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Dark Sea Reveal
By Starfire

A chime entered the room waking Andros up with a sound start. He blinked several times disoriented with the room he was in. A light begins to creep into the room as the shielded plates of the windows turn to show morning. A lovely scenery of grass fields, and animals came in with chirping of birds. Where am I? He thought in panic as he glanced all over the area. He noticed that he was still dressed in his clothing and slid out of bed. Stringing his fingers through his messy hair, he yawned. The mirror glowed at him and he heard a singing coming from it. Peering curiously at the mirror he place his hand on it and found his fingers sliding through. "What on KO-35?" He muttered in a husky voice from his slumber. Thinking to take a chance he crept his way through the window and found himself in another room.

The humming was still heard and he approached silently and carefully to a weird looking door that had arches in circular shapes. He steadily went through the door and felt his eyes widen in shock. In the middle of the room there was a pool of lilies and a fragrance of jasmine filled his nostrils. A girl with brown hair had her back facing toward him. "Oh!" He exclaim in embarrassment.

The girl quickly spun around shielding her upper body with her arms. "WHAT THE…!?!" Her voice was in a high pitch and her eyes widen in shock. Oh God he is here…he is here. She thought in excitement.

Andros felt his jaw drop open a mile wide. It's her! She is here…but isn't she in a hospital comatose? He thought in sheer confusion. "Um..I am sorry…" He stuttered out and back away from the area and closer to the door.

"Your going to leave me?" Disappointment and pain filled the woman's voice. I knew he was to good for me. She thought in tragedy.

The red ranger swallowed feeling anxiety filling him whole. "Um your not dressed. Your naked." Good one smart one. He felt like kicking himself for that answer. "Um…Um..Linna…I just go outside so you can..um…finish your..hygiene."

"He said my name…" Her voice became breathless and she sighed in glee. "He knows my name…" Oh..he is so gorgeous I wonder what he see in me to know my name? She though in agony.

Andros glances quite fearful that Linna would accidentally drown herself inside the pool of water. By the way she was sighing and not paying attention to what exactly her lungs were consuming. Either she would breath air or breath water. He didn't want to see her breath water for he seen to much death that brought his consciences down to a few notches. "I better…go…out..um…Linna..I see you later." With that he made his escape through the door. She maybe beautiful but…I feel like I am being suck into a large octopus that has tentacles grabbing onto my face. He thought in one of Carlos' analogy.

Linna pouted as the red ranger walked out of her room. "Great one Linna….he ran away…." She mutters to herself as she quickly got out of the pool and started to dress herself in a hurried fashion. Got to catch him. Before he goes and tries to kill himself. She thought and shivered at the thought of all those moves she watch him do on TV and how many deadly escapes he had made.

Andros walk through the mirror thinking it could take him to the place that he wanted to be. He found himself in the throne room that he had arrived at previously. A faint snoring was heard in the room and a few coughing spells as well. "Maxima?" He whispered softly, as he approached a door and pushed it open. Trying not to disturb the occupant inside. There he discovered the Time Keeper at least older then she was previously. Her once black hair was in the color of white and wrinkles appeared around her mouth and eyes as well as some scars on her wrists. What is going on? He thought in confusion. His eyes were glue to the scars on Maxima's hand.

"Simple…" A voice answered behind him and he spun around startled to see a younger version of Maxima behind him. He gapped at the older version of Maxima and the younger version in front of him.

Maxima approached him with clouded eyes. "I am her well the part of her power and magic. She is my actual age and body just in sleep to rest. I am her soul and her power a form of spirit you can say that is allow to merge with the time crystal and travel great lengths." Shaking her head sadly.

"What happened?" The red ranger said in concern as he sat down dumbfounded by what was going on.

"The attack on Staria, which was the planet that I lived in, was destroyed, but before it was destroyed, Armageddon captured some of us. I was one of the less fortunately. He tortured us trying to weld secrets out of us. Part of this torture was fire and knives on burnt flesh and dead bodies." Maxima walked to a chair and plop her self down into it and glanced over her body in the large bed. "I was near death, but by a miracle I survived because I was the next chosen one to guard the time crystal." She held up her hands. "None of my ordeal is showing on my spirit in this present form. This is due to the crystal and it's power for the time guardian."

