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Cloudy Tears
by: Starfire

Kai laid in his bed, his mind haunted by the vision of his angel, falling and being blow to bits. He didn't have any more tears to shed; all of his tears were gone, from all the sobbing he went through. He was oblivious to everything around him. Nothing could penetrate his mourning for the loss of his love. He stared blankly at the white walls, his mind and very essence were stored in a center area of his brain.

Kendrix looked at her best friend and then at the other rangers. "What do we do now?" She brushed Kai's hair away from his forehead. There was no response in him. To Kendrix, he seemed like a dead entity and that was scaring her. Please come back to us, Kai. She shivered at the blank look in her old friend's eyes.

Leo paced the room anxiously, pausing to look at his comrade, before going back to his pacing. I can't believe it. This sucks! He thought grimly as he paced more. Worst of all, this has to happen to Kai!

*~*~Inner mind~*~*

Kai stood on a cliff, watching the waves crash back and forth in a steady rhythm. He turned his head and saw a mist forming on the beach. He suddenly heard childish laughter.

"Hey, no fair Kai!!" A little girl screamed out as she ran as fast as her little legs could go. "You can't catch me!"

A little boy with black hair chased her. "Yeah I will!" He chuckled as he went after her.

Kai looked closer and gasped when he recognized himself and Liz. He smiled slowly, watching the fond memory of him and her running around the area.

Little Liz giggled. "You can't! I'm too fast!"

Little Kai smirked. "That's what you think..." He saw her grab her little bucket and tossed water at his younger self.

He slowly sighed from the memory, pain engulfing his soul at a wary pace. It's not fair, it's just not fair. He thought bitterly to himself, clenching his hands at his side.

Screams of laughter echoed around the area and the weather suddenly turned stormy. The past memory he was watching faded into nonexistence, leaving nothing but the sound of thunder in the air. He looked down the cliff in deep thought and took a step to the edge. I have nothing more to live for. He thought bitterly to himself as he looked up into the sky, blinking away his tears.

He took one step and was about to step off the crumbling cliff, when a hand landed on his shoulder. Kai jumped around and was surprised to see Liz looking at him. "Liz?" He whispered in a hoarse voice, his eyes devouring her imagine in hungry gulps. She nodded her head and looked at him with sad eyes. She slowly backed away and beckoned to him with her hands.

Kai frowned and slowly followed her far away from the cliff. Her ebony eyes kept beckoning him to come closer, causing himself to feel drawn into her. She led him through a mist and they appeared in a dark room that seemed to be glowing. "What is this place?" He whispered, the coolness of the room making him shiver. She pointed to a tube that was glowing blue and nodded. He frowned at her and slowly approached the tube in cautious steps. He wrapped his arms around himself and shivered from the cold.

The tube was fogged up with mist, but an image of a person inside was seen. Kai slowly brushed his hand over the tube to clear away the mist. To his surprise, he saw Liz inside. He then quickly jerked up and found himself inside his room. His face was sweaty and he looked around the room wildly.

Kendrix raised her head. "Are you alright, Kai?" She asked with concern. She walked over and touched his arm, feeling him tremble.

"Kai...?" She repeated. To her surprise, Kai quickly jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. He must be in disillusioned state...or maybe he is in shock.. Kendrix tried to reassure herself that her best friend was alright.

Kendrix yelled out after the Blue Galaxy Ranger, "Hey, where you going?"

Leo jerked up from the table, waking up. "Who...what...?" He looked around the room groggily and saw Kendrix run out. Now what?


The silver clothed girl grinned. "Be careful when you enter, Zhane. You might get roasted on an open grill." She started to tap her pass code into the door panel and heard the mechanism beep at her. This will be interesting, she mused as she turned to look at the man next to her.

The Silver Astro Ranger smirked, "Yeah, right. Dragons don't exist, Liz." At least I hope they don't. He didn't see the knowing grin on her face as he heard the door hiss open.

He walked in cautiously as the girl in silver followed behind him. He felt a warning bell flare into his head, pounding like a thousand dings and dongs through his senses. A childish voice all of a sudden appeared, MOMMY!!!!!!

A sudden blast of red, purple, blue, and yellow assaulted his eyes in the dark. He felt himself being knocked down by the bundle of colors and fell down with an ooof. The lights came on with a flick of Liz's finger and Zhane got his first glimpse of a..."DRAGON!!!" He yelped out, in both disbelief and terror.

