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timeframe: One year after "Countdown of Destruction". But the Rangers have never revealed their true identities!

Rise Of Evil
by Vinny

It was early in the morning.

Zhane was still in bed. He had a very deep sleep but finally he was woken up by his bleeping communicator.

Zhane got up and stumbled to his desk. He took the bracelet and switched on receipt.

"Yeah, what's up...?" he asked sleepy.

"This is T.J.!" a familiar voice answered. "Zhane, please teleport to the Megaship! We've got a problem here! Please, Zhane, hurry up!"


A few minutes later Zhane arrived on the huge space ship.

He went to the bridge where Alpha 6 and the other Rangers were waiting for him. But Andros wasn't with them...

The others told Zhane, that Andros had vanished! He didn't answer the communicator and not even D.E.C.A. was able to find him!

"That means he's covered by a strong foreign energy!" Alpha explained. "Or... maybe, he's..."

"No, he isn't!" Ashley cried. "How can you... Oh, sorry, Alpha, I didn't mean to!"

"It's okay!" the robot answered softly.

But where was Andros? And why did he vanish? The Rangers and Alpha thought about these questions but they couldn't find a logical answer. All evil had been destroyed, so no villian could have something to do with the case. But why didn't Andros answer the communicator, if he was well?

Suddenly D.E.C.A. raised her voice and shouted: "Attention! Alert phase 4! Angel Grove is attacked by a combination of several machines! Morphing and MegaZord action neccessary!"

"Let's rocket!" Zhane yelled.


Only a seconds later the teens and their ship had morphed!

The Astro MegaZord went down to Angel Grove. The down town was in a terrible condition. Buildings were smashed or burnt, as well as some streets.

Fortunately the Rangers didn't have to search for the destroyer. It was huge robot. He carried two big canons on his shoulders and in his left hand's place there was a gattling canon with five berrels. Besides the robot was colored in yellow, black and silver.

He had been a bit modified but the Rangers reconized him...

The destroyer was one of their former zords... The Delta MegaZord, who had been destroyed in the final battle against the evil forces!

" I don't know what's going on here..." T.J. noticed. "But we have to stop this zord and his crazy pilot!"

The Astro MegaZord went over to the other robot and grapped his canon arm. But that was a mistake. The Destroyer turned around and hit the MegaZord! Then he raised his forced arm and fired a couple of blasts at the zord!

The MegaZord stumbled back and was hit again. This time by some beams from the huge canons on the destroyer's shoulders!

"Oh no!" Carlos yelled.

The Astro Zord struggeled and fell to the ground!

He fastly raised the Mega Blaster and fired at the Delta MegaZord! But the destroyer not even stumbled!

He used his forced arm again and blew up the MegaZord's right shoulder!

"We've lost the right arm!" Cassie shouted.

"We're not able to get up!" Zhane yelled.

Meanwhile the destroyer pointed his whole artillery on the Astro MegaZord!

"He'll blow us up!" Ashley cried.

"Get out!" Zhane shouted.

The Rangers and Alpha left their zord quickly. They took cover on a flat roof.

Only a few seconds later the destroyer began to fire! The Astro MegaZord was hit by energyblasts, laserbeams and jets of fire! The steel melted and hundreds of sparkles flew through the fogy air!

It took some moments but then the melted stell got burnt and a last extremly powerful explosion completly destroyed the Astro MegaZord!

Splinters of hot, melted steel flew around, as well as glass, cables and sparkles!


Some hours had gone since that happening.

Fortunately the Delta MegaZord had vanished after the Astro Zords end.

But the Power Rangers were nearly beaten now.

Together with the Astro Zords they had lost the Megaship. The mighty spaceship with D.E.C.A., the Mega Winger, the Mega Tank and the Galaxy Gliders on it...

And last but not least Andros was still missing...

The team was still in Angel Grove. The Rangers sat between debris of stone, wood, glass, steel, plastic and other materials.

"What can we do?" Ashley asked desperately. "What can we do to protect the world and find Andros?"

"I really don't know..." Zhane sighed. "We've nearly lost our whole artillery."

"There's a new villian in town!" T.J. said. "And we're unable to stop him..."

Suddenly the power suits began to blink and glow.

"What's happening?" Cassie yelled.

"The Megaship is destroyed!" Zhane whispered in shock. "And that means... We are losing our powers!"

To Be Continued...