Andros nods his head as he look back at the figure on the bed. "I can't imagine all the pain you have suffered. But I reassure you I know the pain it is to lose everything you have including your own planet."

"Do you now, young warrior?" She queried. All laughter was gone from her eyes instead dull lifeless eyes stared back at the red ranger.

The red ranger lifted his head. "I am not afraid of what will happen in the future. I am ready for whatever you can give me so bring it on." At least I hope I am ready for whatever is out there. He thought doubtfully.

Maxima's lips curled. "Believe me…you will you will learn..the fear young ranger." Those words brought shiver upward his back and he felt his skin prickled. Arrogant he is..hard to train he will be. She thought unemotional at the man before her.

A crash came in the throne room and a voice was heard. "OH SHIT!" Another crash was heard again and another few thousand curses were heard.

"It seem Linna is awake." Maxima's eyes return back to their warm sparkly eyes. How clumsy Linna is…I wonder what exactly happened. She thought in amusement.

Maxima stood up and walked right through the door and appeared in the throne room. Andros had to walk through the door and into the throne room and blinked in surprised at the damage everything was in. The tables were laying everywhere in a disaster area with the flowers of daisies and roses littering the floor. A few orbs were rolling everywhere and water was splashed everywhere in sight. "What happened here?" He asked at the amazement that one human could do.

Linna blushed bright red and stuttered. "I was in a rush and well I was still wet from the bath and well forgot to wipe feet that is wet…ended up through the mirror slip on floor. Bump into table with orbs. The orbs …fall down go boom and then the boom exploded and the flowers go poof everywhere." She breath hard in short pants after the fast and long term explanation.

Maxima and Andros glanced at each other in a long term suffering look. *Well it could be worse.* She projected to the red ranger.

*Yeah she could have brought a puppy with her.* Andros thought of the damages that one single puppy could have done if they did have any animals in the vicinity.

"Um…I can clean it up…." Linna said her green emerald eyes were form into puppy eyes as she glances at the two people before her. Oh I am so stupid I screw up right in front of this gorgeous hunk. She thought mournfully.

Not wanting any girl to start crying, he shook his head. "No, I can clean it up." Don't want her hurting herself or destroying any more things. He thought.

"No..Dros…I can fix it….um…I just get a broom and mope to fix it. No body of your strength and courage should be scrubbing the floors." She said in panic as she look everywhere for the materials that she required.

Maxima began to worry about the results before her. Perhaps I saw things incorrectly. She ponder on that thought as she watch both of her new recruits hurrying up and putting things back together. This girl is supposed to be a ranger? Maybe she needs more breathing space. Scratching her head she walk to her throne and sat down. "It isn't necessary for you to do that. Just leave it alone and come here so that I mean explain more serious matters."

The red ranger glanced up and put down the broom after sweeping some of the remaining glass into a pan and dumping it into a garbage can. "Oh…what is this matter about?" He inquired.

The timekeeper smiled gently. "I require a device called eil retem." Time to test these chicks and see how far they can go into the time solution. She thought as she brought out another band. "Linna this is for you so that your pattern isn't lost in time."

A matter started to nag at the back of Andros' mind. "Maxima…" He asked in a respectful way.

"Yes?" The timekeeper didn't look up from her programming on the green band bracelet. The red ranger tilted his head to the right in a questionable stance. "If Linna in my time is in the hospital. How can she…" He pointed to brown haired girl. "…be…here?" At least I hope this make sense because I am getting a freaking headache. He thought as he held the bubbling movements that seem to be pounding on his noggin.

Linna's eyes widen at the words before her. Oh damn how can a man like him ever love me? He can have any girl in the world and I am nothing in this freak out place. Why am I even here? She looked glumly at the ground and felt like she was going to wail at the pain in her heart.

Maxima muttered as she punch in a few codes and glanced up. "I pull her out before she went into a coma at the hospital and restored her back to her normal form. Goody I pick a ranger that has to many questions. I wonder if Jeriam felt the same way when he got his first five rangers as well. She thought sadly at the man that was previous her successor.

