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timeframe: About one week after "Revelations II"

A New Beginning
by : Vinny

Zhane sat on a control desk of the Star Outpost.

The extensive area beneath Angel Grove city had been choosen to be the new base of the Power Rangers. The corpse of Destro had been transported to Eltar some days ago.

Zhane looked at the red Power Ruby in his handt. He sadly mused about Destro's last words:

"Take my ruby! It owns the mighty Star Power and enables you to recruit new Rangers. You'll need their help to free our friends and protect Earth!"

"Alpha!" Zhane turned his face to the cute machine. "When will the others arrive, please?"

"In about one minute!" Alpha 5 responded. "They're already on - Oh, wait a sec! They are in now!"

"Okay." Zhane murmured and jumped onto his feet. "Open the door, please!"

Alpha nodded and pressed a white button on the panel behind him. The metallic door on the other side of the room slowly opened and five young people entered the control room. They sat down on the chairs around the huge table.

Zhane slowly stood up and started to explain the situation.

"Something terrible has happened!" the began. "Dimitria has revealed herself as the Queen of Evil. She somehow managed to survive the last battle. Her forces have captured our friends and... they've killed the Phantom Ranger!"

The other people gasped in shock.

"But the Phantom Ranger gave me his Power Ruby before he died." Zhane continued the explanation. "It owns a special kind of power. It don't know anything about it but I'm willing to take a risc. And I hope, you'll help me to change things back to normal."

"Yes!" one of the teens said. "We will!"

They others instantly confirmed the speaker. Zhane gladly nodded when a white, wodden box appeared in front of him. He took two small bracelets out and passed the box on. Every teen got two bracelets.

"These machines are our Star Morphers." Zahne explained.

Then he stood up and went from one guy to the next.

"Tommy, strong and brave, you are the Red Star Ranger!

Justin, smart and clever, you are the Black Star Ranger!

Kimberly, fast and graceful, you are the Purple Star Ranger!

Kat, taff and creative, you are the Yellow Star Ranger!

Jason, mighty and fearless, you are the Green Star Ranger!

And I'll continue the tradition as the Silver Star Ranger!"

Dimitria stood on the huge balcony outside her throne room.

She looked into space, discovering countless stars and beautiful worlds. An evil giggle escaped from her lips. Soon all light would extinguish, along with the powers of good. Dimitria was sure about it.

She slowly raised her arms and started to whisper in foreign languages. Terrible thunders rang out and dark bolts flashed acroos the balcony, even into the throneroom. Dimitria's voice got duller and duller. All the bolts finally blasted into her hands and vanished. She abruptly stopped whispering and threw two balls of energy into space!

They rotated around each other and came together after some seconds. A heavy explosion, deafening noise and then - silence...

But something had changed.

There was a huge, round gate in space now.

Dimitria satisfiedly looked at her work and faked a cruel grin.

(Two days later)

The Power Teens and Karone hung around at the beach. It has been peaceful and quiet for 48 hours. No attacks, no battles - but also no sign of the missing friends... The Rangers tried to get that off their mind. But it was very hard, especially for Zhane and Karone.

"Zhane?" the young woman whispered to her boy friend, who sat next to her. "Do you think they're all right?"

"Yes!" he whispered back and gently stroke her cheek. "I'm sure they are, Karone! Don't worry. We'll find them and Dimitria will pay!"

"I couldn't take that without you." Karone murmured and leaned against Zhane's shoulder. "I'm so glad that you are still free!"

Suddenly black bolts flashed across the blue sky. The Rangers looked up in surprise, as dark clouds gathered. The huge shadows sonnly covered whole Angel Grove...

"What's that?" Kat asked.

"I don't know." Jason replied. "But one thing's sure: That's no usual thunderstorm!"

A glowing flash suddenly broke through the clouds and crashed into a heavy hill, splitting it into two pieces!

The people shrieked and screamed in shock and dashed away panic-stricken. Another bolt blasted into the sea meanwhile.

