Disclaimer: I acknowledge that the Power Rangers belong to Saban. This story takes place during the last morphed scene of "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor."

Love that Zeo
by Thor

"Rangers, come to the Command Center immediately. I have some disturbing news." Zordon said.

"We'll be right there." Tommy replied.

* * *

"Angel Grove is being attacked by a monster that is stronger than your Powers put together. You will have to use the Zeo Crystal to defeat it. Unfortunately, there is only five crystals and six of you." Zordon told them.

"I'll give up my crystal." Adam said.

"So be it. Kat, you will be Zeo Ranger I, Pink. Aisha, Zeo Ranger II, Yellow. Billy, Zeo Ranger III, Blue. Rocky, Zeo Ranger IV, Green. Tommy, Zeo Ranger V, Red. Adam, we will try to harness the power of the combined Zeo Crystal, but until we do, you will stay here. The rest of you must go to your zords." Zordon explained.

"Okay. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!" Tommy yelled.

* * *

"All right. Initiate Zeo Megazord assembly!" Tommy shouted. "Let's take this guy down!"

"Right!" the others answered in unison. The Zeo Megazord kicked and punched at the monster, but nothing happened to it.

"Now it's my turn!" the monster yelled as it sent a flurry of kicks and punches at the Megazord.

"We've lost all systems and power. The Meagzord is severely damaged. We gotta get outta here!" Billy shouted over the explosions that were racking the Zeo Megazord.

"Okay! Abandon the Zord!" Tommy yelled as everyone's powers began to fade.

* * *

"Zordon, have you harnessed the energy?" Adam asked.

"Yes, I have, Adam, but you can only use it once." Zordon told him.

"I understand. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!!" Adam shouted.

"I got you." Adam said as he caught Tommy, Rocky, Billy, and Aisha after they had fallen out of the Megazord. "Where's Kat?" Adam asked.

"She must be in the Megazord!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Guys, I'm teleporting you to the Command Center. I'll meet you there later." Adam said as he took off for the remains of the Zeo Megazord.

"Help! Somebody help!" Kat yelled.

"I'm here, Kat. Are you injured?" Adam asked.

"I think I've broken my ankle." Kat replied.

"C'mon. Let's teleport out of here." Adam said as the two tried to teleport back to the Command Center. "We're still here, Kat. It looks like I'm gonna have to carry you out." Adam told her as he picked her up and took her out of the zord.

* * *

"Sorry we're late. We couldn't teleport out." Adam explained as he carried Kat onto the healing table.

"I guess I have to demorph now. Zeo Ranger, power down!"

"Adam, I might be able to give you Zeo powers, but there is one problem. To get the power, you will have to face the spirit guardian of the crystal in a fight to the death. Do you accept?" Zordon asked him.

"Yes." Adam replied.

"Then let the Trial of Power begin." Zordon shouted.

* * *

"You wish to have the Diamond Powers. Then you must fight me and win!" the guardian shouted.

Adam held his ground during the fight, and eventually gained the upper hand. "Go ahead and kill me." the guardian said.

"No, I won't kill you." Adam replied as he extended his hand and helped the guardian up.

"You have proven yourself worthy of the Power, young Frog. Take it, and use it wisely for the good of Earth." The guardian told him as he disappeared.

* * *

"I got the Power!" Adam said happily when he returned to the Command Center. "That is very good news, and it means that you are the new leader of the Power Rangers, but right now we have more pressing matters to attend to. The monster has returned to Angel Grove park. Rangers, I am giving you back the Power coins. You will get the con that matches your color. Rocky, I have siphoned enough energy from the White Power Coin to re-energize the Green Power Coin. You will have to take the Ninja and Shogun Megazords into battle, while Adam shall take the Unicorn Zord. You must go now, for time is of the essence." Zordon said.

"Right. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!!" Adam yelled.

"Unicorn Zord warrior mode now!" Adam called. "All right, Greed Giant, let's rumble!"

"Adam, the Ninja and Shogun Megazords are on their way." Billy said. "We should be there in three minutes."

"Okay, Billy. Time to get back to work." Adam said as the zord punched and kicked the Greed Giant in the stomach.

"You're gonna pay for that, Ranger!" Greed Giant snarled as he launched himself towards the zord, when two huge hands grabbed him from behind. "What the h-?!" Greed Giant screamed as he was turned around and was punched by the Ninja and Shogun Megazords.

"Guys, I think if we hit him at the same time with the Fire Saber and my staff, we should be able to destroy him." Adam told them.

"Consider it done!" Tommy shouted. Both the Unicorn Zord and the Shogun Megazord hit the Greed Giant at the same time, destroying it.

* * *

"Good job, Rangers. You have saved the Earth from a terrible fate. But I do have some bad news for you. An evil that is unimaginable is headed towards Earth. The evil is known as the Machine Empire. You must stop them to save the universe from total destruction. They will arrive in one week. I suggest you go home for now. I will let you know when they show up." Zordon told them as they teleported out.