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Red Sea of Time
by: Starfire

The two figures were watching from another dimension, where no one could see or hear them. The figure in the red cloak pushed back his hood, revealing blonde and brown hair. He placed his hand on the mirror and looked at the silver figure. "You saved me somehow...yet I am dead in all scientific ways. Why?"

The silver figure came into the light and pushed back her hood to reveal long black hair. "Time is coming and soon Andros, you must face your past and...your future."

Andros frowns, "Then why is it you saved me and who are you?"

The figure sighed. "My name is Maxima, I am the keeper of all time." She looked up tiredly with aged black eyes. "I was able to save you by the time crystal." She pointed to a large white crystal in the center of the room. "When you were about to die at that very second I was able to reverse time in a millisecond, to a point where you didn't die and I could heal you."

Andros frowned again. "Then why am I here?" He sat down in a chair that appeared behind him.

Maxima took out another mirror and showed Andros. Inside the mirror was an image of a girl with long, brown, curly hair and green eyes that looked into the waters. Andros gasped, "Who...who is she?"

Maxima looked at Andros. "Her name is Linna and she is your destiny, Andros." She pointed to a mirror that showed the time where the ex-turbo rangers were in a shuttle, preparing to blast off into space. Then to the outside where Justin, the former Blue Ranger, stood watching them. "You see, Justin wasn't supposed to go, true, but one other person should have been on that shuttle with them." She waved her hand to show a shadow outside of a road with a detonator in his hand. A beat up green Ford was coming down the road. All of a sudden, the car's front left tire blew out, causing the car to swerve left and right. Inside there was the girl with brown curly hair and green eyes, screaming with terror. The car flipped over and crashed into a nearby tree. Flames suddenly appeared as the car blew up with a great explosion. The once green Ford turned into a death trap stench of black smoke, roused up in great waves.

Andros gasped out, "Linna. Oh GOD!"

"Correct, Andros. You see, Linna was following Justin..." Maxima composed herself. "Justin is Linna's cousin." Maxima noticed that his face was chalk white with fear and his hands were clenched in a death grip. "She was worried about Justin and was following him, but this shadow interrupted it." Maxima pointed to the shadow, anger rising inside. "This shadow disrupted time."

Andros interrupted, his voice hoarse. "Is she dead?"

Maxima replied in a sad voice, "She is not dead, but..."

Andros cut in, "But what?" His shoulders were tense with anguish and fear.. Why am I feeling this way?.

"But...she is in a coma at Stone Canyon General Hospital." She knew she had to continue in order to make this work. "The shadow caused this accident and because of that time was changed."

Andros frowned, his sapphire eyes sparkled with concern. "Why is this girl so important, Maxima?" Why on KO-35 am I feeling this way? He thought in turmoil, still looking at the battered up green Ford.

Maxima leaned tiredly against her chair and looked at Andros. "She was suppose to help you, not Ashley. Her destiny was to become the Green Astro Ranger in order to help stop an evil force that is coming closer, step by step. This force is called Armageddon. He will be the one to create an even larger disruption in time and destroy all of the Rangers with one blow."

Andros frowned. "But if Armageddon is more powerful then all of us Rangers combined, then what is the difference between her and me?"

Maxima chuckled. "Andros, you have a special ability that kept you alive; the same goes for her, along with a few others that I have been watching over."

Andros sighed, "What exactly are these abilities?"

Maxima smiled. "Andros, your genetics are what I am talking about."

Andros shook his head. "What's so different about my genetics?"

Maxima sighed, "Before KO-35 became a colony, your people came from the Kerovia galaxy."It's going to be a long day explaining this, she thought grimly to herself.

Andros nodded his head, "Okay." He rubbed his neck where a cramp was forming.

Maxima grimaced. "Well, there were different areas in the Kerovia galaxy one region was called the Nova sector." She sat down and smoothed out her dress. A glass of tea appeared in front of both her and Andros. She didn't see the shock in Andros's eyes and went on. "You see, your ancestors come from this region, Andros. They possessed a power and were called the Nova Wizards.. They have the ability to back up time in short periods." She sighed and rubbed her head. "Imagine the headache I had from keeping them straight and fixing there temporary distortions." She drank some more tea and place her cup on her chair.

