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Missing Home
by : Adam Pearlman

I don't know when it happened or why, it just did. After almost three months in another reality, away from all the people I knew my parents and my friends I was feeling homesick. It had hit me all of a sudden and I guess it was something in the news that set it off. Hannah and Rachel had been reading a paper when they had suddenly become really excited over something, and since I was sat nearby I was curious.

"So what's got you two so excited" I said.

Hannah replied. "They are just talking about 'Five' who are just finishing up a tour in the UK and then they are heading here to Miami to perform".

I shrugged. "So what's all the excitement, it's just another band and one that isn't as good as a band I know personally".

Rachel spoke. "Don't you love this guy, he knows just what to say and when to say it. Hey 'Five' have been to Hull, isn't that where you're from Adam?"

I nodded and started to speak, but then I stopped and quickly making my excuses I left. I started to walk and even as I did all I could think of was Hull, it had been seven weeks since we had come to this universe. With all of the training and getting to know each other and then the battles we had been in; I hadn't had much chance to think of home. But the mention of it had suddenly made me think about it and even as I tried to stop, I couldn't. I was so wrapped up in thinking of home that I didn't even hear Tina approach until she put a hand on my shoulder and I turned around, expecting an attack and dropping into a defensive stance.

The expression on Tina's face was one of amusement, and there was a touch of it in her voice. "Easy I'm on your side".

Relaxing my stance I spoke. "Sorry about that, I was miles away".

Tina nodded. "I noticed that. What's up?"

Looking at her I spoke. "Why does something have to be up?"

Tina spoke. "I'd call walking away from people in mid conversation a suggestion something is up".

I spoke. "I guess it was a little rude as well. I just needed to take a walk".

Tina spoke. "So what upset you?"

I spoke. "Do you ever think about home Tina?"

Tina seemed a bit surprised by my question but she replied. "Of course I do. Don't you?"

I nodded. "Up until a little while ago I hadn't really thought of home. We'd been so busy that I hadn't given it much thought and then Rachel mentioned Hull and suddenly I can't stop thinking about it".

Tina smiled. "You're home sick. I've been expecting this, I don't think you're alone, I've noticed everyone seems a little down the last couple of days. I think we're all suddenly realising that we are a long way from home. It's probably more difficult for you than it is for us. The seven of us have been in another country for an extended period of time".

I spoke. "I know, I thought that having not properly lived at home for almost three years would have prepared me for this, but I guess you can't prepare for anything. Hell, I never thought that I would be spending the year 2000 in another universe helping to protect it from the forces of evil".

Tina laughed. "It is a strange turn of events, when I thought about what I would be doing in the year 2000 I didn't think I'd be doing this. I thought I'd be at home with my family and friends and continuing a music career".

I spoke. "Look thanks for the chat Tina, I feel better, I'd better get going Dulcea promised to teach me and Jon a new Kata, and you know how she gets when we are late".

With that I teleported out. If I had walked away I would have heard Tina mutter to herself. "God, now I'm depressed".

I reappeared in the main area of the Command Chamber to find Alpha at one of the consoles. "Hey Alpha" I said.

Alpha spoke. "You're late kid".

I smiled and quickly headed into the back of our base, stopping by my locker to quickly change my clothes and minutes later make my way into the training room to find Jon and Dulcea waiting for me. "Sorry I'm late, I lost track of time" I said.

Dulcea spoke. "Let's us get straight down to business then".

Quickly stepping into position beside Jon the two of us watched as Dulcea went through a new Kata. After a couple of hours of constant practise, (Dulcea is a cross between a teacher and a drill sergeant) I'll say this for her though she is thorough and by the time we had completed two hours of practise both Jon and I were nearly proficient in this Kata. After she left both Jon and I headed for home. After reappearing on the beach in a secluded spot we began to walk towards the hotel. We had walked a few yards when Jon spoke. "So why were you late?"

I spoke. "I was talking with Tina, apparently she, Hannah and Rachel were worried about me. They seemed to think that I was homesick".

Jon spoke. "So are you homesick?"

I spoke. "A little I guess. The talk with Tina helped and I feel a bit better, but I still miss home and it's only in the last couple of days I've really felt bad about it".

Jon spoke. "I guess it's only natural for us to feel a little homesick, after all we're in a strange situation".

