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                                Chapter 9

        "Shadow, I want you to assume my identity."
        "What?" Shadow asked, slightly confused.
        "You heard me.  Assume my identity."
        "Anton, what do you mean, assume your identity?"  Anton
smirked at that comment.
        "Not real bright, are you?" Anton muttered under his breath.
"What I mean, is for you to look like me.  I want the White Knight to
think that you are me.  You will battle him, and weaken him.  Then, I
will finish him off, and use the magic of the Sword of Darkness to
destroy the Sword of Light.  Understand?"  Anton narrowed his eyes,
and raised his eyebrows.
        "Yes, master," Shadow said as he bowed slightly.


        "D...Darien?" Serena asked, wide eyed.
        "Darien does not exist now," said the form that looked like
Prince Darien, dressed in white body armor.  "Only the White Knight
exists."  The voice was deeper, more dark.  "I am the defender of
Earth.  I am the wielder of the Sword of Light.  I take only the side
of the carrier of the Love Star, which is where I and the Sword of
Light are kept."  The White Knight looked at Serena.  "You are the
owner of the Love Star, correct?" 
        "Then my mission is what you tell me it is."
        Serena tried to think of what to say.  She just couldn't get
over that Darien was the White Knight, more or less.  "W--Well,
        "Serena, can I see you for a minute?" Buffy asked.  Serena
walked over to Buffy.
        "What is it?"
        "What the hell is going on?"
        "I--I wish...I knew..."
        "Well, I just thought you'd like to know something.  The
really, really ugly one's name is Antrosis, and the other one is
called Anton."        
		"The really, really ugly one has been killed."
        "Then you're dealing with Anton."
        "H--How do you know their names?"
        "Well when you're a captive, you hear things.  Like
conversations."  Buffy grinned.  Serena turned to the White Knight.
She told him his mission.

        The White Knight appeared from the portal as Anton stepped
forward.  They looked at each other for a brief moment.
        "Ah, White Knight.  We meet at last.  Welcome to my humble
abode.  I trust you had a pleasant trip."
        "Cut the chat.  I'm here on a mission."
        "So it would seem.  Tell me, what is your mission?"
        "To destroy the holder of the Sword of Darkness, and all who
side with him."
        "Well, you've come to the right place.  Enguard!"  Anton drew
out a sword, and got into a battle position.
        Anton leaped forward, slashing at the White Knight.  Their
swords, met, and the two were locked in combat.  Anton spun around,
and brought his sword down, and the White Knight defended with his
own sword.  The White Knight spun around, and slashed Anton's
        "Touché!"  Anton quickly stabbed at the White Knight, who
dodged easily.  The White Knight then stabbed Anton in the chest.
Anton quickly transformed, and revealed that he was not Anton, but
rather, Shadow.  
        "No.  I got you."  A brilliant light came from the Sword of
Light, and Shadow started to disintegrate.  He was gone in an
instant.  He had been sent back to hell.  Then, the real Anton
stepped out from the shadows. 
        "He was always a bit of an underachiever.  He never reached
his potential."
        "Who are you?"
        "My name is Anton, and I am the holder of the Sword of
Darkness.  But enough about me.  Who are you?"
        "I am the White Knight.  And I am the wielder of the Sword of
Light."  Anton smiled.
        "So good of you to come.  I hope you're prepared to die,
because I am gonna kill you."  Anton spun around, and slashed at the
White Knight, who dodged effortlessly.
        "You're going to have to better than that."
        "I'm just getting warmed up."  Anton jabbed twice, the first
time being a fake, and the second being the real one.  The White
Knight was hit in the stomach.  It did not seem to matter.  The White
Knight slashed at Anton, hitting him across the face.  Blood started
to flow.
        "Really, you are pathetic," the White Knight said.  Anton
responded by using the magic of the Sword of Darkness.  A beam of
pure dark energy blasted the White Knight, smashing him against a
wall.  The White Knight's head bashed into the wall, and then he fell
to the floor.
        "Now who's the pathetic one?"  Anton moved closer to the
groaning mass.  "No friends, no hope, and no way out.  Is there
anything you have?"  The White Knight felt a sudden adrenaline rush
surge through him.
        "Yes," he said.  "Myself."  The White Knight flipped up, and
kicked the Sword of Darkness out of Anton's hand.  It flew across the
cavern, and lodged into the ground.  The White Knight kicked Anton in
the stomach, then the head, sending him to the ground.
        Anton quickly got back up, and ran at the White Knight,
tackling him.  The Sword of Light flew across the cavern.  Anton and
the White Knight were locked in true hand-to-hand combat.  Anton
punched the White Knight across the face, and the White Knight
retaliated by grabbing Anton's head, and shoving it downward to his
rising knee.  Anton's head started bleeding more.  Blood was now all
over both combatants.  They rolled around the floor, hitting each
other over and over.