"Oh man!" Tommy commanted. "The people have to run!"

The young man was right. More and more bolts blasted to the beach and all the visitors, who wanted to have some rest,

ran away.

"Karone!" Zhane turned to his girl-friend. "Please transport to the Outpost. You are save in there!"

"But Zhane!" she said. "You'll be...

"No!" he softly whispered. "I won't, cupcake. I promise. Okay?"

She slowly nodded and followed the other people.

Dimitria watched the whole scene on a holographic projectin. She evily grinned, when the humans fled the beach. She really enjoyed to see them running for their lives. In front of Dimitria's throne there stood a tall male.

His skin was pretty pale and on his head he wore sharp crystals in red and black. Besides his stomatch was bare, but the muscular arms and legs were covered by a polished black armor.

"Can I start the attack now?" the monster asked in a dull and dark voice.

"Well..." Dimitria answered. "Yes, I think we've scared Zhane enough. Take him to his friends now. I'm sure, he'll be glad to see them... Hahahaha!"

The alien shortly lowered his head and teleported out in a streak of dark, threatening energy.

"The people are save!" Zahne shouted. "But we have to do soemthing! Let's go and see Alpha!"

"I don't think so!" a cruel voice from the behind interrupted.

The teens spun around in surprise and discovered Raven... He stood on a high hill and swung a sword of crystals, surrounded by strange creatures. They wore skin-tight grey suits and black waist-coats. Heavy knuckledusters and black boots completed the outfit.

The Rangers quickly got into fighting stance. But the monsters didn't attack.

"Who are you?" Kim asked.

"My name is Raven!" the villain grinned. "I'm here for Zhane of KO-35. I am not interested in you earthlings. Dimitria will judge you together with all the others!"

"Dimitria judges nobody!" Jason interrupted. "If you want Zhane, you have to get rid of us first, glass-head!"

"As you wish..." Raven roared and turned to the other monsters. "Destroyers - Attack!"

"All right!" Zhane yelled. "Reach for the stars!"

"Red Star - Rise!" Tommy shouted.

"Black Star - Rise!" Justin yelled

"Green Star - Rise!" Jason announced.

"Yellow Star - Rise!" Kat shouted.

"Purple Star - Rise!" Kim yelled.

"Silver Star - Rise!" Zhane announced.

The six teens morphed in a flash of multicolored light. Raven's eyes got huge and he lowered his sword for some moments. Karone took cover behind a rock when her friends stepped into action.

Each Ranger wore a suit with a white star-sign on the chest, as well as white boots and gloves.

"Who - are - you?" Raven asked, stressing every single word.

"We are the Star Rangers!" Zhane shouted. "YOUR worst nightmare!"

"Destroyers!" Raven screamed. "Smash these earthlings and get that Silver Ranger!"

"Power Rangers?!"

Dimitria still watched the attack. She angrily threw a blast of energy into space, destroying an astroid nearby.

"I can't believe it! That obstructionist Destro really passed on his powers! But you won't ruin my plans, Phantom Ranger! Oh no, you won't!"

The Rangers meanwhile fought Raven's Destroyers.

Four of the monsters surrounded Zhane. But when one of them tried to hit him, he quickly did a backflip and the surprised Destroyer only hit another monster! The Silver Ranger meanwhile manged to give a flying kick to another enemy, before he gracefully landed behind the remaining monsters!

"Looking for somebody?" he playfully asked.

The two Destroyers spun around and ran towards Zhane blind wrath. That was a bad mistake. The Silver Ranger easily blocked their attacks and defeated both of them with a few usual kicks.

Justin, who had grown up to adult-size, dealed out kicks and punches. KLONK! He slammed his foot into the stomatch of an attacking monster and sent it to the ground! Suddenly another Destroyer grapped Justin from the behind and tried to take him down. But the Black Ranger struggled wildly and managed to throw the monster over his back, directly into another group of Destroyers!

A last roundhouse kick was enough to beat the monsters, who were still attacking Justin.

