Chapter 1

	The creature that was at dismay over the recent defeat of his
minions was looking at a picture of Serena and Darien.  The creature
was that of a blood-stealing parasite that dwelled in the dark.  The
creature was that of pure evil, and would stab anyoneís back, given
the proper opportunity.  The creature was none other than a vampire.
But, not just any vampire.  He was the kind that would make Dracula
over.  He was the grossest creature imaginable.  He was also the most
conniving creature in the world.  His name: Antrosis.  However, when
in a human form (used when out at night), he went by the name of
Antonio, because in human form, he looked like he was from Mexican
descent. Antrosis knew how to bring any human to his/her knees.  He
also how to win them over, or kill them, for that matter.  His
followers were completely under his spell, and would do anything for
him. As Antrosis stared at the picture of Serena and Darien, he
beckoned one of his followers to come forth.  "Anton.  Come here."  A
smaller vampire stepped out of the shadows.

	"Yes, master?"

	"Anton, where did you get this picture?"

	"I obtained it from a human who is under my spell, master."

	"Which human is this?"

	"Her name is Laura Payne.  She is a new student at Crossroads
High School. She is a new friend of Sailor Moon, a.k.a. Serena.
Laura saw her transform in a battleÖ"I know who she is, and I donít
want you to repeat it.  Right now my only goal is to kill her."

	"You could always bite her on the neck."

	"Anton, when I want a suggestion from you, Iíll give it to you."

	"Of course, master."  Antrosis walked into the shadows.

	"Anton, I want you to bring Laura here.  I would like to meet

	"She will be here shortly, master."  Anton disappeared in a puff
of smoke.

	Serena and Amy were sitting in world history class.  They were
listening to some boring lecture, but Amy found it interesting.  Amy
could find anything interesting, though, as long as it had an
educational value.
        Serena, however, was thinking of everything that had happened
over the past year.  She had seen Darien kill himself, and come back
from the dead (again).  She had also battled the son of Satan.  She
had also battled two demons who were on a mission, which raised
another problem.  The thing that had sent the two demons was still
out there.  But what was it?
        "And that concludes todayís notes," said the professor.
"Take this time to study for next weekís final exam.  Remember, It
will be worth forty percent of your grade."  At this time, the bell
rang.  And, as that was the last class of the day, Serena was
thrilled.  One less day of school left. 
		"Hey, Amy," Serena said once the two girls walked out of the
school.  "Whatcha wanna do today?"
        "Iíve got to study for the final.  If I donít I wonít get a
good grade."
        ĎOh, yeah, you might have to settle for a 90,í Serena
thought.  "Well, OK.  Iíll see-ya later."
        "See-ya."  Amy and Serena went their separate ways.

        Antrosis was pleased to see his minion Anton appear with the
human called Laura Payne.  He walked closer to her, but not as
himself.  Antrosis had taken his human form.  He was a vampire, true
enough, but he did not want to scare the crap out of a potential
        "So, you say you know the true identity of Sailor Moon?"
Antrosis asked Laura.
        "Yes, I do.  She is really Serena, a high school senior.  Her
friends are the Sailor Soldiers.  I am trying to discover their
        "Well then, you should follow them closely."  Antrosis
stepped back into the shadows. "Come, Laura," Anton said.  The two of
them disappeared.

        Serena was happy to see Darien.  He came up to her from an
alleyway.  This was the same alleyway where he had seen the visions.
        "Darien!" Serena nearly shouted.
        "Hey, Serena!  Have a good day at school?"
        "Yeah, sure."  Darien put his arms around Serena, and she
reciprocated.  "Darien?"
        "What were you doing in that alleyway?"  Darien beaked away
from Serena, so he could look directly into her eyes.  He did not
want to tell her of the visions, in case they were bogus.  What was
the point of worrying her over nothing?
        "Just waiting for you," he said with a sweet smile.  Somehow,
Serena knew he was not telling the complete truth.  After being
around him for so long, it was easy to spot things like that.
        "Are you sure?"  Darien looked surprised.
        "Well, of course.  Why else would I be standing here?"
        "IÖdonít really know."  Serena smiled as she and Darien
walked down the street, toward Rayeís temple.  Darien realized this
would make a grand total of three meetings that he would have

        Laura Payne, a girl that was of medium height, with blond
hair that flowed down to the middle of her back, stood by the high
school.  Since she was from the United States of America, she knew
very little about Tokyo.  She had to wait on her new friend, also
from the United States, Molly Baker, so she could find her way
around.  Molly was currently meeting with one of her teachers.  
        Laura was waiting impatiently, as she wanted to get home.
She had a ton of homework to do.  This involved spying on Serena.
Since she was her next-door neighbor, this task would be easy.  The
hard part was getting home in a strange land.  The only thing that
was bad about her "job" was that she had to report to her boss, who
lived in Sunnydale, California, USA.
        "Come ON, already," Laura said in disgust.  She was really
impatient.  Finally, after about ten minutes, Molly came out of the
        "Sorry Iím late," she said in her New York Accent.  "Címon.
Letís go."  The two girls headed toward their houses.  Since they
lived in the same neighborhood, Laura could find her house from
Mollyís apartment building.

