introduced themselves. "Kat, may I talk to you privately?" he asked.

"Sure." Kat said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Well, I'd like to know if you'd like to go to the Prom with me?" he asked, his dark brown eyes sparkling and full of hope.

"I'd love to!" Kat replied.

"Great! Where do you live?" Masked Man asked.

At the Prom....
"Let's welcome our entertainment for tonight! Here's the Fallen Hearts!" Ernie said over the microphone.

"So long ago I don't remember when, that's when they say I lost my only friend." Adam sang as he played his guitar.

"Excuse me, would you like to dance?" a voice from behind Kat asked.

She turned around and looked at him. "Of course I'll dance with you. After all, you are my date." Kat responded.

After the Prom....
Adam Park was riding his motorcycle; he was heading for home. A couple mintues later, he arrived at his house to find it on fire. "NICK! NOOOOOO!!" Adam yelled as he started to run to his house. KA-BOOM!!!!!! Adam was thrown back into the street after the gas line in his house exploded....

Later that night at Kat's house....
I think I'm in love with Masked Man. After all, he's gentle, kind, good looking, and loving. Who wouldn't be in love with him? I can't belive we were crowned king and queen of the Prom! And Adam singing like that! I wish he would've told us about that. It's a shame Masked Man had to leave early. Kat thought to herself. Just then, the phone rang. "Hello?" she asked.

"It's Rocky. Adam is in the emergency room being treated for a concussion." he paused for a second, then continued. "He says it happened when he pulled up into the driveway. His house was on fire and he tried to get in to save his brother, Nick, when the main gas line in his house exploded, throwing him into the street. That's all he remembers."

"Omigod! I'll be right there!" Kat replied.

At Angel Grove General Hospital....
"Adam's okay, but when he's released, he doesn't have anywhere to go." Rocky said. "The only reason he can't stay with me is my Mom has to take care of eight kids; she can't handle one more."

"He can't stay with me either. We just don't have any room for another person." Tommy told them.

"I bet he could stay with me, but I'll have to ask my parents first." Kat said as she went to find a phone.

"I heard about your friend. I'm here for you." Masked Man said.

"Thanks. Now let's go find that phone!" Kat exclaimed.

The next day at Kat's house....
"Hello, Adam welcome to your new home." Mrs. Hillard said.

"Thanks for taking me in." He said sadly. "Here's your room. Go ahead and unpack all your stuff and meet us later for lunch." Mr. Hillard told him.

"Sure." Adam responded.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Kat asked.

"Why not? I might as well tell you everything about my life. My parents always said I was a mistake, that they never wanted me or loved me. They told me this every day. They constantly negelected me, and the only time they actually paid any attention to me was when I helped my mother cook dinner. When I was about ten, I started to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. Even though I was thin and short, I soon became really good at it. By the time I was eleven, I had gotten the black sash. Not long after that, I got a little brother, Nick. Since my parents treated him the way they treated me, I decided to take care of him and made sure he was loved." Adam finished.

"That's it?!" Kat asked.

"There's more, but it's too personal." he replied. "What do you know. I'm already finished unpacking. Wanna go to the Youth Center?" Adam asked.

"Okay." Kat said.

At the Youth Center....
"How's he holding up?" Tanya asked.

"Very well. I just don't know how he's doing it!" Kat exclaimed.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! The group of eight quickly walked over to one of the secluded areas of the Youth Center. "Zordon, we read you." Jewel said.

"Rangers, you must teleport to the Power Chamber all will be explained to you then.

At the Power Chamber....
"Rangers, the fire at Adam's house wasn't just a coincidence. The Machine Empire purposely started the fire in an attempt to destroy Adam. I have even more disturbing news. Gorlik and King Mondo have joined force. Together, they are even stronger than before. Be on guard, Rangers, they might try to launch an attack at any time. Now go, and may the Power protect you." Zordon said.

Around 5 o'clock at the Youth Center....
"Adam I'm going home now. See you later." Kat told him.

"Fine." he responded.

As she was taking the path home, some one put a knife to her throat and said: "Hey babe, you remember me. I bet you thought you lost me when you moved here. C'mon, let's get outta here." the rapist said.

Out of nowhere, Adam appeared and kicked the knife away from Kat's attacker. There was a short fight, and in the end, Adam was the only one left standing. "Kat who is this guy?" Adam asked.

At Angel Grove Police Headquarters....
"So this guy followed you and your family from Australia because of his obsession with you?" Lt. Watterson asked.

"Yes. He's been stalking me ever since he raped me, two years ago." Kat replied, her face streaked with tears. "He was brought to justice, and got a one year sentence. We got a restraining order against him. He violated the order when he tried to kidnap me."

"I think we'll be able to get this punk a sentence of about ten years for the attempted kidnapping, attempted assault with a deadly weapon, and for carrying a deadly weapon without a license." Watterson said happily.

"Kat, are you okay?" Masked Man asked. "I came as soon as I heard."

"I'm fine, thanks to Adam." she told him.

"Where is he? I would like to thank him for rescuing you." he said.

"He's over there." Kat replied.

