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Authors Note: This is part five of the Red Sea series. It contains discussions on teenage pregnancy and emotional factors. Not to mention some facts of the drug called ECP. This is not an endorsement this is just a note and that is all it is. Other then that if I have anything wrong in the facts please excuse me for it then I wrote this early in the morning.

Pink Sea Blue Skies
by: Starfire

She felt repulsed at herself for letting this happen to her. She never felt so dead inside and so cold. Not even the words of love from her friends, family, and people. could cleanse her of all the betrayal in her life. She trusted him to protect her; he even swore on his grave that he would protect her from anything at all cost. Ironic that the one thing she didn't count on was that she needed protecting from him. That's right Ladies and Gentlemen. She thought belittling herself she was taken in by a fate worst then death.

She was Pregnant that word scared the hell out of her. She never felt the panic and the anxiety that came to her. The man she thought she could love of course blinded her in this sheer lie of love and happiness togetherness. It happen on a Tuesday after school her parents weren't home and she invited her boyfriend to her house. She was happy of course she loved him but unexpected turns have arrived.

*~*~Flash Back~*~*

Biting her lips in anxiety as she lead the man before her into her house," It's kind of messy." She said timidly as a devoted grin spread across the handsome face.

"It's okay…." He reassured her in a parental voice," I seen worst then other people image in centuries." He snickered.

Smiling uncomfortably she lead him into her house into the main parlor. The wallpapers were decorated in pink and white. "It's kind of tight at the beginning…"

A masculine chuckle was heard behind her," Oh…Cassie stop fidgeting about it. It's fine at least it has four walls."

Cassie open her mouth to retort at him," Oh funny ha ha…" Brushing her hair out of her face she gave him her patent glare. Instead of having the effects she was hoping for he just burst out laughing. His black skin shone in the area as the mark on his cheek deepened more. "Oh you're going to get it. Now!!" She grabbed him and shoved him into her living room. Just barely missing her guitar that was set up near the table.

"HEY!!" He yelled out, as he laughed more. Grinning wicked at him Cassie started to tickle him and straddle his waist. They both were laughing and he managed to get her onto her back as he pin her arms behind her.

Cassie laughed out loud more as she felt fingers tickle up and down her ribs." No no…don't you dare..don't you dare…" The screams of her laughter were heard she tried to tickle him more but her hips were pressing into his waist. She heard a loud groan and looked up startled. "Are you alright?" Her response was naive and she saw him nod his head.

*BANG!!* The screen door of her house banged waking her out of her memories.

"Cassie!!" The voice was shouted through her house and she sighed at it.

Cassie sighed and slowly sat up on her bed and called out, "Ash I am over here…." How could this happen to me? She thought depressed.

Ashley walked into the area concern. She just ten minutes ago received a phone call from Cassie who seem distraught and in sheer panic. Walking up the stairs to her friend's room she paused outside the door and walked into the room. The room was patent in pink clouds wallpaper and miniature unicorns took up part of a small dresser with a mirror on top. The room seems disorganized with clothes tossed here and there. Right smack in the middle of a large queen-sized bed laid a tear streaked pink ranger. "Cassie?" The yellow ranger walked cautious to her friend. It looked like Cassie had a sleepless night, she was in a pink gown that had tearstains in it and her eyes were dull and lifeless.

Cassie slowly looked up at her best friend, she felt like she was being looked down upon that her friend knew and that she would run away from her. "Ash…" She said hoarsely with tears in her voice. Please don't leave me…. The voice in her head seems to scream out in loneliness.

Ashley quickly rush to her distressed friend and hugged her," What is it Cassie?" Don't tell me she got into a fight with her boyfriend now…. Unknown to Ash that the situation was much worse then anticipated.

"Ash….I'm…I'm…" Cassie tried to force the words out of her mouth but fear glisten in her.

Ashley look at her friend in concern and asked," You're what Cassie?" She asked gently as she can.

"I'm Pregnant!!" At those words Cassie burst into more tears. How can this happen? How can this happen to me? The voice inside her seems to question in repeated drums.

Ashley sat there down founded." Your pregnant?" How? What? She thought in shock. She watch the down cast head of the pink ranger nod in a defeating gesture.

Cassie felt dirty and unclean at what she just revealed. I can't be a ranger now…I am pregnant.. How can I go into battle? How can I possibly look my teammates in the eye? Oh someone please shoot me….