        Darien walked Serena to Rayeís temple on Cherry Hill.  They
were early.  Raye was surprised bug time.  Not only was Serena early
for something, but Darien was coming to a Sailor Soldier Meeting!
        "Hey, meat-ball head!" Raye called out.  "Whatíre you doiní
here? Itís not time to meet yet."  She looked at Darien, and directed
the next comment at him.  "And you!  Why did you come?"
        "Because I felt like it," Darien said.
        "And I wanted to come early, so you wouldnít pick on me.  And
        "OK, fine.  Sheesh!"  Raye was glad that she still had the
ability to get on Serenaís nerves.  Life just would not be the same
without Serena to pick on.  She smiled.  "So, any way, whatís goiní
on?  I thought we toasted those Nega-creeps."
        "I dunno," Serena replied.  "I thought you wanted the
        "No, I got a call from someone who said there was an
emergency, and we needed to meet as soon as possible.  It sounded
like Amy."  The trio of people did not notice the shadowy figure
standing by a tree, only 50 feet away.
        This shadowy figure was Anton.  He knew that Laura had to
gain Serenaís trust before any heavy spying, so he decided to take
this night.  He had now discovered the identity of one of the other
Sailor Soldiers, but which one was it?  Anton listened to the rest of
the conversation.
        "So, Serena, you glad schoolís almost out?"
        "What kind of a question is that?" replied Serena.  "OF
        "I thought so," Raye said.  At that time, Amy came walking
        "Hey, guys.  Glad you could make it."
        "Amy, whatís this all about?" Raye asked.
        "Well, I was running something through my mini-computer, when
I got a strange signal.  Some kind of portal."
        "Whatís so strange about that?" Serena asked.  "That happens
practically every single day."  That brought a chuckle from Raye and
        "Well," Amy said, "not this kind of portal.  This one seems
to be a portal that the Negaverse could never open.  It registers as
a hell-mouth."
        "Wait a second," Darien said.  "Whatís a hell-mouth."
        "Basically," Amy said, "itís a portal that leads to the
nether-realm.  The nether-realm is just a nice term for hell."
        "Well, this is interesting," Raye said.  "I wonder why I
didnít sense it."
        "Because itís out of your range.  The portal is located just
outside of town."
        "I say we investigate," Raye said.  The others agreed.
        "Wait, whereís Mina and Lita?" Darien asked.
        "They couldnít make it," Amy said.  "They were going on a
field trip, and wonít be back until tomorrow."
        "OK.  Well, letís do it!" Raye said.
        "OK, OK.  Moon Cosmic Power!"
        "Mars Star Power!"
        "Mercury Star Power!"  Within seconds, they were in their
Sailor Soldier uniforms.  Darien transformed into Tuxedo Mask.  
        "Lead the way, Sailor Mercury."  The quartet left.  Back in
the shadows, Anton smiled.  He had just learned three more secret

        Antrosis walked around his lair, waiting on Antonís return.
He was always impatient.  He was pleased to see Anton walk up to him,
after waiting for nearly ten minutes.
        "Master, I have discovered the true identities of Sailor Mars
and Sailor Mercury, as well as Tuxedo Mask.  Mars is really Raye
Hino, and Mercury is Amy Anderson.  I recognized them from roaming
the neighborhood."
        "Good work.  When Iím done in Sunnydale, Iíll start invading
Tokyo, and taking all of their lives."

        Willow Rosenburg, a pleasant, witty, smart girl, was glad the
day was over.  She was having a rough time with one of her students.
A football player, no less.  She sat down at her desk.  It wasnít
fair that she had to sub for Miss Calendar under these circumstances.
        Within three minutes, she received a visit from one of her
closest friends, Buffy Summers.  "Hey, Buffy, whatís up?"
        "Hey, Will.  Haviní a rough day?" 
        "Yeah.  How could you tell?"
        "Oh, being a slayer doesnít mean that all I do is kill
vampires and demons, and save the world over and over.  I can tell
when one of my friends is down.  So, whatís up?"
        "Well, our star football and basketball and swimmer handed in
a blank test.  And if I do the right thing, Mr. Snyder will expel me
for failing him.  And if I do the wrong thing, then thereís no
problem with Mr.Snyder.  But thatíll be a problem with me," Willow
said, making her voice quieter as she spoke.
        "Hmm, well.  This is interesting.  So whatíre ya gonna do?" 
        "Oh well, hereís the thing.  I havenít exactly decided yet.
An "F" on this paper might still let him pass for the year.  But if
not, I could give him a low "D", I guess." "OK.  I gotta go.  I hafta
meet Giles." "Well, See ya."  Buffy smiled slightly, and walked out
the room.

To Be ContinuedÖ
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