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Past of the WaterStar
by: Starfire

Kai sat there next to the exhausted Angel of his life. He watches her breath in and out in her sleep. Her eyes were closed and she seems to be recovering fast from her injuries. The ring that he gave her sparkled on her finger, her Silver Star bracelet shone in the lighting. As he slowly laid his head on the bed next to her and felt him self drift into sleep. An unnoticed flash of blue and silver appeared on Liz's bracelet with her other wrist. Then a glow took placed on both Kai's wrist, however the blue galaxy ranger didn't notice the wondrous glow on his wrist for sleep had already taken him on a journey of the unknown.

The moment I saw you, I knew then and there that I liked you
The moment I saw you, I knew I had to get to know you
And the moment I caught your eye, I knew I had to give it at least one try
The moment I looked into those eyes, I knew someday I'd make you mine, all mine
I didn't know that you would be so right
I didn't know that you would be the one to come and change my life

(~China, Earth, 14 Century~)

He was busy trying to not insult a merchantman that was selling delicate artifacts from the living dead. He felt repulsed and disgusted by the pudgy little man. "Now see here…" He began, but a voice cut swiftly through his retort to the merchant.

"You are not supposed to be that way, Tian Chi." He heard a voice reprimand him from behind. He turned and smiled at the girl with dark green eyes.

"Why not, my Angel?" He saw her give him a disapproving look. Her hair was up in a Chinese fashion; there were silver star pins in her hair, holding it half up with a few silver needles with tiny blue gems at the end sticking out from the right side of her head. She was wearing a Quian Zhi, an outfit that resembled an ancient silk Chinese dress that fitted her body nicely; it was in the shade of silver and had little flower patterns on the fabric. She walked to his side and brushed his blue shirt with her hands, smoothing the hard cloth as she stared into his eyes.

"Simple, it is not nice." She grinned in amusement. "Also, what would Mother Lin say?" She watched him wince at the mention of their Mother Lin; the lady who had taken them in when she first saw them lost on the streets four years ago. His black and silver hair glistened in the sun as he led her down the streets of the crowded market.

"Chein Zen! Chein Zen!" A voice called out loudly in the streets as a man with black hair and eyes in a brown suit quickly ran through the streets as he spotted the pair.

He looked puzzled. "Angel, do you hear something?" He looked over his shoulder and adjusted his clothing, his eyes surveying the loud market area. I don't like this feeling, he thought as he observed her shaking her head in pure puzzlement. He felt a pang of nervousness in the market all of a sudden. Like someone was looking at him with his beloved. He slowly brought out a blue-silver encrusted sheath with a sword sheathed in it. The hilt of the sword contained a lovely blue gem with a silver tassel connected to its hilt. An imprinted face of a star in water shone brilliantly on the front with a few old scripture words engraved on the side of the sheath. He watched his Angel take out a silver fan, it's edges sharp and deadly in preparation for the unknown visitor.

"Chein Zen!" The man in brown quickly approached them, panting from the exertion of his run. He looked at the silver covered girl. "Lin Zhan." She nodded her head towards the man, her green eyes looking warily at the stranger.

He frowned at the man who looked similar to his friend, "Fang Hua?" He watched the man shake his head in denial. "Then…?" He asked in a puzzled tone as he watched the man fidget.

"I am Fang Tin," the man answered curtly. "I am the brother of Fang Hua." There were traces of weariness in the man's stance as he whispered out loud to the couple. "The shadows, they are coming!"

Chein Zen felt the blood leave his face as he looked at his love. "This is not good, Angel." He saw her brow furrowed in worry and concentration. He slowly puts his hand on her shoulder and felt her jerk away in anxiety. "Angel, what are you thinking?" He saw her look at him in worry, the lines that wrinkled her brow deepening.

"We have to be quick, Tian Chi. They are going to be after us soon. I suppose we have to leave here then," she looked regretfully around the area. He felt the same deep sadness of what they would be leaving behind.

Fang Tin breathed out in a sad voice, "Master Wu wants to speak with both of you before you leave." He put his hands out in front of him and bowed deeply. "We, of the clan Shika, will always be in debt for what you have done for our family."

She looked at Fang Tin in wariness, "Oh and what have we done?" Her fingers twitched against her fan as she looked at Chein Zen. He knew her fear of the unknown ever since they had been together. They both came to this area of time as a way to escape the forces that were after both of them. They both were from a place called Staria, but their once home was destroyed by an evil called the Shadow Knights. He was her protector, her love, her Tian Chi.

