The New Purple Power!
By Cory J. Thornton
Part 1

It was a average day in Angel Grove. Adam, Tanya, and Justin were talking about some of the old rangers at the Angel Grove park.

Adam: Billy was smart and cool,when me and Tanya were Zeo Rangers,Billy helped Alpha & Zordon.Gosh,I miss him!

Tanya: Justin,did you know that Billy was in the original group 4 years ago?

Justin: Yah, at Tommy’s workshop,he tells me about Kimberly,Billy, Trini,Jason and Aisha.
But mostly of Kim.

(they all laugh)

Tanya: Adam,didn’t Rocky take the place of Jason?

Adam: Yah,and I took the place of Zack!

(Tommy and Kat come near)

Tommy: Hey guys,whats new?

Justin: Hi,Tommy!Adam was telling us about Billy and the older rangers!

Kat: (I hate it when they do that near Tommy. He all ways talks about Kimberly!)

Tommy: Oh,guys,I have Great News!

Tanya: What is it,Tommy?

Justin: Yah,What?

Tommy: Kimberly is moving back to town!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat: Oh,I feel dizzy,ohhhhhh!!!!

Tommy: Kat I got you!

Justin: SHE’S DEAD!

Adam: She just fainted.

Tommy: I’ll just put her on the park bench.She’ll wake up in a sec.

Tanya: Hey,thats cool!

Tommy: Yah!I really miss her.But she has been emailing me a lot. That's how I found out.

(communicator goes off)

Kat: Wow,I hate those dizzy spells!

Tommy: We have to go!

(teleport to command center)

Part 2

Tanya: What is it Zordon? What’s so Important?

Zordon: Divatox now has Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa working with her.Together,they are the worst threat EVER to the Rangers!!

Kat: So what do we do now?

Tommy: Will there be a new ranger??

Alpha 5: You read our minds,Tommy!Yes we will have a new ranger: the purple ranger!Who should we choose?

(Tommy, Adam,Justin and Tanya think Kimberly!-Kat thinks Rocky,if he were well.)

Tommy: How about Kim?She’s moving back to town.

Kat: (Thinking) Oh NO!

Zordon: Wise choice,Tommy!

Alpha 5: Yes,it will be good!

Justin: Yes!I cant wait to meet her!!

Tanya: Me Too!

Kat: (Thinking) Oh great she moves to town AND she becomes a ranger. What else could she do to ruin my day?

Adam: Cool,It will just like old times!

Meanwhile,under the ocean…

Elgar: WHAT? We will have underwater neighbors?

Divatox: Yes, Rita and her husband will have the coral reef over on lot 3! Oh, Finister, Babboo, Squat, Goldar and Scorpina will be with them!

Rygog: Hey, Me and Goldar go WAY back to uh letseehere (counts on fingers) I know! Preschool!

Elgar: That means last year!

Porto: Ha ha ha!

Divatox: SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU! Im going to make contact with Rita!

Meanwhile, on the plane ride to Angel Grove….

Kim: (thinking) I can’t wait to see Tommy! Its almost been one year!

Part 3

Kim: Im here! Oh, there is Tommy and Adam to pick me up!

Adam: Kim! Great to see ya!

Tommy: Kim, How have you been? (Tommy and Kim Hug)

Kim: Hi guys! Oh, I’ve missed you so much!

Adam: Are going to live by yourself now? I don’t see your mom!

Kim: Yah, pretty much, but after about 3 months she’ll be back! All she has to do is finish her job back in Florida. So Adam, How does it feel to be free from school?

Adam: I love it! I have lots of free time.

Tommy: Kim, have we got a surprise for you!!!

Kim: Come on Tommy, what is it?

Adam: (whispering) You will be the new Purple ranger!!

(Kim- shocked)

Kim: Thanx! Um, when do we get started?

Tommy: I don’t know. But I do know 1 thing. Lord Zedd is now living with Divatox!

Kim: Thats sounds REAL bad!

(Communicator goes off)

Tommy: Zordon, what is it???

Fat lady waiting for baggage: Why is that man talking to his watch?

Kim: Oh,he has a mental problem.He is visiting the real world.Then he will go back to charter north.

Fat lady waiting for baggage: How sad! I hope he won’t have any problems!

Adam: Oh he will be okay!

Tommy: (whispering) Guys, we gotta go!

Adam: Where?

Kim: Over there by those bathrooms! Oh wait, my luggage!

Adam: I got it!

(they all teleport)