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This story will following the last five minutes of Chase into Space part two and then become the PRIS opener From Out Of Nowhere. The story will also contain bits from the two episodes. Also includes bits that are not in the episode, but most of it is based on those episodes.

From Out of Nowhere
by : Adam Pearlman

The Power Chamber was gone and as the Piranhatrons came closer TJ began to believe he would be next, he tensed ready to go down fighting in what he knew was a lost cause. Then a noise startled Divatox and her minions and as TJ looked on Divatox spoke. "Nice entrance. Who are you?"

The ball of fire formed a face which began to speak. "I am the messenger from the Cimmerian Planet, Zordon has been captured. You Divatox, Queen of Evil will leave at once for the Cimmerian Planet".

TJ only paid a little attention to the rest of the conversation as he realised the implications of what the messenger had said. 'If Zordon is captured that means we're in trouble and without our powers' He didn't complete the thought as he saw Divatox and her minions disappear. Painfully he pulled himself out of the debris and looked around.

With a sigh of relief he saw the other Rangers all battered and their Turbo uniforms ripped, but alive. The five gather in a small circle and then their uniforms glowed their distinct colour and vanished leaving them in civilian clothes that were in no better condition than their Ranger costumes. Suddenly the youngest Ranger looked around and cried out. "Alpha!!!"

The five quickly raced to the side of their robotic friend and pulled him free of the debris. The droid looked around and moaned softly. "Oh no the Power Chamber, Yo what a complete catastroke. This was my home".

Justin reassuringly spoke. "It's going to be okay Alpha we'll get you out of this".

Alpha shook his head in almost dismay at the situation and then he spoke. "Hell how could this have happened? Dimitria and the Blue Senturion gone. The Megazords are both destroyed and now the Power Chamber. What do we do now?"

As the Rangers debated what to do Alpha remembered something and walked away from the group and started to pull at debris and as the Rangers gathered around he spoke. "I gotta get the black box".

Then the Rangers were there to help him pull it free and he explained it was a power decoder. As they debated what to do Cassie asked a question. "What now, how do we follow Divatox?"

Justin looked thoughtful for a second and then he spoke. "I've got an idea it just might work".

Six nodded knowing what his idea was but then a programme in his system kicked in and he spoke. "We can try it, but we gotta search the wreckage".

Ashley looked around and asked the question everyone wanted to. "Why it's all a bunch of junk now?"

Six realised that but he explained what it was. "Maybe, but there is something that will have survived the explosion and we gotta find it".

Carlos snapped impatiently. "We don't have time for this, we've got to follow Divatox".

TJ nodded and agreed with his friend. "Carlos is right we don't have time".

Alpha shook his head and spoke. "Perhaps, but saving a life is more important now".

Puzzled Justin spoke. "What do you mean Alpha?"

Allowed to explain what it was Alpha Six spoke once more. "The thing we gotta find is a stasis chamber. It's got somebody in it and we can't leave without him".

The five Rangers quickly spread to search the wreckage of the Chamber and they continued that way for several minutes only to find pieces of what a few hours ago had been their home. Until Ashley yelled out. "Guys, I've found something".

Responding to her shout the other's quickly ran to her side closely followed by Alpha Six. It was TJ who spoke first. "What is it?"

Six nodded to the Yellow Ranger in grateful acknowledgement. "This is it, you found it, nice work Ashley".

Ashley smiled and nodded her appreciation. The object of their search was a black cylinder of about 7 metres in length.

Justin looked surprised as all around the tube was debris, but it was intact. "It looks totally unharmed, there isn't even a scratch on it".

Six chuckled in a robotic way. "Not surprising when Zordon and Alpha Five built it and they built it to last".

TJ quickly took up the leader responsibility. " How do we get them out of it?"

Six spoke. "There should be a small panel on the side with a black button."

Cassie nodded and spoke. "Yeah I see it".

Six continued. "Push it."