I spoke. "Yeah I know, but I think we are all feeling it at the moment. Even Tina seemed a little off when she was talking to me".

Jon didn't reply and from a glance at him I could tell he was feeling like I was at the moment. We reached the hotel and found the others sat on stools all looking rather down. They appeared to be so distracted they didn't even hear Jon and I sit down. Paul was the first to realise we were there. "Hey you're back".

I managed a sarcastic remark. "Yeah, we have returned. So what's wrong with you lot? I've seen happier faces at a funeral".

Hannah spoke. "Well, this is all your fault".

I looked surprised. "Me, what did I do?"

Tina replied. "I talked to you and after that I felt depressed and needed someone to talk to. So I talked to Paul and felt better".

Paul continued. "Unfortunately I ended up feeling bad, so I talked to Hannah and then..."

I put up my hand to stop them speaking. "Okay I get the picture. Look what can I say, but I'm sorry".

Bradley spoke. That's a whole lot of comfort, but it doesn't make me feel any better".

I spoke. "I guess it was only a matter of time, before this was going to happen. I mean we may have all lived away from home, but we've never been totally out of contact with our families".

Before any of the others could reply Howard appeared and he didn't look happy. "There you are, you lazy kids, there's work to be done and I need you to do it".

Looking at the others I could tell that none of them were happy about it, but they all got up and followed Howard. The day continued and we found ourselves working and we all soon forgot our homesickness and got on with the task at hand.

The following morning I got up and left for college while the others got up to do work. On the way into college I bumped into Claire.

"Morning Adam!" she said.

Putting a smile on my miserable face I spoke. "Hey Claire, how was your weekend?"

Claire spoke. "It was good, nice and quiet. How was yours?"

I shrugged before replying. "It was okay, I just had one of those weekends where I was really missing home. Unfortunately I passed it onto everyone else and we all felt miserable".

Claire spoke. "Oh well, we all have good and bad days, maybe it was one of those".

I replied. "I wish it were that simple, but at the moment, I just feel like packing up and heading home and I don't think my friends would be in a hurry to disagree with me".

Claire spoke. "You're an interesting person Adam. Now we had better hurry or we are going to be late for class".

Looking at her and giving her an ironic look I spoke. "Well, we can't have that, can we?"

With my feeling the way I did I could tell I really wasn't in the mood for classes and that was compounded when the lecturer said something and I replied yes to it. After the class Claire came up behind me. "So what's it like having a third leg?"

I looked at her and managed to crack a smile. "It's fine, but buying shoes is a real pain".

Claire spoke. "At least you're smiling again. Look why don't you get together with your friends and do something that you all enjoy, something that's not part of your normal routine".

I looked over and spoke. "Such as?"

Claire shrugged. "I don't know, something fun perhaps".

Looking at her I replied. "Fun, what's that?"

Claire gave me a look and spoke. "You know something, you're awfully sarcastic".

I smiled at that. "I know, but it's a good idea and I think I'll go and find my friends. Why don't you join us?"

Claire shook her head. "Sorry, I have things to do, but perhaps I can catch up with you later. Here is my mobile number".

Handing me a slip of paper with a few numbers on, she headed off in another direction leaving me to watch her go. Then without a second thought I turned and headed back to the hotel. I didn't get a few yards as I saw the four girls stood at the end of the driveway, with a couple of guys I recognised from one of my classes later in the week. As I made my way towards them I could hear parts of the conversation coming from their direction. The one that was speaking was Dave and he was speaking to Jo. "So what do you think, you and me and a candlelit dinner. It will be great".

Jo shook her head. "Sorry, I'm busy most evenings".

"Doing what?" said Robert.

"I don't know, but I'll think of something to do" said Jo.

"Don't talk to my mate like that," said the other one whom I realised was Claire's brother Robert.

Hannah spoke. "Or what?"

Robert spoke. "Or else. Listen girl, I'm used to getting what I want".

My first thought was to step in and stop all of this, but then I changed my mind and decided to let the girls handle it.

Tina spoke. "Well, there is a first time for everything. Why don't you take a hike, we're waiting for someone".

Dave spoke. "Why don't you make us?"

Rachel spoke. "I wouldn't want to waste my time on you two".

I couldn't see the look on Dave's face, but I could see he wasn't happy and was starting to raise his hand. At that point I decided I had seen and heard enough and quickly came up behind the two guys and spoke. "Is their some problem here?"

