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Slaying the Green-Eyed Dragon
By: Jacqui Beres

Kai stared disbelieving as Kendrix made gaga eyes at the stowaway. He glared at the other teen. "You're the stowaway." He snapped. {Wonderful line, Kai. Could you come up with anything cornier?}

The dark haired teen ignored him in favor of gazing into Kendrix's eyes. Kai decided to take matters into his own hands. He came between them and pulled Kendrix slightly behind him. The other guy gave him a knowing smile before quickly disappearing into the crowd.

Kai frowned and turned to Kendrix just as two guard came up to them. "Have you seen the stowaway?"

Kai opened his mouth to answer, when Kendrix beat him to it.

"No...no we haven't seen him." Her voice was soft and feminine.

Kai gave her an incredulous look, but didn't say a word until the guards passed out of earshot. "What was that all about?" He demanded.

Kendrix shrugged. "He looked like he could use a break." With that she started down the crowded dock once again. Kai clenched his jaw but followed, not liking the mysterious teenage in red at all.

Kai managed to put the stowaway out of his mind as their last training mission, before Terra Venture took off, loomed in front of him. Sergeant Corbett was counting on him. He handed out the weapons as Commander Stanton's words flowed over him. His mind however was firmly rooted in the fact that Kendrix was coming and his need to protect her.

{She can handle herself. She wouldn't have been picked if she couldn't.} He tried to tell himself. As often as he told himself that, he still couldn't get it through his thick skull. Every training mission they'd been on, he'd left her to cover their rear with one random trooper.

Twenty minutes later they touched down on the Moon. He and his team assembled by a fairly large dune somewhat away from the fighting. {She can take care of herself.} He reminded himself.

"Kendrix, you. Stay here and watch our backs." He commanded. {You did it again, Kai.} He told himself as he and his team swarmed over the wall. He was engulfed by the mock battle around him until he heard the explosion behind him. That was where he left...

"KENDRIX!!" He yelled, racing back to his former position. There he found Kendrix once again staring into the dark eyes of the mysterious stowaway. Her helmet was off, but she didn't look injured as he ran down the hill.

{This isn't fair! I tried so hard to get her to like me!} His mind screamed. "You!" Was all he could come up with as he pulled the two of them apart.

He heard someone scrambling over the dune and at the moment he didn't care who it was. All he cared about was getting Kendrix away from this stranger and making sure she was all right.

"Is everybody okay?" Sergeant Corbett asked coming up to the little group. He took a closer look at the stowaway who was trying hard not to look at their commanding officer. "Leo?" He asked getting a closer look at the unwanted teen.

"You know him?" Kai demanded.

"Yeah, he's my little brother." Sergeant Corbett answered staring at the teenager. Kai and Kendrix both stared at "Leo."

Kai felt something between elation and dread pump through him. Dread because everyone seemed to know this Leo, and elation because Sergeant Corbett didn't look to thrilled to see his little brother. {Maybe I have a chance after all.}

That was of course before all hell broke loose.

Kai stared at the ceiling from his bunk. {I've lost her. I've lost her just when I thought she was finally coming around. I thought I finally managed to get her heart, just as she stole mine all those months ago.}

Kai rolled over onto his side. {This absolutely sucks! I've been trying for a good four months for Kendrix to notice me as anything other than a good friend and brother, and this guy comes in and destroys everything I worked for in thirty seconds. Not only that, but I worked my butt off to get here, all he did was sneak on board.}

{Face it Kai, if she doesn't love you after four months, she's not going to love you, period. Not like that anyway. Just cherish what you've got, because if you do anything to break her and Leo up, she's going to hate you for it. That's the last thing you want, right?} He growled to himself but had to admit it. Kendrix wasn't going to fall madly in love with him. She was falling for Leo. All he had to do was watch the way her face lit up when he said Leo's name.

"Leo." He growled softly in the darkness of his quarters. He didn't like much about the guy, but he was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. {He did have enough guts to follow his dream, no matter what others said.}

He thought back to Miranoi. {He was so upset about Sergeant Corbett. That's a mark for him I guess; the guy must be going through hell.}

He rolled onto his back once more. {I guess I could give him a break. He isn't the only one that didn't earn a spot here. There's Damon and Maya too. I'll give him a chance...for Kendrix's sake.}