Cassie did as she was told and suddenly the entire front of the cylinder became opaque revealing another teenager with his eye's closed inside and then Ashley spoke. "How do we get him out?"

Six responded by once more looking over at Cassie and spoke. "Cassie hit that green button and then stand back".

Reaching across Cassie touched the button and then began to back away as the chamber began to hum and steam began to rise. The process continued for many minutes and then the front of the chamber dissolved away and as the smoke cleared the group saw the teenager pulling himself to his feet, only to collapse in heap. Alpha quickly walked to his side and the teen turned to look at him and smiled and then spoke. "Alpha it's been a while".

Alpha Six shook his head and spoke. "I'm afraid you got the wrong Alpha kid, I'm Alpha Six".

The teenager shook his head and spoke again. "Six, what happened to Alpha Five and in fact what happened to the Power Chamber?"

Ashley spoke up from her position to his left. "It was destroyed by Divatox".

The teen looked puzzled and it showed when he spoke. "Divatox who is she and for that matter who are all of you, where are Tommy, Adam, Kat, Tanya and Rocky?"

Alpha Six quickly answered the question. "They are no longer Rangers they passed their powers onto these five".

The teen then muttered something about everything going to pieces while he was out of it and then he asked how long it had been. And if it were possible for a machine to look uncomfortable Alpha Six managed it. "Almost a year."

The teen opened his mouth and then closed it. "I think I need to sit down."

Justin then spoke. "You are!!!"

The teen looked around and then he spoke. "Oh so I am".

TJ then took charge. "Look we'll fill you in on what is going on as we walk, but we've got to get to NASADA".

The teen looked around and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Walk now that's a good idea, except as you saw I can barely stand".

Justin helpfully spoke up. "We'll help you".

The teen looked around and uttered his thanks and then he looked around. Waving his hand in the air at the five, they looked blank for a second and then Ashley realised. "Oh, he's Justin, that's Cassie, TJ, Carlos and I'm Ashley." As she said their names she pointed to each one.

Carlos then asked a question. "So do you have a name?"

The teen smiled and spoke. "Call me Scott and it's nice to meet you Rangers".

TJ smiled and then spoke. "Come on we've got a long walk ahead".

Moving to his side TJ easily pulled Scott to his feet and began to walk away from the ruins of the Power Chamber. They group walked in silence and except for TJ telling Scott the circumstances of what had happened to the Power Chamber and also the short version of how they had become Rangers, not much else was said.

Finally the group arrived outside of the NASADA Complex and Justin disappeared towards the main gate. Seeing the guards Justin ran up to them. "What can I do for you young man?"

Justin half out of breath spoke. "I need to speak to the Commander it's really, really important".

The Guard looked at his companion. "Is the Commander expecting you?"

Justin shook his head and spoke. "No, but I've got to speak to him".

The Guard looked at him and spoke. "I'm sorry young man, no matter how really, really important it is I can't let you speak to him, now wait right here".

The guard turned to deal with car that pulled up and Justin sneaked in past the guards using the car to shield him from the guard's sight. Then the young Ranger sneaked into Mission Control and went looking for the Control Room. As he was about to enter two guards saw him and grabbed him just as he entered and they started to pull him away and he cried out. "But I have a message from the Power Rangers". Fortunately for Justin the Commander heard that and came to speak to him. "Sir the Power Rangers need your help".

The rest of his staff found this amusing but he didn't and he spoke. "What do they need?"

Justin knew he had to be blunt. "They need the Space shuttle".

Seeing they didn't believe him Justin leaned forward and whispered into the Commander's ear and he spoke up in surprise. "Eltare, when do they need it?"

Justin spoke with some relief apparent. "Right now".

The Commander turned and motioned for the kid to follow him. The Commander and Justin quickly ran back into Mission Control. Outside the base the five Rangers and Alpha waited and then TJ communicator beeped and TJ answered with a half hint of surprise in his voice. "This is TJ".

