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Authors Note: If you haven't read the other few parts before this fic, then you will truly be lost. Please read them first before proceeding. Also this takes place where two people will wake up and find a reality not all there. It also has a few flashes and other things that seem rather bizaar. Pardon my grammar or any other incoherent words. I wrote these fics pretty much when I was high on caffeine. Well enjoy!!

A Rising Red Sea
by: Starfire

Zhane woke up to the darkness of a strange room. He felt groggy and tired. It had been two months since his best friend, Andros, had died. Sure, he pretended to be cheerful and happy in order to help elevate the gloom. After all, that would have been what his best friend would have wanted.

He felt a bundle shift and turn around into his chest. A smile appeared on his face as he looked down at the girl who was once feared by the whole universe and yet, she the kindest soul that had grabbed his heart. Karone shifted in her sleep, tears dried up on her face. She had lost everything; first her memory and now her brother. After only a brief meeting, she bonded quickly to the former Red Ranger. Sure, there was still a fight to continue against Dark Specter and to protect the universe, but he couldn't help but to feel saddened by all the pain that he and the rest of the team had gone through. Sleep my love. He thought to the former Princess of Evil as she slumbered on, sliding his hand down her cheek. He then slowly stretched and slid out of the bed with ease.

A morpher was on Karone's dresser. It was handed to her at the funeral of her brother. Most of the Rangers had elected her to be the new Red Ranger. He knew that she was reluctant to accept it, for she thought she was evil and that she didn't deserve to be the leader of the group. He knew that she was like her brother; a born leader. After all, she had lead troops into battle and didn't cringe out of fear from that purpose of death.

A soft voice called out in the dark. "Andros. No, Andros...don't leave me, brother...please. Don't... don't…NO…ANDROS HELP ME!!!!!" Her shrieks tore into the air as she tossed and turned.

DECA's red light turned on and Zhane rushed to the former Princess of Evil. "Karone, wake up. Karone!" He shook her shoulder gently and felt her fist pound against his chest. Must be a nightmare. Better wake her up before DECA calls the cops on me. This is one time I doubt I want Andros… He thought soberly at the thought of his dearly departed friend.

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO! ANDROS HELP ME!" Karone's cries had awoken pretty much everyone on the Astro Megaship by then.

Zhane rubbed her back and shook her more. "Karone, wake up. Karone…Karone..." He was relieved when her eyes snapped open and looked around wildly. Oh thank the stars she is awake now. I can't stand her screaming in that sort of pain. He thought as he pushed some of her hair off her face and noticed his hands trembling.

"Zhane?" She whispered tiredly. "What are you doing?" Her blue eyes reflected fatigue and confusion. The Silver Astro Ranger looked at Karone in concern. "You were screaming for Andros. It kind of startled the others, not to mention me.. Are you alright?" What is going on? She was screaming and now she seems calm.

"Yeah I am fine…" Karone's sluggish mind seemed to register that they were in her room. What is up with him? I was just sleeping with no problems.. She thought, a little crankiy, while squinting at the Silver Astro Ranger.

Zhane glanced at DECA. "DECA, I will be bring Karone to the Medibay to have her scanned. Prepare the facility when I get there." He walked to Karone, who's eyes grew wide and all the sleep cleared away.

"Zhane, what the hell are you doing?" She shrieked when he picked her up from the bed and into his arms, carrying her out of the door in one graceful step.

Cassie rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned when she walked out of her quarters, squinting at the lights. "What is.." She yawned, "going on?" She blinked in surprise when she saw Zhane coming out of Karone's room, carrying her in his arms. "Zhane what happened?" I hope she is alright. I don't want to lose another friend. She thought grimly.

Zhane grit his teeth, trying not to drop his precious bundle. "Oh, nothing much, just getting Karone checked by DECA." This is not working very well, but by Jove, I'll get her there if it kills me. He thought with determination.

Karone glared and yelled at him. "ZHANE, PUT ME DOWN!" She struggled against him. There is nothing wrong with me! I am fine...why is he carrying me….mmm but it does feel good. She thought on a side note as she tried to get down from his arms. *ZHANE YOU BETTER PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!! * She projected to the Silver Astro Ranger.

Cassie was walking beside them when the blue door opened and a sleepy TJ came out. "What's all this racket about? Some of us are trying to get their beauty sleep!" I knew I should have brought ear plugs.

