Note: this story is the sequel to Eternal Love, and picks up from there. Read it and the story to which it is a sequel to understand what is going on in this story.

The Real Threat


Prince Darien


Serena awoke to find herself in her school uniform, but she was not
in school.  Instead, she was in her very own house.  She looked at
her clock. It was one o’clock in the morning.  She had no idea how
she got in her house, or why she had gotten there.  The last thing
she remembered was being is history class, and then this.
        Serena rose from her bed, and walked to her window.  She was
shocked to see a different neighborhood that was not hers.  She then
looked around, and found that the house she was in was not the one
she thought it was.  She had never seen this house before.  It was
weird, she was in a totally strange place, yet she felt no fear.
        "Serena," called a low voice from somewhere in the house.
The voice was unidentifiable.  It sounded like a whisper, but from
        "Who are you?" Serena asked.
        "……I’m not you," replied the voice.
        "Where are you?"
        "……I’m everywhere.  Look around."  Serena was more frightened
than she ever thought possible.  She looked around, and tried to find
the voice’s origin.  This was futile, because it came from a
different direction every time.
        "What do you want?"
        "Only one thing."  The voice now seemed to come from
everywhere, and had an echo to it.  "Guess what it is?"  A shadow
appeared in front of her, and then everything was black for a second…

        Serena shot up in her bed.  She was relieved to find out that
she had only been dreaming.  But there was something different about
this dream, aside from the fact that it scared the crap out of her.
Somehow, it seemed more real than any other dream she had ever had.
        Serena got out of bed, and walked over to her window.  This
bothered Luna, as the act made the sleepy cat move.  Serena looked
out her window, and saw the beautiful night sky, complete with full
moon and shining stars.  This made her at peace.
        "Serena," said the little black cat known as Luna.  "Is
something the matter?"  Serena looked at the brilliant night sky a
little while before answering.  The time span was about ten or
fifteen seconds.
        "No.  I just…had a bad dream.  That’s all."
        "Do you want to talk about it?"
        "No.  There’s nothing to talk about."  Luna’s only thought
was "uh-oh, Serena’s keeping something inside, and it’s gonna blow up
sooner or later".  Serena just kept staring out into the night sky,
not knowing what to think.

        Darien Shields walked along the sidewalk, wearing a black
shirt, blue jeans, and a black overcoat.  He was taking a walk for
one reason: he had to get out of his apartment.  It was being
fumigated, and he really didn’t want a bunch of toxins getting in the
way of oxygen, and other essentials of life.  The bad thing was, he
had to find a place to stay for the night.  He had thought about
Serena’s house, but then he thought of her father.
        Darien started receiving images of…something.  He darted into
an alleyway, so he wouldn’t look stupid by standing on a sidewalk
with his eyes closed.  He stood there, in the alleyway, trying to
make the images go away.  But they would not.  He kept seeing fog, a
shadow, and a dead Serena in front of him.  He tried to keep his eyes
open, but they seemed to close by themselves, as if some other force
was controlling him.

        A lone figure stood, at a full height of eight feet and seven
inches.  The figure was that of a male, but not a human.  It was the
thing that was sending the messages to Serena and Darien.
        "First, Katarina, then Lord Perro.  Well, now they must
answer to me."  The thing’s eyes began glowing white.  "Death to the
Sailor Soldiers, and to Tuxedo Mask!"

To Be Continued……