Justin's voice came over the communicator and told them that the shuttle was all theirs. The group quickly headed for the shuttle. Meanwhile as Justin watched them prepare the shuttle he realised there and then that he wasn't going with them. Meanwhile the group had got into the shuttle and were waiting for the Blue Ranger.

Ashley quickly spoke up with a hint of concern in her voice. "Where is he?"

TJ also spoke with the same fear in his voice. "C'mon lets go Justin".

Hitting a button on the comm. panel TJ spoke into it. "Justin we're missing someone?"

Justin's voice came back and he was talking in third person. "He can't go with you there's reasons".

Carlos spoke in surprise. "Justin not going with us?"

TJ then asked the question. "Reasons, what reasons?"

Cassie placed a hand on his TJ's shoulder and spoke. "It's his Dad, Justin wants to stay with his Dad".

TJ shook his head sadly. "Justin tell him he has very good reasons and we'll miss him".

Back at Mission control Justin nodded and spoke. "He already knows". And then he pulled his headset off. "I'll miss you too".

Back on the shuttle the countdown continued and the Rangers prepared to be blasted into Outer Space. Scott held out his hand to Ashley and she took it and then took Alpha's even as Carlos did the same and his hand was taken by Cassie and in turn TJ. The Shuttle launched and the Commander watched as it perfectly took off and disappeared into space and then he spoke. "And it's a perfect lift off". As he received no reply the Commander turned to see that the young man had disappeared.

Outside the complex Justin watched the shuttle go and then saying three words he turned and headed home. "Good luck Rangers".

High above him and soon high above the Earth the five powerless Rangers and Alpha left Justin far behind. For many minutes the group travelled in silence until.

Scott sighed and looked around. "I don't suppose there is something to eat on the shuttle".

Carlos with a hint of anger in his voice spoke. "Why don't I just call for a stewardess and we can order a three course meal for you".

Ashley quickly leapt to their new friends defence. "Carlos that not very nice, in fact I agree with Scott we could do with some food, I mean we don't know how long we're going to be cooped in this shuttle".

Carlos glared at Ashley but kept silent. Ashley felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned to see Scott smiling at her. "Thanks I appreciate the support. If you can find anything, it would be most welcome after all I've been on a diet the last year and anything is going to be welcome".

TJ concerned looked over at him. "Are you sure your okay? Maybe you should have stayed behind as well".

Scott glanced over at him and spoke. "No, if not for Zordon doing what he did I would be dead now, I owe him my life and I won't quit because I feel awful".

Alpha quickly interjected that. "As long as you keep resting your strength should return".

Scott nodded at the droid. "I hope you're right Alpha".

Cassie then asked a question. "So what do we do now?"

TJ quickly answered. "Nothing we can do, but wait until we get to Eltare".

Ashley then looked over at their new friend. "Scott how did you actually end up in the stasis tube?"

Scott gave a nod and spoke. "I suppose it will pass time if I tell you the story".

The others all nodded and then Scott began to tell his story. "It all started a year ago. Myself and Rocky the Blue Zeo Ranger were hanging around the Youth Centre while Tommy and Kat as well as Tanya and Adam were off on a date. Jason the Gold Ranger was off somewhere with his girlfriend Emily. So me and Rocky were just hanging around".

Rocky looked across at his friend and spoke. "Are the two of us really as sad as we seem?"

Scott looked at him and asked a question. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Rocky muttered something. "Well, it's Friday night and do we have dates for the evening".

Scott gave a laugh and spoke. "I'm glad you're enjoying my company".

Rocky shook his head. "I'm just saying that everyone else we know are in a relationship except for us".

Scott laughed once more. "Poor Rocky no-one to look after him".

Rocky gave a little sarcastic look. "I don't see the girls lining up to go out with you".

Scott ignored his comment and spoke. "Can we get off this subject you're depressing me".

Rocky nodded. "Okay, anyway I was depressing myself. So what are you going to do once you've graduated?"

Scott just shook his head. "I don't know what about you?"

