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A New Beginning
by : Adam Pearlman

Well, it has been a strange few weeks and for some reason I feel compelled to keep a diary of what's happened to me over these last few weeks and what I do over the next month or so. I don't really know where to start, as I've never kept a diary before. Perhaps it would be best to start at the beginning.

It all started two weeks ago when I was a normal 22-year-old student with a normal and boring life. As I went about my routine for the day little did I realise by the end of the day would I meet one of the hottest and newest pop groups in the country. But I would also be asked to become a superhero and help to save a world.

Now if anyone reads this who knows me and even if I was reading this as a casual observer I wouldn't really believe this could happen to someone like me, who to be honest has never amounted to anything. I mean I come from a typical family of four; me, my mum and dad and elder sister with two cars and all the usual stuff you expect from a family. Now to look at me you wouldn't think I was the heroic type and frankly neither would I think that of myself. I mean I've never really been much of a physical person, I would like to think I've worked on my mental prowess, but even I have tried to better myself physically and become stronger, but not with much success. However I digress from what I really wanted to tell you.

Anyway it was a normal Monday for me and I went about my business of preparing to go to my lecture little realising that my life was about to change forever. Anyway, I left my house and headed to catch the bus, but even as I walked I had this funny feeling that I was being watched, though every time I looked around there was no-one near me and the people around were not paying any attention to me anyway. I continued on and by the time I got to class I had forgotten the thought that I was being watched. I had decided I was just feeling a little paranoid, after all I had been watching the Will Smith film, Enemy of the State. I felt that perhaps the idea of someone being able to watch you was just a little unnerving for me.

Anyway I got to my lecture and forgot about the feeling until twenty minutes from the end of my seminar, when I felt like someone was watching me. This time I felt like shouting out to whoever it was to stop, but it would have left me looking foolish, as there was no one watching me. After the class was over I left quickly and decided to go home a different route. Now the route I chose is a longer and more annoying one, but I decided it would give me chance to settle my unease. Or so I thought Thirty minutes later and I was now practically thinking everyone was watching me and was out to get me. As I walked home I was literally jumping at shadows. Anyway, I got home and had put my stuff down and gone into my room when it happened.

All I can say is it felt like pins and needles and then I wasn't in my room, but instead I was in a large room with four consoles in front of me and what looked like a table off to the side of me. In front of me were two creatures that I realised were robots, and in front of the consoles was a tube and inside the tube was a head. Before I could speak one of the robots turned to me and spoke. "I wouldn't be standing there if I were you".

"What!" I said, as I didn't know what he meant and then I did. I heard another yell and suddenly felt myself knocked to the floor as I was plowed into from behind. For a second I lay there thinking perhaps I was actually really still asleep and I was dreaming all of this when I heard a female voice. "Are you okay?" I turned to see a blonde girl I instantly recognised as Hannah Spearritt from S Club 7 and then to complete my amazement there was the other six members of the group. When I didn't reply she again spoke. "Are you okay?" This time she offered me a hand that I took and she helped me to my feet and I offered her a faint smile.

Then before anyone could speak another voice was heard. A voice so powerful it made everyone look around for its source. I turned to see it was the head in the tube. "Welcome, I am Zordon of Eltare and this is the Power Chamber, the two robots before you are Alpha Five and Alpha Six".

Before he could continue Jon Lee spoke up. "Wait... you're telling me that you're a fictional character from a television show called Power Rangers?"

The being nodded. "Not exactly, in fact the three of us come from a parallel universe which partly leaks into your reality and thus influences people giving them ideas that become fiction in your world, but are real in our universe. I know this is probably very frightening."

At that I spoke up. "No shit, it's frightening, I mean we've been snatched away from what ever we've been doing".

At that Zordon managed to look suitably embarrassed. "My apologies, but I have brought you eight here to save a world".

Behind me the girl with long brown hair known as Rachel raised her hand. "Err... excuse me can you please explain this to me?"

Zordon nodded and spoke. "It is quite simple. Another reality is under threat from some of our foes, and while I cannot go there to select a team I can send people through to protect it and defeat the evil".

