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Cloudy Star
by: Starfire

Kai sat in his quarters; a tired warrior who had the whole entire galaxy of responsibility on his shoulders. Sure, he liked his job as third in command of Terra Venture but his responsibility as the Blue Galaxy Ranger was trying on him mentally and physically. However, the feeling that he could keep his friends safe and happy, along with the thousands of people on Terra Venture, made up for it all. Except for the loneliness he felt when he saw a couple kissing, holding hands and being happy. He had sacrificed the one thing that ever made him feel that way. He left the only girl he loved back home just for a dream of being in command of a colony.

Kai closed his eyes and put his hands to his head in self pity and disgust. He left her there all alone with out anyone to care for her or to look after her. Kai had left his heart and all that he knew. His decision still returned to haunt him in his dreams every night.

Kai picked up a picture on his desk and stared at the image of a girl. She was wearing a silver dress and her long black hair glistened in the picture. She was posing to whoever was taking the picture, with her black ebony eyes glittered in amusement. I was stupid to make such a decision. I was so stupid, breaking her heart, telling her I was leaving her and that I was going to a far away place.

He touched the glass covering the picture and sighed. I was so stupid for not tell her where I was going, all for a dream I had. I was so stupid for running away from her love...


It was a sunny day in Angel Grove. Two figures were yelping at each other while standing around on the beach.

“Come on Kai stop being such a slow poke!” The silver clad girl tapped her feet in impatience, her body posed in a hip sort of way. Her eyes were glittering with laughter and amusement as she watched Kai try to figure out the newly purchased digital camera.

“Hold on in a minute, I’ve almost got it.” He held a silver and black box with a camera, trying to figure out how to operate it.

“You said that five eons ago,” She whined. “I’m getting a cramp.”

“Can’t have that can we,” he murmured, his head tilted down, trying to figure out the machinery. There was a flash and the camera caught a perfect image of the girl, causing Kai to smile. “Got it!” He crowed out in victory, not noticing a packed ball of water and sand was being aimed at him. “HEY!” He yelped out when one of the sand balls hit him in the head.

Kai heard giggling and looked up murderously at the silver garbled girl. She was standing near the water, her hands still dirty from the sand balls she made. Kai start to approach her and her smiled disappeared in a flash. “Oh oh,” she intoned and slowly backed away from Kai. “Now Kai don’t you even thing about it. No....NO!!” She screeched when Kai grabbed her in his arms and dumped her in the water, along with himself.

She came up spluttering, pushing her hair back. Kai chuckles, “Serves you right, Liz, for throwing sand balls at me.” She pouted and made a puppy face. Kai groaned, “Now that is not fair, my Angel.” She looked at him, still with those big ebony eyes of hers, and he knew he was trapped. He walked closer to her, feeling himself being tugged in by those eyes that seemed to be calling him to come closer. When he was standing by her, he started to lean his head down, coming closer and closer. All of a sudden he felt his legs pulled out from under him and he fell into the water, face first. He heard giggles and he looked up. “I am going to get you for that Liz.”

Liz chuckled. “If you catch me first, Kai.” She then let out a scream and started running through the water.

Kai jumped to his feet and ran after her. “Hey, come here so that I can dunk you!” He yelled after her.

“No way...”

**Flash ended**

A hand landed on Kai’s shoulder startling him out of his memories. He looked up to see his best friend, Kendrix, looking at him, her blue eyes mirrored her concern. “Kai, are you all right?”

Kai forced a smiles on his face. “I’m all right Kendrix.” He slowly put the picture back on his desk and stood up. “Was there something you needed?”

Kendrix smiled a little, but worry still clouded her eyes. “Well, not really, but the guys wanted to know if you like to come to a picnic today?”

Kai was going to automatically refuse, but he saw the pleading look in her eyes. “Alright, I’ll come.” He straightened up his blue GSA uniform and walked out of the room with Kendrix, heading to the beach area.

To his surprise, Kendrix tugged him in the other direction. “No, no, no, wrong way, Kai.”

He looked puzzled, “Where are we going?” Kendrix grinned and Kai looked suspicious. “What are you up to?”

Kendrix shook her golden hair and chuckled. “We’re going to the park, silly.”

Kai sighs in exasperation and thought to himself, Great the park. He allowed himself to be dragged to the park by Kendrix. God, I feel like a sack of potatoes, the way she is pulling at me.

