Chapter 2

        Serena stood at the edge of the lake, which sparkled in the
last hour of sunlight.  It was so peaceful looking.  Serena just
stared out, tears in her eyes.  She looked down at her ring.  Darien
had given it to her, one year ago to that day.
        "Rei wants him so bad, well she can have him."  Serena took
off her ring. She was just about ready to throw it in the lake.
        "Serena!"  Serena stuffed the ring in her pocket.  Hurried
footsteps came closer to her.  "Serena!"
        { Not NOW. }  "What?"
        "Serena..." a hand was placed on her shoulder, and the person
behind her caught her breath.  "Serena, Rei told me everything.  It
was all one big misunderstanding."
        "Lita, don't take this the wrong way, but shut up.  I saw
them kissing less than a half hour ago."
        "You heard me.  I went back to his apartment, because I
thought maybe I had misunderstood it, but I saw them tasting each
other's tongues." Serena's voice lacked any emotion.
        "A--Are you sure?"  Lita's eyes went wide.  One thought ran
through her mind, and she couldn't believe she was thinking it.  {
That bitch! }
        A different thought ran through Serena's mind, and she didn't
care to say it.  "That son of a bitch."
        Darien coughed as he shot up, knocking Rei on her behind.  He
looked around, saw Rei, and his surroundings.
        "Thank goodness you're alive!"  Darien said nothing.  He just
ran out of his apartment, and was out of the building within a few
minutes.  "Where the hell is he going?"
        Darien ran down the sidewalk as fast as his legs would carry
him.  He knocked a few people down, but didn't seem to care.  He just
continued running, not knowing where he had to go.  He just knew he
had to get there.
        "They were what?"  Mina was surprised by the news to say the
least.  "No way!  Darien wouldn't do that.  Would he?"
        "I didn't used to think so."
        "But Lita, there's no reason for them to do that."
        "Oh no?  Rei had a really big crush on him, and they did have
a flame going.  Who says they didn't just make it a blaze last
        "It just doesn't make sense.  Why would they jeopardize the
entire future like that?  What about Reeny?"
        "Well, Reeny did kinda have Rei's somewhat bitchy
personality.  Maybe Rei is supposed to be --"
        "No!  It can't be!  It just can't be!  Setsuna --"
        "Setsuna is dead!  She killed herself along with Natas.
Remember?  The flow of time is not hers anymore!  And maybe it's
supposed to be this way! Maybe because of Setsuna's death, everything
is changed!  Maybe Reeny doesn't exist!  Maybe Crystal Tokyo doesn't
        Mina used all of her force to slap Lita across her face.
        "Shut the hell up!  NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!  Darien wouldn't
cheat on Serena!  And Rei wouldn't do this to her best friend!"
        Lita felt her face.  There was something on it.  She held her
hand in view.  Blood.  The taste was now in her mouth.  Her jaw was
bleeding.  Mina's fingernails...
        "You cut my face...  You cut my face!"
        "Lita, I'm sorry...  I'm sorry...  I didn't mean to --"  Lita
lunged at Mina, knocking her onto the floor.
        "Ow!  Shit!"  Mina and Lita were soon locked in combat,
hitting each other, and rolling on the floor.
        Rei saw Darien run by the cemetery.  She had followed him,
wondering where he was going.  Rei continued following him.
        "Where the hell is he going?"  Darien continued running.  He
ran into the cemetery, and soon he was at the heart of it.  In the
middle of the cemetery was a gigantic cross.
        { I am here. }  He stared at the cross.  Just cold, blank,
mindless staring.  Then, it happened.
        A swirling mass of black light appeared on top of the cross.
It formed into a knight covered in cold darkness.  It looked like...
        { What the hell? }  Rei stood behind a tombstone, and was not
seen by the knight.  It stared at Darien, and Darien stared right
        Rei blinked, and when her eyes opened a split second later,
the knight was gone, along with Darien.
        Amy was startled when she went by Mina's house.  She saw Mina
and Lita outside, going at each other like two professional
heavy-weight boxers.  Amy also saw the window were smashed out.
        { Mina just bought this place with her modeling money, and
now they do THIS. }  Amy walked closer to Lita and Mina.  She noticed
Mina had a shard of glass in her hand.  It was just big enough that
it could do some damage very easily.
        Mina charged Lita, and that was that.  Amy had shouted, but
not in time to keep any serious damage from happening.  Mina had
stabbed Lita in the right arm.
        "Oh my God..."  Mina looked on in horror at what she had
        "Mina, go inside and call an ambulance!  *****NOW!!!*****"
Mina ran inside.  Amy took off her jacket, and wrapped it tightly
around Lita's wound.
        "It'll be all right, Lita."  Amy hugged Lita, trying to keep
her calm.  Amy had seen the blood.  She had seen that a major blood
vessel was hit; that Lita had lost a lot of blood within only a few
seconds.  "It will be all right..."
        The knight in darkness watched the scene from a distance.  He
saw Lita get hurried away to the hospital, and Amy and Mina go in the
nearly destroyed house.
        "The Black Knight is in town."  The knight chuckled lowly.
"And it is glorious.  Already my negative energy has caused havoc."
The Black Knight vanished.
                                To Be Continued...
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