Robert spoke. "Nothing that concerns you".

I spoke. "Oh, I am afraid it does, you see these are my friends you two are hassling and I get very cross when people annoy my friends and believe me you do not want to make me mad".

Seeing the look on my face the two decided to leave. Turning back to the girls I offered a smile only to met by a mouthful from Jo. "What do you think you were doing?"

I spoke. "I believe I was helping you out".

Jo spoke. "We could have handled those two meatheads. We didn't need you sticking your neck in".

I spoke. "Look I was only trying to help, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. I'm sure you can handle those two without breaking a sweat, but I refuse to sit back and see someone raise a hand against a friend".

Hannah spoke. "Thank you, I appreciate your help and so does Jo".

Jo's expression softened and she spoke. "Yeah I do, but we still could have handled them".

I smiled. "I know you could. So to what pleasure do I owe for you visiting me at my College?" Rachel spoke. "Shopping!"

My expression must have showed complete bafflement at her statement as Rachel smiled.

Tina spoke. "Bradley came up with an idea of us all doing something we enjoy, so we four girls have decided to go shopping".

I spoke. "And this has what to do with me?"

Hannah spoke. "You're coming with us".

I spoke. "Translated, you want some sucker to carry all of your bags and the others all disappeared".

Jo smiled. "Basically, yes".

I shook my head. "I'm not going to get out of this am I?"

The four girls looked at the each other and then shook their heads. I raised my head to the heavens and thought about various ways I could get back at the guys for this. "Okay, lead on" I said. Grabbing me by both arms the girls dragged me off towards the shops.

Meanwhile above our heads dark forces where plotting the downfall of the Power Rangers.

Divatox spoke. "I've got to come up with a plan. Porto, you have to think of something that I can use to destroy the Rangers".

The creature spoke. "I am trying my Queen, but I cannot think of anything as yet".

Divatox spoke. "Well, you had better. Zedd failed, but I'm not going to".

"Divatox" It was the voice from the shadows again. "If you are planning something, concentrate on the Rangers as two groups and consider something that will demoralise them even further. I've found out that they are all homesick. I want them so depressed and wanting home, that when we strike they won't even care if we destroy them".

Divatox turned to the shadows and spoke. "And how did you find this out?"

"I heard the White Ranger himself say it" the figure moved in the shadows, but still remained out of sight. "Now Divatox, do not fail me, or I will destroy you instead".

Divatox shrieked. "Porto!"

The monster quickly reappeared and spoke. "Do not worry my Queen, I have a plan".

Back on Earth the Rangers had gone on their separate adventures. The three S Club lads were enjoying a relaxing time on the beach.

"So how do you think Adam's handling the girls shopping trip?" said Paul.

Bradley spoke. "Any bets, he is cursing us and wishing for a monster to appear".

Jon laughed. "Probably, but it's a good chance for him to get to know them. I mean he's spent a little more time with us than he has with them".

Paul spoke. "You want to know what I think? He's scared of them".

Bradley looked at Paul in surprise. "Scared of the girls? They're easy to get along with".

Jon spoke. "I think I know what you mean. To Adam we're all stars and although we're now in a situation where that really doesn't count any more, I think he's still a little bit intimidated by us. I think this idea of yours Brad to spend some time with the girls will be good for them and for all of us. I mean we have all been feeling a little homesick".

At that Jon stopped talking and watched as a couple of girls walked past and he noticed that Bradley and Paul were also looking in that direction.

Meanwhile I was having an interesting afternoon with the girls. And when I say an interesting time, this consisted in the girls going into every clothes shop and trying on various outfits and then possibly buying it and then insisting that I carry it. It wasn't much fun for me, being treated like a walking carrier bag, but some of the outfits the girls tried on were very nice and made them look very good.

Then to my surprise we came to another clothing store, but instead of going to the woman's department, the girls all went straight towards the men's department.

"Why are we going here?" I said.

Hannah was the one who replied. "Well, since you've been so good and patient, we decided we'll let you get some new stuff".

I spoke. "But, I don't need any new stuff".

Rachel spoke. "Yes, you do, I've seen your wardrobe".