"Who is Master Wu?" He asked in a deadpan voice as he started to feel an uncomfortable sensation at the back of his mind.

Fang Tin hands slowly went behind his back as he gazed at them. "Oh, for helping our family with food and clothing. Ummm Master Wu is the leader of my family."

He looked skeptically at the man before him, feeling his Angel slowly drawing closer to him. A feeling of dread came to him in an instant. "When was this time period that we helped you?"

The man smiled in an uncanny way. "Oh, this was five years ago, at the time of lightning."

Chein Zen frowns in confusion, his blue gem eyes glisten in wariness. "But we were never here five years…." He didn't get to finish his words.. The brown garbled man quickly pulled out a red dagger and quickly brought it downward on him. His reflexes were too slow to block the dagger that would have pierced right through his heart, but a quick flash of silver quickly appeared in front of him, protecting and shielding him from the dagger. He didn't blink at all in surprise; he'd always known that his Angel would protect him. Her fan appeared as she quickly snapped it shut, trapping the dagger and tugging it upward. He quickly moved and punched the man in the face before he could attack his beloved.

Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
Said I love, every little thing about you babe
Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
'uz I'm mad about you, and every little thing about you babe

The man supposedly known as Fang Tin quickly got up, his eyes burning with a deadly black fire. "You will pay for that…" He hissed out in an inhuman way.

Chein Zen felt the blood drain out of his face. Damn it! It's a Shadow, they found us. He grabbed his sword and quickly pulled it out of its sheath.

"You thought you could have escaped from your fate?" The shadow being chuckled in amusement that drove shivers of fear into Chein Zen's very essences. "You will both die. You can't escape us shadows. When I am finished, your Starian species will vanish." The shadow quickly brought out a dark black blade that held a wicked glint in the sun. All of the people in the market didn't notice what was transpiring that day. "There is no way you can escape, you have no one to hear your death calls. Then my job will be complete in the total destruction of the Starian species." The Shadow started to advance toward them, slowly raising his sword, ready to strike.

Chein Zen felt in the back of his mind a tingling sensation that told him that they had to leave before they were caught. He slowly drew out a black ball and threw it to the ground, causing a loud cloud of gas and fog to mask the area they were in. He quickly pulled Lin Zhan with him toward an alley, feeling the deep persistence of danger fade from his mind. "Are you alright, Angel?" He asked worriedly, touching her face to make sure she was alright.

She nodded her confirmation and answered to reassure him. "I am fine, Tian Chi, but they are closer to us now more then ever." He watched her rub her arms and shiver, "Do you still have the bracelets?"

He nodded his head, "Yes, they are at the same place we hid them. Why do you ask, beloved?" He watched her raise her head and look at him in worry.

"We have to complete the ritual, my Tian Chi." She heard him gasp out in shock as his eyes filled with indescribable emotions.

He stuttered out in a nervous voice, "Are you…are you...sure you're ready for...the…the..Inta?" He clumsily took her hand as he gazed into her eyes. "If we take that step, my beloved, we cannot reverse the bond. You will be stuck with me forever."

He saw Lin Zhan's indignant glance at him. "You were my Tian Chi since I was born. Of course I want this! Besides, I get to see you in a loin cloth." She watched his mouth open into a gap in an over shocked reaction. "Awww, you're so cute when you are speechless." Lin teased meticulous as she watched him turn bright red.

Chein Zen smiled shyly. "If you want to I will do it for you." He saw her appreciative glance, with a sober expression. "What is it?" He asked in fearful rejection from his heart.

He watched her pout. "I want you to want to do it, not just because it will make me happy."

Chein Zen smiled and said seriously with convictions in his voice, "I love you, Angel; this is what I want."

She smiled in relief as she pulled him with her to a nearby river. "Are you sure?" She asked in trepidation. They arrived near the waters that flowed in large currents of waves. Slowly, he watched her bring out a red packet that she hid near the riverbank area since they arrived at this location.

The way that you love me, so passionate and so intense
The way that you love me, no one can ever compare to this
You know that it feels so good, when you got me deep down inside
I love what you do to me, you keep me satisfied
You know just how to do me right
You know just how to keep me satisfied
You know just how to blow my mind
And girl you know your so damn fine, that's why I love you

Chein Zen chuckled. "Yes, I am sure." He took the bag from her nerveless fingers when he saw her hands shake in anxiousness. He slowly opened the bag and a blue-silver box was revealed with a heart encrusted on the front panel. A Gu Zheng instrument with 15 strings attached to a board was placed next to the box. It had ancient marks on it's redwood board; a few cravings were present on the board with a few symbols. Next he took out a Chinese violin instrument called an Er Hu and placed it next to the Gu Zheng.