Andros frowned, "Do I still possess these powers?" He straightened his clean clothing that didn't have any charcoal or rips in them, like the way they should have been before the accident.

Maxima looked at him and nodded her head. "To an extent you do, so don't try anything. I've had enough temporal disturbances and I don't need you to add to them." She leaned back and shifted her shoulders a little bit.

Andros looked up and frowned. "Now what about this Linna? What is her gift? She comes from a backwater planet so I doubt what you are saying is true.."

Maxima laughed. "She might surprise you, Andros; Linna is not fully Terran."

Andros frowned. "Then where does she come from?"

Maxima bit back a chuckle again. "She is half Kerovian; her ancestors originally came from the Ion galaxy. She has great potential. The reason why you are here is because I need you to help me correct some problems with time."

Andros frowned. "How exactly do I do that?"

She looked up at Andros, her eyes piercing through him. "I need you to make sure she gets on that shuttle with the others. I need you to stop the Shadow who created this time distortion." Maxima leaned back to watch his reaction.

"But why can't you do that?" Andros looked suspiciously at Maxima.

Maxima shook her head. "I can't because I am too old, Andros. Soon my replacement will appear to take over for me."

Andros squinted at Maxima in confusion, "Replacement?"

Maxima sighed, "How old do you think I am Andros?"

Andros shrugged, "Around eighteen, judging by appearance."

Maxima shook her head, "Nice thought though...." She sighed, "I am one million eons old." Her black eyes looked into Andros' own sharply. "I was chosen by a person who was how old I am now. I was chosen because of my ability, not to mention I come from a region long ago called Staria." She brushed back a tear. "I saw my own world's destruction and I saw it survive as a colony."

Andros looked sadly at Maxima, "I am sorry."

She brushed back her tears. "Well, now I have to make sure time is kept right and make sure nothing wrong shall befall the crystal. Like always, until the next guardian comes along." With other another one to help her. Maxima thought to herself.

Andros looked up, "Now, I need information on this shadow character." It is good to know your enemy.

Maxima leaned back, "This shadow is call a Shadow Knight; he is a servant of Armageddon."

She tossed a silver band at Andros, who caught it with ease. He looked at it and then up at Maxima. "What is this?"

Maxima rose slowly, walked over to a wall and opened up a panel. "That is a time stabilizer. It will make sure that you will not be displaced in the time you are going to." She started to punch some buttons and walked closer to Andros, placing the band around his arm. She then punched in some numbers and nodded in satisfaction. "Alright, you are all set for this journey, Andros." She noticed the dark circles under his eyes and frowned in concern. "You should rest, young warrior." She waved her hand and they both appeared in a room that was colored in red and had a red door. "I will leave you to sleep. If you require anything, just ask out loud and it shall appear." She slowly walked to the door. "Sleep well Andros. I will tell you what you need to know when the time is right."

Andros watched Maxima walk out of the door. He slowly pulled back the covers and sighed. "Show me an image of Linna." The image appeared of a the brown haired girl with green eyes. A nagging feeling stole over him when he glanced at those green orbs. "Who knew that this would happen all of a sudden? Who knew of the weirdness that the universe transpires..." He then slowly drifted back to sleep, not noticing a figure watching him from a mirror.

Maxima appeared next to the figure. "I told you that he would like you," she whispered to the figure who was in a cloak of green.

The figured blushed deeply, "I can't believe that he is here."

Maxima patted the figure on the shoulder. "He is here and soon the time will be right, when you will have to help him with the shadow."

The figure picked nervously at her cloak. "Are you sure he likes me?"

Maxima chuckled. "I am positive he does, so quit yelping and go rest." She lead the girl to a green door. "Tomorrow I will introduce him to you and then both of you will have to help each other." A feeling of coldness sweep over her figure as she glazed into Linna's eyes, but when she turn her gaze away the sense of coldness faded into nothing. I must be tired. She assured herself as she draw her cloak closer around her.

The figure shook her head and said in a nervous little pixie voice, "I used to watch him on television. He was so handsome and, well, what will he see in me?"