"Adam, I'd like to thank you for rescuing Kat. I don't know what I'd do without her. She means a lot to me." Masked Man told him.

"I know how you feel. I had a girl like her once. The only problem was that at the Prom, she goes with another guy 'cause I told her I wouldn't be able to make it. When I got there I found her in the arms of the football quarterback. She saw me and tried to explain but I'd already left. The next day I found out we were moving to Angel Grove. Take good care of her, okay. She really deserves it." Adam said somberly.

"You know I will." Masked Man told him.

At the Hillards' house....
"Thank you so much, Adam. If you hadn't been there, I don't know what would have happened to Kat. At least now we know that he'll be behind bars for ten years." Mrs. Hillard said, her voice filled with gratitude.

"No problem. She would've done the same thing for me.

"Kat, can I talk to you for a moment?" Masked Man asked.

"Sure." Kat replied.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked.

"I didn't think you would love me or want to be with me anymore, and I couldn't bear the pain of losing you forever," she told him.

"Nothing could make me stop loving you. You mean too much to me. I will always love you. It's something that can never be taken away from both of us. Our love is forever." he said, his voice soft and gentle, yet strong and firm at the same time.

"I know. I love you too." Kat replied.

In the corner, Adam started to smile.

If she only knew the truth. But until the Zeo Crystal is entirely joined, I'll have to keep up this illusion up for both our sakes. It is unfortunate that I can't tell her the truth. I can't put both of us in danger. I'll have to give her a clue to what my true identity is. I got it. Here goes everything. "I know that you want to know who I am. I can't tell you outright; it'll put us in too much danger, and you know that I don't want anything to happen to you. Look into to my eyes and you will know who I am. That is the only clue I can give you," the Masked Man told her.


"Zordon this is Kat here." she said.

"Kat, I'm afraid that there is a monster in Angel Grove Park. You and Masked Man must go and help the others fight it."

"Right. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!! Zeo Ranger I, Pink!!" Kat yelled.

At Angel Grove Park....
"Hiyah!" Tommy cried as he tried to kick the monster, but it caught his foot and crushed his ankle. He was immediately teleported to the Power Chamber where Billy and Alpha began to heal him.

"Iyah!" Rocky shouted as he attempted to punch the monster, but it caught his fist and threw him into a tree.

"Hiyah!" Kat and Tanya called at the same time as they tried to double-team the monster but he kicked them both in the stomach, knocking the wind out of them.

"Oh man! What are we gonna do?" Jason asked.

At the Battlesite....
"Hiyah!!" Trey and Jason charged the monster at the same time, but were picked up and thrown a hundred feet in the air. "Now, which Ranger shall I kill first? I think I'll kill you, Pinky." the monster said in a raspy voice. "Hiyah!!" the monster's blade came to rest in Masked Man's rib cage.

"Kat... must use crystal coin... it's the only way." Masked Man gasped.

"I need Crystal coin Power now!!!" Kat called as she bent her arms at the elbows, lifted them up, and crossed them in front of her. Her usual pink armor became thicker, and her entire uniform turned pink, except for her visor. She quickly put her laser rifle together, aimed it carefully, and destroyed the monster entirely.

At the Power Chamber....
"Kat, good job. Using your Crystal coin destroyed the monster. Now, Rangers, we have to focus on another matter. The sword that stabbed Masked Man was coated with a poison that is deadly to Edenites. The only way for him to survive is to retrieve the other half of the Zeo Crystal. His life force matches the one that is needed to get it. We have already given him an injection of a special serum that will heal him for a short while. Kat, since you are the only one whos has used the coin, you will go with him. Alpha has entered the coordinates of the Zeo Crystal. You must hurry. Now go, and may the Power protect you." Zordon told them.

On the planet Tritonnicus....
"Follow me." Masked Man ordered. He led them through a maze filled with endless twists and turns, forks and tunnels. As they were about to enter the cavern where the Zeo Crystal was kept, an old man appeared in front of them. He said,"Why do you seek the remaining half of the Zeo Crystal? Is it on the behalf of evil... or good?"

"It is for good. I need the Crystal to heal me. We also need it to find the King." Masked Man told him.

"Then prove yourself to be worthy of it!" the man retorted. "Fight me!"

"No. I am not a person who picks on other people. I just protect them from danger." Masked Man replied.

"Very good. Only you are allowed in the cavern. Your friend must stay with me." the man told them.

"Okay." he responded.

At the Power Chamber....
"You never told us what happened after the first battle." Rocky said.

"Okay. I'll tell you everything I know. After our first battle, Hagen came. We went out to battle him. At the beginning of the battle, he had weakened us tremendously. Not long after that, he killed Iolaus, Panacles, Jiber, Kaclo, Lokbar, Thesa, Acheas, and Vera, and he had captured me. The king was able to defeat him after a year. This caused a weakening in the dimension I was being held in. Because of this I had escaped. He had chosen a new team: all of you. The only reason you don't remember is because the Zeo Crystal isn't fully assembled." Jewel told them.