She then took the box and put her hand on the front and it open with a hiss. The lid uncovered to reveal two silver-blue bracelets that had a blue fountain with a silver star in the middle. Lin Zhan looked nervous as she took out one of the bracelets. "Mother always said that she wanted to see me bonded to my love." She quickly blinked back tears that seemed to be gather at the back of her eyes.

Chein Zen looked sober. "We should have been able to go back to help them." He slowly touched her cheeks in a loving gesture. He thought grimly, I should have been able to save them. He felt his love lean closer to his heart and snuggle against him. "There was nothing that we could have done. Nothing…" The box started to glow and the bracelets shimmered with an unearthly glow. The two bands rose into the air and seemed to split into another two sets of bands. In a twinkle of an eye they appeared on his right and left wrist.

His eyes widened and he looked at Lin Zhan, who was looking at both of her wrists where the bands had appeared. "What just happened here?" He asked in an uncertain tone as he eyed the silver-blue bands on his wrists.

"This is weird…" He heard her mutter as she tried to tug the bands off her wrists. "They won't come off!" He slowly placed his hands on her wrists to stop her from tugging anymore.

Perhaps it is the way things are supposed to be. He thought in amusement as he observed her.

"I think you are right, this was probably meant to be. " But mother never told me this. She silently added to herself.

Chein Zen mutters unconsciously," Well you know your mother doesn't like to reveal much to both of us…." He froze in shock.

He saw Lin Zhan freeze in shock as she lifted her head to look at him. "Did you just…hear me?" Oh dear me. Mother did say that it was a bond but... she thought uncertainly as she waited anxiously for his response.

She watched him gulp in a huge breath and nod his head. "Yes, I did hear what you just thought…something about your mother telling you that it was a bond." He felt the grip on his arm tighten, a sudden spear of joy and panic pulsed through him. Yet, he didn't know the reason as to where the feelings were emitting from, until he saw the fear in her eyes. Oh Kervock (Damn), she is scared….but so am I…he thought as he stared at her lovingly. Then he watched her body relax and he started to feel himself relax as well.

Chein Zen watched his love relax in her posture. A peaceful look was on her face yet fear still echoed in whatever bond they shared. This is amazing, he thought in wonder; a new outlook on the world appeared before him as he looked around the area.

It is wonderful…but where do we go now? He heard the uncertain thoughts from Lin Zhan.

"Simple…," he said out loud. "We have to go to another location in time…." The question is where. He sighed as he picked up his instrument and handed Lin Zhan her Er Hu.

She nodded her head, lost in thought. "How about the future? Another planet perhaps?" That way they cannot track us since we are not in the precise place.

Chein Zen nodded his head and brought his instrument into place. Lin Zhan did the same and placed her bow in place. NOW!! They both signaled in their minds and an intricate pattern melody started to fill the air.

Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
Said I love, every little thing about you babe
Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
'uz I'm mad about you, and every little thing about you babe

*~*Dreamscape Awakens*~*

Kai slowly felt himself being shaken by a hand on his shoulder. He jerked up and into defensive stance. To his surprise, Maya was standing next to him. "Whoa cowboy, I come in peace!"

He blushed red when he realized what he had done. "Sorry, Maya." He slowly relaxed his tense body and glanced quickly to see Liz still asleep.

Maya smiled in a knowing glance. "So, this is the elusive girlfriend that you've been hiding from all of us."

Kai blushed like a red radish as he toed his shoe in the floor." I …I…"

Maya laughed at the embarrassed look on the Blue Ranger's face. The silver clothed girl shifted and muttered in a fretful sleep. "Chein Zen…Chein Zen"

Maya looked confused, "Who is Chein Zen?" She didn't notice the paleness of Kai's face and how his hands had tightened into a fist.

Who on Terra Venture is Chein Zen? She is mine!! He thought possessively as he struggled to fight the blue-eyed demon that he saw in his mind. Why does that name seem familiar to me? He wondered in great irritation hazard.

Maya then looked at Kai, not noticing the undercurrent of rage in his body as he observed the girl in silver. She then turned her head and saw a ring on the girls finger and gasped out, "Wow, awesome ring."