Besides Rachel, Jo spoke up. "And that's why you brought us here".

Zordon again nodded. "Yes, you eight will become the Power Rangers and save the universe".

Before I could speak up Paul spoke. "I hate to be the one to point this out, but we're pop singers not super-heroes and I don't think, I'm sorry I don't know your name".

At that I smiled. "It's Adam".

Paul nodded and then continued. "We're not heroes and none of us have had any kind of training to fight evil".

Zordon spoke. "I have already thought of that. As I said I cannot leave your reality, but I can send people to the one you're going to and I have asked a friend to travel to this reality and train you in the martial arts. Otherwise when you are morphed you will be able to fight, but should the need arise to fight unmorphed you would all be helpless". The silence that followed seemed to give everyone pause for thought.

Suddenly I'd had enough. "This is crazy, I'm not a hero and neither are these guys, you can't expect us to suddenly give up our lives and go to another reality and protect it from evil. I mean I'm a few months away from finishing a degree and the S Club has a music career to consider. You can't expect us to disappear for god knows how long and people not wonder what's happened to us" satisfied that I had gotten all of that off my chest I stopped talking.

Zordon nodded at that. "I understand completely but without you this world will be destroyed and then the evil may discover your world and if you do not attempt to stop them now, you might not be able to defeat them here".

Bradley was the next to speak. "So you want us to be heroes, give up everything we know and go to another universe and save it from evil, before they come to our reality. Count me in".

Before anyone could say another word Tina spoke up. "Bradley don't rush into this, we need to think about this. Can you give us some time? I mean this is a big decision and we do need to think about it".

Zordon nodded. "Yes, in fact I will transport you back home and give you the chance to discuss this and I will then bring you back at the same time tomorrow. Agreed?"

The members of S Club 7 all nodded and even I found myself nodding, although I had half convinced myself that I was still asleep in my bed and this was all a product of my over-active imagination. Anyway we agreed to be teleported back to the Power Chamber in twenty-four hours and we then found ourselves in an alleyway, quickly I spoke up. "Well, that was fun, now I got to get home".

I had almost got to the end of the alley when a shout stopped me. "Adam wait". I turned it was Hannah.

She came up to me and spoke. "Look you can't just walk away from this, we do have to talk about this".

At that I felt like yelling that this was completely insane, but instead I just spoke quietly. "Look this whole thing is crazy, I mean I'm not a hero, I can't fight to save my life, I am to be honest a complete and utter wimp. I don't know why I was chosen, but I do know it was a mistake".

Tina then spoke. "Look there is a coffee bar just over there, let's grab a drink and go and talk about this".

The others nodded and so did I reluctantly and I followed the group out onto the street and into the coffee bar. We must have sat in there for a good hour just talking about what we'd been asked to do and just before we left it was Jo who spoke. "So Adam, what are you going to do?"

For a second I didn't reply as I had the strangest feeling pass over me and then I spoke. "I don't know, it sounds a little too weird, I need to sleep on it". Then before anyone could say another word I quickly left.

The rest of the day seemed to pass by in a daze as I was left to think about everything. I was so wrapped up in thinking about this that I didn't sleep much and remained in my room until the same time I had been teleported, when it happened again. For the second time in twenty-four hours I found myself going from one place to another and I was back in the Power Chamber. And for the second time I was flung to the floor as someone again plowed into my back and went sprawling on the floor and ironically it was again Hannah who had plowed into my back. This time I was back on my feet first and I offered a hand to her and helped her back to her feet. "You okay?"

The girl nodded and spoke. "Yeah sorry about that".

I smiled at that. "Don't worry about it, I don't mind being knocked to the floor by you".

Then Zordon spoke. "Welcome my young friends. Now, I must ask what have you decided?"

The seven members of S Club looked at each other and then Tina spoke. "We've all decided to accept. If we can help save a world, then that's more important than a music career".

The rest of the people all looked at me and then I spoke. "Well, what are you all looking at me for? Seriously count me in, don't ask me why, but I feel like this is my destiny".

