Chapter 5

	Serena saw Amy coming toward the arcade at the fastest pace she had ever
seen Amy walk.  Serena knew immediately that something was wrong.  Amy
NEVER walked that fast unless something was wrong.
	Amy came up to Serena, and whispered something in her ear.  Serena nearly
jumped in surprise.
	"A-Are you sure?  I mean, she's a man stealer, but," the next part was
only lipped, "a murderer?"
	"Yes.  I saw what I saw."  Serena whispered something to Amy, who then
nodded.  The two girls started walking back to Rei's temple.
	Serena and Amy checked to make sure that no one was around them.  The
coast was clear.
	"Mercury Star Power!"
	"Moon Crystal Power!"  With a flash of light that illuminated the
immediate area, the two girls had become the Sailor Soldiers of love and
justice.  "Let's go, Mercury."  Sailor Moon took the lead, heading towards
her destination.
	The Black Knight stood on the center of the roof of Cherry Hill Temple. 
He watched the two Sailor Soldiers come toward the temple.  He was cloaked
by his own magic, so as not to be seen by them.  His eyes turned red, and
began flashing.
	Sailor Mars appeared out of nowhere!  She flew down toward the other
Sailors, and landed in front of them.  She immediately began attacking.
	"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"  The rings of fire sped toward Mercury and
Moon.  Mercury was the one to react.
	"Mercury Ice-Storm Blast!"  The ice chilled the fire rings so that they
had as much effect as a frisbee.
	"Sailor Moon, you will die, and the fiery pits of hell shall consume you. 
And this world will become a barren place of nothingness."  Mars spun
around, kicking at Mercury's head.  She made contact, and Mercury flew to
the ground.
	"Amy!"  Serena ran to her fallen friend.  She saw where the high heel had
made contact.  There was a cut across the right side of her face.  Blood
was spilling out of it.
	"Your fate will be much worse, Sailor Moon!"  Sailor Mars unleashed her
Celestial Fire Surround, this time hitting Sailor Moon head on.  The fire
blasted her back, and she slammed into the ground.
	Back on the roof of the temple, the Black Knight's eyes turned back to
white.  "Enough!  I will finish from here!"  Sailor Mars suddenly
disappeared.  The Black Knight appeared on the roof.  He jumped down, but
floated a few feet above the ground.
	"Hello, Sailor Moon."  Sailor Moon looked at the Black Knight, and stood
on her feet.
	"Are you surprised, Sailor Moon?  I am the Black Knight.  And I have the
identity of Darien.  And it was me who kissed Rei.  Not your pathetic
boyfriend, Tuxedo Mask."
	"You know about him?"
	"I have all of his memories.  After all, I am part him.  Since the White
Knight was needed, I was also needed.  The White Knight is the goodness,
but not the fighter.  I am the fighter.  And now, I have broken free, and
have no goodness to hold me back.  So prepare to die."  The Black Knight
drew out his sword, and sent a blast of dark energy toward Sailor Moon.
	She thought for sure she was a goner, but the energy was cut off by a
little red rose.  Tuxedo Mask jumped down from a lamp post, and immediately
got between Serena and the Black Knight.
	"Sailor Moon, your boyfriend has shown up.  But it's not gonna do you any
good.  It's just gonna take me a few seconds longer to kill you."  The
Black Knight stood, waiting for Tuxedo Mask to charge.  He knew it would
happen; he could read Tuxedo Mask's thoughts.
	The charge came in only a second.  The Black Knight threw out his sword. 
Tuxedo Mask screamed, as he felt the blade fly through him.  He fell to the
ground, and his blood started spilling out of him.
	"Tuxedo Mask.  You were brave.  I like that."  The Black Knight summoned
another sword, and blasted him with a beam of dark energy.  "You can let me
heal you, if you promise your allegiance to me!"
	Tuxedo Mask groaned.  "Never..."  His body went tense, and then it was
limp.  Tuxedo Mask was dead.
	"Moon Scepter Elimination!"  The positive energy flew toward the Black
Knight.  He dodged effortlessly, and saw Mercury moving again.  He sent a
beam of negative energy toward her, hitting her with full force.  It
knocked all the life force out of her.  Within two minutes, Tuxedo Mask and
Sailor Mercury had died.
	"I just came here to talk with Rei, not have everybody get killed!"  The
Black Knight summoned Sailor Mars.
	"Finish her off.  And don't fail me."  He turned to Sailor Moon.  "Oh, and
the only way you can break the spell I cast, is to kill me.  But, my death
also results in hers.  So, it looks like you have to kill her if you want
to live long enough to fight me."
The Black Knight disappeared, leaving Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon to fight
to the finish.
				To Be Continued...
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