Rocky looked very sure of himself. "I've got all worked out, I'm going open my Karate school".

Scott smiled he knew what his friend wanted to do before he asked. "That's a nice idea, I think I might head out and see what else is out there".

Rocky looked surprised. "You mean leave the Rangers?"

Scott answered him. "Probably, I mean I can't be on the other side of the world and always be waiting for the beeps. I'd never enjoy myself if I did that. I'm not saying I'd leave permanently, but maybe I'd take a break".

Rocky shook his head. "The only way I can see myself leaving the Rangers is if we're finally beaten..."

Scott laughed. "Like that's going to happen".

Rocky continued. "Or if something happened and I was forced to give up my powers".

Scott suddenly laughed. "Rocky you know something".

Rocky looked startled. "What?"

Scott explained. "We are sad I mean here we on a Friday night and we're discussing the Rangers instead of being out there having fun".

Just then the two Rangers communicators beeped and getting up from their table went to the side. Rocky brought up his communicator. "This is Rocky".

The voice that answered was that of Billy the former Blue Ranger and current technical genius. "Rocky our sensors have detected something unusual at Angel Grove Cemetery".

Rocky quickly answered. "Scott and I will check it out and let you know what's up?"

Scott looked over at the more experienced Ranger and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Oh we will".

Rocky replied. "Yeah since I just volunteered us".

Scott laughed and spoke. "Well, since you volunteered us you can go first".

Rocky nodded. "Let's go and get it over with".

The two friends quickly headed over to the Cemetery unaware that they were being watched by sinister forces plotting their destruction. "Yes, Rangers go and investigate".

His son Sprockett looked over at him. "But Dad if you've got a monster there then don't you want to keep it hidden".

Mondo answered. "Normally I would but this is a perfect chance to test it's capabilities in battle against the Blue and White Rangers. However I think I will send the Cogs to soften them up before he does fight them".

Meanwhile the two Rangers had arrived to find the Cemetery locked up. Rocky looked around and then spoke. "There is no-one here, Billy must have made a mistake".

Scott laughed and then he spoke. "Yeah right and Tommy will be on time tomorrow. Let's take a look around".

Before Rocky could argue Scott had clambered over the fence and dropped onto the other side. Scott turned the more experienced and spoke. "So what are you waiting for?"

Rocky nodded and then replied. "Nothing I'm coming".

Then a flash of light and Cogs appeared on either side of the fence. With the sarcasm clear in his voice Scott spoke. "Looks like we've found something".

Rocky quickly spoke three words. "It's Morphing Time".

Quickly the two brought together their Zeonisers and Rocky was transformed into the Blue Ranger and Scott into the White Ranger. Scott spoke. "Let's scrap some Cogs".

The two Rangers quickly waded into the Cogs and soon the number of them dwindled to a few who quickly disappeared back to were they had come from. Rocky quickly vaulted over the fence to join the White Ranger and he spoke. "Well, something is obviously going on?"

Scott nodded and then the two spoke to Billy who told them that he couldn't find anything when out of nowhere blasts of energy were thrown at them.

Rocky quickly let his normal humour speak. "What not even a hello?"

The Monster was quick to reply only for Scott to come up with his own reply and slam his booted foot into the monster, which didn't do much damage. Suddenly the monster fired a volley of energy at the young Ranger who hurled himself backwards narrowly missing being caught in it and he fell to the floor.

Concerned Rocky called out to his friend who quickly replied. "Just five more minute Ma".

Rocky ignored the humour and told him to get up. At the point the monster muttered that the two of them were pathetic and taking on the whole team would have been more of a challenge.

Scott spoke. "Which was when the other arrived and I think that's the perfect point to take a break".

Concerned Ashley asked him if he was okay and Scott nodded he was. Then Ashley got up and went to join the other Rangers who were looking out into space. The four watched it and Cassie commented. "It's so beautiful isn't it."