Maxima chuckled. "More then you know, girly. Now get some rest. I have other matters I must attend to." An interesting pair these two will make.She smiled at that thought, though a nagging feeling came over her and faded.

The figure sighed and laid down on the bed. She then looked around the room and frowned. "Where is my teddy bear?"

Maxima chuckled inside her head, "Right here." She handed over a red teddy bear. "By the way, what is the bear's name?"

The figure blushed scarlet red. "His name is Dros..."

Maxima raised her eyebrows. "Well good night Dros and Linna. Sweet dreams.." Maxima then closed the door and walked down the hall, chuckling. "Who knew that this was going to be an interesting day." Though a little obsessive with the young warrior she is... That thought gave chills down her arms and made goose bumps rise up in red.

Maxima shook her head and snapped her fingers, traveling to the year of 1996. She appeared in a room where a long black haired girl of eleven lay. Her books were scattered everywhere and she was laying on a large pile of them.. Poor little thing...you study so hard. She gently lifted the girl, using her telekinesis, and picked up the books, stacking them neatly on the girl's desk.

Maxima then placed the girl back down and covered her with a blanket. She brushed the girl's hair out of her face before placing a silver star necklace around the girl's neck. Soon you will be on a colony and soon you will be the one to help me. The girl murmur in her sleep snuggling into the covers like a little babe in slumber.

Maxima couldn't help herself she placed her hand over the girls her mind melding with the childs in a matter of seconds.

*~*~Keirea~*~* (Sleepers island)

A view of the stars flew around the area like shining twinkles of dust. Maxima looked up and, to her surprise, saw the child of eleven walking on a path of stars giggling with abandonment.

"Ring around the planets, pocket full of stardust." The girl sang loudly with childish glee. The girl held her hand out and millions of twinkling stars floated to her, forming different patterns and images. They formed a mirror in which the child gazed into. "Home!!" She squealed as she reached her hand in to take out a purple-blue planet that had little rings flying around it.

Maxima felt her heart beat faster as she saw the planet in the child's hand. A deep sense of love filled her and she felt tears drizzle down her cheeks. Home. Her mind seemed to echo the little girls words. A word that held a deep sense of longing within her crusted old soul. An eon since she had felt that wonder...it didn't matter; she felt herself bond to the child and felt comfort for all the pain and sorrow she had witnessed. A new arisen. A new begin.

The girl giggled as she whispered to the planet. "I wish upon you, home of mine, thousand of lights across the sky." The dark haired child brought her hand to the planet and spun it gently as she looked at it closely. "Gone you are, from my sight, yet my heart will beat without fright." She leaned towards it and gave it a kiss in childish manner. "Heal your owie with a kissy.. I wish you will be with me tonight." Gently placing the planet in the middle of the area, she began to skip around it.

Maxima's eyes landed on the two objects; one was of the dark haired girl who was skipping in orbit and the planet that was spinning in lazy rotation. Her mind seemed to echo with the childish rhyme.Ring around the planet, pocket full of stardust, stardust, stardust we all fall down. To her immense surprise, she saw the little girl glow and turn into a star that orbitted around the planet. She felt herself almost faint from recognition in an instant, even after all these eons she would never forget the sight. "STARIA!!" She gasped out and jerked up, fully awake.

*~*~End Keirea~*~*

Body trembling, she slowly rubbed her hands that seem to tingle with power as she glanced at the still slumbering girl. Her frame was shaking with emotions of longing and confusion as she slowly backed away. The urge to go back into the Keirea was great, yet she restrained her basic instinct to go have one more glance of the sight she had seen.

Maxima then snapped her fingers and appeared in a room of blue. She spotted a boy of twelve slumped over his desk, sleeping with his head lying down on a book. She looked around the room and noticed stacks of books lined up next to closet. Don't these two know when to relax? Maxima thought, annoyed to herself. She used her telekinesis and lifted the black haired boy into his bed, covering him up with a blue blanket. She then switched off his lights and placed a blue star necklace around his neck. You guys got to loosen up, or else you will become workaholics, she thought grimly to herself. She walked past his desk and noticed a picture of the girl she had just placed to sleep. Well, what do you know? They have met each other right on time. The spiky hair lad was mumbling in his sleep, tossing and turning, making noises of distress. Concern marrowed her complextion as she watched the young boy's restless sleep. Throwing caution to the wind, she walked to the boy and laid her hand on his forehead. Closing her eyes, she felt herself sink deeper into the land of dreams.