I laughed at that, because I knew I did need some new stuff and the girls could probably get me some new stuff. However, knowing them, they would probably find the most expensive stuff in the shop. Suddenly the quietness of the store was disturbed as we heard raised voices and saw a kid running from a store security man. Suddenly the kid ran towards us and tripped throwing his drink all over the girls and getting a few drops on me. Then the security guard grabbed the kid and apologised to us and then disappeared with the kid in tow.

Tina spoke. "Well, that was weird".

Rachel spoke. "Look at this, my outfit is covered in it".

Barely keeping the amusement out of her voice Jo replied. "It looks like a milkshake and it's over all of us as well".

I spoke. "Not me, I had sense enough to get out of the way".

In response to my comment Hannah flung a few drops of the liquid at me.

I spoke. "I think this shopping trip has just ended. Shall we find somewhere to clean up?"

The others nodded and we quickly headed for the restrooms. It was then that the craziness started. I wasn't there when it happened, but from what the other three told me Rachel just started to act strange.

In the restroom the girls were cleaning up when Rachel suddenly stopped what she was doing and walked away from the others with liquid still dripping from her hair. The three other girls were still cleaning up when Jo noticed that Rachel wasn't there anymore. "Hey where did Rachel go?"

The other two looked up from wiping down their clothes and noticed that their friend was no longer with them. "I don't know, she was here a moment ago," said Hannah.

Just then a woman who was at the other end of the room spoke. "If you're looking for your friend with brown hair I saw her leave a few minutes ago".

Tina spoke. "Thank you" then she turned to the others. "Why would she leave without telling us?"

The other two shook their heads and Tina spoke again. "We should go looking for her".

The other two nodded and followed Tina out of the restroom to see Rachel at the end of the deserted corridor talking to thin air.

Rachel spoke. "I've really missed you".

She stopped talking and seemed to be listening to a voice only she could hear and then she spoke again. "I couldn't help it, I had to go, I had something to do, that was important. I didn't want to leave, but I had, please understand."

Jo spoke. "Rachel who are you talking to?"

Suddenly she stopped talking and she whirled around almost as if she was surprised that the others were there and then she looked back at the spot she had been looking at before.

Rachel spoke. "He was right here".

Hannah spoke. "Who was right here Rachel?"

Rachel spoke. "My boyfriend, I heard him calling to me and he was right here".

Tina spoke. "Rachel, there is no one here".

Rachel spoke. "He was here I saw him and talked with him and even kissed him".

It was then I came out of the other restroom and heard that last statement. "Kissed who?"

Jo replied. "Rachel says she saw her boyfriend in this corridor".

I looked around before replying. "There is no one here".

Tina spoke. "That's what I said, but she insists that he was here".

I spoke. "Well, I don't know what to say... hey, where's Hannah?"

The three looked around and noticed that our younger team-mate was missing. Then Rachel noticed the door to the corridor was swinging back and forth. Quickly the four of us left the corridor to find Hannah stood by one of the shops talking to thin air. As we approached we heard her use a name and Tina spoke. "Sheridan, that's one of her flatmates from back home. But there is no-one there".

Jo spoke. "What's going on? This is too weird".

Even as Jo asked that I didn't have a reply and went over to Hannah and put a hand on her shoulder and spoke. "Hannah, who are you talking to?"

Hannah half turned and started to speak. "Adam this is Sherida..." Then she stopped and looked around and then she spoke again. "Where did he go? He was right here".

Rachel spoke. "Who was right here?"

Hannah spoke, but this time her voice was tinged with uncertainty. "Sheridan was here, he said Zordon had sent him here to see me. But where did he go?"

Tina spoke. "I don't think he was here Hannah".

I spoke. "It doesn't look like it, I mean if she can see him, why can't we?"

Jo spoke. "I don't know, but this is making my head hurt. If Rachel and Hannah saw something, why don't we? But if they were here then where are they now?"

I spoke. "I don't know, but I think it's time for us to head home".

The others nodded and the five of us quickly left the shopping centre and headed for home. Even as we did I was deep in thought and concerned over the weirdness that both Rachel and Hannah had experienced, little realising that it was only the beginning. We arrived back at the hotel without further incident to find Paul waiting for us. "So you're back, did you have fun?"

I gave a small smile. "Oh it was bags of fun". Even as I said it I held up the bags that were in my hand.

