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			The Final Chapter (seriously this time)

	Sailor Moon stared at Sailor Mars, and vice versa.  They did not move, or
speak.  They only glared at each other, as if trying to win a staring
contest.  Sailor Moon clenched her fist.  She didn't want to kill Sailor
Mars.  Not now.  Not since she had heard the truth.
	"Sailor Mars, it doesn't have to be this way.  We can fight together."
	"No!  You must die!"  Sailor Mars unleashed her Celestial Fire Surround. 
The rings of fire sped toward Sailor Moon, who dodged at the last possible
second.  Sailor Mars sent out another attack, and this was dodged, mostly. 
Only the last ring hit Sailor Moon, causing her right leg to get burned.
	"Sailor Mars, you're one of the good guys!  Don't make me do it..."
	"Shut up and die!"  Sailor Mars sent another fiery attack toward Sailor
Moon.  She dodged it, and sent an attack of her own.
	"Moon Healing Activation!"  The positive energy of the Silver Crystal had
no effect on Sailor Mars.  Sailor Moon heard the Black Knight's voice.
	"I told you, one of you will die in this fight.  There will be no running.
 If you run, you will die instantly.  Now fight."  Sailor Mars charged
towards Sailor Moon.  A fire sword appeared in her hand, and she threw it
ahead of her.  It blazed through the air, racing toward Sailor Moon.  It
seemed to make the air molecules ignite as it sped toward its target. 
Sailor Moon jumped over the sword, and did a diving kick, hitting Sailor
Mars in the head.  Sailor Moon landed on her feet, while Sailor Mars landed
on her back.  Blood was coming out of her forehead.
	"Sailor Mars, I don't want to do this...  Please don't fight me
anymore..."  Serena's eyes were filled with tears.  Sailor Mars jumped to
her feet, preparing to attack again.  "No Sailor Mars!  Don't do it!" 
Naturally, Sailor Mars did not listen, and proceeded to attack.  Sailor
Moon dodged, and did the only thing she could do.
	"Moon Scepter Elimination!"  The attack sped toward Sailor Mars, and hit
her with such force that it knocked her through the air, and into the
temple wall.  But Sailor Mars had died before her impact with the wall. 
Her body fell to the ground, limp, and the dark energy that had possessed
her so strongly flew out of her, and vanished.  Sailor Moon ran over to her
fallen friend.
	"Sailor Mars...  I'm sorry...  I didn't want to do it..." Sailor Moon
sobbed over her fallen comrade's lifeless body.
	"Now, Sailor Moon, prepare to die!"  The Black Knight appeared as he fell
to the ground, landing on his feet.  He spun around, making the
surroundings change to darkness.  The area was completely changed within
seconds.  It seemed to be a black sphere, with a floating platform in the
middle.  It was 20 feet long, and 15 feet wide.  Spikes grew from the
bottom of the sphere.  "We will have a battle now, and the victor will be
the one who survives.  In other words, time to die, Sailor Twit!"
	The Black Knight charged Sailor Moon, with his sword pointed straight at
her.  She rolled out of the way, nearly falling off the platform.  The
Black Knight spun around, and sent a blast of dark energy at her.  She
rolled back to avoid the blast, which collided with the sphere's inner
edge, and disappeared.  The sphere shrink a little.
	"Did I mention that every time the inner edge of the sphere is hit, the
sphere will shrink by 2 inches?  If it gets hit too often, you will be
crushed.  And I can escape before it crushes me!"  The Black Knight's
little speech gave Sailor Moon time to get up.
	"You will not win.  As long as there is still good in this world, evil
will never win."
	"Shut up and fight!"  The Black Knight sent an energy blast toward Sailor
Moon, who dodged.  The blast collided with the wall just before it
vanished, and the wall shrunk another two inches.  Sailor Moon rushed
toward the Black Knight, and did a flying kick.  She made impact with him,
knocking him back.  But she landed on her side, not on her feet.  The Black
Knight recovered in only a second, and raised his sword.  He struck down at
Sailor Moon, but she dodged by rolling back toward the center of the
platform.  The Black Knight was now on the edge of it.
	"Sailor Moon, you will never win!"
	"So you just expect me to just give up?"
	"No, but I do expect you to die!"  The Black Knight threw his sword at
Sailor Moon.  She dodged, but it still scraped her right arm.  Blood
started coming out of the open wound.  "Aww...  Poor little Sailor Moon got
a cut on her right arm..."  The sword circled back around, and headed
straight for Sailor Moon's back.  She sensed it, and dodged again, but this
time her left arm received a cut.  The Black Knight caught the sword.
	"There, now both arms are once again equal, Sailor Moon."  { But I am
getting tired of her having so much room to dodge my attacks. }  The Black
Knight plunged the blade of his sword in the platform.  "DARK SPHERE
PLATFORM SHRINK!"  The platform shrunk to 10 feet wide, and 15 feet long.
	"What the..?"
	"Now, the stakes have been upped, Sailor Moon.  I must say, it will be fun
to see your sorry ass go down onto those spikes.
	{ I just want all of this to be over! }  The Silver Crystal began to glow.
 The Black Knight sent a beam of dark energy at Sailor Moon, who jumped
over it, and kicked the Black Knight in the head.  He recovered quickly,
and charged Sailor Moon.  He held out his arm, and performed the
clothes-line move.  Sailor Moon fell on her backside.  Her vision was hazy
for a few seconds, but then cleared.  She got up, and turned around.  She
saw... Tuxedo Mask?
	"Oh, Tuxedo Mask... is it you?"
	"Sailor Moon, why did you let me die?  It's all your fault that I am
	"No... NO!  You can't be my Tuxedo Mask!"
	"Yes I am, but you let me die, and for that, I can never forgive you."
	"I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!!"  Tuxedo Mask grinned evilly before turning
back into his true self, the Black Knight.
	"You're not so stupid after all."  The Black Knight pointed his sword at
Sailor Moon, and held the tip of the sword at her throat.  "Now, back up,
and just fall onto the spikes.  I don't want my sword to get all bloody,
but if I must, I will slice you open in a heartbeat.  Now, kindly let
yourself fall, so I can be rid of you once and for all!"  Sailor Moon
stepped back, and felt herself start to fall from the platform.
The Silver Crystal began glowing, and as Serena fell to the spikes, the
Crystal emitted a brilliant light, and positive energy flew everywhere,
bouncing off the inner edges of the sphere.  The sphere shrunk so quickly
that no one could even blink.  The sphere just close at lightning speed,
crushing everything inside.  Including the Black Knight, and Sailor Moon. 
The sphere was gone, and the area was returned to normal.
	Upon the death of the Black Knight, and of Sailor Moon, everyone forgot
about the Sailor Soldiers.  To the people of the planet, they never
existed.  Neither had their human counterparts.  There has never been any
of the monsters, and no fighting.
	For the battle between Sailor Moon and the Black Knight had been the final
battle between good and evil.  That battle had decided the fate of
humanity.  That day had been the end of it all.
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