Disclaimer: Saban owns Power Rangers and the Beetleborgs, Jewel owns the song ‘Quiet Warrior’.

Quiet Warrior
By: Tabby Bradley

Trini walked through the small town she had moved to with her family. She missed Billy, and hoped he was happy with Cestria.

Josh Baldwin said, “Trini!You have to stop this, you know as well as I do that Cestria is actually Sorceress Keiria!”

Standing in a circle the wolves have come
But they won't bother her, no
'Cause dancing with her hands of leaves she'll sing for them
And ease their hungerin'
She's a quiet warrior

Trini said, “What can I do about it, Josh?”

Josh said, “Trini, I was once a Beetleborg, you were once a Power Ranger.  Flabber and Art can make you powers and allow you to face her!You have to save your love!”

Trini said, “Okay, I’m in.”

Standing at the ocean's stony shores
The waves all worship her
She stands in trust and lets the night swallow her
Because she knows that she's a piece of the sun
And a quiet warrior.

They went to the comic book publishing company.

Art said, “Who is this?”

Josh said, “This is Trini. She’s going to face Keiria, but needs powers.”

Art said, “Keiria! She’s a sorceress with a demon for a mother!I’m on it.”

Trini helped him design her powers.

Art said, “Bring this to Flabber. It’ll make you a sorceress as well.”

They headed for Hillhurst.

You ask her where from the wind blows
She'll say it's how the sky sings
And you ask her how does the sun rise
She'll say 'cause you desire it to be seen
And you ask her how does she make your heart fly
And she'll tell you, you know why
She's your quiet warrior.

Flabber brought her powers out of the comic and teleported her to Aquitar.

She stood on the surface of the planet, not yet ready to face Keiria.

Be careful, Trini. Bring our cousin back.

I will, Jo, I promise.

She teleported into a major pod.

The Aquitians were surprised.

Cestria stood there with Billy.

“Step forward, Cestria.Or should I say, Keiria.”

Cestria shifted. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and was in no way pure, “You will pay for ruining my identity.”

“Get real, Keiria. Data Bonder! Beetleblast!”

She borged.

Keiria said, “Beetleborgs are so last season.”

Trini said, “Tell that to a friend of mine and she’ll feed you to a werewolf.”

The other 3 Borgs appeared with Flabber, and the house monsters.

Trini said, “Fangula?”

Fangula said, “Yes, Trini?”

“Deal with her. Nukus doesn’t need anymore slaves shredding people’s peaceful lives!”

Fangula said, “My pleasure.”

The house monsters carried Keiria over to Flabber.

Flabber said, “Return from which you came.”

A crystal appeared on the ground.

Flabber said, “The White Blaster powers!”

Ravens they rest on his golden crown
And steal your soul
He smiles and it feels like you've known him
Yes it feels like coming home
He's a quiet warrior.

The Beetleborgs chorused, “Josh!”

They powered down.

Trini picked up the crystal, “I thinkI can use this to re-create Josh’s powers.”

“Will you?” Jo was extremely hyper.

Trini said, “Jo, he’s 15!You’re 9!   He’s much too old for you!”

Drew and Roland looked at Jo.

Drew said, “You have a crush on Josh!”

Jo turned a very amusing shade of pink.

Trini smiled.

Flabber said, “Should we head back?Art will panic if the kids don’t return.He’s practically adopted them!”

And roaring silently he's a lion
And he'll hunt for you
His eyes are warm because his hands they are made of light
And they seduce your soul
He's a quiet warrior.

Trini said, “So have you and the house monsters!”

Flabber said, “They’ve adopted you.”

Frankenbeans said, “Head hurt.”

Trini said, “Can someone get me something to stand on.”

Billy handed her a stepping stool.

Trini removed the bolts and looked inside his head, “Little Ghoul’s doll. Adhesive tape.  Frozen blood.Dog brush. Dog leash.  Spell book. My history report.”

The Aquitians were stunned by the pile of stuff.

Trini said, “And a screwdriver. I was looking for this! And I thought Josh had stolen it again.”

Frankenbeans said, “Thank you, Trini.”

Trini said, “You’re welcome, Frankie.”

Lil’ Ghoul said, “Stay out of my basement!”

Trini said, “And this weird crystal pulsing blue.”

Drew said, “My Megablue powers!”

Trini said, “You coming back with us, Billy?”

Billy nodded.

Trini said, “Chronic Copper’s my name. Josh will be White Blaster again and Billy will be Flame Blue. We have a 6 person team!”

You ask him where from the wind blows
He says that the earth breathes
And you ask him how does the sun rise
He'll say that she's got wings
And you ask him how does he make your heart fly
And he'll tell you, you know why
He's your quiet warrior.

The End

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