Behind me Tina spoke. "Where's Bradley and Jon?"

Paul's expression changed and I immediately thought the worst until he spoke. "We were at the beach when this kid appeared in front of us and threw his milkshake at us. I got a few drops on me, but Jon and Bradley got covered in it".

Hannah spoke. "Talk about coincidence, that happened to us".

Paul spoke. "Really? Anyway they were fine for a while and then they started acting weird and talking to thin air!"

Jo spoke. "This is getting a little too coincidental".

Paul spoke. "What do you mean?"

I spoke. "What she means is that everything you just told us happened to us. We had a milkshake chucked at us and everyone except me got covered in it. Rachel and Hannah started talking to thin air".

Suddenly I realised that Rachel had disappeared. "Hey what happened to Rachel?"

Tina spoke. "Not again!"

Looking round we saw Rachel was stood a few yards from us and was talking to thin air again. I was about to go over to her when everything started to go crazy as first Hannah started to talk to thin air as well and then so did Jo and Tina, leaving me and Paul to stand there wondering what the hell was going on.

Paul spoke. "What are they doing?"

I replied. "Talking to thin air apparently".

Paul's reply was dripping with sarcasm. "Really, if you hadn't have told me I would never have guessed. So what do we do?"

I spoke. "When Hannah first started talking to thin air, all it took was me to speak to her and she came back to reality. Try each of them and see if it works".

Paul nodded and walked over to Jo who was nearest and laying a hand on her shoulder he spoke to her. "Hey Jo are you okay?" Much to his and my surprise there was no response from her and she continued to talk to someone we couldn't see.

Trying Tina I met with the same response as she continued to talk to thin air. After trying the others both Paul and I met in the middle of the four and spoke. "Well, it's like they are totally oblivious to everything around them" I said.

Paul spoke. "I didn't know there was a sale on".

Giving a small chuckle I spoke. "If I were to guess I'd say it's some kind of spell and probably Bradley and Jon are under its effect as well".

Up on the moon Divatox watched pleased with most of what was going on. "Blast those two are unaffected by the potion. Piranhatrons get down there and destroy them".

As Paul and I watched the four girls act very weird both of us wondered what we could do when they appeared. "Adam, we've got company" said Paul.

Turning I saw the Piranhatrons in front of us. "Great, just what we need right now. Guys we've got company" I yelled. As I suspected there was no reaction from the girls and I turned to Paul. "I guess we're on our own".

Paul nodded and without further thought the two of us waded into the midst of the Piranhatrons and founds ourselves battling to protect the others as well as ourselves. Despite being outnumbered by the Piranhatrons we were able to defeat many of them and they soon took off.

Running up to Paul, I spoke. "You okay?"

Paul nodded and then spoke. "I guess, their bark is worse than their bite. We should get the girls to the Command Chamber".

I nodded and replied. "Agreed". Raising my communicator to my mouth I spoke. "Alpha this is Adam. Lock onto everyone's communicator and teleport them to the Command Chamber".

Alpha's reply was quick. "Stand by for teleportation".

Within seconds I felt the familiar sensation of teleportation and seconds later I had gone from the hotel to the Chamber.

"Welcome Rangers. What is the problem?" said Dulcea.

Motioning to the other Rangers who were still talking to thin air, I also saw that Jon and Bradley were also talking to thin air, despite the change in place I spoke. "That's the problem Dulcea, they are all talking to thin air".

Paul spoke. "Well, except for me and Adam".

Dulcea spoke. "Alpha, run a scan on the Rangers".

Alpha nodded and picked up a scanning device and first ran it over Paul and me and then the others. Looking at the readings he spoke. "According to the readings they are all under some kind of spell".

I spoke. "What kind of spell though? I mean they are all talking to people from home, who no-one else can see".

Dulcea spoke. "Tell me exactly what happened before they started acting like this?"

As she asked both Paul and I told her exactly the events of earlier today.

Dulcea spoke. "Tell me Rangers, how have you been feeling today?"

I spoke. "A little depressed, missing home. All of us seem to be feeling that way the last few days".

Alpha spoke. "That is it then. Someone must have been listening in to your conversations and come up with a spell to affect you in this way".

Paul spoke. "So, the spell affects people, by making them see people they miss. Which is what Bradley and Jon both said they saw".