Carlos nodded his agreement and then watched as TJ turned to Alpha and asked him a question. "So Alpha how long till we get to Eltare?"

To the surprise of everyone all that came from Alpha was a surge of gibberish. Carlos quickly spoke up. "What's up Alpha?"

Ashley also showed his concern and went to his side. "You're not feeling too well?" As she said that the robot sneezed.

TJ nodded and spoke to Carlos. "We'd better check him out".

Carlos leaned over and pulled out a circuit board and looked at it. "His speech circuit board is history".

TJ realised something and then spoke. "It must have been damaged in the Power Chamber explosion".

Suddenly the shuttle was rattled and everyone stumbled. Ashley asked the question on everyone's lips. "What was that?"

Running to the window four of the Rangers saw a huge ship heading for them. Cassie called out surprised. "It's going to hit us."

TJ quickly ran to the communication board and spoke into it. "This is the Space Shuttle, veer away your on a collision course".

Suddenly Cassie called out that the ship was opening up and then it pulled the shuttle in. The group watched as the shuttle rotated and then was pulled inside the bigger ship and with a bump the motion of the shuttle stopped.

With sarcasm in his voice Scott spoke. "We're here".

The group after a little discussion decided to have a look around. This only came after Scott pointing out that they may be friendly. Scott then turned to TJ and told him to take point and the others would follow him, to which TJ has asked why. Scott's reply was to the point. "You're the leader, so lead."

TJ nodded and then in single file headed out into the unknown ship. As the group made their way Cassie saw a plaque. "Astro Megaship".

The group shared a look and then continued on unaware that they were being watched. The group continued to search when Ashley and Carlos stumbled onto something. "Well, someone was here recently, these food is still warm".

The six continued their search until they came to the Ships Bridge. The group looked around in wonderment at the room they were in. As Carlos and Cassie disappeared for another look and Scott spoke saying he had a feeling that whoever this ship belonged to it was friendly. "Just a feeling, there is something about this place that feels almost... I can't explain it, but I feel like I know this place".

Ashley and TJ continued to look around the Bridge. Suddenly Alpha started muttering and motioned to TJ and Ashley. "What is it Alpha?

Suddenly a door slid open and a figure appeared.

TJ quickly spoke. "Err Hi this isn't what it looks like. We didn't come here by choice. Sorry we startled you. Is this your ship?

At that second Carlos and Cassie appeared from another direction. Then the figure hit a button and the door started to close and TJ dived under the closing door as Ashley, Scott and Alpha headed out another door. The group quickly headed in the direction the figure had gone and then they climbed down the access tunnel which he appeared to have done so.

As they walked down the corridor they suddenly found themselves face to face with the mysterious stranger who attacked. Scott hesitated for a second and them threw a kick at the stranger which he ducked and them slammed his own foot into the chest of Scott who was hurled backwards and into the wall were he lay still. Suddenly the appearance of Alpha startled the figure and the Ship was rocked. The group was thrown against a wall and then the figure ran and before anyone could stop him he locked the door. Then Cassie spoke in surprise. "Was that? I mean that was a..."

Carlos finished her statement. "A Red Ranger!!"

As the group discussed why he had attacked them. Up on the Bridge the Red Ranger arrived to see the Dark Fortress coming towards him. The Fortress began to fire again and the Megaship began to fall towards the planet. Inside the Engine Room the four former Turbo Rangers were quickly assessing the damage and seeing a dangling cable quickly replaced it. Carlos quickly spoke. "Alpha try the engines now."

On the Bridge the computer reported. "Astro thrusters now back on line".

The Red Ranger was surprised, but he quickly responded by hitting a button he looked at the security camera in the Engine Room and saw what had happened.

However the ship had descended too far into the moon's gravity and the ship landed hard sending everyone to the floor. As soon as the Red Ranger had recovered he headed for the Engine Room.

The Red Ranger quickly made his way to the room and spoke with the strangers who told him that they were Power Rangers from the planet Earth.