"Oh!" Was all that Andros could think of saying, he heard sniffling next to him and saw the girl in green shirt and blue pants start to sob. Her eyes were becoming puffy and she glanced down at the floor. "Are you okay?" He asked feeling sorry and kind of guilty of being rude to her.

Her head snapped up as she looked at him and Maxima. "I don't understand, how he could be my soul mate Maxima…" Her voiced wailed in agony. "I don't deserve him, he is so noble brave kind hearted…..I am not a ranger…I don't deserve to be here…" She hiccups as she tries not to choke on the mucus that surrounded her throat. "I don't understand why you put me here in the first place I am a no body." Why am I even here? There has to be a mistake. She thought as she back away from the room.

"Because you were chosen." The guardian of Time said softly as her eyes fell compassionately at the confused girls glaze.

"NO! THERE HAS TO BE SOME MISTAKE! HE DOESN'T LOVE ME!" Linna's fingers trembled as she pointed to Andros' and her eyes misted in a wild look. "I am a screw up!" With that last voicing of her thought she ran toward the mirror and walked right through it without a glance.

Andros look startled at the Guardian that was giving him a pointed glance at him. "She needs you…and you need her." Not knowing that her words were either true or false in the matter. She felt her power being drained slowly and cursed mentally at her weaken state. Come on Max….you can keep it together….come on… She chide herself as she watch the red ranger walk through the mirror and disappear from her sight. Oh what I do for romance is stupid. Clambering toward her feet she headed toward her body and lay downward into it for a brief period of rest.

Andros felt a whoosh of air behind him and felt him self landed flat on his rear. He glanced around under his lashes and found himself on a beach with water and whispers of the seashores. Where the heck am I now? He wondered as he looks about him everywhere. This mirror is definitely enchanted. He grimace at the thought of spells and magic do hickeys.

The young warrior noticed a figure a little distance away sitting on the sand looking outward her arms were wrapped around her knee and her glaze was listlessly staring outward. "He doesn't love me…" Her voices seem to echo around the area. Tearing a part of his heart out for being cruel. "Max you told me he was my soul mate…yet I don't even deserves him." Her voice haunts the sandy area.

"Why do you keep on saying that?" The red ranger inquired. He was getting rather tired by the endless chants of words that she wasn't good enough for anything. What exactly happen to make her feel this way? He thought in confusion.

Doleful green eyes look up at him with pain filled in them. "Daddy never wanted me…his friends sure didn't want me. All they wanted was my body."

At those words Andros felt his stomach turn at the mere thought and horror. Good lord... His minded started to scream out in anger. He stood there shocked by the large words that seem to spill from those lips and soft words that seem dull and lifeless.

"Mother had to many guys around and she was jealous because most of them came because of me." Her voice prattled on in a dull way.

The young warrior sat down on the ground listening to the horrifying stories that he never realized exist before until now. He knew for his kind Karovians bonded and mated for life. They would never conduct such immoral behavior since they all were trying to survive the attacks and constant fights between their world and the evil that was approaching. What kind of barbarians would treat a sweet innocent kid like this way? He thought in grim response.

"I did have a boyfriend, he did love me. Even though he did hit me because he was always drunk." She whispered in confusion. "He died because he had to much to drink and was driving in a car. My baby girl was inside the car at the same time." Her voice seemed to be mournful. " He left me all alone because he didn't love me..anymore. He took away my only child because he didn't want me to have her." Her voice started to crack and more tears flew downward. "Nancy my baby girl is dead, I won't see her anymore now." Linna slowly took out a necklace and open it to look inside. A picture of a baby girl with hazel eyes, brown curly hair, and baby fat stared back in glee at Linna. "James my boyfriend never believe that Nancy was his…so he stole her away from me…" Her eyes misted. "That is why he try to drown her in a bath tub…"

Andros gasped in horror. How could anyone try to drown a child? That is so cruel… He thought as he stared at the slowly rocking figure in front of him.

Linna stared out at the sea in her deep thought. Her mind wasn't paying attention to the man next to her. She didn't feel the cold wind make her shiver. The red ranger took off his red sweater and wrapped it around the green clothed girl. I hope there is a way I could heal her. He thought compassionately. But he felt brotherly toward the girl before him. Slowly he watches her lids slowly close into a deep slumber. Making sure he doesn't awake her from her dead tired sleep he used his telekinesis to lift her up and gently pull her in a slow position through the mirror into the throne room.