A snicker came from the door across the hallway, where Carlos was leaning out. "TJ, the only thing you need is a mask; that would be your beauty sleep." He retorted from a hoarse voice and a giggle sounded from behind him. Ashley appeared from behind Carlos while wrapping her arms around his waist. I know I am going to get it from him.

"Now, now...children stop this bickering." Ashley chided them both and giggled at TJ when he stuck his tongue out at her.

TJ watched Zhane's backside turn the corner and into the lift, disappearing with Karone in his arms. "So, what is going on Cass?" He glanced at her and smiled a loving smile when he caught her in one of her long pink t-shirts that came to her knees. Her hair was tussled and wavy, falling into her eyes. She looks good enough to eat. Whoa there TJ, calm down. He took a deep breath and looked at the others in order to make things look casual.

"I don't know Teej. I woke up to screaming and came out into the hall to find out what was going on." She exclaimed as she brushed her hair out of her face, then rubbing the sleep sand from her eyes. God, I look like hell. I can't believe I am standing here in this state of dress and no less in front of TJ! She thought, wishing that she was still in her nice warm bed.

Ashley held back a giggle as she exchanged a knowing glance with Carlos. Why the hell don't they just show to us that they like each other? We already know that they are together. "So, what should we do now?"

Carlos grinned. "I suggest we go back to bed!" He winked at the Yellow Ranger, who giggled in return.

"Mmhmm, you just want me in your bed again." She laughed more at the shocked look on her friends' faces and the deep flush in her boyfriend's cheeks.

Cassie fidgeted. "Um, Ash….um…." She gawked at her friend, who continued to giggle. She didn't...she couldn't.

Ashley laughed. "I was just kidding! Sheesh, you guys have your minds in the gutter." I wonder if they are always this serious.

TJ breathed in. "Okay, um, okay, Ash." He still haven't recovered by the blunt expression from the Yellow Ranger. Memo to self: read manual on girls from Cosmo.

Cassie shook her head at her friend. "I'm going to my bed now. Don't wake me up for five years, please." She then headed off to her quarters while TJ looked after her with following eyes.

Carlos shook his head at TJ. "You know, you can always can be more expressive, Teej." At least give her a kiss when she goes to her bed! He thought and sighed as he went back to his room shutting the door firmly behind him.

Ashley grinned at her boyfriend. "You know, we can always interfere between Teej and Cass." At least get them to talk to each other more in front of us. She thought.

Carlos chuckled softly. "No, Ash, we have to let them do it at their own pace; when they are ready to show us that they are together and more then friends. We know they both are very private people.' At least, that is how they are usually in their feelings.

Ashley laughed. "Yeah, I suppose you're right, but you know me; I can't just pass up a good chance to bring them more joy."

Carlos grinned and kissed her gently on the lips, before hugging her closer to him. "I know, Ash, that is why I love you more and more each day of my life."


Zhane entered the Medibay. "DECA, begin scans!" He put Karone on the medi-bed and looked at her, then up at the computer.

DECA's annoying voice came over. "Scans beginning." A red light came over Karone from top to bottom from where she laid on the medi-bed.

Karone sighed. "Zhane, there is nothing wrong with me!! I know you're concerned but I am fine." She touched her fingers to his shoulder, looking at him in the eyes. Why is he all so panicking?

Zhane sighed and looked her in the eyes, touching his finger to her cheek. "Karone…I am just concerned and well I…" he struggled for the words as he looked at her. How am I supposed to tell her…

Karone frowned. "What is it Zhane?" What could he be hiding? He doesn't usually hide anything from me. She thought as she felt the red light pass her thighs and downward to her kneecaps.

The Silver Ranger looked at Karone in pain. "I don't want to lose you, Karone. You are all I have left. I lost everything, Karone, when our colony was attacked and our planet destroyed." *I don't want to lose you, too. * He projected to her in a sober tone.

The new Red Ranger sighed. "Zhane, we all die sometime." She caressed his cheek and looked at him. "Believe me, I know."

Zhane sighed. "I wish you remembered when we were kids and how we used to sit in the park on KO-35 and pick flowers." He smiled a charming smile at his memory. Those were the days. He thought.

Karone giggled. "Yeah and me dumping a pail of water on you…" She sat up as the last of the scans finished at her shoes.

DECA's droning voice came online. "There are no signs of injury; however, there are signs of chemical upset in the balance in her cortex."