Zordon nodded in appreciation. "Thank you my young friends I knew I had chosen well. I will give you until tomorrow to prepare to do what you must, before I send you on your journey. One thing I must stress, now that you have accepted the role as Power Rangers you must not reveal to anyone that you are Power Rangers.

Paul quickly spoke up. "Like anyone would actually believe us".

Then Jo spoke. "So we go tomorrow".

Zordon spoke this time with a sad tone in his voice. "I'm afraid so, but this world cannot hold much longer, while it is more advanced than ours and has resisted for months now. Without Power Rangers it will fall. As I said a friend of mine Dulcea will be there to guide and train you and so will Alpha Six. Before you leave tomorrow I will give you your powers. When you are prepared to come, please bring some clothes with you as you may be gone for a while".

With that we were all teleported back home. As soon it got to a time I could speak to my parents I did and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I mean I was talking to my parents and all the time knowing that I would probably not see them for a while, if ever again. After that I spoke to all of my friends and then I packed to leave, but as I did a funny thought crossed my mind, how could I even pack as I didn't know what to expect in this universe? And how was going to get along with the seven S Clubbers when I didn't even know them?

Anyway to cut a long story short I prepared to leave, and after saying good-bye to my flatmates I was teleported once more to the Power Chamber to find the others already there.

Zordon quickly spoke. "Welcome Adam, please step over and join the others, for the time has come to give your powers". Without hesitation I did as he asked and then he spoke again. "Power Rangers this is a momentous occasion and today will see a new team of Ranger born. To assist your quest Alpha and I have combined the powers of the Zeo Crystal with the Astro powers to form the Zeo Astro power, when you take these powers you will become the most powerful team of Rangers yet".

At that an impatient voice spoke up and I realised it was Hannah. "Can you get on with this?"

At that Zordon looked a bit annoyed but continued to speak. "Adam Pearlman step forward".

At the use of my full name I was a bit startled, but I did step forward. Then Zordon spoke again. "Adam from this moment on you will be known as the White Zeo Astro Ranger and will lead the team".

At his declaration I was to be the leader I almost laughed out loud, I couldn't believe it that he wanted me to lead the team. I couldn't do it; I had no leadership skills and was so caught up in trying to understand this decision I almost didn't hear the rest of what Zordon said. "Tina Barrett step forward from this moment on you will be the Red Zeo Astro Ranger and second in command of the team, but for the moment you will share the leadership with Adam, until he is comfortable with his role. Paul Cattermole step forward, from this moment on you will be the Gold Zeo Astro Ranger. Rachel Stevens step forward; from this moment on you will be the Silver Zeo Astro Ranger. Bradley McIntosh you will be the Green Zeo Astro Ranger, Jon Lee you will become the Blue Zeo Astro Ranger. Jo O'Meara you will be the Yellow Zeo Astro Ranger and finally Hannah Spearritt you will be the Pink Zeo Astro Ranger".

With those final words all of us were engulfed in the respective coloured lights and then we were stood dressed in our armoured suits. And Zordon spoke again. "You have gone beyond being just normal people you are now the Power Rangers: Zeo Astro. May the power protect you always". He stopped and then he spoke again. "Rangers, you will have many tools at your disposal and all of your Zords are already waiting for you in the other reality".

Even as he spoke I don't think any of us were really listening as were still getting used to having powers, and then in front of us a bright white portal opened and then Zordon spoke. "Rangers, the time has come for you to begin the fight against evil, please step through the vortex".

With a look at the other's I demorphed and then stepped towards the light and disappeared into leaving behind my reality and home possibly forever. Within seconds I reappeared in a room that was similar to the one I had just left but different, and then there was another sound and the others appeared and then I spoke. "Welcome to another reality, looks a lot like where we've just come from, doesn't it?"

Just then everyone stopped as we heard a strong female voice. "Welcome to Command Chamber I am Dulcea, Zordon asked me to come to this reality to look after you and train you for the task ahead. I believe you already know Alpha Six".

Behind the woman was the little droid we had met earlier, but it was the woman who captured my attention, because she was gorgeous, dressed in a green bikini, with long ginger hair. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and I could tell that the lads of S Club were also staring at her much to the annoyance of the girls. Then she spoke again. "Well, you must all be tired and the hour is late. I will show you to your rooms so you can get a good night's rest, because tomorrow we will begin your training".