        "That's it!"  Buffy shouted.  "I can't wait anymore!"  She
ran out the door, and headed down the hall.
        "Where's she going?" Serena asked.
        "I think I know," Angel said as he headed after Buffy.

        Anton and the White Knight stood, facing each other's
bleeding forms. Hatred was in Anton's eyes.  No emotion could be seen
in the eyes of the White Knight.
        "Give it up!" Anton said.  "You'll never win."
        "Then I guess I'll have to make sure we tie."  Anton and the
White Knight both ran to their swords, and grabbed them.  They
started fighting again.  Neither one noticed Buffy and Angel emerge
from the portal.
        Their swords met over and over, each time a spark of
lightning shooting out as the energies countered each other.  The
White Knight found himself on the defensive more than once, as Anton
slashed away at him.
        "I've got to do something," Buffy whispered.
        "No," Angel whispered back.  "Stay here.  They have to finish
this fight on their own."  Angel had heard the prophecy more times
than he could count.  He knew how accurate those prophecies were,
especially in Sunnydale.  He already knew the outcome of this
        Anton raised the Sword of Darkness over his head, drawing
negative energy into the sword.  He then thrust at the White Knight,
letting the energy fly at him at a rocketing speed.  The White Knight
thrust back, sending purepositive energy at Anton.  They two energies
met, and exploded in an array of bright colors, sending shock-waves
all throughout the cavern.  When the dust settled, Buffy and Angel
stood from their hiding place.  They looked around.  Anton was no
more, just a pile of dust on the ground.  The Sword of Darkness had
been shattered, and disintegrated into nothingness. 
		"He did it!" Buffy exclaimed.  "He won!"  Angel looked over
at the White Knight, and walked out of the cavern, into the portal.
Buffy then saw what he saw.  A limp body, lying on the ground.  It
was Darien, no longer in the form of the White Knight.  Only a
blood-deprived Darien.
        "Oh my God..."  Buffy rushed over to him, and picked him up.
She then walked into the portal.  It closed behind her, and the
cavern began to collapse...

        Angel walked into the library, with the look of depression on
his face.  Serena immediately jumped up.
        "What is it?"  Her eyes were starting to water; she had a gut
feeling that something terrible had happened.
        "Well..."  Angel did not get to finish.  Buffy burst in the
library,holding Darien.  His blood was on her clothes.
        "I-I'm sorry.  He's..."
        "No!" Serena cried.  "He can't be!"  Serena rushed over to
Buffy, and took Darien from her.  She laid him down, his head on her
lap.  She was sobbing uncontrollably.  "Dar...i...en...
You...can't...die..." Serena choked. "You...just...can't..."  She
started sobbing more and more.  Her tears were streaming down her wet
cheeks, and falling onto Darien.  "Don't...leave...me..."  Her sobs
were more audible now.  All of the Soldiers found themselves crying,
        Slowly, the Silver Crystal began to glow.  It's soft light
grew and grew, until it faded back.  Darien coughed.  His eyes
        "D...Darien...?" Serena asked.  He smiled slightly.  He
raised his blood stained hand up to Serena's face, and wiped some
tears away, to make room for her tears of joy.  She hugged him, and
kissed his head.  He raised himself up, still in pain.
        A bright light suddenly appeared, with Queen Serenity in the
middle.  She floated down.
        "Princess Serena, you have used the power of the Silver
Crystal to heal Darien.  You're love for him, and desire to heal him,
was detected by it, and so he is healed.  He will still have a few
bruises, and some pain, as the power of the Silver Crystal has
limitations.  But he is healed.  I am so proud of you.  You have true
feelings of love for him, as he does for you."  Queen Serenity
        "Mother...  Is it...is it over?"
        "It will never be over.  You must continue to fight evil
whenever it threatens you, or the ones you love.  But I believe you
can do it.  I have faith in you.  Goodbye, Serena."  Queen Serenity
faded into the light, as it faded away.
        "Come on," Serena said.  "Let's go home."  All of the
Soldiers, including Darien, joined hands.  They used the power of the
planets to teleport back home.
        Buffy took a deep breath.  "Now I've seen everything."

                                   The End

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