Suddenly DECA the onboard computer. "Sensors detect Astronema's ship is landing".

The Ranger quickly turned and left the room closely followed by the five, who arrived on the Bridge not long after him. Once more the computer spoke. "Astronema's forces are disembarking".

Surprised the Red Ranger spoke as the soldiers materialised. "Quantrons".

Ashley asked a question. "What's a Quantron?"

At that an image of them appeared on the screen.

TJ stepped forward once more and this time he spoke with a hint of desperation in his voice. "Believe me we are the Power Rangers. Well, at least we were the Power Rangers. It's a long story, but right now we're on our way to Eltare to save Zordon".

The Red Ranger seemed to react to that, but instead he spoke. "DECA what's our status can we take off?"

The computer known as DECA replied. "The Mega accelerator is off line and launch is impossible".

The list of damage continued as Carlos noticed. "Hey where's Scott?"

Cassie shook her head. "I don't know I haven't seen him since we had the fight with the Red Ranger".

Suddenly the Red Ranger pushed past them and told DECA to open the outer doors. Before the doors could completely close TJ grabbed hold of them and spoke. "We're coming with you".

As they disappeared from view Ashley quickly shouted to Alpha. "Find Scott."

The five quickly disappeared leaving Alpha on his own. Muttering something that was not understandable he disappeared into the bowels of the ship in search of the missing Ranger.

Quickly exiting the ship with the Red Ranger in the lead the five raced into battle and quickly dealt with the Quantrons. As the last few remained Ashley spotted one behind the Red Ranger and she shouted a warning as he turned and dealt with him. With that the remain Quantrons fled leaving the five alone. The four powerless Rangers quickly pulled themselves back to their feet and checked themselves out even as the Red Ranger powered down revealing a human.

It was Ashley who first approached him by walking around him and then proclaiming. "You're human." She said almost as if she was expecting something else.

Which is what the Red Ranger seemed to expect as his reply told them he was from a space colony. Then the four introduced themselves and being the leader TJ extended his hand which the Red Ranger who introduced himself as Andros took it. Then Andros headed into the ship to assess the damage.

While he did that the four Rangers stood and had a little fun at Ashley's earlier comment. Once back in the ship they found Scott quietly stood next to Alpha and it was Carlos who stepped forward towards him. "Are you okay?"

Scott gave a faint smile at his concern. "I'll be sore for days, but I should be okay. Look one thing we can do now is fix Alpha's speech board. I think we'd all feel better if we could understand him."

The others all nodded in agreement and even Alpha agreed although no-one could understand him. "I'll have a go at him, anyone want to help." Said Carlos.

Scott nodded his agreement and the two grabbed some tools and set to work. It was then the computer spoke up giving them instructions. Carlos sighed when he saw the work ahead and gave a small laugh when he caused Alpha to sneeze. As they worked the two former Rangers talked about home and what it was like being a Ranger and then Carlos sighed and extended his hand which Scott looked at. "I'm just apologising for being rude earlier."

Scott took the hand and smiled. "No problem you've all been through a bad time just now and if you need to take it out on anyone." It was then the two heard Andros saying something about Planetary Rangers and then the other five appeared. TJ gave Carlos a look. "So how's it going?"

Carlos sighed. "It isn't I can't fix it."

Andros then said he'd have a look at him and began to fiddle with Alpha's circuitboards. "Alpha what is your mission?" Andros asked.

The droid suddenly spoke understandable but different than before. "My mission is to protect the Power Rangers, in their quest to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team known as the Power Rangers." Then Alpha made his way over to the others. "Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi I can speak again. I never thought I would be understood again." The droid was very cheerful as he spoke. Andros told him he didn't have a chip of his original voice, but Alpha didn't mind.

Then Andros left to have a look at the Space Shuttle and see if it could make it's way back to Earth. As he did Ashley appeared beside him. He continued to work and tell her that the shuttle could take them home and when he tried to get up he ignored the offered hand and she spoke. "You don't like accepting help do you?"

