The Origin of the Purple Ranger
Part 2
by Ultra_Purple_Ranger

As Denoho started to walk away from the small village made from the crashed scout ship he looked in the sky and saw the shape of a sword in the clouds, he looked at it and thought to him-self "hmm....that reminds me of another part of the legend 'With a call to the sky a sword would come down to the ground and the giant would pick it up and wield it's power' hmm... I wonder if that is the sword that the legend foretells of". Then Denoho looked back at the small village, and called back "Good-bye for now, I'll return when I can!" and with that Denoho turned toward the mountain and started to walk.

Back in the village Denoho of wisdom was looking around for something that could keep him occupied while his counterpart Denoho of Combat was off training, he think look at the computer console in his room "hmm" he thought "that is what I will do!".

Wisdom then went over to the console and sat in the chair next to it, and began to read what was on the screen. He found out that the console was part of the original scout ship bridge controls, this caught his attention and he began to look for the ship logs and possibly come across some of his family records. He began typing and typing, and eventually came to a log file made on the last scouting mission of the ship, it was to investigate a cave that was approximately 10 miles from the small village where he is right now. He then printed this file, and a map of the area. Also he learned that he had an interesting blood-line, he found out that he was related to the Lord of Triforia, his name was Trey, and is the brother of his mother. "Woah!" thought Wisdom, "This is so cool, I'm related to the ruler of my homeworld, and he is my uncle, what other cool surprises lay in my future?"

Back with Denoho of Combat, Combat was now at the foot of the mountain trail, he looked up and said "Alrighty then, no turning back now!" he then started to charge up the mountain trail, he yelled "ARRRRRR!" as he ran as fast as he could then he started to get cramped and decided to stop and rest, he took off his backpack and made a fire with some twigs that were near him. He heard something in the bushes and then all of a sudden a gray monster jumped out at him! It made a strange sound "bula-blua-blubbla" he then tried to run but it threw him on the ground, then he stood up and said "That's it no more Mr. nice combat!" and ran at the gray monster and jump-kicked him off the mountain! Then Omar appeared and said "I see you beat the putty with no trouble, you may not need 7 years of training as I thought". Combat then said "That thing is called a 'putty'?". Omar then said "Yes, they are henchmen of Rita Repulsa she is tried to conquer this solar system, but Zordon of Eltar is stopping her.". Combat then looked distressed "Eek, doesn't he have any help?", Omar looked at him and said "Yes, Trey of Triforia helps him out, as do the Aquitian Rangers", Combat then blurted out "Triforia is my home planet, I am here on earth living in a small village made of the crashed scout ship that my mom was on, I'm half-Triforian, half-caveman, my mom was Triforan!", Omar said "hmm...this is taking time away from your training, we must get to my house now, I will teleport us there", Combat then said questioningly "Teleport?". Omar said "Hold on to me", Combat did as he was told and then he was enveloped in a purple light, and Omar was enveloped in a white light.

Back with Wisdom we see that he is reading a big book with the words "Triforan Scout Vessel Computer Interface Manual" on the front of it. Wisdom put down the book and rubbed his eyes and said "Who would have thought that a computer manual would have over a thousand pages?". Wisdom then though about what he read and went to go look in the village for his mother, he asked the villages and they all said to check near the river, he then went to the river and saw his mom and asked her if it was true that Trey was his uncle, and she said he was. Wisdom then decided to read up on Trey in the computer database, he walked back to his room, and was everyone greeted him on his way back to his room. Wisdom then decided to also read up on the legend of the hero, he found an old book with the legend he decided to read a little bit of it every once in a while, he knew a few lines and they are:' One day a hero will arise and control the power of nature, on a giant he will ride strong and mighty will he be, protecting all that is good and destroying all that is evil. With a call to the sky a sword will come down to the ground and the giant will wield it's power' Wisdom then sat back at the console and started to type.

Back with Combat, he was on the mountain with Omar, and they were still going to Omar's house, Combat had sweat beading on his forehead, Combat then said "Are we there yet?", Omar said "No, have patience grasshopper.", Combat then said "Grasshopper, I like the sound of that.".......

And with that part 2 is over!

What will happen to Combat now?
Will his name be Grasshopper now?
Will Omar keep calling him that?
Will we hear more about putties?
Will we hear more about Zordon?
Will we hear more about Rita?
How long will Combat's training last?


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