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His Story
by Thor

"Tommy! Stop!" Justin yelled. "You're under a spell!"

Tommy ignored him and started to walk towards him, power weapon in hand. "I do not believe you, puny Blue Ranger. I will destroy you and the rest of the Power Rangers! Hiyah!" after having said that, Tommy picked Justin up and threw him headfirst into a brick wall.

"You have to listen to us Tommy! We're your friends!" Tanya shouted before Tommy threw her next to Justin.

"Friends? Who needs them. AH HA HA HA HA!!!" Tommy laughed menacingly and began to advance on Kat.

"Tommy please! You don't know what you're doing!" Kat cried.

"Shut up!" Tommy yelled as he sliced Kat's stomach open.

"Zordon! Teleport Kat, Tanya, and Justin out of here immediately! Zordon?!" Adam called as soon as he realized that Tommy must've taken out the Power Chamber. "Tommy. Let us fight at three-thirty tommrow afternoon for this planet, man-to-man, and if you beat me, my life for the rest of the Rangers." Adam said fearlessly.

"IF I beat you? I will beat you. Take your day to be prepared for the final battle. But I will come back for you." Tommy told him as he teleported away.

"Oh God! Please be okay, Kat. You gotta hold on." Adam prayed as he picked her up, demorphed her, and started to run towards the nearest hospital. "I should've told you when I had the chance. I love you." Adam whispered to her as he took her to the emergency room.

The next day at three-thirty....
"Okay, Tommy, let's get this over with. Hiyah!" Adam shouted as he started to beat Tommy to a pulp. Finally, when Tommy tried to regain his balance, he slipped and fell off the cliff, and landed on jagged rocks. Adam jumped down on a soft patch of grass a half-mile away. _Where is he?_ Adam thought to himself.

"Help!" Tommy called out.

"You're dying, Tommy. There's nothing I can do for you." Adam told him.

"I know. When I fell, the spell was broken. I have a last request. take my powers and become the leader, and take care of Kat. I know that you've had a crush on her since she came to Angel Grove. Tell her this: I died a free man." Tommy said before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went limp.

"I will, man, I will." Adam said as he carried the still form of his leader and friend back to the Power Chamber.

At the Power Chamber....
"Billy, can you put Tommy's body in stasis forever?" Adam asked.

Billy's face went white and tears welled up in his eyes. "Yeah, A... Adam."

"I'm gonna go back to town and tell the others, and Tommy's family everything that happened. I'll be back later." Adam said flatly.

At the Hospital....
"Hi, Kat. I have some bad news. Tommy's dead. He died when we were battling each other for the planet and my life. Well, he died when he fell off the cliff. Tommy told me to tell you that he died a free man." Adam whispered as the tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Oh god! Hold me, Adam." was all that Kat could say.

At the Olivers' house....
"I'm sorry, Mrs. Oliver. It was too late for him when I got there." Adam told her, the grief apparent in his voice.

"He wouldn't want you to be like this, you know. We have to believe that he's in a better place now." Mrs. Oliver said.