The Origin of the Purple Ranger
Part 1
by Ultra_Purple_Ranger

The story begins in the time of the dinosaurs.... a very dangerous time, a time without a hero............................

The story starts in space with a Triforian scout vessel entering earth's atmosphere but the something went wrong, the engines on the ship failed and the ship crashed into earth. The remaining triforians decided to experiment with producing a half-Triforian, half-caveman, and so our hero is born, with a Triforian mother and caveman father, he learns of a legend, the legend of the powers of nature.

The first lines are these: One day a hero will arise and control the powers of nature, on a giant he will ride, strong and mighty will he be.Protecting all that is good and destroying all that is evil.

The parents of the boy named him Denoho, it is pronounced day-now-jo. Denoho's life was filled with sad memories, he disliked and called a freak and despised by cavemen and Triforian alike, he had been blamed for all the comets and debris that fell to earth by the cavemen, and the Triforians disliked him because of the way he looked, he looked like a modern day human.

He was an inventive young man, at the age of 7 he found his eyesight to be somewhat distorted and began to try to correct the problem and after a year of experimenting he succeed, he had created a lens that helped his one eye and he fashioned another one for his other eye and got some sap from a tree and boiled it into a mold where the both lens where, and created what we would know today as glasses.

He went into the mountains and after a day or two of searching he found a great warrior, and wanted to learn all he could. The warrior say him and said "I know why you have come...and I will train you with all I know". Denoho was caught at a disadvantage and said "Who are you?". The warrior said "I am the mighty one you are searching for, I am called Omar".

Denoho then bowed in respect to Omar and said "I will allow you to train me". Omar then said "Young man you will face rough times ahead of you, go to your home and rest and come back and stay here and train with me for 7 years. Your training will start tomorrow, it will end in 7 years, you will sleep here, in the forest.

Denoho then left Omar in the forest and returned to the crashed ship, where he lived with the rest of the Triforians, he then told his family and the other villagers what had just happened and they all wanted to be him because Omar was a great warrior. Denoho then thought to himself, "If I'm half-Triforian maybe I have another part of me, after all, Triforians are a race of tri-fold beings".

Denoho concentrated and began to feel lightheaded then found him-self beside him-self, then the other Denoho spoke "I am Denoho of wisdom, you are Denoho of combat. I will remain here an get as much knowledge as possible, while you go train for the next 7 years with Omar and learn as much combat skills as possible, when we rejoin in 7 years, you will have both of our knowledge."

Then Denoho rejoined his other self and went to pack his bags. After he was packed he went to sleep. In his dream he was in the air floating over a cave, and flew in, then he was surrounded in a radiant purple light, then he woke up and shook his head from side to side. Denoho then decided it was time to split into his two parts again, he held his breath and concentrated and felt lightheaded again, and saw flashes of purple light and then saw his counterpart Denoho of wisdom.

What will happen to Denoho of combat in the mountains with Omar?

What will happen to Denoho of wisdom in the village???

What will happen next?