Kim and Kat worked together as a perfect duo. They stood in front of a massive wall, surrounded by monsters, but not willing to quit.

"Okay!" Kim whispered. "On three..."

"Three!" both of them loudly shouted.

The monsters stepped back in surprise. Kat did a back flip, hit the wall with her feet and pushed herself off again. She flew into the bunch of Destroyers, taking most of them to the ground along with herself! But she quickly jumped onto her feet again and started to fight the reamining monsters, together with Kim.

A few kicks and punches later, the Destroyers laid on the ground in a pile of trash.

Jason also faced a few Destroyers. One of them was pretty taff and got up from the ground again and again, ready to annoy the Green Ranger.

More and more Destroyers attacked Jason. He fought with all his might, but there was no way to defet that superiority alone. The Destroyers finally managed to take Jason to the ground. He was unable to brake free. But suddenly a metallic noise rang out, one of the monsters flew over Jason's head and landed into the ocean.

It was Tommy!

"Hey!" Jason yelled at him. "You're late, pal!"

I'm sorry!" the Red Ranger replied and kicked one of the Destroyers. "But I also had some trouble with these walking trash cans!" He angrily lifted a monster over his head and threw it onto a rock.

Now there were only five Destroyers left. Two of them tried to hold Jason, while their pals fought Tommy. But the monsters soonly failed. Jason broke free, sending the nasty enemies to the ground. And so did Tommy, just before the other Rangers joined them.

The beaten Destroyers disappeared in a flash of black light.

"So that was your mighty army?" Tommy yelled at Raven. "These guys are trash! They are the right soldiers for somebbody like you, glass-head!"

Raven angrily cletched his fists and started at the heroes with evil, bright red eyes.

"You are taunting me?!" he screamed. "I am RAVEN, Ruler of the Dark Galaxy! You'll pay for taunting me!"

The evil warrior jumped off of the hill and landed a few feet in front of the Rangers. He raised his sword and started to walk towards his enemies slowly. They abruptly got into fighting stance.

"Stay back!" Justin said. "Run away, like all the others did!"

"I'm not like the others!" Raven explained. "I am Raven, Master of Evil."

He grinned and swung his crystal sword. Black bolts shot from the sharp blade and rocketed towards the Rangers! They got hit and fell down to the ground with cries of pain. Raven stopped walking and looked at his victims.

"STOP!" a voice in his head ordered. It was the voice of Dimitria. "The situation has changed. Return, Raven!"

The evil alien angrily roared and lowered his sword.

"Never. Ever. Try to taunt me again!" he ordered the Rangers, just before he teleported away.

Half an hour had passed since the fight.

The Rangers had already arrived at the Star Outpost and sat around the meeting table now. The hologram projector showed them a hologram of Raven.

"Alpha, did you find out soemthing about him?" Kim asked.

"Yep!" the small robot replied. "Raven was Zordon's true arch enemie. But he vanished millions of years ago and hasn't been seen again."

"Until today!" Karone interrupted.

"Right!" Alpha 5 said. "I guess that Raven has found a lost galaxy* and decided to conquer it. But Dimitria has bought him back to serve her."

"But why does such a powerful creature serve Dimitria?" Tommy asked.

"Well, there's a simple reason!" Alpha said. "The computers have scanned Raven's energy signature and his brain activities when you've fought his monsters. He has been brainwashed."

Raven stood in front of Dimitria.

"My Queen," he started. "Why did you order me to return? I could have killed our enemies!"

"You are too fast and very arrogant!" Dimitria angrily hissed. "There is a new team of Rangers in Angel Grove. Their powers might be dangerous! Maybe they could have killed YOU!"

"Y-yes, my Queen!" Raven whispered. "I am sorry!"

"Good!" Dimitria replied. "So here's you next order!"

A hologram of the Rangers appeared next to Raven. Dimitria raised her right hand - and fired a flash of light at the picture, shattering it into pieces like a mirror!

"Understood?" she asked.

"Understood!" Raven responded.

The End