Ashley took a deep breath," Cassie….How? ..Who? What?" She cursed her tongue for being tied up when her friend was in serious need of help.

"I…I…" Biting her lips in shame. Her parents always told her not to get pregnant and if she did out of wedlock they would kick her out of her family. Oh what am I to do what am I to do?

Ashley looked Cassie straight in the eye," Who is the babies father?"

Cassie looked in despair," TJ." She answered in a small voice.

Ashley blinked," Does he know?" She watches her friend nod her head. "Why isn't he here with you now?" Her friend's eyes filled even more with tears.

"He ran away from me….." Her voice was coarse," He ran..when he realized that he didn't use any protection…..I..thought he did…." Cassie's eyes unfocused as she stared outward into space.

TJ ran? Disbelief ran across the yellow rangers face as she looked at her best friend. That doesn't sound like him..of course…he could be spooked…Slowly she gather her friend into her arms," Cassie…how long was this?"

The pink ranger's voice trembled in fear," Tuesday….twenty day's ago…" Her voice became weaker at the end.

Ashley rub her friends back," Did you try to take the Morning pill?" Her mind ran through different options for her friend.

"I did….." Cassie lifted her arms to wrap around Ashley.

Ashley let go gently," Then you should be okay….Cassie….the pill should have worked if you took it a few hours later..when you did it…"

Cassie shook her head furiously," It has….a chance rate of 30% that it would fail….the doctor told me after a pregnancy test that I was…pregnant…"

Ashley sighed," What are you going to do..now Cass?" God I wish I had something else to tell her….I wish I could help her..more…where the hell is TJ? She thought furiously.

The pink ranger looked down," I don't know…Ashley…I really don't know…I am considering…abortion…" Ashley felt shocked but kept her face supportive. "But….the baby is part of me..Ash…I am willing..to be kicked out of my home…for it…but…but…" Tears leaked out of her eyes. "I have no where to go..now…."

Ashley hugged her friend tighter then ever," It will all work out Cass…it will all work out..you still have me and I will help you as much as I can…." That means having a certain talk to a certain blue ranger… She thought in anger.


Karone looked uncertainly at her surroundings," It's been a few months since the death of her brother, Andros. She still felt a deep sense of grief for him even though she only remembers a few things in her past. The memories were still kept secret and the fog that was over her mind slowly disappeared.

Zhane the silver ranger was of course keeping her company more then usual since her it was confirm by DECA that her memories were slowly returning to her. In a way he was comforting her as she did the same for him. They both were located on the Astro Mega Ship working on some broken logs that were damaged during the recent battle with Dark Specter. She sighed as she lean over the console and trying to figure out how to repair the damaged logs.

Zhane stood behind her chair and felt concern for her. "Karone..you better rest.." He watched the lady dress in a black uniform like his, excluding the red shirt that she now wore. He found it rather gloomy when she wore Andros's shirts, but he supposed it was a way for her to be closer to her deceased brother and to take on his leadership. They after all were short one ranger and she was the next qualify person on the ship.

"No..Zhane..I want to try to recover these logs they might be important." Her voice was sweet and gentle and not so mean and cruel when she was in her past Astronema. Her blue eyes so like her brother's scanned his face and saw dark circles around his eyes." Are you alright…Silver?"

Zhane smiled at her nick name for him," Yeah…I am fine…my rose…" A pinkish color tinged her cheeks as she looked at him with innocent child's eyes. So…innocent…yet..so old… He thought in pain at those dark shadows that reside in those sapphire eyes a reminder of what she had done and saw in her youth.

Karone shook her head," You better get some rest Silver…we have a big day if Dark Specter has anymore idea's to attack Earth or the other planets."

Zhane shook his head," No..I have to be here…" Silently message was in his eyes. And near you… Karone nod her understanding in her eyes as she looked into his grayish eyes. They needed each other and their needs were not to be ignored since the death of her brother. The bond they form before when they both had an interrupted date together to the very air they breath in the same room.

*Alright Silver….you can stay..but…rest..please for me..I don't want to…lose…* Her projection cut off at the last thought as she looked at him in pleading eyes.