Then she showed us all to our individual rooms. When I entered I could hardly believe it; it was like a prison cell, just four walls, a door in the far wall and a bed. Not exactly all the comforts of home and once again I began to doubt my decision. All through the night I tossed and turned, unable to sleep and I guess that is the reason I ended up with so many bruises from my first day of training.

Now let me tell you about training. To begin with we went through some warm up exercise which exhausted me even after we had done them. I guess I was more out of shape than I realised. Then she took us through some self-defence exercises. After that we continued to do the exercises until I could do them in my sleep. After a light lunch she brought us back into the training room and said she was going to train each of us individually and that we had all to watch so we could understand each one's fighting style. Now I wasn't very happy about this, as I didn't have a style, so I was unprepared for the blindfold. She told me that it was more of a trust exercise than anything else. She said I had to find my way across the room with only the voices of the others to guide me.

At first I couldn't believe that she was putting just me through it and then she said everyone had to do it, but as the leader I had to be the first. To say it was an unmitigated disaster would have been the understatement of the year. I heard their voices and tried to do what they said, but I couldn't get it right and only ended up getting myself into a great mess and making myself look foolish. After I had gotten untangled Dulcea told me to take a break and that I should meditate. I told her I didn't, but she showed me a technique and over the next few weeks I started to use it and began to relax. Also over the next three weeks I became fitter and stronger, but there was still something lacking in all of this.

I guess you are probably asking what I could be missing if I was more relaxed, stronger and fitter than ever before. The thing that was missing was trust. While I had become skilled at fighting I still had to form a connection with the other Rangers. It wasn't until a month after we had been in this other reality that the connection began to form. I had been working out in the gym when Hannah came in to see me when I lost my balance and I slipped and pulled a muscle. After chastising me for working out too hard she helped me to the infirmary were Jon who had been appointed the medic for the group promptly had another go at me and then told me I would be okay if I didn't work out for a few days. Suddenly out of nowhere Hannah spoke up. "You know what your problem is. You're afraid".

At that I looked at her in complete surprise. "I don't know what you mean!" And I did mean that, as I didn't understand.

She continued. "We've been here for four weeks almost and you have barely said two words to any of us and it's because you're afraid of getting close to us. As the leader of the group you don't want to get close, and you also feel as we already know each other and you don't know us and you don't know how to break into the group".

I couldn't think of a reply, as she was right. I was at a loss of how to bond with the group, as I didn't know them and they did know each other and then something in me changed, turning to Jon I spoke. "Get everyone together, we're going to go out".

Jon nodded and then we got together and teleported to a deserted spot outside the city of Miami, which is were we where based and then, I spoke. "I guess why I have asked you all here is because of something Hannah said to me and she was right. I don't know any of you except through what I've seen of you on television and I was afraid of trying to get to know you since the seven of you already knew each other. But I've decided to change that, if we are going to save this world we need to be a team, we need to trust each other and to do that we need to know each other. So I've decided we need to get to know each of us". I then proceeded to tell them various details about myself and I must have talked for almost fifteen minutes until finally I ran out of words or I realised they were getting bored. Then Tina stood up and talked for a while and so did the others and by the end of the afternoon I felt a connection had formed and that we knew each other.

After that we returned to our new home all feeling a bit better, myself especially, and then the following day it happened. We were training as normal and it came to the part of the session where I was to put a blindfold on and let the others guide me across the room. Now for the past four weeks I've been getting into a complete mess and not being able to do it. Today I knew was different, for the first time I listened to one voice and acted on it's instructions, not on seven different voices, this time we were working together and I completed the task and made it to the other side. Removing the blindfold I saw Dulcea stood on the other side of the room with a smile on her face and then she spoke. "Well done White Ranger you are finally learning", and with that she went back to training the others.