He watched the dragon's golden eyes widen as he yelped out telepathically, "BADDY, BADDY, MOMMY KILL HIM!!!"

Zhane composed himself as fast as he could, but he felt like bawling over like a baby. He felt his heart pounding from the jolt of realization that a dragon truly existed. He was so immersed in his shock that he didn't realize that the sobbing telepathic cries stopped. He looked up to see the silver garbled girl holding the dragon in her arms, like a normal Terran would for a baby. "There, there Tannen, he's a friend, he won't hurt you." He saw the colors of the creature tone down to mellow colors of blue, pink, and green.

A live breathing dragon…who knew that they still existed. He approached Liz cautiously, who was holding her precious bundle in her arms. "You weren't kidding...were you?"

A flash of annoyance appeared on the girl's face as she looked him up and down. "I wasn't lying. Why should I? Hmm…" He heard her use a reprimanded tone at him, that made him set his teeth on edge. For some strange reason, this girl reminded him of his mother giving him a good swift kick in his tushy.

"Well, it was sort of farfetched.." He said in a little voice as he glanced warily at the dragon that was eyeing him indignantly.

You weird man stay away from my mommy.. Zhane heard a childish voice in his head and he glanced between the dragon and Liz.

"Did that thing just talk?" He asked in an ignorant way.

"Tannen can talk and I would appreciate it if you would call him Tannen. You seem he doesn't like being referred to as a thing," she said sweetly. "Or would you like me to refer to you as a thing?" Tannen lifted his head and laid it against Liz's shoulder, puffing out a cloud of smoke at Zhane.

The once fearless Silver Astro Ranger backed away from the irritated dragon. He felt the vibes where if he got closer to Liz, the dragon would BBQ him without a thought. "Okay umm…Sannen…" He saw the dragon's colors change into red, orange, yellow; flaming hot colors that seemed to cause his optical nerves to scream in pain. The feeling of anger surrounded him from the direction of where the dragon was cradled.

He heard a loud angry voice in his head howling out, ME TANNEN, T-A-N-N-E-N. Then a large ball of fire came shooting out, burning part of Zhane's sleeve. Zhane instinctively dropped to the floor, rolling back and forth, trying to extinguish the flame. A large, gaseous, white cloud came down on him, covering him and getting rid of the flames.

Zhane felt gentle, steady hands help him up, then all of a sudden dropped onto the couch without a thought. He looked up to see Liz, still holding Tannen, looking at him with concern, irritation, and something between the lines of amusement and anger. He then realized something that truly disturbed him. "Umm…did you just help me?" He watched her nod her head and felt trepidation run through his system. "But how?" This is odd…in a way…she can use telepathic abilities.

Zhane watch's fear and exasperation cross over her face. "I am…able to move objects without my hands." The girl slowly sat down opposite of him on a chair that seemed to have slid over to her. She was stroking Tannen absently as she thought back. "I was born with this ability…long ago…my parents never thought it was odd..but they told me to never tell anyone." Tannen turned blue and green as he wagged his tail in bliss.

"So you have telekinesis as well as telepathy?" Zhane asked in understanding a boyish grin spread across his face. "That means you can open soda pops like the rest of us egg heads."

Amusement flashed over her. "Actually you aren't an egghead. In my opinion, you are egotistical." Not to mention annoying, she thought with amusement, feeling Tannen nod his head against her in agreement.

The Silver Astro pretended to bring his hands to his arm and make a stabbing gesture. "You've wounded me to the quick, my lady."

Liz rolled her eyes. "No, if I did wound you, it would be because you ran yourself into the end of my sword." Not to mention a serious headache. Tannen snorted in laughter, his colors changed to deep violet and pink.

Zhane looked on with amusement. "Why aren't you with the elusive Blue Ranger now? Why are you not telling him who you are?" A searing pain zipped through her face as she looked at the man before her.

"I wasn't given a chance ..to be with him…but now…I can't be…with him…because ..of what ..I do…besides…ever since he…" She trailed off as she looked away.

"He….?" Zhane prompted.

She sighed and let the memories flood her in waves.

*~*~Flash Back~*~*

"I can't be with you anymore, Liz." A sixteen-year-old girl in a silver dress stared up at him in disbelief. The man she loved was standing before her, breaking her heart..

"But…why?" She slowly walked to him and touched his shoulder. "Did I do something wrong?"