I nodded as well. "The same with the girls, Rachel saw her boyfriend and Hannah saw a flat-mate. One question. We were both there why aren't we affected?"

Alpha spoke. "According to the scan I took, you are affected, but only a little bit".

Paul spoke. "Ah, it makes sense now. Both you and I were only hit by a little bit of the liquid that was thrown at us. So we have been affected by the spell, but to a significantly lesser degree than the others".

I spoke. "Does that mean we will eventually start behaving like the others?"

Dulcea spoke. "If you have not shown any odd behaviour yet, I doubt you will now".

I spoke. "That's a relief. But what do we do about them?"

Alpha spoke. "I'll get working on an antidote for it. In the meantime I suggest you two return to the hotel, so I can work in peace".

Paul spoke. "But, we could help".

Dulcea spoke. "Alpha is right, you can't do anything to help. Return to the hotel and we'll contact you when there is some news".

Looking at Paul I shrugged and we teleported out of the Chamber and back to the hotel.

On the moon Divatox watched as we returned to the hotel. "Perfect. Porto, I need a monster, right now".

Porto spoke. "Coming right up my Queen. I present the Neutraliser. He is perfectly capable of destroying the two remaining Rangers".

Divatox turned and watched as Porto presented his latest creation to her. "He's perfect. Send him down now Porto".

Porto nodded and ushered the monster out of the room. Back on Earth Paul and I were sat at the bar waiting for our communicators to go off and tell us that they had found an antidote.

Paul spoke. "Why don't you suppose they have called us?"

I spoke. "They will once they have an antidote". Just then my communicator beeped and I spoke. "This is Adam, go ahead".

"Rangers please come to the Command Chamber at once".

Paul spoke. "We're on our way".

I spoke. "Let's find a shady spot and get there".

Nodding Paul and I stood up and quickly found a secluded spot and teleported into the Command Chamber to find that the situation had not changed since we left.

Paul spoke. "I take it you haven't found an antidote to the spell".

Alpha shook his head and spoke. "I'm afraid not. I'm working on it, but that's not why we called you".

Dulcea spoke. "Rangers, observe the Viewing Globe".

Turning, Paul and I saw a monster causing havoc in downtown Miami.

Paul spoke. "Just what we need right now".

I spoke. "This couldn't happen at a better time. Paul you ready?". Seeing his nod I spoke. "Let's Rocket".

Touching our Astro Morphers the two of us were transformed into Power Rangers and moments later reappeared in front of the monster. Calling out I spoke, trying to sound confident. "All right hold it there".

The monster turned and spoke. "Welcome Power Rangers, I am the Neutraliser, your destroyer".

Paul spoke. "Bring it on then".

Dropping into a stance, something caught my eye and I turned away and to my disbelief, it was my Mother. The monster saw my hesitation and look and turned towards her. I knew had only seconds to act and I threw myself across the distance and pulled my Mother out of the way the blast. The next thing I knew I was speaking. "Mum, what are you doing here?"

She spoke. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Hesitating I spoke again. "Sorry, for a second, you looked like someone I knew. Get to safety".

Seeing her run off gave me a sense of relief and then I was knocked from my feet as Paul was hurled into me and he spoke. "Pay attention Adam or we're going to get killed".

I didn't even have the chance to utter a reply, as we were both struck by a burst of energy that rendered us unconscious. The next thing I remember is waking up in the Command Chamber with Hannah and Rachel stood over me with concerned looks on their faces.

Hannah spoke. "Good Afternoon, how are you feeling?"

I spoke. "Alive, how are you feeling?"

Rachel spoke. "Better now".

Alpha spoke. "I found an antidote".

Paul spoke. "You might want to use some of that on Adam".

I spoke slightly surprised. "Why, I haven't been affected".

Suddenly a voice spoke. "Rangers we do not have time, the Neutraliser is still on the loose".

At that we all turned and saw Zordon in his ion tube and it was Jon who spoke. "Zordon what are you doing here? I thought you couldn't leave our reality".

Zordon spoke. "Dulcea contacted me and I decided to take that risk and come here to assist your fight".

Tina spoke. "Well, we're glad your here".

I spoke. "I hate to break up this little social gathering, but there is a monster on the loose".

The others nodded and then quickly grabbing their Morphers the others transformed into Rangers and the eight of us reappeared in the middle of the city.