Zhane frowned. "What does that mean, DECA? Also, it wasn't my fault...you were too sneaky for your own good." He said unconsciously, not realizing the words she had just said. Now what exactly could that mean; some brain chemicals? He thought as he looked at Karone worriedly.

DECA replied. "It means her system is destroying the enzyme Valodmie that has been in Karone's body for ten years."

Zhane and Karone turned and looked at the camera. "What!?!" They both said at the exact same time.

DECA's red-light blinked. "Karone, when she entered here as Astronema, had high concentrations of Valodmie, which is a memory suppressing stimulant. Now that I am able to complete an exact scan of her, it shows that the Valodmie is now only taking up three percent of her body and that the chemicals in her physiology is now eradicating the drugs."

Zhane glared at DECA. "Why didn't you tell us in the first place?" Stupid machine.

DECA's red light glowed as it looked at Zhane. "You never asked." Karone muffled her laughter at the Silver Ranger's indignant glance.

"Hey, just because I don't ask about everything, doesn't mean I don't want to know when one of my friends, or at least my LOVE, would be sick." Zhane yelped at DECA.

DECA's red light narrowed. "Would you like more bad food, Insane?" The computer retorted in a John Wayne sort of twang.

Zhane growled. "One of these days, Don't Even Consider Asking...one of these days." Where is my pliers I can just disarm her right now…. He thought, vengeful.

Karone burst into laughter at both of the adversaries. "What did you just say, Zhane?" Laughter made her eyes shine into pure glowing blue orbs as they looked at the two. She managed to catch her breath and giggled. "Why did she call you insane? Also why did you say don't even consider asking?" I think I just missed something here. She thought to herself as she looked back and forth at the two before her.

The Silver Ranger chuckled. "Well, Andros used to call DECA "Don't Even Consider Asking." It was because of her nagging voice and the fact that she keeps on answering for her own name and that it was too long for anyone to understand, anyways."

DECA's voice became indignant. "I am a Digital Encryption Camera Audio, Insane; not a thing to be patronized. I have hyper rush compatibility and the ability to speak in over three thousand different languages."

The silver haired man quickly walked to a panel and typed in a code, resulting in the voice of DECA turning off immediately. "Ahh…silence at last!" Finally no more nagging mother.

The new Red Ranger laid on her back with her legs kicking back and forth in laughter. "Oh boy, you two are too much." Choking slightly at her laughter when she managed to get a breath of decent air into her lungs. "You both are two much, Insane." She teased as she leaned on her side. * So am I getting my memory back, Silver? * Her mood sobered and she looked at him.

Zhane smiled and took her hand and kissed it with his lips. "I hope so, Princess." * But even if you didn't I will still love you always.*

Fear tinged Karone's eyes. "What if I am not who I was before, Zhane. I doubt I would be the same girl that you knew when you were young." I doubt I can be anyone anymore; I don't even know who I am.

Zhane looked at Karone softly in the eyes. "No matter whoever you are, I know you are the same soul. That is who I want; the soul inside, nothing else. No matter if you were Astronema or just plain Karone. You are the one and only one for me because…. " * I love you* He projected to her softly with a heart wrenching look in his eyes.

Karone sighed as she stood up and shook her blonde hair out of her face. "I don't know, Zhane, I really don't know…"

Zhane smiled at her and put his hand to his neck as brought out a necklace with a locket on it. He saw her surprised look with puzzlement. He snapped the locket open and inside was a holograph appearing in the middle of a boy with silver hair and a little girl with blonde hair. He slowly slipped the disk out of the locket and sighed with a smile. "Your parents adopted me in a way, Karone." He chuckled softly with a sad tone. "It seems my parents were killed on a mission." He walked toward the screen panel and inserted the disk. "Before they left, they saw what your parents made in a home disc video tape. They knew they had the answer in how to keep me safe. They decided that since Andros and you were destined to be Rangers, I would be safe with your family."

*Screen Begins*

The silver haired boy of five laughed with happiness. "Hey Andros, come on!!" He waved his hand at Andros in glee, swinging the hand of Karone in his other.

Another boy with blonde and brown striped hair ran out into the camera's view. "I'm coming, Zhane, hold on!!"

The pretty little blonde in a yellow jump suit smiled at little Zhane. "Andros can we go to beachy and swim?"

Andros laughed and nodded his head. "Alright, we can play telekinesis ball there!"

Zhane giggled and tagged Andros. "You're it Andros!!" The boy in a silver jump suit ran away from Andros faster then lighting yelling out behind him. "Come on, Karone, Andros is it!!"