Kai quickly snapped out of it at the exclamation from the current Yellow Ranger, calming himself down with a deep breath. Whoever he is…he won't get her she is mine now. His eyes roamed over the angelic face of his love. Maya glanced at Kai, barely missing the possessive look he was giving the silver garbled girl.

Hoo boy, Maya thought as she looked at Kai. He must really like her. Hold on, didn't a ring mean mates on Earth? She slowly backed away. "Well, Kai," she began, getting the blue ranger's inquiring glance. "I have to get going. I've got to go meet, Kendrix." She smiled a fake smile and added to herself. And find out about this ring thingy.

Kai nodded his head, "Alright, I will see you later then." He watched the Yellow Ranger retreating back. He then sat back down on the chair, waiting for Liz to wake up, as he fumed about the person named Chein Zen. The name that befallen his Angel's lips, HIS ANGEL!!

Liz slowly awoke and smiled contentedly at Kai. She looked into his eyes and frowned, "What is wrong?" She didn't get a response, but rather a cold masked expression. Oh, no you don't, you're not going back into that shell of yours once you came this close to me! She felt a deep sense of resentment form inside her soul as she looked into the eyes of her beloved; instead she saw a stranger looking back at her.

He took a deep breath as he replied through clenched teeth, "Liz…"

She felt dread in the pit of her stomach. He is calling me Liz again…not Angel.. She slowly sat up wincing at the pain that shot through her, as she steadied herself against the pillows. "Alright, tell me what the hell is wrong, Kai." She said calmly as she glanced back at him.

He tightened his fist more, "Who is Chein Zen?" Tell me, so that I can kill that b*stard.

She frowned. "Who is Chein Zen? I don't know…is he a friend of yours?" She absently pulled her blanket over her body to cover herself up to her neck.

Kai narrowed his eyes, the blue-eyed demon creeping into him even more.. "You were calling his name in your sleep."

He watched Liz narrow her eyes in anger. "I told you, I don't know. Though the name sounds familiar..." She leaned forward and angrily punched her pillow as she laid back against it.

He gritted his teeth in anger. "You don't know? You were calling a man's name! You, of all people, should know that means that you know him then." He said incoherently from the rage that was muddling his mind.

Liz glared at him. "I don't know! I was unconscious in sleep for Pete's sake." She shook with anger and felt like her temper rising uncontrollably. Kai muttered unconsciously a Starian cuss word. He didn't notice the anger that flared in Liz's eyes and color her cheeks in a flush of red." If you mother heard what you said your mouth would be washed out with soap big TIME!!"

His head shot up. "I've done no such thing," he argued back in his defense, unconsciously cursing in Starian.

"ARGH," she said in exasperation. "Would you stop being a bloody idiot and stop cussing."

Kai looks skeptical, "Alright if I was cursing what was I saying?"

She shrugs and repeated the exact words in Starian unconsciously, while she tried to fluff her pillow again. She didn't notice the shocked look on Kai's face. "DID NOT!!! I didn't say my mother was fat!!"

Liz all of a sudden burst into laughter at way Kai said those words. Kai blinked at the realization of what he just said. "Hold on what language did I just speak?"

She looks at him puzzled, "Huh?"

Kai muttered again. "I wasn't speaking English…." He slowly ran his fingers through his hair nervously. I wonder if Terra Venture has a way to decode languages.

Her eyes widened, her hands twisted in the bed sheet. "WHAT?"

Kai nodded his head. "I think I am losing it…" The image of her before him holding the blanket over herself made his hands itched to grab her and kiss her senseless.

Liz then grumbles and mutter out loud, "Oh Kervock!!" She smoothed out her tangled hair as she turned to look at him.

Kai was eying her in amusement, "You just said damn in another language." He grinned boyishly at her that would put the Zhanian charm to waste.

Liz rolled her eyes. "I think we both are insane. Do you happen to have an insane asylum nearby?" She held out her arms. "Or a white jacket with arm ties?" She fluttered her eyelashes innocently at him.

Kai chuckled. "Well, if we do go there, I am going to make sure I am stuck in the same room as you." His eyes roamed over her figure, causing a flush to rise up in her cheeks. "We can have an interesting time trying to untie each other from the straight jacket…." His voice lowered into a husky tone as he stressed the last word.

He ducked when she tossed a pillow at him but it ended up hitting Mike in the face. "Hey, I've come in peace. I don't want to end up in pieces when I go back to duty."

She blushes red, "Oh, I am sorry, Mr. Corbett."

"Call me Mike," he said with a flirtatious wink.