Maxima appeared in a flash in the throne room and glanced anxiously at Andros. "What happened?" She whispered trying not to disturb the slumbering girl. I hope she didn't hurt herself.

"She is fine…except for a few situations." He said grimly as he move through another mirror and entered Linna's room. Slowly he tucks her in and brought the blanket up around her. He then headed back toward the throne room and sighed as he watch the guardian pace back and forth.

Maxima glanced at the red ranger. "So what is happening?" Come on stop stalling. She thought impatiently.

"Linna is a very disturb person." Andros struggled to rephrase the words that seem to pass through his mind in quick flashes. "It is hard to explain..but she was abused when she was a child." Not to mention assaulted by darn idiots.

Maxima gap at Andros in shock and tried to say something, she finally managed to recover herself. "She was abused..? But how I know that Justin's Uncle and Aunt were loving people by standards." She shook her head. What is going on here?

Andros frowned. "No…Linna said her mother had men always in her house and that her boy friend had took her child and was driving under the influence of alcohol." The lips on his face tighten at the mere thought of what was going on.

"Oh Kervock!" She exclaimed in annoyance. She saw surprised light up the red ranger's gloomy face. "The person I was looking for Justin's cousin never had a child." She runs her finger through her hair and mutters as she quickly paced and walked to a crystal chip.

The red ranger frowned as he follows the guardian to where she walks to. "What are you doing?" He asked in a whining tone.

Cocking her head to the right Maxima chuckled. "Simple I am going to look up that file and see if I can find out what is wrong with this picture. But thanks to that stupid attack on the information highway in sector six I lost most of the information." Her voice drop down into a gloomy tone. Perhaps I have made a mistake. This is bad very bad…damn it I goofed. She thought as she looks through the file.

"So what is the problem?" He asked in puzzlement.

Maxima groan and place her hands over her head. "Houston we got a problem." She quirked as she looks at Andros. "It seems Linna isn't really who she seems to be." At least where time stands I made a boo boo.

Andros frowned in confusion. "Huh?" Now what is she talking about? The red ranger glanced at worried lines on the guardian's face.

"In translations…I made a large mistake." Maxima rub her head. "I am getting old Andros. People like us will make a lot of mistakes." At least now I do. Now I got to fix this big mess and this is not going to be easy. She thought in irritation.

The red ranger place a hand on her shoulder and look concern. "I am not sure what you are saying. But is there any thing I can do to help?" At least since I am here why not? He thought after all he was a ranger.

"No..no..there..isn't…" She paused in her reject of the idea and a glimmer of an idea came to her mind. "Actually yes…I might have something you can do to help." At least if this works I be able to figure out what is going on here. She grimaces at the thought of the dangers she would be sending one of her chosen.

Andros glanced curiously at the woman in the silver robe. "What is it?" I hope I don't have to go out and get a burger for her. He thought at the ludicrous situation if it had surpassed. She quickly grabs his hand and snapped a bracelet in red onto his wrist. "HEY!" He exclaimed.

"Sorry about this Andros…but I need you to be on alert when I am going to do this." Maxima said in a soft tone as she quickly push him into the crystal.

Pain stream through Andros making him scream in agony. Flashes of memories appeared into his mind like large mirrors.

*~*~Flash~*~* (Nertar "The change")

Ashley giggled at him as she pressed her lips to his with gently care. She whispered without thought. "I love you Andros." Her voice was clear as silver bells.

"I love you too Ashley." He heard his voice say in sweet, sweet words.

A shout of glee was behind them. He turns around and saw TJ, Carlos, and Cassie clapping their hands. "Wait a go Andros!" TJ yelled to him.

Cassie chuckled as she grinned devilish. "About time!"

"What is she up to?" Ashley asked as her face was stained red with embarrassment.

He felt surprise enter him when he felt cold water sprayed at him. He yelped as he ran away from it. He heard squeals of laughter from behind him.


He saw himself inside the Astro Megaship's bridge. He was morphed and he saw TJ in front of him in a red shirt and jeans.