The girl in yellow giggled and ran after Zhane, chanting out, "Andros is it, Andros is it!!" She laughed as her brother ran after her.

"I'll get you, Karone!! I'll get you, too, Zhane!!' The boy in the red jump suit ran after his friend and his sister.

The picture then switched to a time at night, where people were gathered and glowing orbs were floating everywhere. Laughter was heard where silver, yellow, and red orbs were floating above three children.

"I can make mine higher!!" Little Zhane exclaimed with glee as he made his go higher.

"I can do the same thing!" The boy in the red jump suit called out. He made his orb go higher then the others.

Karone giggled. "You two silly!!" Her braids clicked softly against her face as she watched the two boys make their orbs go higher.

"Andros!! Karone!! Zhane!! Time to go inside; the Festival of Lights are almost over." A woman's voice was heard as she walked into the area. Her hair was blonde and she was wearing a yellow uniform.

"Awww Mom!!" The little boy in red jump suit whined.

The woman chuckled and took Andros by the hand. "Karone! Zhane! Come along, too." The two children followed behind the lady in yellow while she kept on chattering to Andros.

Little Zhane leaned near Karone, the little girl beaming at the boy and leaning in, before kissing him soundly on the lips. The boy in silver blushed red and looked at her from beneath his lashes. "I love you."

Karone blushed and handed him a locket she held in her hand. "I made this for you." She then leaned forward, her braids brushing against Zhane's cheek, and whispered into his ear. "I love you too…"

*Screen Ends*

Karone blinked her eyes at the screen and looked at Zhane with awe. "That was why your parents left you with us?" They left him because we loved each other? The exact concept was so incredible that she couldn't believe that his parents would leave him there with a person that he loved.

Zhane walked closer to the medi-bed and took her hand gently into his. "Karone, I waited for you. Sure, I did make it seem like I was a womanizer to Andros or the others. The only reason why was because I didn't want anyone to get close. I couldn't, after I lost you and when I almost lost Andros when we were ten." I can do this…I can tell her..I have to...or else it will forever haunt me. He thought to himself.

Karone gasped. "What?" She leaned closer to Zhane and took his arm. "My brother almost died?" Her mind was spinning.

Zhane looked sober. "Yes…" he looked down and took a shaky breath. "It was in the school; me and the other boys with Andros were planning a mission to toilet paper the fountain." It was such a good plan, too.

Karone blinked and stared at Zhane. "My brother planned these things?" My brother was a bad boy? How odd, I never imagined him that way.

The Silver Ranger's brown eyes sparkled with amusement. "Oh yes…Andros was the master mind behind all of our devious plans." His eyes fell down, "I thought I had lost his soul after you were kidnapped but he did survive in a way with humor. He laughed sometimes but I could tell that his mind was focused on finding you all the time." He looked her and felt his heart lighten. "He never gave up hope, Karone. I never met an individual who drove himself to death just to find you." Like I never lost hope in finding you, too.

The former Princess of Evil blinked her eyes several time to clear the tears that appeared. "He did?" She felt her heart beat a little bit more. "When I saw you…I was confused…when I met my brother..I didn't know him. I just knew the hatred in me." She looked away in shame.

Zhane walked to her and lifted her head gently. "Don't ever turn yourself away; you have nothing to be ashamed about when you're near me." He looked at her softly and smiled. * Because I love you.*

Karone took a deep breath and went on. I saw you…I felt confused…and scared. I've never been in love, Silver. Never... and when I met you...I felt like I was lost and yet found. I only learn how to hate the Power Rangers. You were one of them and in a way I hated that factor for I was told my parents were killed by the Power Rangers." Zhane opened his mouth to protest but she beat him to the quick. "But I now know better…if it wasn't for my locket with me and Andros inside it, I wouldn't have believed him." She looked away, "I would have kept on killing you all instead."

The seriousness in her tone sent chills down the Silver Ranger's spine. "I know Karone…I know…but I still would love you. Even if you did kill me." He took her hand and pressed it to his chest, "because…I would be willing to die for you. I can't live with out you anymore, Karone…" He felt a tear trail down his cheek. I can't lose her now. I waited so long in vain for her. I was about to lose hope until I saw her again.

