Trini's Mission
By: Tabby Bradley

My name is Alex Carpenter. I am the guardian of the power rangers. I am to stop a terrible incident from occurring. Billy must not fall for Cestria.

I entered the portal.

Zordan said, "Why are you here?"

"To stop a terrible incident from occurring. Summon the power rangers here immediately. The old ones as well."

The 6 rangers and 3 old ones appeared.

I said, "I am Alexandra, princess of time."

Zordan said, "What's with the new title?"

I said, "Spending 3 million years watching gives you time to get creative."

Zordan said, "What is so wrong with the future?"

"A powerful child is fading out. She is a paradox unless I change something. She is the only one who can take my place and I want to retire!"

Zordan chuckled, "What do the rangers have to do with it?"

"Not much, but I need to talk to them one at a time. One or two of these rangers could be her parents."

The rangers chorused, "Us?"

I nodded, knowing very well that Billy and Trini were destined to fall in love and that Alexander and Torie would be their children. Torie would be my apprentice.

"Sit...Relax...Let me scan your thoughts."

Everyone obeyed and I scanned his or her thoughts. Adam thought I was cute. Billy was thinking about Trini and Trini was thinking about Billy. I smiled. I telepathed, "Do not be afraid to tell those you love how you feel." to each ranger. I said aloud, "All of you have people that are very important to you in your lives. Tell them how you feel or you may lose them. Trini, Jason, and Zack, you are to stay in Angel Grove for a week."

The three nodded.

I vanished, "You'll see me again soon, my students."

Everyone was confused, but teleported to the park.

Billy and Trini wondered off, to talk. They told each other how they felt. I watched, invisibly.

Billy kissed Trini. I teleported them and myself to the Palace of Time.

Billy said, "Huh? What?"

I appeared, "Welcome to my palace. Torie!"

Torie ran in, "I stopped fading. See. I'm all here."

I said, "Normally, I'm not supposed to do this. This is Torie. She will be born in 5 years. So this is 10 years in the future."

Billy said, "So?"

Trini figured it out, but stayed silent.

I said, "Torie is my apprentice, and your daughter. Well, in 5 years anyway."

Billy fainted.

I said, "Good thing I didn't mention Alexander. He's 9."

Trini said, "I guess we're not supposed to tell anyone."

I said, "Bingo. Torie, get some water."

Torie dumped a bucket of water on Billy's head.

I whispered, "Good thing your brother's at school.", to Torie.

Torie giggled.

I said, "Do not tell anyone about what you have learned." I sent them back.

My job was done here.

The End