"Hello…I'm TJ." The red turbo ranger said.

He felt himself run out of the door and he heard a voice. "Hey wait…we Arnet going to hurt you."


"ANDROS RUN!" He heard his best friends, Zhane yell out. As he grab onto the monster not letting him get near the red ranger.

"ZHANE NO!" Andros yelled out in agony as he watches his friend falling downward in a spiral and all but bits and pieces in explosion flying everywhere. He ran toward the wreckage to find his friend unmorphed. "Zhane please don't leave me." He quickly moved his friend toward the Astro Megaship then to the area of hospital.

"Is he okay?" He asked in anxiety as he tries to peer through the door.

The doctor in a white coat shook his head. "I am afraid he has to be placed in the cryotube red ranger. There is nothing more we can do for him but pray."

Andros watches a tube being wheeled out and inside was the morph state of the silver ranger. "Zhane please forgive me." He whispered as he hugs the tube that was his friend.


Laughter was heard as Andros patted his friend on the shoulder. "We are the best I tell ya Dros." The silver ranger chuckled at his friends gesture.

"All say…" The red ranger exclaimed in excitement.

The silver ranger chuckled. "We are going to rock this galaxy and save the universe." He walked on breathing in the friend air.

"Yeah and we will do it together….forever and ever…" Andros stops and held out his hand. "We will show them that we are friends forever."

Zhane laughed. "Why not…?" He stopped midway in the forest with his friend and did their secret hand shake.

"Friends forever." They both said together and laughed.


"I bet I can beat you Dros." A little girl in a yellow jump suit with a crown of metallic and braids in golden lockets exclaim with laughter.

The little boy in a red jump suit laughed. "No, you can't Karone…." He said as he quickly pushes harder. The ball sailed away from him when he felt a nudge push it the other way. "I'll get it. I'll get it." The blonde and brown-stripped hair boy exclaimed as he ran after the floating telekinesis ball.

Karone grinned mischievously. "Told you so Dros." A Rustling sounded behind her and she looked up and screams when she saw a red monster grab her. "ANDROS HELP!" She screamed.

The little boy came back with the collapse telekinesis call in his hands. "Karone?" He shouted out in puzzlement and fear. "Karone where are you? Karone?" He called out and felt tears streak down his face. "Karone come back!"


A faint heartbeat was heard in a belly of a woman named Tira. She giggled when she felt a kick in her stomach. "He is strong Keinta."

The man with blonde and brown-stripped hair smiled at his wife that was dressed in a large green dress. "Yes…and soon he would be running around with the other children."

"Do you really think so?" She looked adoringly at her husband.

He chuckled softly and kisses her on the lips. "I am positive Tira."

The sounding of the heartbeat came to the faint ears. The pounding came closer and closer in a fast pace with out a skipper of beat of metric pulses. *Thump-thump, thump, thump……*

*~*~Flash Ended~*~*

Pain filled his senses and he felt himself pulled forward being shifted into another area of time. He fell forward onto the ground and panted in great gasps. The white crystal shone once and it dulled down to nothing but a faint lighting.

"Who the hell are you?" A voice seems to boom around the hallways of the Throne room.

The red ranger felt his head vibrate with excruciating pain. His hand came up instinctively and closed around his poor eardrums as he tried not to black out. "I am Andros, he answered fast."

A gleeful shout was heard. "What you know…the red time ranger is here….been expecting you yes yes…" He said in an old mans voice.

A large smoke of white appeared in the center of the room and a man clothed in blue robes smiled. "Well, well….what took you so long?" He asked smiling mischievously.

"What are you talking about?" Andros managed to speak out the words as he bit back the pain running through him. "Also who in all of KO-35 are you."

The figured chuckled at him. "A young whimper snapper you are Red. Not a bit has changed about you as I can see. Well, then here is the answer to your demented mind. I am Jeriam the time guardian before Maxima."

Andros look startled. "Where am I?" He asked confused as he surveys the area. This place is the same but it isn't. What is going on here? He rubs his wrist from where it stung getting shoved into a large crystal.

Laughter followed his question. "My dear boy the question should be…WHEN ARE YOU?" With that the man waves his hand and flames surrounded the room in a blaze of glory.