Kai glanced at Mike suspiciously and saw a smirk on his friend's face. He blushed deeply, his anger was rising at such a fast tempo that he had to look away. So, instead he focus his dark raven eyes on Liz. You're not leaving me alone ever. You're mine. He watched her lift her head shyly and smile at Mike. Oh, no way…not Mike. If he lays one finger on her I will BBQ him. He clenched his hands behind his back as he watched Liz blush some more.

"Sorry that I hit you with my pillow…but I was trying to hit Kai with it." Liz smiled shyly at Mike as she looked down.

Mike smiled and chuckled. "Well, it's alright. Now I know who I'll pick on my team when we play football," he teased mercilessly at Kai.

She smiled mischievously at Kai, before looking at Mike, pretending to wince in pain. Kai's eyes widened when he saw the glint of mischief in her eyes. She wouldn't dare.

Mike frowned and walked closer. "Are you alright?" He slowly approached her and put a hand on her shoulder. He watched her slowly sit up and wince again. Mike quickly grabbed another pillow. "Here this will make your shoulder feel better." Mike said as he placed the pillow behind her. She smiled in gratitude, not noticing the tightening of Kai's hands as he looked murderously at Mike. Mike looked at his watch and sighed. "I'm afraid I have to leave now for my shift. I will catch you later, sometime." Mike patted Kai on the shoulder, "Commander Stanton said you are on leave and don't have to come in." Mike smiled and walked out, not noticing the anger in Kai's eyes.

Kai watched Mike's retreating figure and turned to Liz, glaring at her angrily. "What the hell did you do that for?"

He saw her look at him, shocked from his harsh words. "What did I do?" He walked to her and jerked her against him, causing her to flinch at the pressure of his hold. "Kai!"

Kai pulled her closer into his arms. "Did you have to flirt with him? You are mine, Angel. MINE!" He leaned over and kissed her hard. You will forever be mine; no one else shall have you. His hands threaded into her hair as he ravaged her lips. She felt her senses explode into dust as she gripped firmly onto Kai's arm, feeling her breath being sucked out of her in a whirlwind.

Kai came up from the kiss and looked at her in concern, shocked at what he just did. Oh God! What have I done? He stares dumbfounded at the way he was holding her close to him, in a suffocating gesture. He watched the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, shame passing through him like a wild fire.

Liz opened her eyes, blurred and unfocused as she looked at him. She felt her lips parched from such a passionate kiss. Her eyes raised up to take a look at her beloved, surprised when she saw the shock and fear run through his eyes. "Kai?" She croaked out from her dry throat as she took in deep breath to slow down her pounding heart. Kai's eyes were unfocused as he looked at her in worry and guilt. "Kai, what is wrong?" She questioned hoarsely.

Kai gently laid her back against her pillows and sat in his chair once again. "I shouldn't have done that." Conflict of emotions flicked over his face like a movie marathon as he tried to find the words to describe his shock of what he just did. He didn't see the worry that crossed her eyes as she stared at him. She is hurt and I attack her like a mad man. What was I thinking? But another voice whispered in his mind, She is mine and only mine, she shouldn't be flirting with another.

It's the way you carry yourself
You don't compare to no one else
You got this cool sexy thing about you
I don't know what it is that you do when you do what you're doing to me
Girl it's hard to believe, knocks me off my fee, can't you see

Liz slowly touched his elbow hesitantly, instinctively saying, "Tian Chi, what is wrong?" Her hands gently shook his elbow. Kai was deep in his thoughts when the words Tian Chi penetrated his concentration. His head snapped up fast as he looked at her in shock.

"What did you just call me?" He asked in a quiet disbelieving voice.

Liz looked at him in concern, "I said Tian Chi, what is wrong? Why do you ask, Tian Chi?

Kai looked at her in a weird way. "Tian Chi? What does that mean, Angel?"

He watched as confusion took over her features as she looks at him in puzzlement. "Tian Chi? Ummm I don't know, why?"

He grimaced, "You've been calling me that a lot in your sentences."

Shock registered in her ebony eyes as she squinted from the confusion. "I am not sure…but it feels natural…for me to say it to you." She fidgeted nervously, "Do you know what it means?"

He shook his head and sighed. "I don't know but I feel that part of my memory is clogged up and I can't seem to get it out." He glanced up at her, "Am I crazy?" He watched her grin in mischief, "Nevermind, don't answer that."