Before he could reply the others appeared and saying their good-byes the five left for the space shuttle and watched as Andros left them behind. Ever the leader TJ spoke up first after the Megaship was gone. "We need to get back and protect the Earth." Then he started to head for the shuttle.

Ashley followed and then came to a stop. "Hold on where are Alpha and Scott?" She asked as she looked around.

Cassie looked back at her. "I thought they were with you."

Ashley shrugged and spoke. "No, the last time I saw them they were talking in whispers."

TJ turned a question on his lips. "About what?"

Before Ashley could reply TJ spoke again. "Never mind, we'll find out later, let's split up and find them, they can't be too far away.

The others nodded in agreement and walked in different directions calling out every so often. After a few minutes the four regrouped and suddenly Quantrons appeared behind them and the powerless Rangers found themselves in a losing battle.

Onboard the Megaship Andros prepared to test the engines when. "Alpha, Scott what are you doing here?"

The human and robot came to stand by his side. "Listen to me Andros can't you see your making a mistake. The six of you have the same goal" said the robot.

Scott stepped forward. "Alpha's right unlike the four you abandoned I've been mentored by Zordon and owe him everything I am. I won't abandon him, because your too selfish to accept help".

Andros turned angrily towards him and spoke. "Look I work alone and I don't need help from Earth Rangers."

Scott gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Look I'm not saying you don't work well on your own, but the fact is you need help. Without it you'll never be able to rescue Zordon".

It was then the computer spoke. "I believe both Alpha and Scott are correct."

Andros was less than enthralled by DECA's agreement and the Alpha once again said he would need help and then guiding Scott away he told Andros to think about it. For what seemed like an eternity Andros thought back to the few hours he had spent in their company and then he made his decision. "DECA turn the Megaship around."

Behind him Scott smiled and patted Alpha on the back. Back on the planet the Rangers were face to face with Astronema who had asked about the Red Ranger only to get nothing in reply. Then out of nowhere the Astro Megaship appeared allowing the Rangers to get free. Quickly the Megaship landed and Andros and Scott ran from it. Reaching out Andros held out four wrist devices to the Rangers. Quickly the four strapped them and then Andros looked around and then spoke two words. "Let's Rocket".

Typing in the command 3-3-5-EJ the six were transformed. Carlos became the Black Ranger and TJ the Blue, but the others remained the same colours they had previously been. Quickly the six waded into and finished off the Quantrons using their weapons and fists. The seven quickly regrouped and Carlos spoke. "Andros are you okay?"

The Red Ranger nodded but then he spoke. "This isn't over, I know Astronema". To prove his point a ship appeared and started to fire upon them. Quickly the seven avoided the blast and then returned to the Megaship. As they entered they saw Alpha was working on something and then Andros spoke, "Okay DECA let's get out of here".

The computer complied and the Megaship lifted off. However scans revealed a ship firing on them and the group was thrown about although Alpha was the only one to fall properly and he started to crawl towards something muttering to himself. The barrage continued and in seconds DECA announced that the shield were about to give out. It was then Alpha spoke up telling them that he had cracked the code to transform the space shuttle and the Megaship into the Astro Megazord.

Within seconds the Megazord transformed and the attacking ship was destroyed. Hours later after the seven had powered down. The new Astro Rangers were dressed in similar silver outfits to Andros each wearing their signature colour. As they stood on the Bridge the group discussed where they were going to go and then they decided to go home.

Andros touched a button on the console and then spoke. "DECA set a course for Earth."

The computer acknowledged although Alpha was quicker and with a smile in his voice. "I have set a course for home".

The other looked happy at the prospect, Andros looked uneasy and he glanced at the new White Astro Ranger who looked very distracted. But he knew that was a question for another day.

As he watched the others Scott felt a pang of something. He wasn't sure but he felt very disturbed at the prospect of returning home to a life that had changed a year ago. But that would have to wait until they got home.