We spent the next few weeks continuing our training, but as the weeks passed I could feel a sense of everyone feeling a little trapped. The reason for this was apart from the day when we had gone to get to know each other we had not left the base in the six weeks we had been in this world. To this end I went to Dulcea and asked if we could go out for a while and possibly look for somewhere else to live. At first she was reluctant to let us do that, but I pointed out that we couldn't be Rangers 24-7 we needed some down time and a chance to be in normal surroundings. Seeing my reasoning she allowed us to go, on the condition we always wore our communicators.

I agreed to that and teleporting out we found ourselves on the streets of Miami, Florida. As soon as we got onto the beachfront the guys suddenly stopped in amazement as they had seen something they didn't think they would ever see again. To answer the question of what it was, it was the Florida Paradise Hotel. This is the hotel that the S Club had stayed in and filmed their series Miami 7. The seven wanted to take a look and that is when I saw it and called out to them. "Guys look at this, the hotels wants some workers and they are offering to let us live on site".

Jon smiled at that and spoke. "Maybe it will be a better hotel than the one in our universe. Let's take a look and see if we can get a job. I mean we may be here to protect the universe, but if as Adam says we need to live outside of the Command Chamber we need money to buy stuff".

The eight of us went into the lobby and that's when the seven stopped and even I did a double take as behind the desk was the guy who had been in the show playing the manager of the hotel, Howard Borlotti. Suddenly he came over to us and spoke. "Welcome to the Florida Paradise Hotel I'm Howard the manager. Can I help you?"

I put up my hand to stop him and pulled the group to one side when Hannah spoke. "What's going on, how can he be here, I mean the character of Howard is just fictional, isn't he?"

Before I could reply Paul spoke. "From what I understand this world is similar to the way our world and the one with the Power Rangers is, in that it exist almost on top of our own and as a result certain things which again might be television characters or actors in our world really exist".

Jo was the next to speak. "So he might be as bad as the character of Howard was meant to be".

Paul nodded and then Rachel spoke. "But we don't have a choice and I really would like a change of scenery. I mean the Command Chamber is a nice place, but at least here we would be near the beach and could meet people".

Tina nodded and then she spoke. "So we're going to ask him about the job".

The others nodded and she stepped forward. "Hi, we saw that your advertising for staff and the eight of us would like to apply".

Howard nodded in appreciation and then spoke. "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place, please the jobs are yours. Let me show you where you are going to sleep".

Then we started to follow him and there was something about this that was bugging me, almost like it wasn't a total coincidence and then what really did it for me was that there were two rooms, one set-up for four girls and one for four boys. After saying we would get our stuff we returned to the Command Chamber and I immediately spoke to Dulcea. "So we've found somewhere to live and work".

It was her attitude that really proved that she had helped us out when she seemed like she didn't care and I asked her. "You helped to organise this for us, or is it total coincidence?"

She nodded and spoke. "Yes I did help set it up, Howard Borlotti is in fact a friend of the Rangers from another reality, he settled in this reality and set-up the hotel. And when I informed him of what you wanted he was happy to help give you somewhere else to live and to work".

I smiled at that and spoke again. "So he doesn't really need the staff?"

She shook her head. "He does unfortunately, because of the attacks on Miami by the Quadrofighters, Velocifighters and Quantrons most of his staff have quit so he does need you. Now don't you have to pack?"

As I left to pack I bumped into Rachel and told her what Dulcea had told me and within a few minutes we had packed and we teleported out of our temporary home and reappeared at the hotel to find Howard waiting for us and then he spoke. "Welcome to the Florida Paradise Hotel, your home for however long you are in this reality. One thing you should all know, just because you're Power Rangers don't expect an easy ride. If your going to work here, your going to work hard, answering phones, cleaning windows, cleaning the pool, manning reception, moving luggage. You will work for eight hours a day and then the seven S Clubbers will perform for the guests. And by the time the day is over you will curse my name. Now unpack and I will see you at 9.00 in the morning".

Then he walked away leaving the eight of us staring at each other and then Jo spoke. "I don't believe this, he is just as bad as the character in the show".

Looking at her Bradley shrugged and spoke. "It could be worse, he could have been Attila the Hun".

Paul then spoke. "I don't think it's going to be as bad as he makes out, and to earn a little cash, a little hard work isn't going to hurt us".