Bradley spoke. "Okay Neutraliser hold it right there".

Neutraliser spoke. "Well, look what the cat dragged back. Ready for round two Rangers?"

Paul spoke. "We're ready, you're going down".

Dropping into combat stances we attacked the monster. The battle lasted for several minutes with all of us taking heavy blows and then Jon suddenly spoke. "Adam what about that Kata, we've just learnt?"

Stopping in my tracks I turned to the Blue Ranger and spoke. "Jon, you're a genius".

Jon spoke. "I know".

With that the two of us stepped forward and began to perform the Kata and then we struck out at the monster sending it crashing to the floor.

Before our eyes it struggled back to its feet and grew to city wrecking size.

Bradley spoke. "Looks like our problems got bigger".

Tina spoke. "We need Zeo Astro Megazord power now".

At the command the Megazord exited it's hangar and transformed into a massive robot and landed on the surface as the five Rangers teleported aboard. The battle was short and fierce as both sides attempted to gain the upper hand until finally the Megazord produced the Sabre and struck out destroying the monster.

With that the eight of us quickly headed for the Command Chamber.

Zordon spoke. "Well done Rangers and congratulations on your victory".

I spoke. "Thank you Zordon. Now, Paul why do I need to use some of the antidote".

Paul spoke. "Because you said you were talking to your Mother and I didn't see her".

I spoke. "And how could you, you plank. You don't know what my Mother looks like?"

Smacking himself on the head Paul spoke. "Oh no, I don't. Sorry".

I was about to reply when I noticed Alpha was waving a scanner in my direction and I spoke. "Alpha what are you doing?"

Alpha replied. "When I scanned you earlier, there was an odd reading in your power Morpher, but it seems to have gone now, so it was probably nothing".

Tina spoke. "Guys, we should go, we're supposed to be performing in five minutes and if we aren't there Howard is going to go ballistic".

The other S Clubbers nodded and we teleported out. Arriving back at the hotel the others quickly headed for the stage and took their positions and started to sing.

'I called you today just to hear you say you were not around
When the message was through, though I wanted to
I couldn't make a sound
I wanna tell you the things I've seen
I wanna take you to where I've been
And I wish you were here with me

I really miss you Yes I do -yeah
I really miss you
Ohhhh yeah I do

I'm writing to say - I had a wonderful day
Hangin' with my friends
But the memory dies as the sun reach the skies - I'm alone again.
I wanna tell you the weather is fine
When the night comes around you were on my mind
And I wish you were here with me
Don't you know

I really miss you
Yes I do -yeah
I really miss you
Ohhhh yeah I do
I really miss you
Ohhhh yeah I do

I wanna tell you the things I've seen
I wanna take you where I've been
And I wish you were here with me
Oh don't you know

I really miss you
Yes I do yeah
I really miss you
I miss you

I called you today just to hear you say you were not around
When the message was through, though I wanted to
I couldn't make a sound
I'm writing to say I had a wonderful day
Hangin' with my friends
But the memory dies as the sun reach the skies - I'm alone again.'
After they had finished the guys joined me down by the pool and it was Hannah who spoke. "So what's the matter Adam? You seem a bit distracted still, I mean we won didn't we?"

I replied. "I don't know, it maybe nothing, but the last three fights there has been someone there at all of them".

Jon spoke. "Who?"

I spoke. "Claire. Now, it maybe she is a fan of the Rangers, or just complete coincidence, but".

Bradley spoke. "But what?"

I spoke. "I don't believe in coincidence Bradley. If it happens again then I think something is going on".

Jo spoke. "Maybe she fancies the White Ranger".

At my annoyed look, the others laughed.

High above us on the moon the forces of evil watched.

Zedd spoke. "Well, Divatox, what a brilliant plan. The Rangers have beaten you".

Divatox didn't get a chance to reply as from the shadows the mysterious woman spoke. "It did not fail, in fact everything went according to plan".

Divatox spoke. "How could it, my potion was beaten and so was the monster".

Mysterious Woman spoke. "Indeed, however I have set into motion a plan that will destroy the White Ranger. You see there is an old saying of destroying the weak link in the chain, instead we shall destroy the strongest and then the rest will crumble. Do not worry, the end of the Rangers is at hand". With that she stepped out of the shadows revealing her identity. It was Claire!