Zhane smiled a reassuring smiled at her and hugged her," Don't worry my Rose Princess…I will be here…whether if I am dead or alive I will always be here." He released her gently and brushed back a strain of her hair from her eyes. "I love you…my Rose…and nothing will stop that…"

A tear slid down her cheek and she smiled," Thank you for being here for me Silver. Even when I pushed you away." God some one in the galaxy is looking over me. She smiles at the thought as glance at the man before her.

Zhane hug her in his arm and rub her back, I hope I can do you justice my Rose Princess…,he thought as he looked out at the display screen to where the stars were projected.


Carlos walked into the quarter deck on the Astro Megaship, he frowned when he saw a light coming out from the blue astro ranger's quarter. Walking by quietly so that he would not disturb the occupants inside. He peer inside with curiously and looked quite surprised at figure before him. "TJ?" He asked uncertainly when he saw the tear's stream down in trickles down the dark skin of the blue ranger. What could have happen? He wondered in sheer puzzlement for he never seen his former red turbo ranger cry before.

TJ's head snapped up and he felt shame come into his eyes, Is he here to condemn me for my actions? He thought in bitterness a cold mask appeared over his face as he look at the black ranger,"Yes…Carlos?" He managed to reply.

The black ranger glanced cautiously," Is something wrong?" He walked closer to his friend and touch his arm.

The blue ranger peer at him and his mask begin to crumble," Don't you know? Didn't she tell you?" He retorted back in a fallen crested voice with tears of remorse. "Why are you still here..when you should loath me for what I did to her…?" Why are you still able to stand before me with out punching me out? His thoughts rambled in a incoherent pattern with no right or wrong seen in any way.

Carlos back away in confusion," TJ what are you talking about?" What is going on here? Why is he so upset?

TJ look at Carlos in disbelief his eyes were puffy with redness and his nose was redder then Rudolph the red nose reindeer. "You can't possible not know…she would have told you…" Doesn't he know? He thought.

Carlos held up his hands and shook his head," I don't know what you are talking about man…" Come on just tell me…. He thought perplex at the long dialogue that was occurring and it somehow reminded him of a soap opera show in Spanish his aunt use to watch. "You know you can just tell me?" He said with impatient.

TJ shook his head desperately," No if I do you will hate me, you will kill me." He said in desperate measure trying to make his friend understand. You would look down at me.

Carlos raised one of his eyebrows up as he look at his friend, "Oh come on it is not likely you got your girlfriend pregnant!!!" He burst out in flabbergasted irritation. The blue ranger lower his eyes and look at the floor in silence. "Oh TJ….you didn't…..?" His voice trailed off and his eyes open at the full impact of the situation.

The blue ranger look at Carlos in despair," I was so stupid Carlos..so stupid…how could this happen to me..again…"

Carlos blink in confusion," Again?" He asked in uncertainly, "What do you mean again TJ?" You got to be kidding me….maybe he was thinking of another thing…?

TJ shook his head and walked out of the room and headed to the jump tubes," I can't talk about it…Carlos." His voice was strained with anxiety.

Carlos yelled out to the black ranger," What are you going to do about Cassie?" I hope he is going to marry her..or at least support he child.

TJ stiffen his back," I ran from her Carlos…when she told me…I can't go back….again…" He bit his lips and tasted blood on his lips," She hates me…Carlos. I ran and she would always hate me…just like Melissa." He said in a agonizing voice as he ran down the hall's.

Carlos look stunned," Wait TJ!!" Who the hell is Melissa? He thought in pure bafflement as he ran down the hall after TJ. "TJ!!!" His voice was reverting around the corridors.


A beep on the radar screen on the bridge went off. DECA's voice was heard on the bridge with a reverting voice," Vessel approaching at Astro Megaship's port valve."

Zhane's head snap up from the counsel that it was laying on." Huh..what? Mom just a few more minutes before school…." His head then slam against the panel with a harsh *BANG.*

The Red Ranger lifted her head from looking at the readings she had been immersed in. "What did you say DECA?"

DECA's voice had a sigh in it when it blasted outloud," A VESSEL IS APPROACHING!!!!!"

That made Zhane jump out of his seat and he fell on his rear with a resounding *SMACK.* "WHOA!!!" He quickly flip up and his hands were in front of him in a defensive pose," Who what where?" His head turn around almost close to a 360 degree like a owl.

Karone frown," DECA show it on screen." The screen was quickly turn and home into the area. They were both confused when the viewer just only show empty space.

"DECA have you lost a few chips in your circuitry?" Zhane asked chalky as he brush off his uniform and glanced at the red ranger.