He felt a hand brush his face where the tear trail down and a soft whisper of her voice, "Silver….I don't want to …kill..you…I..however am not sure if I would have actually killed you. But now I know I can't live without you." She touched his face and lifted his face to look at her. She leaned closer to him and kissed him gently on the lips. An innocent gesture of a kiss all of a sudden flamed into a fire and they both grabbed each other closer, desparate for each other. The years of separation driving them insane, until they broke apart, embarrassed.

"I…I…I..better..go..um..K..K..Karone.." he stuttered out as he walked out in nervousness. He smoothed his hair back. Better get out of there before I attack her. He thought to himself.

Karone looked at his retreating back and felt her heart thump in her chest. What have I done? Will he leave me alone now? She looked uneasily at his backside. * Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?* She asked naievely.

Zhane shook his head and projected back to her, * No you didn't do anything wrong. I just had to get out there before I attack you…* he answered bluntly.

Karone blinked in her mind.* I don't understand…you think I cannot defend myself from your attacks?*

*No…no, I meant..if we got anymore closer, you will be laying on your back with no clothes on. * He breathed at the words he just said and was embarrassed when he heard her respond with a soft *Oh.*

Karone whispered in her mind, *So you don't hate me?* Her voice sounded timid in his mind and he smiled as he walked to his quarters.

*Karone…I don't hate you...I love you….* He thought he heard a relieved sigh.

She smiled and nodded her head, *Good night Silver….*

The Silver Ranger smiled as he slipped into his bed. * 'Night, my Princess…* The stars in his mind faded a way into the background and he went to sleep.


On the bridge of the Dark Fortress, an argument was heard, but the bridge was empty except for two figures and a screen that showed the High Monarch of Evil in the universe.

"My Lord, Dark Specter, the Princess Astronemena is not here…." A figure in green and black edges in his shape and figure spoke.

A large red and black lava being on the screen exclaimed in outrage. "WHAT???"

"It seems…" the other in red and yellow edges in his figure with dark yellow eyes and foulest mouth crackled, "that your little Princess has gone over to the side of good…"

Dark Specter narrowed his eyes. "What exactly do you mean she has gone to the other side, Darkonda?" If I find something wrong, they all are toast. He thought angrily at his minion.

Darkonda smiled nastily. She joined the Power Rangers, my Lord…and it seems she is now...the new Red Ranger…" Oh. a wonder how a traitor is the Princess of Evil. A wonder that girl I kidnapped to be the Evil Princess turned back to the goody goody side. He cursed his luck that the girl went to fight against them.

Ecliptor lowered his head and bowed before his Lord. "I have failed you my Lord…." He looked down, ashamed at his failure. At least my Princess if safe. He felt comforted by the thought.

Dark Specter narrowed his eyes. "Yes…you both have…failed me…" He muttered. I must find a way to destroy the Rangers and have my heir. If Astronema doesn't obey then I will just get another Princess of Evil.

Darkonda became indignant. "What do you mean, my Lord?" Oh great…he is not going to give me some more of that potion for extra life. Damn it! If he thinks I screwed up... He thought irritated.

Dark Specter growled and looked at the red-yellow color being before him. "You assured me that she would not remember her past." I don't trust him. I don't trust his bargains but I need to use him for the time being. He thought evilly. "I don't enjoy failure, Darkonda."

Darkonda bowed his head. "I didn't plan that to happen. How was I supposed to know the checmical would have some strange adverse effects." Now if I was in charge of putting a cyber implant into her head. Things would be different. He thought in a cheeky way.

Dark Specter growled. "Lucky for my kingdom, I have another plan." He turned around and nodded his head. A figure of purple appeared on the bridge of the Dark Fortress. The figure was dressed in silver platted armor and had on a black leather suit with tight boots up to her knees. A staff with an arrowhead on the top glimmered as a crown of metal and beads slid down the figure's face.

Both Darkonda and Ecliptor gasped in shock. Dark Specter was pleased by their reaction and watched the figure make the first move. "Well …it is...good to be back." A woman's voice crackled smoothly with evilness in the room.

Ecliptor drop to his knees with his arm to his chest in salute. "My Princess…" he said in a obedient voice. Is this really my Princess or is this an imposter? No matter, I will find out the truth later.

The figure smirked and tossrf her hair back and laughed. "Soon the world will tremble once more. After all…not everything is what it seems to be…"

Dark Specter grinned evilly. "The Dark Fortress will obey my Princess of Evil. Also Darkonda, Ecliptor…." He intoned with a deep serious voice. "Don't fail me again…"

"Yes, my lord…" both of the villians voices came out meek and servitude.