He shook his head. "No, no, you've done nothing wrong. It's just…I have to go find out who I am." He slowly took out a bag and started to pack some gear into it. Liz placed her hand over his and felt him jerk away. "Liz, just give me a chance to find out who I am!"

She felt tears form in her eyes as she looked at him. "But you are just Kai…the man I love." She was surprised when she saw him swing to her.

"How would you know? You are only sixteen years old; a baby." He said harshly, his raven eyes flashing dangerously.

Liz clenched her hand and felt the bile coming up from her stomach, burning her throat like liquid acid. "A baby! You're one to talk! You are only one year older than me." She restrained herself from going over and slapping him; instead she used her wits. "Would you kiss me like a father does to a baby? Would you hold me close, laugh with me and talk to me like you would with a baby??" Rage blinded her sight as she stared at the stranger that stood before her.

Kai ran his fingers through his hair. "You wouldn't understand. I am doing this for your own good."

She walked to him and spun him around to look at her, when he turned his back on her. "Don't you dare do this to me KAI ANDROMER CHEN!! We've been together for so long!!"

"That's my point!!! You've been with me forever!! You don't know what love is…you don't know what it is…"

Narrowing her eyes she glared at him. "You want to break up, is that why you are doing this? You are tired of being with me now? Is that WHY??"

He spun around and walked to her, grabbing her arms and causing her to flinch. "That is not why!!! For goodness sakes woman, I am trying to give you a chance to know who you are…and the same for myself!!"

Liz screamed out in rage. "BY BREAKING MY HEART?" Her heart cracked into millions of fragments as she looked at the cold eyes of the man she loved.

"ARGH," he exclaimed. "Good bye!!!" He then walked out of the door and it closed with a BANG.

Liz slowly fell to her knees sobbing, feeling the pain and agony as it embedded itself into her. "All alone…abandoned once again." She sobbed, "All alone……always will…be alone."

*~*~Flash Ended~*~*

She blinked back her tears at the memory and looked at the man who was looking at her with compassion. "That is not good…" He sighed, "Of course…at least you found him once again." The cocky mask was gone and nothing but a little lost boy replaced the image of the infamous Silver Astro Ranger.

Liz looked curiously at Zhane. "Why? Did you lose yours?"

Zhane looked up at her with pain. "In a sense….I did…" He trailed off.


Kai shook his head. "She is alive, she has to be." He muttered incoherently as he headed toward a place by instinct.

"Kai, what are you doing?" Kendrix yelled out after the Blue Galaxy Ranger. Now where is he going? She groaned to herself while chasing him.

Leo then ran out of the door after Kendrix. "Kendrix!!!" He yelled as he ran after her. She was barely in his sight as he went after her. Why can't I have a vacation? He ran after the blonde, his legs feeling like rubber.

Damon woke up to the shouting of Leo and he looked around in confusion in his and Kai's room. He stood up and walked through his door, just in time to see Leo running past him. "Huh? Leo?" He muttered in confusion.

Leo kept on running. "No clue, but I am going after Kendrix to find out."

The Green Galaxy Ranger muttered under his breath, "Why doesn't that surprise me? The boy wants the girl so he chases after the girl." Damon then slowly ran after Leo. "Hey wait up O Square Headed One!"

Kai ran through the corridor to the Astro Megaship that they hidden away, passing by people without a glance.

Mike looked purely puzzled when he glanced up from the documents he had in hands. "Hey Kai, where are you going?" He got no response as the Blue Ranger passed by him.

Minutes later, Mike heard a yell. "KAI!! Where are you going?" He raised his eyebrows in curiosity as he watched Kendrix rush past him. What the hell is going on here? He thought, befuddled and totally confused, when he saw Leo pass him by, yelling for Kendrix. What is this, the love connection?!

He glanced in bewilderment when he saw Damon chasing after Leo, yelling out, "Oh Fearless Squared Headed Leader!! I need you to plunger my bald little head."

Mike shook his head and wrote down in his memo. Remember to talk to shrink about the line of friends forming the goon squadron.

Kai ran toward the Megaship and entered inside. He made a steep right and headed to the engine room, quickly starting to feel against the wall, looking for a way in.

"KAI!!" Kendrix was finally able to find where the Blue Ranger headed to. Her breath was short in pants, but her anger was quickly rising. "What are you doing?"

Leo kept on running and reached the area where Kendrix was at. "Kendrix, what is going on here?" He panted hard and looked around the area.

