Author's note:  I know, this is gonna really destroy the whole
trilogy effect, but it's my story, so ha!  Basically, (if you really
must know), I got the whole idea for this while looking at a yin/yang
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"There are two sides to every coin, every story, every person, every
symbol, and every life.  And all hell breaks loose when the balance
is altered."
                                     -- Liz Parrish and Prince Darien


        Rei's eyes were closed.  She was sitting upright in front of
the great fire.  It was blazing with bright reds and oranges.  She
sensed something was wrong with one very close to her.
        "Oh great fire, tell me who it is that is in trouble!"  Rei
opened her eyes.  The image in the fire made her eyes widen.  "Oh
no...  Darien..."
        Darien sat on his sofa, staring at the television.  It was
turned off, but at that moment, he did not need any images flashing
across the screen.  His head hurt.  He placed his hands on his
temple, and winced in pain.  It felt like a war was going on in his
        Darien got up, and walked to the kitchen.  He went over to a
cabinet, located above his sink.  He reached in, and his hand came
out with a bottle of aspirin.  He opened the bottle, and put two
pills in his mouth, and swallowed.  He did not even bother to drink
water with them.
        "I gotta lay down."  Darien started to walk to his bedroom,
but then the room seemed to be spinning to him.  He struggled to keep
his balance.  And then, when he was in the doorway which connected
the kitchen and his bedroom, all became black.  He fell to the
hardwood floor, and hit his head on it.
        A knight in white armor drew his sword, which was sparkling
of radiant white light.  He swung it at his adversary.
        This adversary was dressed all in black armor, and looked
like an exact replica of the knight in white armor.  Both had the
face of Darien.  But the knight in white looked exactly like Darien.
The knight in darkness looked like a dark version of Darien, with a
black mist surrounding him, and his hair drawn back in a ponytail.
The knight in darkness drew his sword.  It was the same as the other
knight's sword, but it was black, and sparkled with radiant black
        The two knight swung their swords together, clashing with
sparks of black and white light.  Each knight seemed to know what the
other was going to do next, and acted accordingly.
        "You will never win!" shouted the knight cloaked in darkness.
        "And neither shall you!"  The two knights continued
        Darien shot up in bed.  He was breathing hard, and sweating.
He looked around his apartment.
        "What was that all about?"
                                To Be Continued...
Ooh!  I cut off right when things were getting confusing!  Don't
worry.  I'll explain sooner or later....