Kai wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings that Kendrix was dragging him to; he was more preoccupied with his gloomy thoughts. Kai was startled when he felt a quick shove at his back and found himself in a dark room. The door slid shut behind him with a fast click, locking him in.

“What is going on here?” Kai yelped out when he got his balance back. He walked over to the door and banged on it. “Kendrix, this is not funny! You guys, this is not funny at all!”

Kai looked around the area and frowned. What on Terra Venture is going on around here? He walked further into the room, surprised when he tripped over something. “What the....?” He heard the thing he tripped over groan and shift on the ground.

Kai looked confused and felt panic settle in him.Am I being kept prisoner by Scorpius? he asked himself. Kai quickly went over to the door and felt around, finding a light switch. He flipped the switch and immediately the room was flooded with brightness. He was startled to see a girl lying on the floor, clothed in a silver dress. Her long black hair was covering her face and she was struggling with the ropes on her wrists.

Kai quickly knelt beside her and untied her wrists. “Are you alright?” He asked as he untied her ankles. To his surprise, she kicked him and flipped onto her feet. Brushing her hair out of her face, she stood in a defense position.

“Look, I don’t know what you want with me but you better...” Her hair was finally out of her face and Kai got a closer look, gasping suddenly.

“Liz?” He saw her head snap up and she looked at him with startled eyes.

“Kai?” She looked like she was going to pass out from shock.

They both exclaimed together, “What are you doing here? How did you get here?”

Kai shook his head. “This is nuts.”

She nodded her head. “You are correct on that.”

Kai watched her fold her arms across her chest. He could sense the waves of anger flowing through her body and her eyes flashed in the lighting. Kai sighed, “Do you have any clue why we are being held here?”

She glared at Kai and muttered sarcastically, “Gee, lets see. I was walking down the corridor, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I get knocked in the head!”

Kai winced as her words became louder, until she was yelling. He knew she had a temper, but not this bad. I guess I screwed up there, he thought grimly to himself as he looked around the room.

All of a sudden some Sting Wingers appeared and took hold of both of Kai and Liz. “What the hell?” Kai exclaimed as they both materialized on the beach. Trakeena was standing before them, a smirk on her face, as she seductively approached Kai and Liz.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Trakeena grinned at Kai as she walked closer to the struggling girl in silver.

“Let her go!” Kai shouted as he struggled more against the Sting Winger.

Trakeena shook her head. “Make me.” She smiled evilly when she saw Kai struggle more. All of a sudden, explosions came out of every direction and hit the Sting Wingers that held Liz and Kai.

“Hang on were coming!” Leo exclaimed out loud. Kai quickly grabbed Liz and drug her behind some trees.

Trakeena growled, ”Illusiota attack!!”

Liz smiled evilly at Kai and kicked him in the gut. “Liz, what are you doing?!”

The figure of Liz disappeared to reveal a monster that was shaped in a humanoid figure, but had a black mask on her face and antennas sticking out of her head. It held a staff in its hand and hand sharp talons on the side of it’s body. “I am not Liz, blue power pest!” The monster hissed. “I am Illusiota,” she then kicked Kai and blasted him with her staff. “Now die!”

Kai jumped out of the way and tumbled across the ground. He snapped his morpher out and cried out, “GO GALACTIC!” Kai then morphed into the Blue Galaxy Ranger and blocked the blow with his quasar saber. “I think not, you monster.”

The monster created an illusion of Leo, Kendrix, and Maya yelling out for help. Kai’s head snapped up, “I am coming guys.” He ran to where Leo, Maya and Kendrix were supposedly suppose to be. To his anger and shock he saw them disappear like a dream. ”Damn it!”

Illusiota then chuckled as she made the area appear to be filled with hundreds of Sting Wingers. Leo tried to slash one Sting Winger with his quasar saber but it passed through. “What in the world?”

Kendrix yelped out in pain when she was kicked in the stomach. “What’s going on?”

Maya heavily panted out from the exertion. ”Some are illusions but some are real!” she yelled to her friends.

Damon flipped out of the way and was kicked from behind. Maya quickly ran over and backed him up. “Which ones are real?” Damon asked in heavy pants.

Kendrix blocked an imaginary kick, only to be kicked in her chest. ”I don’t..oof..know, but we can’t last this way!”

Kai ducked a punch and was hit in the chest. He spun in the air and fell on the ground, groaning. “KAI!” Leo yelled out in fear for his friend and comrade.