Damon ran in like a girl and muttered in a girlish way. "Oh Fearless Leader, you must help me get a manicure!"

The Pink and Red Galaxy Ranger turned to look at the Green Ranger like he grew another head. "What the hell are you talking about?" They both exclaimed at the same time as they thought. Okay, Damon has lost it.

Kai ignored the bickering that was going on while he searched around, finally noticing a control box. Curiously, he opened it and touched a button. A soft hiss escaped as a door slowly swung open. A blue glow filled the engine room as Kai walked in cautiously, noticing a tube in the room..

His heart was pounding as he quickly walked to the tube. He slowly opened it and to his disbelief, found it was empty, except for the remains of a silver star clip lying in the middle of the cushion. He picked it up. She….she's alive….she has to be…she was here…she was here. Kai felt relief enter his soul as he stared at the clip in wonder.

The Blue Ranger then walked out of the room, the door closing with a hiss. The other three Rangers didn't notice, still bickered with each other.

Kendrix finally looked up. "Kai, are you alright?"

The Blue Ranger looked up," Yeah…I am…" He placed the silver clip in his pocket and he walked away from his teammates, as they continued to bicker about everything from facial hair to plungers stuck on baldheads.


The young man sighed as he looked into his memory. "I've lost the one girl I truly ever loved…"

Liz looked puzzled along with Tannen, "How so?"

Zhane shook his head. "She left me to go explore the universe. She wanted to find out who she was….and I…I just let her. She needed to have closure in her life. Well, I love her too much to deny her anything she wants, even if it meant she had to leave me."

He rubbed his head, not noticing a sympathetic look on the faces of the girl and dragon before him. "At least you have a chance with her. Unfortunately for me, Kai seemed to be with that blonde haired woman named Kendrix."

His head snapped up. "Oh! Well, that seems rather odd, since his reaction was heart breaking."

She felt the walls closing on her and she quickly changed the subject. "Who is this girl you love?"

Zhane sighed. "Her name is Karone….my best friend's little sister." Well, she wasn't little when I met her. He thought as he rubbed his eyes tiredly. "I loved her…when we got close after she attacked me. She of course at the time was the Princess of Darkness…Astronema." He shivered at the name every time it was mentioned. He didn't see the shock impacted on the girl before him. "Last time I saw her was when she told me she was leaving to …find herself."

The words he said haunted her memories of the exact words Kai used. Almost like what happened to me and Kai.

*~*~Flash Back~*~*

Zhane looked around in confusion. "What is going on here?" He watched people running around, loading supplies in a small space ship. Karone stood in a leather suit that molded to her figure very well, instructing some people to where she wanted them to load the supplies. He walked over to her. "Hey Karone! What is going on here?" He asked in the chaos that was running around them.

Karone looked up and smiled sadly. "I..am going to see the universe...to redeem myself for the evil I've done," he heard her say softly as she picked up a few bags and dropped it into a cart.

"What?" He exclaimed in disbelief. "But…what about us?"

He saw regret flash in her eyes as she looked up at him. "I am not sure if there is an us..."

The sound of his heart breaking echoed through his body. "Oh!" He quickly formed his charming mask over his face in a quick flash. "Oh well…I will miss you dearly."

Karone looked up. "I will miss you too, Silver," she whispered as she walked away from Zhane and over to Andros, who was looking concerned, both at Zhane and Karone.

Zhane looked at his hand, where a little purple rose was, the veins glittering with silver and formed into a comb. He slowly walked to the baggage and placed the precious item he made onto the bag. He then walked away, his mask still intact, but a single tear escaped from its confinement in his eyes. Good bye, my love.

*~*~Flash Ended~*~*

Liz looked at Zhane with sympathy and felt surprise in her when Tannen crept off her lap and clamored into Zhane's lap. Insane sad, insane sad. She heard her dragon project, causing a twitch to form at the corner of her mouth.

She then burst into laughter, "INSANE!!" Oh God my funny bone, I think it just cracked. She thought to herself as she fell on the floor laughing.

Zhane tried to glare indignantly at the dragon on his lap, but he too burst into laughter. This little dragon doesn't know that he is correct. I am insane.

Liz got up and walked to the window and stared out. The vacuum of space was clouded with a nebula that made it seem like it was crying. It is funny that life is so uncertain with tears. Everyone in their life did shed some tears for people they love. She thought as she stared out, After all life is full of cloudy tears. With that last thought she turned around to tend to her guest.