Liz smirked with amusement. "Afraid of what my retort will be, Tian Chi?" She slowly leaned forward to brush a strand of string from his blue and white GSA uniform. Her hands were pressed to his chest and a sense of déjà vu surrounded her senses. She looked up and saw Kai, clouded in his memories. The soft sound of her voice came to her in a haunting echo. "Simple, it is not nice. Also, what would Mother Lin say?"

Kai stared at her hands gently pressed against his chest and a sensation engulfed him. His voice came to him in an echo in his blurred mind. "Why not my Angel?" They were both engrossed in the voices that they didn't notice a shadow figure staring at them and quickly disappearing through the cracks of the door.

They both snapped out of it and looked at each other speechless. "What was THAT?" They both exclaimed together.

Oh God, this must be a dream. It can't be real. Kai thought.

"Well, it is strange if we both know about it, but how can it be a dream?" she replied automatically as she stared into her mind. But this is not possible. Heck, if I had a shrink he would name me insane.

Kai muttered. "As long as the shrink puts us in the same room."

They both froze and gapped at each other in shock. "Did you just hear my thoughts?" They both nod to each other as they glanced down and found that their wrists were encased in silver-blue bracelets.

"What the…?" Kai stared at the glimmering bracelets. "How did these get onto us?" He tugged on the bracelets, trying to remove them, but to his pure dissatisfaction they would not come off.

"Where did my bracelet go?" He heard her whisper in a depressed tone as she stared at the two bracelets on her wrists. "That was all that I had of him…"

Kai gently took her into his arms in an awkward position. "I am sorry if the bracelet your father gave you is missing." Where did these things come from?

Liz shrugged to the extent that Kai's embrace let her. "I don't know where they came from, Tian Chi, but I wish I knew what was going on. This is too confusing." I don't like this feeling of déjà vu…it is scaring me.

Kai rubbed her arms gently. "I am scared too, Angel." He felt her relax in his arms as she slowly leaned her head to his chest.

"What dreams do you have Kai?" She whispered quietly as she felt the effects of all the excitement take their toll on her.

He slowly rocked her gently in his arms. "I dream that I am in China; it's kind of an ancient era…" He began in a soothing tone as he brushed her hair from her face.

"With a market…place…and a stall that sold…mirrors." He barely heard her whisper it out in a soft, dying tone.

"Yes…there was a stall in a market place….I remember there was a beautiful ..silver fan..that the merchant wanted to sell for a price." He smiles in thought. "It was magnificent in craftsmanship."

She grinned tiredly at him. "It also was a sharp little item that could cut off your finger."

He chuckled lightly at her, sending waves of shivers coursing throughout her body in delight. "Yeah, I remember you almost cut off my finger when you tried it out on me, after I gave it to you as a birthday present."

Liz giggled. "You were the one who was stupid enough to challenge me!" She ruffled his hair affectionately and smiled. "I like your hair. Always have, always will."

Kai blushed hard, "Thanks." He frowned when he didn't get a response. "Angel?" He glanced down to see her fast asleep. A gentle smile glued itself to his face as he held her close. He felt exhaustion take over his senses as he gently laid her down on the bed. He felt her finger clam onto him hard as he tried not to dismantle himself from her. Sighing, he got into the bed and laid beside her with her head pillowed against his chest.

A slow glow took over both of them in blue and silver. A dark shadow approached them from under the door cracks, as it slithered its way closer and closer. The large fangs that were protruded between its crescent smile hungrily approached the unsuspecting couple. Dark ruby eyes that could perceive through fluorite glared at them with vicious intent. The dark shadow pulled out a large blade that expanded outward into a sword. The sharp tip was stained in red poison. He crept closer and muttered under his breath, "Die….and then…my job will..be foreclosed…" He then swung the sword downward right onto the entangled couple.


Outside of the room Nurse Katein was writing down notes and medical logs. She looked at the clock and sighed. "The time for visiting hours are over." She put away her pencil and headed straight through the rooms, looking around for visitors. "I'm a sucker for romance, but I have to tell that young man that he has to go now." She brought out a pencil and marked onto the clipboard outside room seventeen. "Lets see, Miss Chang, the hour is now seven pm….she needs another administration of morphine." Nurse Katein started to reach for the door when there was a loud explosion that blew her backwards into medical supplies.

Last thing that entered her mind was. Oh God…the patients..! Then unconsciousness crept up into her and grabbed her into its dark recessives.

Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
Said I love, every little thing about you babe
Girl I love, every little thing about you babe
'uz I'm mad about you, and every little thing about you babe