Five Sting Wingers approached Kai in his weakened state. The other Rangers tried to get to him, but they were tackled by Sting Wingers. The five Sting Wingers brought up their arms and were about to stab Kai when all of a sudden the heads of the five Sting Wingers were cut off. The bodies were wiggling around the area when the illusion of the five Sting Winger disappeared. Only one Sting Winger was left on the ground with it’s head lopped off.

Leo looked up with the others. ”What the hell was that?”

A silver circle bounced off the tree and rebounded back in the opposite direction. The sound of it flying in the air was heard and it went towards a hill. To the rangers surprise, a hand went up and caught it. The figure appeared, causing them all to gasp in shock and absolute surprise.

“A Silver Galaxy Ranger!!” Maya breathed in awe.

Kendrix frowned. ”Who is that?”

The Silver Ranger flipped into the air and yelled out, ”Omega Chakrum!” The Silver Ranger then threw the silver circle at an invisible spot.

Leo frowned behind his helmet. ”What is the Silver Ranger doing?”

To their shock they heard a yelp and the Illusiota appeared with burn marks on her chest plate. The Silver Chakrum rebounded off Illusiota and the Silver Ranger caught it and started running straight at the monster, her silver quasar saber drawn out of the shield. The Silver Ranger attacked Illusiota, striking and battering the monster until all the extra images of Sting Wingers disappeared.

Leo started to attack the Sting Wingers and the others joined in. Kai slowly got up and start fighting again. A small part of his mind was nagging at him about the Silver Galaxy Ranger. There’s another quasar saber? That is just not possible, but I see the Silver Ranger here. He mentally argued with himself as he fought more furiously.

The Silver Galaxy Ranger then ran straight at the monster and turned into a silver orb, passing through Illusiota. The Illusiota monster screamed out and fell down. There was an explosion and the monster was no more.

The other Rangers finished defeating the Sting Wingers and looked around for the Silver Ranger. To there surprise, there was no trace of the Silver Ranger. “Hey where did the Silver Ranger go?” Damon exclaimed, put off from the fight.

Maya sighed. ”So, the legends were true.”

The Galaxy Rangers all demorphed and looked at Maya in confusion. “What do you mean, Maya?” Kendrix asked, still winded from the fight.

Maya looked at the others. “Well, there was a legend on Mirinoi that there was a sixth quasar saber, but it was lost in another dimension.”

”A sixth quasar saber?” Kai frowned. This is so weird. He thought to himself.

Maya nodded her head. ”It was supposed to be placed in the stone, but somehow it was lost. The elders believed that it was seeking the chosen one that it belong to.”

”Chosen one?” Leo asked in disbelief. Reminds me of a commercial for toliet paper.

”Yeah, chosen one,” Maya shrugged. “You see, for us we are the chosen ones who were predicted to appear on the planet and draw the sabers.”

Kendrix nodded her head in understanding. ”So, you are saying that this sixth chosen one was not with us. So, the sixth quasar saber decided to go find him or her..”

Maya sighs, “That was what I was thought.”

Kai stared into the sky and walked away from the group, turning his attention to the ocean of Terra Venture.

Kendrix frowned and walked over to Kai. ”Kai, are you alright?”

Leo looked puzzled. ”Hey, who was that girl in the silver dress?”

Kai looked up at Kendrix in dejection. ”Yeah, I’m fine.”

Kendrix raised her eyebrow and pushed back her glasses. ”Kai, don’t lie to me. We have been friends for so long.”

Kai heard Leo and sighed. “She was an illusion of my girlfriend,” he said sadly, his statement startling the others.

Damon and Leo gapped at Kai. ”YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!!” They exclaimed in shock.

Kendrix and Maya gave Leo and Damon a disgusted look, Insensitive idiots.

Kai looked at the water again, ”Yes, long ago...it seems far away..” His uniform was blowing in the wind and a few smudges of dirt covered his clothing from when he fell.

”The girl in the picture...” Kendrix realized, giving Kai a sympathetic look.

Kai sighed. ”Yeah, that is her Kendrix. It seems that I will never have any peace from her...”

Maya looked at Kai with a knowing looking. ”And Trakeena brought her up in the most cruel way, by using her form as a disguise for her monster,” Maya said slowly..

Kai nodded his head, ”Yes.” He sighed, I should have told her. I should have told the truth...now it is to late. He closed his eyes and leaned his head forward.

The others looked at each other worriedly and then at Kai, who was watching the sun setting over the waters.

A dark figure stood on a cliff watching the five people on the beach. One day...one destiny...in a cloudy star,The dark figure thought as it faded away from the cliff.