Chapter 6

        Antrosis smirked at Anton, as the minion tended to his
wounded foot. Despite the fact that the Sun had only burned Anton for
a second, the burn was a deep one.  
        "You know," Antrosis said.  "There's a REASON we are called
creatures of the night."  Antrosis slightly smiled.
        "Shut up," Anton said with a growl.  Antrosis grabbed Anton
by the head.
        "What?!"  Fear now consumed Anton.  "What did you say?"
        "Uh, nothing.  It just hurts."  Antrosis let go of Anton's
head with a jerk.
        "I feel I should tell you, I am the new master of the Sword
of Darkness.  And I know how to use it.  If I were you, I would not
tick me off."  Antrosis disappeared.  Anton clenched his fist, and


        Angel opened a door to an old, abandoned warehouse.  He let
everyone else in, but did not enter.
        "Well?" Darien asked, looking at him suspiciously.
        "I can't enter unless I'm invited.  Part of being a vampire."
        "Come on in," Darien said.  {Now if he doesn't enter, I KNOW
it's a trap.}  Angel walked in.
        "Thank you."  Darien looked at Angel, still not trusting him.
"Now,"Angel began, "we need a plan.  We gotta get Buffy out of there.
Any suggestions?"
        "We could go in full force," Raye said.
        "Too dangerous," Amy said.
        "I agree," Angel said.  "We need to be careful.  We don't
need to waste energy fighting if we don't have to."
        "Well," Mina said.  "A few of us could go, and the rest stay
here.  After all, the less in number, the less the chances of being
        "That's no good," Giles said.  "I could stay, because I'm not
that great of a fighter.  But the rest of you could go.  If you are
attacked, you're gonna need all the help you can get."
        "Well," Serena said.  "We could go in full force, like Raye
said.  There's only two of them."
        "And we nearly got killed by ONE of them!" Lita said.
        "We weren't prepared then," Darien said.  "We had no idea
what we were up against."
        "Well, I think I should tell you," Giles said.  "If you DO
plan on going in all-out, there's a good chance that they have the
Sword of Darkness."
        "Uhh...what is that?" Darien asked.
        "It's a powerful sword, forged in the fires of hell.  It
possesses all of the dark magic on Earth and in hell.  A single blow
could tear you apart atom by atom."
        "I've seen it," Angel said.
        "Yeah, I'll bet," Darien said.  "Let me guess, you wielded
it, and killed an entire town?"
        "No.  I saw it pointed at me, ready to tear me apart, when my
buddy hit the sword's master from behind.  When he was killed, the
sword went back to hell.  Now, if you don't mind, I would like to get
this party started."
        "Where's your buddy?"
        "He's around, somewhere.  I think."  Darien stared into
Angel's eyes.  "Now, shall we go?"
        "Yeah.  Just hang on a second."  Darien looked at Serena.
"You sure you wanna do this?"  Serena nodded.  "OK."
        "Moon Crystal Power!"
        "Mars Star Power!"
        "Mercury Star Power!"
        "Jupiter Star Power!"
        "Venus Star Power!"
        In a flash of brilliant light, all of the girls transformed
into their respective alter-egos.  Darien transformed into Tuxedo
        "Now we can go," Tuxedo Mask said.


        Buffy moved her head around, trying to keep from acquiring
stiff-neck. She opened her eyes.  Her vision was blurred.  Her
stomach rumbled, as she had not been fed anything since she was taken
captive.  She managed to make out a shadow heading towards her.  She
squinted.  The shadow started to look like a recognizable figure.
She saw...Angel?
        "Shh.."  The figure moved closer, and more appeared behind
him.  She could not make any of the others out, as her vision was
still a bit hazy.  But the lead figure was definitely recognizable.
"Buffy...oh God, what have they done to you?"  Suddenly, a beam of
pure darkness slammed into the wall, right beside Buffy's head.
        "Hold it right there," a sinister voice snarled.  He stepped
forward.  It was Antrosis.  "I knew you all would come.  Now, all I
need to do is kill you.  I'll start with the one you came here to
save.  I don't know all of your true identities, and quite frankly, I
don't care.  'Cause I'm gonna kill all of you, right after you watch
Buffy die a slow, painful death."  He pointed the Sword of Darkness
at Buffy.  She closed her eyes.
        Angel began running toward Antrosis, screaming.  He tackled
him, and the Sword of Darkness fell to the ground.  Angel and
Antrosis were locked in combat.  It was clear to Tuxedo Mask that
Angel was an ally.  Xander and Willow rushed to Buffy, and untied
her.  She fell forward, and they caught her.
        "Get her out of here, NOW!!" Angel yelled.  Right after he
said that, he was thrown back, and slammed into a wall.  Darien took
out a rose, and threw it at Antrosis.  It hit him in the back.  It
only served to anger him.
        "That's it!"  Antrosis turned around, and rushed toward
Darien, hitting him at full speed.  Tuxedo Mask landed on his back.
Sailor Mercury used her Ice Storm Blast, and covered Antrosis with
ice.  He was unable to move. 
		"Quick, get the sword!" shouted Mars.  But it was too late.
        "I don't think so," Anton said.  He had the Sword of
Darkness.  And he was ready to use it.

                                To Be Continued...



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