Dark clouds gathered around the area which was composed of a beach and a cliff. Lightning flashed in fearful sparks as dark winds blew across the beach, while tsunami waves crashed below the cliff. The young lad seem to be standing on the cliff side, staring defiantly at the chaotic storm of nature.

"I will not be defeated," his black raven eyes glared with viciousness and ill humor. "You took away my parents...my love. What more is there to take from my life?!?" Pain of guilt and ill conceived madness rained over his taunt figure.

Pity came over Maxima as she looked at the small bundled figure, clothed in a ragged shirt and jeans that were torn and murky with dirt and grime. So young, yet he has seen a lot in his life time, she thought to herself.

The boy threw his hands up and screamed out angrily at the darken clouds. "I LOVE HER!! YOU TOOK HER!! WHY?!" His voice was hoarse from his bantering of accusation. His hands were clenched into a fist that was white over the rims and blood streamed down his arm from a gash of burns.

Soberly, she approached the little boy. "They took her for a reason...to insure you are ready for her." Her voice was soft and soothing as the boy glanced at her. His fury died down to soft sobs as he looked at her.

"Who are you?" He asked in a grief stricken tone. Dark tears streamed down his cheeks, mingling with the blood from several gashes on his shoulders.

"I am Maxima." Her voice was encouraging to the young boy, who was eyeing her disbelieveing.

He slowly back away from her, "What do you want?" She saw his right handing going to his left wrist immediately clutting something close. "I won't let you have it, it is mine."

Puzzled by his action she inquired in a soothing tone," Take what?" Distrusting little thing he is now. She felt guilty for what she had to do and those little feelings weighed heavily on her soul.

The lad slowly show her a glimps of silver on his wrist and he immedately tuck it out of her sight," It's all that I have of hers and you can't have it." His voice lowered down to a possessive growl.

Understanding flashed into her mind. "I see. Well, I don't want it." Ah hers.... The tiny words from the boy's mouth brought a fist of guilt around her heart. "You will see her...I swear, you will see her someday. When the time is right..." She said in a quiet tone, her eyes seriously looking into the distrusting raven eyes belonging to the young boy.

The air around them seemed to die down and the storm dimmed into nothing. "I believe you." A small smile lightened up the young lad's features, making him look younger..

Maxima slowly raised her hand, showing him a glowing image of a small baby wrapped in silver lining. The boy's eyes widened as he stared at it, then looking at her in pure confusion. "You will see her once again...when the time is right," she repeated. With that, she allowed herself to drift away from the boy, who was still stunned speechless.

*~*~End Keirea~*~*

Maxima felt herself fall out of the Keirea, her head still spinning, feeling weak. Whoa there Max, you got to lighten up on all of those mind melds. The light headed feeling begin to fade and she felt the room stop spinning in a matter of seconds. Sighing with weary, she thought to herself, One more round to go old girl, then we can go and get some rest. Yes, rest. he word was tempting and she gave one glance at the boy who seemed to be sleeping more peacefully.

With that last thought, she snapped her fingers and appeared on the Megaship in the year of 1999. She glanced at Ashley, who was curled up in bed with Carlos. They both seemed peaceful and undisturbed. Nodding her head in satisfaction, she walked silently into Cassie's room and noticed her curled up with the Blue Ranger, TJ. Well that is no surprise... Maxima thought to herself. She then walked into Zhane's quarters and saw that he wasn't there. Great, now where did that Silver Ranger run off to? She walked on and spotted the purple door open. She peaked inside and noticed Zhane's arm wrapped around Karone's waist. Okay, I think I better get out of here. Maxima smothered her smile and snapped her fingers.

She returned back to her own quarters and walked to her bed. "Time is all set, now I just have to fix this little blooper and maybe I can get a vacation." Which I need, considering the last few thousand eons, she thought tiredly to herself, as she fell into a deep meditative sleep.