Chapter 2

        The night sky was completely void of light, as dark clouds
covered the moon and the stars.  The town of Sunnydale, California
seemed to be asleep.  Except for two girls, two guys, and the demons
of hell. 
        The two girls were Buffy Summers, and Willow Rosenburg.  The
two guys were Alexander Harris, close and personal friend of Buffy
and Willow, and Rupert Giles.  Rupert was the watcher, and everyone
in the group called him Giles.  Alexander went by Xander (pronounced
Zander) to his friends.
        "I don’t think any vampires are here tonight."
        "Sure they are, Buffy.  Just…be patient."  At that time, a
grotesque figure jumped out from the bushes, and tackled Xander.  The
figure slapped him with its claws, cutting Xander’s face.
        "Ow, crap!"
        "Hang on!"  Buffy rushed over, and kicked the figure.  It
rolled over onto its back, and snarled.  Buffy saw its face.  It was
a vampire, no doubt.  The vampire jumped up, and slashed at Buffy.
It missed, and Buffy kicked it.  She cut the vampire’s face with her
high-heeled shoe.  She took out her steak, and stabbed the vampire in
the heart.  It turned into a pile of dust, and Buffy stared at it a
        "Nobody messes with my friends, especially a vamp."

        Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask
arrived at the portal about an hour before sunrise.  It was unlike
anything they had ever seen.  It was a brilliant array of yellow,
red, blue, and black. The portal swirled around at a rapid rate.
Since it was located outside of Tokyo, nobody had seen it yet.  It
was miles from town, and far off the road.
        The three girls, and the one man, looked on in awe.  It was
so mesmerizing.  They just stared at it, not knowing what to do.
        "Wow…" Sailor Moon said.
        "Hey, Amy, how about scanning that thing?" Tuxedo Mask asked.
        "OK."  Amy tried scanning it with her VR visor.  "I can’t.
It’s jamming everything up!"
        "Well, there’s only one way to see exactly where this thing
leads now!" Tuxedo Mask said.  He took a breath, and leaped into the
        "Darien!"  Sailor Moon followed in a hurry.
        "Oh, brother!" Raye said.  "Well, duty calls."  Raye jumped
in, and Amy followed her into the unknown……

        Antrosis was surprised when three girls and a man fell in
front of him.  He knew who they were.
        "Welcome, Sailor Soldiers, and Tuxedo Mask.  I must say
this…is an honor.  It’s not every day that heroes come to me to meet
their destruction.  Usually I have to go to them to kill them."
        "So, are we gonna fight, or are you gonna bore us to death?"
Sailor Mars asked.
        "Ooh, a smart-ass.  I like that in a victim."
        "Well, let’s see how like this!"  Sailor Mars used her
Celestial Fire Surround attack, and it hit Antrosis.  He only
laughed, as it did not harm him at all.  What the hell?"
        "You are such a fool.  Using fire on a creature from HELL!
Ha ha! This is going to be fun."
        "Mercury Ice Storm Blast!!"  The attack hit Antrosis with
full intensity.  It made him fly into a wall, and he was hurt.  He
slowly stood.
        "Well, it’s nice to see that there’s ONE smart person in that
group.  I like that, I really do.  But, I have this annoying habit of
destroying something I like.  Sorry."   Antrosis leaped at Sailor
Mercury, grabbed her by the throat, and slung her to the ground.
This knocked all the air out of her lungs, and she struggled to get
air back in.
        "Sailor Mercury!  No!"  Sailor Mars rushed over to her.
        "Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to play favorites," Antrosis
said mockingly.  He then grabbed Sailor Mars by her hair, and tossed
her aside like a rag-doll.  "Did that hurt?"
        "Uunnnnhhh…" Sailor Mars said as she tried to get back up.
        "I’ll take that as a ‘sort of’" Antrosis said.  "OK, who’s
next?" Tuxedo Mask saw him looking at Sailor Moon.  Just as Antrosis
was about to attack, Tuxedo Mask jumped in the way.  He received the
full force of the blow, and was injured badly.
        "Darien, NO!" Sailor Moon shouted.  "All right, buster!  Now
I’m mad!  In the name of the moon, I will punish you!!"  Antrosis
        "I think not."  Sailor Moon took out her wand.  "Ooh, that
looks scary," Antrosis said sarcastically.
        "Moon Scepter Elimination!"  The attack hit Antrosis, but had
no effect.
        "Come now.  Did you really expect that to kill an undead
creature such as myself?"  Antrosis moved closer to Sailor Moon.
"Now, become a vampire, as I am.  Be eternally damned; be condemned
to roam the earth searching for blood night after night!"
        Sailor Moon was scared stiff.  She was too scared to even
cry.  Tuxedo Mask, knowing only that he must protect his love,
mustered up enough strength to throw a rose at Antrosis.  It hit him,
and stunned him.
        Sailor Moon escaped, and rushed over to Tuxedo Mask.  She
looked at him with grateful eyes.
        "Come on, we have to get out of here!" Sailor Moon shouted. 
Sailors Mercury and Mars managed to limp towards Sailor Moon.  The
three supported Tuxedo Mask, and managed to get to a portal.  They
went through it, not knowing that it was not the same one they had
entered with…