DECA's voice grumbled," Incoming transmission!!"

Karone raised her eyebrow in amusement," Accept communication DECA." She waited for the screen to snap to the power ranger bar then a secure channel. Her mouth almost drop open in shock when she saw the man on the screen. "PHANTOM RANGER!!" In a quickly wave her hand and a staff appeared in a flash in her hand.

"ASTRONEMA!!" The Phantom exclaim in shock," DEBA arm weapons!!" His command was yelped out.

Zhane quickly waved his hands in a alarming gesture," HOLD IT!!!" He yelled out, glancing in surprise at his girlfriend and one of his ranger allie he breath a silent pray and began to try to defuse the situation.

He walk in front of the screen and held up his digi-morpher," I am Zhane the silver ranger." He waited for acknowledgement but all he got was static from the communication line. Great how do you diffuse this one Zhane? He thought annoyed at his abilities since the only diplomat was Andros. Unfortunately Andros was in a grown six feet under, he thought grimly. Well suck it up silver boy. He thought to himself as he stood up tall.

Karone narrow her eyes, she didn't know why her reactions toward the shadow being was so great. She just knew that she had to preserve herself and yet her defense when she was evil was still so strong in her.

The silver ranger calmly pointed to his girlfriend and raised her right hand and show the Phantom her morpher," This is Andros sister Karone, she was Astronema but we brought her to the side of good." He felt his heart bleed when he raised his eyes in a definant gesture," Andros the red ranger is dead, we needed a leader and we felt Karone would fit the job."

The Phantom ranger nod his head in a grunt but retorted," You could have contacted Aquitar we could have found a better Red Ranger."

Karone felt like she was slap in the face and insulted. Zhane clenched his hand in anger," Listen here……shadow head. You are not in charge of the ranger from this sector!! You also don't insult a red ranger and the leader of the power ranger. A leader that was chosen by a team that had more experience in the field and knew who would be the best leader."

Karone held up her hand and silence her boyfriend," Listen Phantom Ranger. I use to be Astronema, but I am not evil now. I was given a drug that wipe out of my memory when I was small and now the effects have been reduce and I am starting to remember." She raised her head in a commanding gesture and in a way the gesture reminded him of Astronema glaring down her henchman and that gave him chills down his spine. "I remember I was chosen to be the yellow astro ranger before I was kidnap."

The Phantom ranger nodded his head silently," Very well Karone….I would like to request to come aboard to speak with the Pink Ranger." They could hear a emotional tone in the shadow figures voice.

The red ranger raised her eyebrows in surprised and glanced at Zhane in curiousity," Very well Phantom. Dock at Cargo bay two, but I have to inform you the Pink Ranger is not at the Astro Megaship at this time."

"Where is she then?" The figure asked in uncertainty as he look through his visor.

Zhane replied with a smirk on his face," In her bedroom if I were you I wouldn't go in there." His face sober at the image of the Phantom," I have to let you know Phantom. You have a lot of explaining to do…."

The Phantom's voice darkened," So they have informed you have they?"

The silver ranger's face darkened and no longer was the care free face in it place was a serious young man," Yes they have and if I were anyone else I would have blown you into pieces."

Karone's eyes widen in surprise at her boyfriend. *What is going on Zhane?* She projected in confusion.

Zhane grimanced, *I tell you later, Karone.* He projected back as he glared at the view screen. "Just be careful Phantom…if you hurt her trust us there is no way your cloak can save you from us."

The Phantom held up a ungloved hand where a few thousand cuts were seen on a masculent hand," I have hurt and bleed myself for all the pain I have cost her." His voice became breathless," I promise I will try not to hurt her…all I ask is to see her…"

The silver ranger nod his head," Remember my words Phantom…"

"You mean your threat…" The Phantom said with conviction.

"Take it anyway you can Phantom." Zhane reply as he cut off communication and sank into the command chair. Karone glance at the screen then at the silver ranger his lips smiled at her in amusement," Not every thing has it's appearance Karone." He cluck his tongue and took her hand into his.

"What do you mean Silver?" She whispered as she watch a smile form on his face more at the meer mention of his nick name.

"That man my rose princess is in love with the pink ranger." Zhane's mouth quirk at the surprise look on her face.

"Oh…oh.." Was heard on the bridge with the words.

"You got that right…." He said in a grim voice.