Then I decided to speak. "And besides if it gets to be a problem we could always call up an enemy and ask them to send a monster down so we can get out of work. Now shall we do as he says and unpack and then..."

Hannah then interrupted me. "And then we party". At her enthusiasm I smiled and watched as the rest walked off. Then it happened.

We had just gotten ready for a night out and we had even gotten into town when we heard the explosion, which sent us flying to the floor. Paul was the first to get to his feet and then he spoke. "What was that?"

I quickly replied. "I don't know but we are checking it out"

Quickly we headed towards the source of the explosion and it was then that we saw it. The Quantrons and Cogs were causing havoc in the centre of the street, sending people running for cover and leaving an almost deserted street.

Rachel looked around and spoke. "It looks like the aftermath of a January sale".

Then I realised it was time. "I think it's time we cleaned up then. Is everyone ready?" Looking at each of them and seeing their nods I called out the words that would change our lives forever. "It's time to Rocket".

At the command eight metal Morphers appeared on their arms and they punched in the individual codes to transform themselves from ordinary teens to the Power Rangers Zeo Astro. Quickly the eight moved into position in front of the Cogs and Quantrons and I called out to them. "Hold it right there".

Suddenly from nowhere a gold monkey appeared and spoke. "Power Rangers what are you doing here? Now destroy them". Then at his command the hordes of Cogs and Quantrons ran towards them.

Looking at the others we quickly waded into battle with lots of punches and kicks and within minutes the numbers of them had dwindled into only a few. I turned to smile at Jo who was fighting beside me when I saw it and had only seconds to react. I didn't even think about what I was doing I just acted and knocked her out of the way as the sword came down and struck me in the shoulder sending me crashing to the floor. Looking up I saw it was the gold monkey from before. "I am Goldar, I will be your destroyer, but I wanted to see if this White Ranger can live up to the reputation of your predecessor?"

Before I could respond he brought down his sword again, but this time I was ready and blocked it with my hands and managed to clamber back to my feet only to narrowly miss being hit by the sword again. Even as I dodged blow after blow I realised I couldn't win unless I had a weapon and then I heard the voice in my head and without thinking I called out. And in my hand appeared a sword and just in time as I deflected the blow aimed at me. Standing up I faced off against Goldar now better prepared and ready to defend myself.

Blocking his next blow I came back with one of my own and then parried his next. Now I've never even carried a sword so I was unprepared to use one. For the next few minutes I parried the blows from Goldar's sword and attempted to get in a few of my own when I noticed that there was a crowd of people watching me and the other Rangers fight the forces of evil. Suddenly Goldar brought up his sword and struck sending me staggering back and I found myself falling backwards and before my eye's Goldar suddenly grew to the size of a building. Quickly I got back to my feet and regrouped with the others.

It was Paul that spoke. "I think our problems just got a whole lot bigger. Anyone got an idea?"

I thought for a moment and then spoke. "Well, if I remember from watching the TV series Power Rangers they had a thing called the Megazord to help them battle threats like that. Alpha this is Adam we need help".

Over the communicator Alpha replied. "I thought you might. Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Gold Rangers have access to the Zeo Astro Zords. Unfortunately we haven't been able to finish construction on a Silver or a White Zord".

I grimaced at the thought of not being able to get into the fight but spoke. "Never mind Alpha, Rachel and I will deal with the remaining Cogs. As for the rest of you call on your Zords and take care of the big guy".

Tina nodded and spoke. "Don't worry we'll take care of business".

Then Rachel and I ran off to meet the remaining Cogs while the others ran off to the side and I heard them call out for their Zords. Rachel and I watched as the Zords appeared and marvelled in amazement at them and it was Rachel spoke what I was thinking. "They are amazing".

I nodded and then the Cogs were upon us. Meanwhile the others took their Zords into battle and I could hear Goldar saying how he would enjoy destroying them as he fired bursts of energy at them from his sword causing the Zords to scatter.

Then Tina spoke. "Guy's we need to wrap this up, he's causing too much damage. It's time for the Zeo Astro Megazord".