        Buffy was making sure that Xander was okay, when a portal
opened, and four people poured out.  They were all injured, except
one, who seemed to be fine.
        "What the hell?"  Buffy nearly shouted.
        "PLEASE don’t mention hell," Sailor Mars said.
        "We just came from there."
        "I find that very unlikely," Rupert Giles said.  "You can’t
leave hell once you’re there.  You might have come from the
        "Well, whatever, we need help.  Who are you people?" Sailor
Mercury asked.
        "I was going to ask you the same thing," Buffy said, leery of
the Girls in mini-skirts, and the man in the tuxedo.
        "Now is not the time to get to know each other.  We’ll help
you," Giles said.
        "Thank you," Sailor Moon said.

        After all the wounds had been tended to, and introductions
made, the eight people sat down at a table in the Sunnydale High
Library.  They got into a discussion about what was going on.
        "Well, this is very, uh, simple…to explain," Giles said.
        "Yeah, and since Giles here usually speaks in big words, I’m
gonna tell it," Buffy said.  "This is Sunnydale, home the vampires,
and all that is undead.  I am the chosen one, meaning I have to kill
‘em all.  I have help from my friends here.  And that about sums it
up.  So, what are you?"
        "Well, this is hard to explain, but…we are Sailor Soldiers,
sworn defenders of the Earth against all evil.  We’re stationed in
Tokyo, and we fight evil beings from a place called the Negaverse.
Well, that, and pretty much anything else that wants to take over the
world, destroy it, etc.," Sailor Moon said.
        "Well, that’s…unusual," Willow said.
        "Has anyone ever told you that those skirts don’t exactly
make you look like fighters?" Xander asked.  All he received were
stares from everyone in the room.  "I’ll shut up now."
        "So," Buffy said, "you fight evil.  How can we be sure?  How
do I know that you don’t want to kill me?"
        "If we wanted you dead, we would have killed you by now,"
Tuxedo Mask said.  "Besides, do we look like vampires to you?" 
        "No.  But neither did Angel."
        "Angel?" Sailor Mercury asked.
        "Long story," Giles said.  "Any way, I believe you.
Actually, I’ve read quite a deal about the Negaverse, and the
legendary Sailor Soldiers. I thought that’s all it was, though.  A
        "How did you read about us?"
        "We get newspapers.  We have to find out what’s going on in
the rest of the world.  Sunnydale could use a warning sometimes,"
Giles said.
        "Well," Tuxedo Mask said.  "Will you help us?  We need to
find out what’s going on in Tokyo.  Maybe you could go back with us."
        "Oh sure.  I’ll just skip school, tell my mom I’m going to
Tokyo for a while, and nobody’ll care."
        "Sounds like a plan to me," Xander said.  Again, he got
silentstares.  "I’ll be leaving now, so I don’t say anything else
that’s stupid."
        "No, stay," Amy said.  "You’re a part of this, and we need
your help."
        "I should warn you, I wet my pants when I get really scared."
        "Xander, shut up," Buffy said.  "I didn’t need to know that."
        "I didn’t say I got scared easily."
        "Well, I suggest that we find out what’s going on, and act
fast. Buffy, you remember when the whole world almost got sucked into
        "Yeah, Giles.  Why?"
        "Well, if there’s activity in the cross-dimension, it is very
likely that this world is about to go to hell in a hand-basket.  We
have to act fast."
        "OK, when do we make our move?" Buffy asked.
        "We should wait for our friends," Sailor Moon said.
        "Right.  I’ll call them and tell them where we are.  They can
meet us here using their teleport," Sailor Mercury said.
        "Whatever, just get them here.  I want pay-back for what that
ass-hole did," Sailor Mars said.  Sailor Moon called Lita and Mina on
her communicator.
        "We have a short time left," Giles said.

        Antrosis looked at Laura Payne with inquisitive eyes.  He was
disappointed that she had not been more useful.  Still, with the
correcttreatment, she could be.
        "Laura, come here."  She did so.  "Laura, you have not been
very useful.  Now, you must be punished."

To Be Continued…
What will Laura’s fate be?  How will Antrosis be beat, if he is beat
at all? Where is the cheese-whiz?  Answers to these pressing (and
not-so-pressing)questions in future episodes!  Stay tuned!