Tessa's Story
By: Tabby Bradley

Andros stared across the bridge at Ashley. He was secretly in love with her.

Ashley had a crush on Andros.

A being appeared on the Astro Megaship's bridge. It was a 10-year-old human girl, "Well, I'm in the right time, but I'm going to have to talk to Ann about locations."

Andros said, "You are?"

The girl said, "Me? My name is Tessa." She did not state her last name.

Ashley said, "Do you have a last name?"

Tessa said, "Yes, but Ann said not to tell anyone anything, but my first name or I'd disrupt the timeline."

She was wearing jean short and a yellow t-shirt.

Andros said, "Who's Ann?"

Tessa said, "Not telling. I'm already in enough trouble as it is."

Cassie gave a room to Tessa.

Tessa was brushing her hair that night.

An image appeared on her mirror, "Tessa."

Tessa turned to the mirror, "Maria!"

Maria smiled at her twin sister, "How is your mission going?"

Tessa said, "How can I get them to trust me if they have no clue who I am?"

Maria said, "They will know soon enough, Tess."

Tessa said, "Next time Aunt Ann decides to send me on a suicide mission, she's coming with me."

Maria said, "Don't worry. Mother and Father would never let anything happen to us."

Tessa said, "They don't know that they're my parents. I'm from, like, 11 years in the future. I'm 10 years old. I won't be born for a whole year. You either, little sister."

Maria said, "Who you calling little?"

Tessa said, "My reflection?"

Maria said, "I'm telling Father!"

Tessa said, "Daddy can't do anything about me teasing you from here."

Maria left the mirror screen.

Tessa fell asleep.

The next day, T. J. said, "Who are you?"

Tessa said, "An omen from the future. Could be good, could be bad. Fact is, I'm here to protect you guys for awhile."

T. J. said, "Protect us?"

Tessa grinned.

Astronema attacked.

The rangers went down to fight.

Tessa followed, totally disobeying Alpha 6 and DECA.

Andros said, "Tessa, get back onto the ship."

Tessa said, "I was sent here to protect you guys. Gemini Ranger Power!"

Two yellow rangers appeared.

Tessa said, "Hi, Maria!"

Maria said, "Man! Dad was telling me a story."

Tessa said, "Sorry, Ree."

Maria said, "Sokay, Twin. Dad will tell us both when you come home."

Tessa said, "Good." They fought off Astronema.

They chorused, "Twin beams! Fire!"

Two beams hit Astronema.

Astronema fled.

Tessa said, "See ya later, Sis."

Maria said, "Bye!"

She teleported out.

Tessa demorphed.

Ashley said, "You okay, Kid."

Tessa smiled, "Yea. Are you guys?"

The rangers said, "Yea."

Carlos said, "How'd you do that?"

Tessa said, "Maria and I have certain powers that we can only use together, our twin attacks."

6 months passed and Ann appeared, "You ready to go home, Tessa?"

Tessa said, "Bye, Guys."

Ann left with Tessa.

Andros said, "We still didn't find out who she was."

Ashley said, "I did. Andros, we need to talk."

They left.

Ashley told Andros about her being pregnant. She said, "Alpha said that I'm having twin girls. I think Maria and Tessa are our children in the future."

Andros proposed to his girlfriend.

The End