In the Zeo cavern....
"I hope this works." Masked Man said as he picked up the Zeo Crystal. Shots of pure energy went through his body. Memories of things long ago went through his mind. Flashes of his first love, Thesa, shook him at the foundations of his soul. He remembered everything. The death of the first team of Zeo Rangers. His battle with Viper. The birth of his son, Prince Lexian Park. He quickly ran back to the entrance of of the cavern. Kat and Masked Man teleported back to the Power Chamber, with the Zeo Crystal.

At the Power Chamber.....
"I have to put the Crystal back together. It's the only way this will work." Masked Man told them. He picked both Crystals up and brought them together. They immediately became one, and Masked Man was struck in the chest by a beam of light; it changed into different colors. First pink, yellow, blue, green, red, gold, white, orange, silver, and then purple. The purple light enveloped him. It swirled and eventually dissipated, leaving a Purple Ranger in its place. "Thank you, my friends. Without your help I wouldn't be standing here. But I must go. It isn't time for you to know who I am, but the hour will arrive soon. Goodbye." The King's voice boomed across the Power Chamber as he left for a place unknown.

"Billy, this is a joyful day. Today you will become a Power Ranger once more. Do you accept the responsibility?" Zordon asked.

"You know I do, Zordon." Billy replied.

"Then step forward and accept the power of the Silver Ranger." Zordon said. The silver crystal went into him, and the Silver Ranger helmet appeared above him. The helmet had a circle as the visor. Then the uniform of the Silver Ranger appeared on his body.

"Wow! This is truly amazing!" Billy exclaimed. All of a sudden, the alarm went off.

"Rangers, you must battle Gorlik in the park. Be very careful. He is a master sorcerer and warrior. He is the most dangerous enemy you have ever faced. May the Power protect you." Zordon told them.

"Okay. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!!!!" Jewel screamed.

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!!" Kat cried.

"Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!!" Tanya yelled.

"Zeo Ranger III, Blue!!" Rocky shouted.

"Zeo Ranger IV, Green!!" Jason called.

"Zeo Ranger V, Red!!" Tommy roared.

"Zeo Ranger VII, White!!" Jewel howled.

"Zeo Ranger VIII, Gold!!" Trey chortled.

"Zeo Ranger IX, Silver!!" Billy blurted out.

At Angel Grove Park....
"Ah, Rangers, it took you long enough to get here. Where's the King? I want to destroy him first. We have a long, long grudge we need to settle." Gorlik said.

"I'm right behind you, you imbecile! You thought I wouldn't remember. Yeah, right. Hiyah!!"

The King wasted no time attacking Gorlik. He quickly punched Gorlik in the face, sending him reeling. He followed it up with a powerful roundhouse kick to the face.

Gorlik counterattacked with a spell of fire. The flames shot up the King's body, making him cry out in agony.

"I need Crystal coin power NOW!!!!" he shouted. His armor got thicker, and he was entirely purple. "I am gettin' sick of you. Excalibur, come to me!" Excalibur magically appeared in his hand, and it sent a form of energy through the King's body. His uniform began to disappate, leaving a lone figure dressed in knee-high black boots, black pants, white shirt, purple cloak, and a thin gold crown around his head. Everyone gasped as they saw who it was.

Adam turned to them and said, "Who were you expecting, Santa Claus? Excalibur, full power." Adam quickly killed Gorlik while he was standing there with his mouth wide open. "Let's get out of here before someone sees me." Adam told them.

At the Power Chamber....
"How can you be Masked Man? It's impossible! I saw you both in the same room at the same time talking to each other!" Kat yelled as she went into a frenzy.

"It happened. As an Edenite, I have telepathic powers. I can project a hologram of myself anywhere in the world. Here's proof of my ability." Adam then produced an image of himself standing next to Kat, which she promptly kicked.

"C'mon Kat, don't be mad at me. I would've told you, except that if I did, Mondo or Gorlik would've killed you immediately. I didn't want anything bad to happen to you."

"Adam is right, Kat. They would have kidnapped you or killed you. He was just looking out for your best interests." Zordon said.

"By lying to me! By playing around with my emotions!" Kat exclaimed.

"I never lied to you. And I meant what I said when I told you I love you." Adam said as he walked closer to Kat. "Look into my eyes and tell me I'm lying."

"You're not lying, are you." Kat whispered. They immediately kissed. (You could say that there was some major tonsil-hockey going on, but I'm not going to elaborate.)

"We do have one small problem. Who's gonna be the Orange Ranger?" Billy asked.

"Teleport Trini here immediately." Jason said. "She came back late last night. She's perfect for the job."

"Where am I?" Trini asked.

"Welcome back, Trini. You are in the Power Chamber. We would like you to become the Orange Ranger. Do you accept?" Zordon asked.

"Yes. It'll be a lot of fun to be a Ranger again." Trini replied. She was immediately was infused with the Orange Ranger powers. The Rangers stayed and talked for a while, but they eventually went home.

"You know what Alpha, we have just witnessed the First prophecy being fulfilled. Soon the Second prophecy occur. We must prepare ourselves for it." Zordon said.